1994-10-06: Sleeping Beauty


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Scene Title Sleeping Beauty
Synopsis Another one of Nigel's products goes awry. Bad things happen. But at least they happen to a Slytherin.
Location All Over Hogwarts.
Date October 6, 1994
Watch For Siobhan's Bruise Count: ____
Logger Nigel

So early in the morning as to still count as night, a lone Slytherin sits on the Astronomy tower. A thick comforter is wrapped around her slim shoulders, pulled up to her neck from time to time by a pale hand - silly thing keeps slipping. Of course it doesn't help that the body it is meant to protect is hunched over a set of charts sprawled out haphazardly across one of the low tables. Every so often, the blonde girl moves from her charts to a set of odd-looking instruments, hums to herself, makes some notations and then moves back to check those notes against her charts again.

Perhaps he's been traversing the halls in a way that means he's up to something. Or maybe he just likes not dealing with curfews. It's really hard to pinpoint the methods and madness that are involved with Nigel Sebastian Crumlish. However, at the moment, he's managed to grab himself an entrance to the Astronomy Tower and is leaning up against the wall with a smile on his face. "You look busy." is tossed off in the direction of the Slytherin workaholic. At least, from Nigel's perspective, that's what she looks like. "If you want to know how to escape the grounds without getting caught… I can help." He's done it before. Honest!

Startled from her working rhythm, Siobhan jumps a good eight centimetres before whipping around to face the intruder, wide-eyed. "Oh," she breathes, body slumping into a relaxed posture. "It's just you." Brushing hair back from her face, where it flew during her start, she smothers a yawn and waves his offer off casually. "No. Thanks, but no. I've got to get this done before tomorrow." Turning back to her work, she yawns again - that quick burst of adrenaline seems to have had a rather contrary effect on her tonight.

"Ah. Work. The bane of my existence." Nigel finds himself pushing off the wall so that he may draw himself closer to the craziness that's going on in terms of these charts and notes and everything else. An eyebrow is raised very high at this point, since he obviously has no idea on Earth what he's even looking at. "Looks hard." His tone suggests that he doesn't envy this girl in the least. Noting her yawn, he smiles and shifts around his robes, almost looking for something. "Need a pick me up?"

"S'not that bad, really. Not difficult anyway, just a lot of busywork." Sifting through the parchment on the table, she finds an empty chart that obviously needs filling and sets about to bring it up to date with the other pieces. His suggestion sounds lovely, but as she catches him from the corner of her eye, patting down his robes, Sio rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Not if you're gonna try and sell it to me. Sorry Nigel." Her voice is dry, but light enough to still be teasing. Not late enough for her to be out of sorts then.

"Gasp." Yes, Nigel Sebastian Crumlish actually says the word Gasp. There's even a hand being held over his heart as the perfect picture of innocence creeps onto his face. If he can even manage to pull that off, though, it'll be something of a miracle. "I'm shocked that you would think I would ever do something like that. I'm not /all/ about a quick Sickle." More patting down of his robes happen and he does manage to come up with a bottle of pills. He holds them up and gives the tic-tac shaped red things a shake. "I call it… Wake N' Work. Perfect for just this situation." How does he come up with this stuff?

With a giggle at his overdramatic antics, Siobhan can't help but tilt her head to one side and show off her flirtatious little smile. He is a rather pretty boy, after all. "Then I apologize for insulting your honor, but really Nigel… I've know you for how many years now? You can't fault me for the assumption," she teases lightly, holding out her hand and eyeing the pills warily. "Honestly, you're worse than those Weasley twins…" It's fond exasperation in her tone, but she doesn't withdraw her hand. There's a little bit of trust there, then.

Nigel practically cringes (no, okay, he honestly does) at the mention of the Twins. They are, after all, his competition. "Untrue. I actually care about my clients. Otherwise, would I even be up this early?" Okay, perhaps he has something of a point there. But in the end, he's popping open the bottle and pouring a couple of those red pills into her hand. "You're only getting a freebie because you're cute. Don't go spreadin' this around." Alas, if only poor Nigel knew that his Wake N' Work pills do the complete opposite of their desired effect.

Fingers closing around the little red pills, Siobhan flashes him a bright smile for his compliment. "That's sweet of you, mate. Thanks." Reaching to the far end of her workspace, Siobhan grabs the Never-Empty-Cup of water she'd brought with her earlier and uses it to down those little red pills. "Hey, you know… These just migh—" Eyes rolling back in her head, Sio slumps forward and to the side, her comforter slipping off one shoulder. So much for those 'wonderful' Wake N' Work pills!

Nigel is already about to compliment himself on a job well done. "Yeah, these things are great. I took a couple of them myself las—" Blink. Nigel shoves the bottle back into his robes and immediately rushes off to catch Siobhan where she is. "Uhhhhh. That's not supposed to happen. Like… at all. Ever." He raises an eyebrow and reaches out to try and shake at the semi-comforter wearing hottie. "Must've been a bad batch? Siobhan?" Shakeshakeshake.

Slumped against the table, Siobhan is out cold. The Ravenclaw's efforts to literally 'shake her out of it' serve only to roll her head to one side so that soft snores can be heard. Magical pills act fast, it seems. Sio is - apparently - out for the count.

"Figures." Nigel worries a bit more and then, well, looks around the table at all the stuff. "Uhhh. I'm gonna' need a plan. But first…" And this is where he's about to try and use his wand for such things. "Let's get you back to your House." And the wand is whipped right out as he stands back and works with a bit of a flourish. "Wingardium Leviosa!" And if this doesn't get Siobhan airborne, he's got a couple more tricks up his sleeve. What? He's too weak to carry her in that romantic way.

The Wingardium Leviosa is effective - Siobhan isn't /that/ heavy - but as she is lifted magically into the air, the comforter falls to the ground, leaving the seventh year blonde in her Slytherin-marked school robes. For once.

See? Here's where we have Nigel holding his wand and guiding the floating Siobhan a bit. At least away from the table of work. He doesn't particularly know where he's going, but he can at least traverse the halls until he finds another Slytherin (ew) to help him get this girl back to where she belongs. "Okay. If I were a Slytherin, where would I be? Besides Azkaban…"

Donner walks up to the Astronomy tower. Slowly, because his legs are too short to navigate the stairs effectively, and also because he isn't used to waking up in the middle of the night to do homework. Clutching a note that allows him to be here in one hand, Donner offers a tentative "Hello?" when he hears someone's voice ahead of him. Please don't let it be Peeves, he doesn't have time for his shenanigans tonight.

Siobhan floats as Nigel's wand directs her. Every once in a while, an arm or leg knocks into a wall or corner. There'll be some odd bruises from /that/ in the morning.

Nigel isn't the best steerer of bodies in the air… but then there's a voice coming from the stairwell and Nigel does that thing where he loses concentration. Which could result in the falling body of the female Slytherin. Immediately, though, Nigel is already standing up straight and preparing an excuse to prove his ability to be up here at any time he wants. Even his wand is shoved behind his back. Just in case.

Oof! Crumpling to an awkward pile of limbs and robes on the castle floor, Siobhan groans in her sleep and tosses her head, but doesn't wake.

Donner picks up the pace a little, especially at the sound of something thumping on the floor. His brow furrows in confusion at the body on the floor, and deepens when he sees that the body is in Slytherin robes. "Did you kill her?!" he asks, jumping to conclusions.

Nigel blinks. It's a kid. A frickin' kid. "You!" Not that he really knows the kid or anything but he can visibly relax at this moment and there's him whipping his wand back out. "No, I didn't kill her. She's asleep." Nigel makes it a point to blissfully leave out that it's his fault. "I'm tryin' to get her back to her common room." is the quick explanation.

Siobhan mumbles something incoherent in her sleep.

Donner takes a second look at the body, now that it's not a corpse, and notices that it is in fact breathing and mumbling. "Oh, right, of course," he mumbles. "Our common room is pretty far away… why don't you wake her up? Walking is easier."

Nigel would be sweating bullets of this wasn't a first year he was talking to. "I tried. She's… a really deep sleeper?" Even Nigel has to think about that excuse for a second. But he ends up smirking, impressed with his own ability to think up excuses on the fly like that. "So. Here's what you do. You tell me where the Common Room is, I'll take her… and you clean up all this stuff. Got it?"

Siobhan just happens to be a Really Deep Sleeper. Still, even /she/ would have woken up when his spell dropped her on the cold stone floor, wouldn't she?

Donner chews on the inside of his cheek. Nigel is older, he'd know best, right? Still… "Isn't the location of the common room supposed to be a secret?" After a moment of consideration, he adds, "I'll tell you if you tell me where the Ravenclaw common room is." There, that's a fair trade.

Nigel facepalms. He seriously has to do this at that point. "Kid. This is serious business here." Nigel is trying to work his gift of gab right about now. "This isn't some trick. Do I look like a Weasley to you?" Nigel actually pauses for a moment to pose in a way that makes him look way too hot to be a Weasley. "If somebody were to come by and find her on the floor like that…" Nigel points with his wand to where the sleeping Slytherin is. "… then your whole House could lose points or something worse." And now that his rant is over, Nigel shrugs. "But fine. We're on the third floor. Back Hall."

Donner considers that. There's something he's forgetting… but then, he doesn't want to lose his house points and even if she is breathing it does look bad. "In the dungeons, just past the potions lab." He points down the stairs, in case Nigel didn't get that they'd be lower than the astronomy tower.

It's a good thing Siobhan is out cold, or she would quite likely have just cuffed Donner over the back of the head for that blunder. Still, not much she can do about it if she's not even conscious.

"You sir, are a saint. Which is saying a lot, since you're a Slytherin." Nigel cracks a smile and hoists his wand back at Siobhan's body. "Wingardium Leviosa!" is cast to lift her back up and now is the time that he's going to try and float her down the stairs without too many bumps and bruises. This is very much something he will likely fail at. As he leaves, though, there's a bit of a grin on his face. Jackpot.

Donner trails after the pair. "Hey, um, you're not going to, ah, remember this after tonight, right?" The implications of what he blurted out miiiiight be settling in. That would explain the leaden feeling in his stoumach.

Siobhan floats along the hallways, bouncing off of random walls and corners and accruing quite the repetoire of impressive bruises.

Nigel is about halfway to the dungeons when he realizes he doesn't have the Password. Oh well. He's Nigel Sebastian Crumlish. He's resourceful. He'll figure out something. "This is the last time I try to do something nice for a Slytherin." is muttered underneath his breath, since even his generosity seems to backfire!

Donner's voice takes on the first notes of panic. "Maybe if you just wait in the potions classroom, I can get our head of house?" He's pretty sure she's not just sleeping, and that this is quickly spiraling out of his control, and is not helped by the fact he has to jog every other step to keep up with the taller boy's stride. Crap, how's he going to fix this?

"Relax, kid. Your secret's safe with me." Nigel just tries to be reassuring enough that this kid doesn't spoil any plans that are forming in Nigel's resourceful mind. "Just remember that when I need a favor." With that said, he's turning the corner (Sorry Siobhan! Watch the wall!) to try and get down to the dungeons. "I'll drop her off and vamoose and you can be the big Slytherin hero, if you know what I'm saying." It's not a bad plan!

Siobhan oofs and groans in her sleep. Nigel, your driving is terrible!

"I don't know that that's going to look any better," he says, slowing down to catch his breath. "Would you be careful?" he snaps. "She's still alive, even if you tried to kill her." The last is muttered to himself.

"You don't know me very well, I'll bet. So let me introduce myself. I'm Nigel Sebastian Crumlish. I got this whole school wired, kid." Nigel speaks this as if truer words will never be spoken. "You just say your little password and pretend you did all the work I'm doing right…" BAM! Sorry Sio! "… now and I'll take care of the rest." He flashes a smile as quick as possible. "Before you know it, you'll be signing autographs and maybe even earning points for your selfless bravery." What the heck is Nigel up to this time?

Donner cringes as Siobhan whacks into the wall again. "If it's so great, why are you giving it away for free?" Donner asks, but not too loud. Nigel is older and certainly talks like he knows what he's doing, so he must, right?

"I'm a Sixth Year. I'm practically outta' this popsicle stand." Nigel explains, rounding Sio's body to the dungeons hall and all of that good stuff. "You need the press more than I do." See? Nigel is looking out for the little guys. "So. You ready?"

"I guess," Donner says, composing himself for his big entrance. Stand up straight, shoulders back, a look on his face like he's decidedly concerned with the situation, and he's ready. Donner takes out his wand and, turning to Nigel says, "Thank you for your help, but I think I can get it from here."

Nigel smirks and proceeds to pull his wand from the whole keeping Siobhan afloat thing and turns on his heels. "Remember…" is all he has to say, trying to sound ominous as he spins and swooshes his robe as he makes his triumphant exit. Grinning the whole time.

Donner is pushing up the sleeves of his robe to take over the spell when it breaks. He jumps to action, spitting out, "Wingardium leviosa!", catching Siobhan just before she hits the ground. The strain of levitating a body is a lot more than he's ever done in class, and it's a struggle just to control it long enough to let her down gently. Wiping the sweat off his brow, Donner whipsers the password to the common room and the stone grates open.

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