Sirius Black
Portrayed By Gary Oldman
House Gryffindor
Year Graduated
Position Order Member, Ex-Fugitive
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 34
Place of Birth London
Date of Birth November 15th, 1959
First Appearance Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Character History:

Sirius Black was born November 15th, 1959, and as with the majority of magical children, he had exhibited some talent in the realm of magic. It was no surprise that when he turned eleven he received a letter from Hogwarts, letting him know he was accepted. What was a surprise, and a family shame, was that he was sorted into Gryffindor. The noble house of Black had that fierce, pureblood and Slytherin pride. They were filled with the darkest elements of wizardkind. Ancestors who tried to push making muggle hunting legal, an aunt who started the tradition of beheading elderly house elves. The house at #12 Grimmauld Place was filled with dark objects and in general, was an unfriendly and gloomy atmosphere.

Upon his arrival at Hogwarts, Sirius immediately found friendships with James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. The foursome clicked and a tight knit friendship was easily formed. Along with this friendship, another was forged with a girl in their year, Lily Evans. That is, after the foursome quit being arrogant berks, mostly. And what would school life be without a nemesis? A loathing was rapidly developed with another student named Severus Snape, a Slytherin in their same year. Sirius and his younger brother Regulus were night and day in behavior and outlook. The fact that the Black brothers hated each other made it no surprise that Sirius and James became such close friends they could have been brothers.

Being a rather perceptive and intelligent child, it did not take Sirius long to work out that Remus Lupin was not all that he seemed to be. Once a month, Remus would disappear and when he returned, he had made up all sorts of excuses to cover up the fact that he was a werewolf. However, James and Sirius were far too clever to fall for these excuses and worked out the truth. Peter was clued in as well on these deductions and the trio had confronted Remus about the real reasons behind his monthly disappearances. Remus was, as they surmised, a werewolf. This little tidbit did nothing to deter their friendship with the boy. In fact, they were going to do something extraordinary to help out Remus. The trio had decided to become Animagi. Sirius and James did the bulk of the studying, as Peter's skills were not the greatest.

It took the trio the better part of three years to successfully study and carry this out. Sirius and James decided upon becoming large animals to help keep Remus in check should something go wrong, and Peter would be the smallest creature. They would need someone small enough to reach the knot that would still the Whomping Willow. This tree had been planted to guard the entrance to the Shrieking Shack, where Remus would hide for his monthly transformations. Sirius had chosen the form of a gigantic black dog, or quite possibly, the form chose him. James had taken on the form of a large stag, while Peter would become a rat. This occurred in their fifth year, and finally, once the complex spells were learned, the trio trooped out to meet Remus in the shack. There was much surprise all around, Sirius, James and Peter were of course still adjusting to this new ability and Remus was shocked that they were willing to break wizarding laws so he would still feel some shred of humanity. That night was the start of many late night adventures and the Marauders were born.

Once a month after Remus was taken to the shack, Sirius along with Peter and James would join him in their Animagus forms. The foursome would then roam the grounds of Hogwarts, enjoying themselves, paying little care to the dangers that they were inviting. These late night adventures also prompted the creation of the Marauders Map, signed with their newfound nicknames, Padfoot for Sirius, Prongs for James, Moony for Remus and Wormtail for Peter. Let's just get back to the previously mentioned loathing of Severus Snape. The greasy sod had it in for James almost from the off it seemed. Sirius, being the ever faithful friend did little to help with the situation, in fact he accidentally made it worse. Well accidentally on purpose. It's not that he /meant/ to cause obscene amounts of trouble, it just turned out that way, when it wasn't even his intention. Severus seemed rather keen on finding out where it was that Remus went once a month.

Sirius was less than enthused about the git's nosiness on this subject. It didn't concern him, therefore he should bugger off and nose about elsewhere. When he didn't, and Snape had seen Remus being escorted to the Willow; Sirius more out of annoyance than amusement volunteered the information as to how to pass into the Whomping Willow. Unfortunately, no one really seemed to find the humor in all of this. James had rushed in to save Snape from certain doom. It was a bit late as Snape had caught a glimpse of Remus as a werewolf. The aftermath of this little lark was pretty grim. It was thought that Remus was in on the joke, while he wasn't. Sirius had used one of his best friends as the subject of a prank, which wasn't the real intention. Honestly, he only meant to show Snape that he ought to keep his big nose out of the business of others.


At the age of sixteen, Sirius ran away from home. His own family considered him a blood traitor, and that was just as well. He positively loathed his own blood, with the exception of Uncle Alphard and his cousin Andromeda. Uncle Alphard gave him a bit of gold, thus receiving a less than warm reception for himself from the rest of the Blacks. The remaining summer holiday was spent with the Potters, James's parents being happy to have him.

Upon graduation, James and Lily were married, Sirius serving as best man. The Marauders and Lily put their skills to the test, all working against the agents of Voldemort. They were part of the original Order of the Phoenix, headed by Dumbledore. When Lily gave birth to her son, Harry James Potter on July 31, 1980, Sirius was named Godfather. The small family was moved about to a cottage in Godric's Hollow to hide in the months that followed his birth. It seemed that Voldemort had set his sights on murdering the small family. Dumbledore kept much of the details to himself, and with his own good reason.

The Fidelius charm was performed and the Potters were going to need a secret keeper. For this charm to successfully hide the Potters, they would need a soul they trusted implicitly to hold their location secret. Sirius was the obvious choice and was asked to do this. Sirius showed no hesitation in this undertaking. But at the last minute, he begged Lily and James to switch to Peter. He wasn't afraid of Voldemort or the Death Eaters coming after him, he wanted to help come up with a better ruse. As everyone knew how close Sirius was to James, he would automatically be sought after. No one would ever suspect Peter, use him instead. Yes, this seemed like a perfect ruse indeed, but there was still a nagging feeling with Sirius. He couldn't help but feel some form of distrust, the lives of his friends and Godson was on the line.

The night of Halloween 1981, Sirius went to check on Peter to assure himself of his friend's safety. Not finding Peter, he took off on his motorcycle to the Potter's home in Godric's Hollow. Having a bad feeling about matters, it was and wasn't a surprise to find their home a shambles. Already present was Rubeus Hagrid, the groundskeeper of Hogwarts. He had rescued Harry, miraculously alive from the rubble. Sirius implored Hagrid to hand him Harry, but the giant was adamant. Dumbledore said Harry was going to his Aunt and Uncle's to live. Feeling that there was no other viable option and knowing what he had to do, Sirius gave his motorcycle to Hagrid to use and went off in search of Peter. It was only a matter of time before someone alerted the Ministry that Sirius was the secret keeper, as no one was informed of the last minute switch. He /had/ to catch up with Peter and confront the man.

The following day, November first, Sirius did corner Peter on a street in muggle London. Before Sirius could do anything, Peter acted quickly. Quite possibly the quickest he had ever acted in his worthless life. Peter shouted out his accusation of "James and Lily, Sirius how could you!" No sooner than the words left his lips, the rat blew apart the street using the wand he was hiding behind his back, cut off one of his own fingers, transformed and took off into the sewers to hide. Sirius could do nothing but stand there and laugh at the situation. It was the laughter of a man who had just lost everything. Hit wizards arrived almost immediately; there was no time to chase down Peter. Nothing to be done. By Peter's accusation, he was now framed for murdering his two best friends, half a dozen muggles and the rat had faked his own death. Sirius /might/ have had a slim chance towards his own defense if Bartemius Crouch Sr. had not sent him straight to Azkaban to serve a life sentence without the benefit of a trial. It was there that Sirius stayed for the next twelve years.

During the summer of 1993, Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic was paying a visit to some of the high profile prisoners. One of which was Sirius Black. It was shocking how calm and /normal/ Sirius seemed to the rare human visitors. They assumed he was mad, and driven madder still by the Azkaban Guards. The only thing keeping Sirius sane was the bitter knowledge of his innocence. This was a less than pleasant thought and one that could not be stripped away from him by the Dementors. When Fudge came around to Sirius's cell, the two chatted briefly. Sirius took note of the newspaper Fudge had with him. Much to his credit, Sirius was able to mask his surprise at one of the photos that was showing. He calmly asked for the paper if Fudge was done with it, he missed the crossword. The paper was relinquished without question. After Fudge had departed, Sirius inspected the photograph that had caught his eye. It was a large wizarding family on vacation in Egypt and on one of the children's shoulders was a rat missing a toe. It was unmistakably Peter Pettigrew. The article surrounding the photo mentioned that the children were in attendance at Hogwarts.

A new, yet old determination sprang forth. Sirius /had/ to get out of Azkaban. Peter was there, at Hogwarts, poised for action at the slightest hint of Voldemort's return. While there was still left in Sirius's body, he was not about to lay down and allow harm to come to his Godson. Especially at the hands of that traitor. As the Dementors of Azkaban have no sight, they feel their way around by sensing emotions, an escape plan hatched in Sirius's mind. The emotions of animals are much less complex than that of humans. So once enough strength had been regained, he transformed into a dog and was able to slip through the bars. He swam from Azkaban to the shore. In his journey to track down Peter, Sirius detoured to Surrey. Here, he had his first glimpse of his Godson in twelve years. The boy had just ran away from his Aunt's home and was startled by the appearance of Sirius in Animagus form. Sirius ducked back into the brush just as Harry had inadvertently summoned the Knight Bus for transportation.


Satisfied with the knowledge that his Godson was safe, he journeyed back north towards Hogwarts. His ability to break out of Azkaban had the wizarding community in an uproar. Sirius was considered to be the most dangerous criminal ever housed at the prison. News of his escape was even given to the muggles so that they could be on the lookout. For the most part, this stigma attached to his name did not bother him. He had bigger worries for the moment. Because of his escape and the thought that Sirius was going to kill Harry, Dementors had been sent to Hogwarts for the safety of the students.

Throughout the year, he made two attempts at breaking into the Gryffindor common room to get at Peter. Both attempts were thwarted, the first by The Fat Lady who refused his entrance, then when Ron, the 'owner' of Peter's rat form, 'Scabbers' awoke finding Sirius standing over him with a knife. Sirius had also enlisted the aid of Crookshanks, a cat belonging to student, Hermione Granger. The cat had been able to swipe the passwords to Gryffindor Tower. Hence the second foiled attempt on Peter.

From his prowling on the grounds of Hogwarts, Sirius was able to catch glimpses of his Godson. Even making it so far as to sit in the stands during a particular Quidditch Match, in which Dementors converged on the field. This resulted in Harry fainting and falling from his broom. After his Godson was unseated, the broom had been knocked into the Whomping Willow and was smashed to bits. For Christmas, Sirius dipped into his Gringott's vault, #711 and purchased a new broom for Harry. It was a Firebolt, top of the line and very professional. The broom was sent anonymously as he did not want to raise an alarm.

Then at the end of the year, there was an odd turn of events. Hagrid's classes had been studying Hippogriffs at the beginning of the year, but one had attacked a student named Draco Malfoy. The Hippogriff was slated for execution at the end of the year. Harry, Hermione and Ron had snuck off to speak to Hagrid before the execution. The trio had been shoo'd out by Hagrid and sent back to the castle. It was here that Sirius saw his chance to get Peter. The rat had gone missing from the school and thought to have been eaten by Crookshanks. Old Wormtail had taken up residence in Hagrid's hut and was found by the children and was in Ron's pocket as they trouped back to the castle. Wormtail had sensed Sirius's presence, which was difficult to miss as he resembled on oncoming train with his thundering charge. Padfoot charged out of his hiding space, knocked Harry out of the way and got a hold of Ron. The redheaded boy was dragged towards the Whomping Willow. They were able to avoid behind hit, but when Padfoot attempted to drag Ron through the entrance, the boy's leg had caught and broken.

After Sirius disappeared into the tree with Ron in tow, Crookshanks stilled the Tree, showing Hermione and Harry how to follow. It was soon discovered that the underground tunnel led up into the Shrieking Shack. Ron was found easily but his warning about the dog being Sirius Black came a little late. The children were clearly frightened and Sirius did nothing to disprove the idea that he was a murderer. A scuffle ensued, between the children and Sirius. It was the timely arrival of Remus Lupin, the appointed DATDA professor of the year, that had interrupted the scuffle. Sirius, along with Remus were able to explain to the children the truth behind the events of the past and to unravel the mysteries. Even the untimely arrival of Severus, now a Hogwarts Professor did not interrupt the explanations. Sirius and Remus forced Peter to show himself and finally the children were convinced of the truth. The pair would have killed Peter right then and there, but Harry suggested that he go to Azkaban instead. Sirius conceded in behalf of his Godson's wishes and for the moment it seemed like his freedom was at hand. On the way to the castle, chaos erupted.

Snape had been knocked out, so had to be carried along with Ron. Using a few charms, Snape's unconscious form was floated out while Lupin, Pettigrew and Ron fastened themselves together with conjured manacles. Sirius saw to the transportation of Snape. Out of the tunnel and halfway to the castle, Lupin went rigid as the full moon came out of the clouds. Taking advantage of the confusion, Pettigrew transformed and took off before he could be grabbed. Sirius transformed himself and went after Lupin, the kids tried to make their way for the castle, until they heard a high whine from Sirius and saw he was forced back into human form. The Dementors had found him. Harry and Hermione rushed to try and drive off the Dementors, with the Patronus charm that had Lupin had taught to Harry. Unfortunately Harry's Patronus was too weak to handle that many. The children had passed out from the converging Dementors and Sirius was captured. Remus was loose on the grounds, Snape had awoken and was single-handedly turning in the entire lot.

Sirius was locked in Professor Flitwick's office while the children had been taken to the hospital wing. Unfortunately, Sirius's actions since breaking out of Azkaban had done nothing in his favor and no one was willing to believe his story save for a werewolf and some children. However, Professor Dumbledore had spoken with Sirius and sided with the man. If Sirius was not indebted to the Headmaster before, he surely was now. The only problem was now that there was not enough supporting evidence in his favor. When Sirius was sitting locked in the office waiting for the Dementors to arrive, there was a rapping at the window. There was Harry and Hermione on the back of a Hippogriff. Amazed, Sirius watched as the girl unlocked the window and the kids helped him to freedom. There was no time for explanations at the moment and Sirius escaped on the giant beast. Later, Sirius had sent Harry a letter via a small and excitable owl. The letter was to inform his Godson that he had gotten away safely and the owl was for Ron as he no longer had a pet thanks to him.

Throughout the current summer, Sirius has been in hiding, never revealing his location in correspondence to Harry. Correspondence that has been delivered via flashy, tropical and rather large birds.

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With Sirius, he can be a bit of a two-sided coin in that there is the human side of him and Padfoot. Subconsciously, Padfoot affects his behavior and perception more than he realizes. Sirius loves those close to him, almost with a blind devotion, much like the dog that is shown a little kindness. Do anything to break this love, or betray anyone he holds dear and you will probably wish you had run across a Death Eater, declared yourself a mudblood and waited for the worst.

In a way, his emotional attachments are like that of the hound inside of him. He has a bit of that pack mentality as far as recognizing an Alpha Male and following their direction. (IE, James and Dumbledore.) Padfoot is quick to recognize who is capable of being the leader and he will give them his loyalty and respect.


If someone is in charge who he feels or can tell is not capable of proper leadership, do not expect him to show the same fealty. If he has to, he will do what they say, quite grudgingly. (IE, Fudge as the Minister.)

In his youth, Sirius was a trickster, a complete clown. His years at Hogwarts was in the 70's, just when Voldemort was rising in power. He found it easier to cave in to mischief as a means of escape from the harsh reality. When this mischief making and prank playing earned him some notoriety amongst the student body, it was a part he played with relish. Not only was this his way of dealing with matters, but it also aided his classmates in forgetting the horrors of the present too. This also served to divert any sort of repercussions away from James, Remus and Peter. He was more than happy to take the fall for his friends.

'Nasty temper, that Sirius Black.' Oh yes, this section would not be complete if we failed to discuss his explosive temper. He may be charming, witty, loads of fun and a prankster, but do not, I repeat, do not make him angry. The quickest way to do this has been discovered with most undesirable results. Sirius allows his emotions to get the better of him, and quite often he does or says things that he later regrets. He's rather brash and stubborn, and says what he thinks. While he has the tendency to explode with more pizazz than a Filibuster Firework, he is also secure enough that he can physically express his platonic love for someone. For example, hugging Lupin (darnit, they love each other, not LOVE each other. >.<;; Stupid fanbase.), or putting a hand on Harry's shoulder in comfort.

He is very self-sacrificing. The only times he has really exhibited concern for himself is where the Dementors were involved. Practically helpless at the time, with no one beyond Dumbledore, children and a werewolf to believe him, he honest to God was scared for himself and rightly so. If a person said they were not frightened about having their soul sucked out of them by a fiend, they would be lying. This fear was rightly felt, along with a fear for Harry. If the Dementors got a hold of Sirius, who would look after Harry and be the parent the boy needed? Even in times where Sirius needs to be looking out for himself, he is always thinking of someone else. He is the quintessential guard dog and protector.

He is incredibly tenacious and likes to see things finished. If something needs to be done, he finds it hard to rest until it is seen to fruition. Why put it off when it can be seen to immediately?

Some of the prankster still exists somewhere within him. Only now he realizes there is a time and a place for such frivolity. Losing three friends in one night, winding up being framed by one and landing in Azkaban for 12 years can wake up a person to harsh realities. Even just after graduation when he first started working with James, the Marauder within was more prominent. Now the only real way to describe him is.. he's an adult. He's serious minded, quick of wit, and if it weren't for the darkness he's faced in his past, he would be more like he was in his youth. But still.. when the situation is lighthearted, he can be utterly charming and incorrigible. That aside, he has moments of downright recklessness. Being on the run, having to live in the shadows, it's doing a number on a man who is full of energy and breathing free air for the first time in over a decade.

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