Siobhan Rose Morgan
Portrayed By Billie Piper
House Slytherin
Year Graduated
Position Defense Professor
Sex Female
Race Pureblood
Age 18
Place of Birth Balmorrow, Scotland
Date of Birth 13 Jun 1977
First Appearance Table Talk
Last Appearance

Character History

Born to Sir Michael Noble and his Irish wife, Edana, Siobhan is the baby of the family. As is typical with the 'country nobility' of Scotland, Sir Michael and his wife had a large family. The youngest of six - all boys but she - Siobhan grew up a bit wild, quite tough, but most definitely vivacious. Her older brothers - Liam, Jack, Mickey, Peter and Brian - all made sure to watch out for her, but she was a child who seemed born to find trouble. Even amongst themselves, rough-housing was common. Her father despaired of making a proper lady out of his daughter, but her fierce, proud and loving mother couldn't have been happier with her brood of wizards and witch.

Despite her outward cheer, easy manner and ready smile, Sio was - upon her entrance into Hogwarts - sorted into Slytherin; the only one of her family to have done so. At first, it caused some sibling tension, but when Sio returned home for her first summer completely unchanged by those 'Dark Wizards', her family accepted it. It became sort of a family in-joke, eventually blamed on her steel-trap mind; full of bounce and sudden brilliance.

She did well in her studies, but never left the middle of the pack. She was considered mediocre in everything and that suited her just fine. It meant that when something strange happened, she was always one of the last suspects.

Then last year, everything changed.

Between her brother being attacked by dementors and hunted by the Ministry, being shown very forcibly just how dangerous werewolves can be, fighting Death Eaters in Hogsmeade and being trapped in a painting, Siobhan has had her world turned completely upside-down. Her relationship with her closest brother was damaged by his love for another woman and Sio found the first of her innocence crumbling. Her body was pushed to its limits held under a Cruciatus curse for long minutes as she writhed in the snow. She discovered that her body reacted to the magic of that particular curse so badly that her own immune system would turn against her after every encounter with that curse. She saw her Head of House - a man she'd trusted and looked up to - leave the battle with the other Death Eaters. More of her innocence was worn away.

At the end of term, during a weekend event she spoke out against, Siobhan was attacked by two Death Eaters - one of whom was her former Head of House - and was cursed to a slow death within a painting. She discovered that she could move through paintings in a way their subjects could not, and when Dumbledore asked her to use that ability to spy for the Order, she agreed.

Never has she regretted a decision more.


Some of the things she has seen through those painted picture windows will haunt her forever. She has stood by while innocent people were brutally murdered because there was nothing she could do except be the one witness to honor their deaths. That - more than anything else - has left its mark on her, its scar on her. She has nightmares from the things she's seen. Terrible, terrible nightmares. Still, there has been one bright spot in that experience. She made friends with a portrait of a woman who turned out to be Eileen Prince - Severus Snape's deceased mother. Through that connection she ended up with the opportunity to confront him about his decisions, to spend time with him in a place he felt safe and eventually a way out of the paintings that were slowly draining her life from her. She repaid her debts by securing his safe return to both his position at Hogwarts and the Order - along with her own position as Defense Professor - and the two have struck up the hesitant beginnings of friendship.

It will most definitely be interesting to see how this year progresses.



Siobhan is a very unique individual. Possessing a bright and pleasant disposition, it's rare to find a person or situation she can't muster a smile and kind words for. Despite this, she makes about as many enemies as she does friends. Though she is a pureblood - and minor nobility to boot - she doesn't uphold many of the "stuffier" values of upper-crust wizarding society. Her easy manner and pretty face cause jealousy; her affinity for muggle music and clothing causes disdain; her House causes suspicion. By now, most of the school has realized that Siobhan is /not/ a typical Slytherin, but there are still some who refuse to trust her - obviously there's something wrong if she was Sorted into the snake House - and it always takes a while before the first year's stop cowering.

She can be stubborn, especially when her values are called into play or her motives into question. She isn't afraid to bend the rules - or break them if she feels they are unfair. She has no difficulty in making friends, but sometimes her strange, almost eerie insight makes people uncomfortable. She is, however, naturally wary. She makes many friends, but skillfully - masterfully even - keeps them at arm's length almost without them realizing; refusing to let anyone come too close.

After the events of this past year - and especially after her time in the portrait - Siobhan has started to craft almost a second skin for herself. She is learning that there are times when it is necessary to use all of the power and cunning she has at her fingertips - times when to do otherwise would be to damn someone to a fate they don't deserve. She is even more slowly learning that it's okay to do so. That it's okay to use her strengths to protect herself and those she cares for, even though it's not the most 'noble' of skill-sets. With her family and with her students, she is much as she ever was; bouncing, playful, energetic, friendly. To those she deals with on the level of the aristocratic elite she is poised, controlled, clever and quietly powerful. It's not a mask, per se; it's more that it's just one facet of who she is and happens to be the facet she shows them. She is all of those things, but she is also very much more.


Part of the side effects of being trapped in a world without sensation has left Sio with several peculiar personality quirks. As her body re-adjusts to the 'balance' of sensation, she slowly becomes a true hedonist. Terrified of a return to the state of feeling nothing, she chases after each and every sensation that she can find, from good food to a good fight to a good shag; loud music, fast flying, dueling, running… She lives for those sensations. Her temper is shorter than it used to be. (Strong emotions are just as addicting in their own ways.) Often she can be seen to go from smiling to glaring in just the space of a blink. Thankfully, however, this also means that she's not prone to stew over things for very long, processing them and accepting them as part and parcel of Life, now.

Other Information

Sio has one pet, an uppity snowy owl named Henrik.


Also her Patronus; Ed the hyena.


The Noble Family Crest, registered anew for this generation by Sir Peter Michael Noble, appears as shown below.


Memorable Quotes


Jethro "Jet" Gardener Mentor Jethro is … inexplicable. Stubborn, opinionated and irritatingly chauvanistic, he is nevertheless a brilliant operative, a patient teacher and a solid friend. Part of me has wished for a while now to be able to depend on his steady presence as we delve deeper into this war, but I can't bring myself to drag someone else into a fate they didn't ask for and don't deserve. Not unless I absolutely have to.
Julian "Bean" Legume Friend Delightful, amazing, intelligent Bean. He learned Mermish with me last year to try and help me with a task in the tournament. He's the most intelligent kid I've ever met and he's smart, too - and there is a difference. He came through for me when I needed his help to lay the groundwork for important plans. He gets on with Jack really well, too. I look forward very much to teaching him this year.
Rene d'Allemagne Friend This little spitfire is Bean's best mate and another one of the most promising young snakes in the bunch. Bean seems to think he's trustworthy and he's always been a good sort. He has the guts to call Jack an imp and a Weasley - to his face! - so he's definitely earned a bit of watching.
Cianan "Kee" Tyler Cousin Keeeeeeee is a really adorable oddball kid. In Ravenclaw, he's definitely got the eagle's brains and love of needlessly big words, but he's down to earth in a way that I thought was unique to Pete. Turns out Mum's brother Conan didn't die, but fell in love with a Muggle and hid away to keep her safe. Makes Kee my ickle baby cousin, which is about ten shades of awesome. Oh. And he's a Seer. I forgot that ran in Mum's line. I think his family's not so well-off, though. He got pretty upset when I transfigured his jumper into a proper winter coat. Huh. Cousin's privilege now, I suspect. (Or I'll claim it, anyway!)
Claire Sutton Student I've looked out for Claire since I can remember her getting Sorted into the snakes' nest. She's a bit of an odd one, but she doesn't make fun of me for my Muggle wardrobe and she's clever and a helluva good mate to have around for pranks. I worry about her sometimes, now that I'm not in the dorms anymore, but she's seemed to have a pretty good year so far, at least where her health is concerned. At least now I'm authorized to take her to the hospital in Glasgow if need be. I can't imagine it was much fun to go with Sev.
"Birdbrain" Crane Friend A snarky little son-of-a-gun, Crane has earned himself a fond spot in Sio's 'clump' of friends for his wit, his anti-charm and his backhanded niceness. For some reason, he calls Sio "Bubbles", so she returned the favor and refers to him affectionately as "Birdbrain".

Trivia and Notes

  • Siobhan hates being left behind or sent away - especially when it's to 'keep her safe'.
  • She craves chips, and likes them best when greasy, hot and drizzled with vinegar.
  • Sio used to keep her own garden, a small square of earth in a sheltered corner of her family's estate.
  • She's really bad at Not Wandering Off.
  • She's still not a fan of firewhiskey, but has developed a taste for scotch and brandy.
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