Simon Says


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Scene Title <Simon Says
Synopsis A mugging that's not really a mugging - more of a friendly hello!
Location London
Date Jun 03, 1996
Watch For Muggle tech! And dragon spirits asserting themselves. And bad guys. Oh my.
Logger Maura

From a quiet bookstore out into a busy street; whatever Maura bought in there weighs heavily in the bag that she's got held up to her chest with both arms rather then dangling down at her side. It prompts a decision that has her pausing on the sidewalk and glancing around curiously before looking over her shoulder at the man pretty much right behind her. "I've got another stop to make, but this is going to be awkward to haul around. Going to head to the Leaky I think - lunch, and I can do something about… how awkward this is to carry." meaning, she can shrink the package and stuff it into her pocket for now. "But ah, do you remember which way that is, exactly?" Give her a map and she's fine. Try and navigate without one? Blank stare.

"You realize I'm the one here that's never' been to London before yes?" Gideon says as he follows along behind Maura. "This is why I was all in favor of working out our itenerary and then moving to each point systematically." Of course, to Gideon shopping is like a surgical strike. No browzing, no bargain hunting, none of that. You figure out your objective, then you move, strike and dissapear as if you never where. "Ok if I remember from when you were making your disorganized battle plan that it was…" he puts his finger in his mouth and then holds it up as if to test the wind, "I think it was two blocks east and one block north."

"Your itinerary would have given me no time at all to browse." Maura points out, sounding slightly peeved at that too. "10 minutes to look for the books I need? Really? I know I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted beforehand. But …" she scoffs, shifting the weight of what must be either text books or large research volumes of information. "And it's not a battle plan. It's called a shopping trip." Dry, she fixes her stare on Gideon when he tests the wind. "You are such a smartass. No wonder you get on with the rest of the crew so well." Mutter. She's going to head east and north anyhow though! Because even if that was a wild guess, it's better then no guess at all. Unfortunately, no matter what direction they'd have to take her wandering ways have her pausing just in front of the alley between the book store and a clothing boutique. Where, apparently, a man leisurely smoking his cigarette is not quite as sanguine as appearance would have it. In fact, the moment her foot crosses that imaginary line crossing over from the store he's reached out to grab her arm and yank her towards him. A flash of metal heralding the knife that's pressed up against her throat before either of them has much time to react.

"See this is what I don't understand, know which book you need /before/ you go and you can just pick…" And that's when that imaginary line is crossed. Everything is in slow motion for a moment as Maura's foot crosses, and Gideon's eyes turn to meet the man is smoking. Gideon starts movement just a moment to slow and the knife is pressed to Maura's throat. He stops mid lunge and he quickly says, "Oh hey hey… no need for that!" says. His tone is bold and clear. Confidant. He even manages to wear a casual smile. "Let's just lower that knife, if you need cash you only have to ask. I've got cash and a company credit card that they won't figure out is missing for a good 14 to 28 days. You're welcome to them.. Lets just lower that knife and let me get my wallet." he says holding up his left hand and very ver slowly lowering his right hand like he's going to get his wallet, nice and easy. His eyes look with the muggers, trying to get him to look him in the eye.

"But I didn't know exactly which one I'd need bef…" …. before, well, it's a smart man who uses a knife to keep her subdued. Since sharp metal against her skin is fairly guaranteed to send Maura into a shocked daze. The only reason she doesn't shriek in surprise (or outrage) is because she's not even really /there/ at the moment. The bag she was clutching to her chest falls swiftly to the ground, but otherwise she is stock still. "I ain't after -your- cash or credit card. Just keep your distance." The mugger, though dressed shabbily, is obviously not as unintelligent as he appears at first glance. The knife presses in further against the healer's neck, drawing a thin line of blood, while he reaches into her handbag to presumably grab the wallet in there. "That's a nice pretty girl there; you take a few steps back now…" Which she doesn't do, because… blank stare. "Think you better tell the lady to do what I'm asking, don't you?" He does look Gideon in the eye, sure, but it's to glare.

"You really don't want to do this…." Gideon says his voice calm, but the casual smile has melted away. "Maura take a few steps back just like he says…" Gideon instructs, hoping she'll take a step back, and remove just a bit of pressure form the knife. "Please… just don't hurt her." Gideon says, his voice all be pleads. It seems for a moment that Gideon is willing to let her go rather than let her be hurt. This guy may be more than just a mugger, but Gideon's been trained to disarm a hostage holder at close range. He reads the Mugger's face and waits for what he believes… what he /prays/ is the moment the Thug believes he's not going to fight, at least not yet. That's his opening and Gideon reaches for the thug's knife hand with his left. Well to him it's 'reaching' to the lay person it is like watching a snake strike. His aim is to grasp the knife hand and start to twist the blade away from Maura's throat. If he's accurate, the thug will basically have the choice of leaning towards Gideon, or let his fingers and wrist be dislocated. Whatever the thug's choice, the moment the knife edge is away from Maura's throat, Gideon will try to pull the thug towards and him as and over head, elbow crush from his right arm is aimed square for the middle of his face.

It's probably only Rikath that registers what Gideon is instructing; the spirit inhabiting Maura's amulet probably shouting obscenities at her inside her head until she snaps out of her daze long enough to take that step back. But she does it, just in time as Gideon's hand snaps out to grasp the hand holding the knife at her throat. And whether it's because she's about to pass out or she's remembered something of self defense… she drops to the ground as soon as it's safe to do so. His vocabulary apparently consists of a rather enormous number of creative names for Gideon's mother however as the middle of his face is crushed and the wind knocked out of him fro being flipped like that. "Didn't pay me near enough for this shit." he snarls, resorting to dislocating his wrist and fingers if he has to in order to get away - and run in the opposite direction. Someone didn't warn him exactly what he was signing up for here.

Gideon tighten's his grip and doesn't let go as the Thug starts to try and run. He'll deal with him in a minute, but for now he has other concerns. For instance he'd like to interrogate this guy, but he'd like to get him and his charge into a more defensible position. A quick scan of the street and he sees some steps going down to what used to be a basement flat, but is some kind of new agey Wiccan supply store. Instinctively rolling his eyes, Gideon tries to real the thug back in and gives a swift kick to the back of his knee, trying to bring him to the ground. His attention is more on Maura, trying to judge if he can move them both or if he's going have to let the mugger flee. "Maura… Are you with me…. Cna you move.. we're going to move 10 meters ahead and hunker down in that stair well." he says cocking his head towards the store. Trying to quickly read her response.

Without the knife against her throat? Yes, Maura's there. Though she's not exactly talkative at the moment. All she does is swing her eyes towards Gideon and nod once. "I want the knife." she blurts out, seeing the mugger with his knee buckled and him flailing back to the ground. He'd sort of be like the roadrunner trying to get away if he weren't rather slow. Something about her tone suggests it may not be -Maura- making the demand for the sharp and shiny pointy thing. Nor really her with the rather disturbing glare focused on the attacker. But at least she's listening. And, moving (with her books, thank you) towards the stair well so that Gideon can drag the man down there to get answers out of him. To his credit, the guy is only putting up a token struggle now. He'd rather talk then suffer broken limbs. It's probably why he was hired to begin with.

Gideon scoops up the knife and puts it in his pocket, and says, "You can play with it when were done." He promises… The thug has an arm twisted up behind his back, and his chin grabbed, As Gideon makes his way to the stair well, Dragging the man along with. "Keep your head down Maura!" he says as he drags the THug down thes stairs and then pushes him into a corner, "Ok.. start talking. Who hired you?"

Maura wants the knife now! Noooooowwwwwwwww. Which is why it's the best idea -ever- not to let her anywhere near it. Not while their new best friend is within stabbing distance. SHe's going to feel just a little guilty for those thoughts later, whether they're really hers or not. Meanwhile… "You'll find out soon enough, yeah?" His shoulders lift carelessly. He, apparently, could care less. But he gives a nod at Maura's handbag. Which, apparently stats ringing. Which startles her into dropping it, spilling the contents onto the ground where a blocky looking cell phone is ringing up a storm. "Whose is this??????" she snatches it up and snaps it open, her irritation fueled by what is quite likely an imminent meltdown. Batten the hatches, people.

Looks to the thug and just narrows his eyes, "Well then I guess your no more good to me." And with another quick forearm smash to his face he knocks him cold. "who ever is calling that is watching us." Gideon says as he ignores it and just lets it ring for a bit. He grabs the edge of the recess into the sidewalk and pulls himself up to take a look out onto the street and looks for were the caller is calling from. He drops back down in the groove, "I don't see much out there…"

Maura watches the man get knocked out cold with a casual indifference that's rather not like her. "It's easier to spy from afar with magic." is noted, in detached manner. For a moment, the phone stops ringing, but then starts up again as the caller re-dials. Whoever it is happens to be one of -those- people. The kind that won't stop calling until you answer. So when it's obvious Gid won't be able to spot whomever it is that's trying to get their attention, she puts the offending item up to her ear and presses down on the button to accept the call. "I suppose we're about to find out who it is, then…. Yes?" she prompts, once the connection is made.

Gideon hunkers down and watches Maura concerned, as she answers the phone but does not stop her….

On the other line a voice that speaks english without accent and with such precise elocution it lends it self to sound naturally sinister, "And little sister is absolutely right. I /can/ on you from afar with magic." his voice lowers as if to be conspiratorial, "I sent the phone because Gideon likes using Mundane solutions when he can. Poor half-blood. I thought I'd give him tme to catch up." there's soft laughter before he adds, "Well I wanted to see if you guards were sharp and imagine my surprise that they got big brother to come and protect you!"

Is it possible for Maura to look more pale? Indeed! It is possible, since what was left of the color in her face rapidly pools away when whomever is on the line begins speaking. "Impossible." she declares, abrupt. "I would remember that. I would." Maybe not who. But that she had a brother? She's fairly certain of herself there. And her eyes lock on to the 'brother' in question as the voice continues. "My guards are sharp enough. What do you want? Who are you?" The questions fired off before she can even think about them.

"Oh it's quiet possible…" The voice says, "Call me Simon. But in many ways I too am just a messenger. My employer would like me to give you a message. 'The Experiments aren't over with.'" And with a click the call disconnects.

Maura looks down at the phone, incredulous. Inexplicably seeming to war between fury and terror, were it possible. "Do you know someone named Simon? He seems to know you rather well. Including your genetics." she prompts, in a hoarse voice as she grips the offending piece of technology tightly. "And it was… it was Shadow that hired him." she says simply, not exactly passing on that last exact message. But the way her free hand trembles a bit suggests that whatever was said certainly hit the mark. "I think." Pause. "I think we need to go now."

That name hits Gideon like a punch in the gut. "Yes. I do." he says his voice clearly straining from holding back an anger. "And if he's working for Shadow……." Gideon nods then in agreement, "And yes your right…. There's alot we need to talk about…"

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