Silvester Winslow Sinclair
Portrayed By Rowan Atkinson
House Ravenclaw
Year Graduated
Occupation Secretary for the DMAC
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 39
Place of Birth County Durham
Date of Birth January 6th, 1955
First Appearance A Tempest in a Teapot
Last Appearance

Character History:

Quiet, pompous and dull, or at least, that was the case before the incident… Silvester was and still is generally speaking, a quiet man. His life began much as any young witch or wizard. He was born and raised in the countryside of County Durham, went to Hogwarts like any magical child. Sorted into Ravenclaw, he fit right in. Like peas and carrots, steak and kidney, treacle and tart, you get the idea.

Smart to the point of being obnoxious, almost insufferable, he was Prefect, but passed down for Head Boy. (There was thought that nobody could take the added attitude.) He showed promise, oh yes. He was set on a fast track through Ministry appointments. He rose fast within the ranks of Obliviators. Silvester wed his wife, Portia, through an arranged marriage. Her family had been good friends of his, and there was an understanding and a binding agreement that the pair be wed. (Otherwise, it never would have happened!) When he was twenty-four, his first child was born and christened Reginald, then the following year came Otto.

Time marched on, Silvester and Portia's relationship was cordial at best. He adores his sons, but never quite knew how to relate to them properly. The boys didn't have much time with their father before his accident. At four and five, their father was a distant being, an awkward sort with them. One that was about to become odder.

During a particularly nasty raid, with jinxes and hexes flying, Silvester fell in the scuffle. He was hit with a rather vicious hex that set him to St. Mungo's, where he spent the next four years believing he was a hosepipe. Even in the magical world, the boys knew their dad's behavior was decidedly not normal. After his release, he was sent home to continue his recovery. He had convalesced enough to the point of interacting properly with most people. Besides, the Healers insisted spending time getting reacquainted with his family was healthy.

It took another year before his Ministry associates took pity and allowed him to return to work. Afterall, he was a respected sort and was quite effective. However, the after-effects of that hex has left him more than a little addled. If he becomes overwrought, he has flashbacks that are rather embarrassing. It was thought best to put him in a low stress environment. So he pushes papers for the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. Sometimes quite literally if there is too much excitement about.

Because of his mental state, his wife is rather harassed, and his sons are not keen on being seen in public with them. Especially owing to the fact that he has difficulty remembering their names at times, referring to them as Camembert and Bob. The boys tend to stay at Hogwarts when they can during breaks, or go off on holiday with their mother during the Summer.


Other Information

  • Is married to a witch named Portia. They have two sons, Reginald (14) and Otto (13).

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