1994-11-25: Sickbed Surprises


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Scene Title Sickbed Surprises
Synopsis After the tournament, Snape visits his House's Champion. He leaves her slack-jawed.
Location Hospital Wing
Date November 26, 1994
Watch For Two mini heart attacks
Logger The BAD WOLF herself

Snape stalks into the Hospital Wing some hours later, having made sure Siobhan was situated somewhere away from the rest of the wounded parties. He makes his way towards her, expression stern.

Potion after potion, charm after charm… Siobhan has been put through a circus and a half. By now, though, most of her pain is gone; she's just exhausted and sore. As her professor approaches, he'll come in on a…very odd sight. The seventh-year Slytherin is curled up in bed, speaking softly into a ball of light that coalesces into the shape of a large hyena. Said wild-dog lopes on silent, silvery paws past the rows of sleeping invalids and out through an exterior wall. Useful thing, that. Maybe Snape won't notice… And maybe cats will start singing 'All Hail Rin-Tin-Tin'…

Snape stalks over to Siobhan's bedside, remaining silent for a moment - long enough for her to notice that he is there. If he saw the wild dog he does not speak of it, simply clearing his throat once and saying, strangely enough, "Well done."

Thankful once again for her professor's discretion - that could have been an irritating thing to try and explain - Siobhan is taken aback by his praise. Still, she nods once; slowly. "Thank you, sir." Snape wouldn't come all this way just to repeat himself. She's just waiting for the other shoe to drop now.

"And without any support team," Snape himself seems displeased by the idea that none of the Slytherins volunteered, "It is a feat and one you should rightfully be proud to have accomplished. Ten points for Slytherin."

This reminder causes Siobhan's carefully blank expression to crumple into something very much resembling a scowl. She's not happy about it either. "I've got to talk to them." And if the flash in her eyes is any judge, they'll get a right tongue-lashing. "I can't do that again, sir. Even I'm not that lucky." And she's not afraid to admit it. "If my broom'd given out today…" Needless to say, it was Pure Luck she made it long enough to catch. Shaking herself, Sio seems to realize she's rambling and nods. "Thank you, sir."

"You can do it again," Snape replies flatly, "And you will. Support team or not, you chose to be the House Champion and you won't shy away from the last two tasks."

Already frayed nerves start to ping and snap. "I didn't say a damn thing about shyin' away." If this is Snape's idea of a pep-talk, it's a pretty lousy one. "I'm only sayin' that I'm gonna have a helluva time stayin' in the lead if they've all got backup an' I don't." It's not voiced as a complaint, merely a statement of fact.

"You're twice the witch any of them are," Snape scoffs, apparently not phased by her tone, "And you have a drive to win that it doesn't seem like any of them possess. McCauley would rather play the hero when there are trained healers about than win, for one. No, you will have a difficult time of it but you won't fall behind."

Well that shuts her up real quick. Taken aback by the series of compliments from a wizard who…doesn't compliment people - ever - Siobhan blinks at him rather stupidly for a moment. If asked, she'll blame the pain-potions. Pulling herself out of her shock, she bypasses his praise altogether; she has no idea how to go about acknowledging it. "I meant to come and see you anyway, sir." Topic change! "I had a request to make." There, that's distracting enough, right?

"What request?" Snape asks, immediately shifting back to his impassive self and regarding her in silence.

There, impassive Snape she can handle. "Recent…experiences have made me realize that my head's just…hangin' out there open t'people an'…" She swallows, memories of that all-encompassing fog making her skin break out in goosebumps. "And that's not acceptable anymore." Squaring her shoulders - as much as Sio can in her position - she lifts her chin and meets his gaze straight. "I want to learn Occlumency, sir." There's a little Lion in her after all.

"And how would I help you with that?" Snape asks, keeping his voice low. She may want to learn Occlumency, and he may even be willing to teach her. But he isn't going to hand it over easily.

Siobhan snorts lightly, either unable or unwilling to hide her amusement - and, yes, delight - at such a familiar game after such a hellish day. "If I wanna make my house safe from burglars, I'd find an expert thief." Oh, hey… There's a hint of her trademark smile; been a while since she's shown that off. She lets the metaphor stand. He'll get it, she's sure.

"It is an obscure and difficult brand of magic," Snape drawls, arms folding across his chest, "It is difficult … only suited to a rare mindset."

Raising an eyebrow in an incredulous expression her professor just might recognize as his own, Siobhan regards him coolly. The entire image is ruined by a cheeky grin. "Then I'd say I'm suited to it." Since very few would argue with the statement that Siobhan's is indeed a Rare Mindset - and not an altogether sane one.

"We shall see," Snape offers, but that is as good as a resounding yes from him, "Perhaps it would be a suitable reward for your efforts."

This time, Siobhan makes the effort and hides her smile; it wouldn't do to let him know she's on to him after all. If he wants to justify it this way, so be it. The means aren't so much in question, so long as the end is reached. "Thank you, sir." She seems to be saying that an awful lot today.

And, bizarrely enough, Snape offers her a slight … well, a something that could be construed as a smile. It is faint, barely discernible and quite possibly mistaken. However, it is there and soon he has turned and swept away once again.

Twice! Twice in one sitting this man has managed to absolutely floor Siobhan. That has got to be some sort of record… As he whirls away and disappears around the curtain, she can only stare, slackjawed. Slowly, ever so slowly, her face contorts into the biggest, brightest grin, and she settles back against her pillows gently. Definitely a good day.

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