1994-09-14: Shrinking Solution


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Scene Title Shrinking Solution
Synopsis The 1st-3rd Year students brew up some Shrinking Solution.
Date September 14, 1994
Watch For A mild case of poisoning.
Chronology Snape causes the students to shrink themselves in Potions class.
Logger Snape

Potions Classroom, Hogwarts

The dungeon that is used for the potions classroom is quite depressing indeed. As you enter the windowless room, the sconce bearing torches offer an eerie, flickering light. There are four horizontal rows of tables for the students to work at. There are areas at each table for students to set up their cauldrons for potion brewing. Stools are placed at each table for students to use during lectures for sitting. At the front of the room the stone floor raises upwards about a foot to allow the teacher to look at the students better, or to appear more menacing. A wooden desk sits upon this raised section for the professor. Along the walls of this room are locked cabinets containing common ingredients and books of recipes for the students usage. The more exotic are kept locked within the professor's office and private stores. Towards the far end of the classroom is a stone fountain with water spewing from the mouth of a lion's head. The fountain's purpose is that of a washing and cleanup area for the students.

The Potions Classroom has been prepared for the students, although they've been told to acquire daisies and shirvelfigs on their own there are other materials set out in each workspace. A small tray with some long, furry and quite dead caterpillars, a tiny purple and grey thing that looks like an internal organ of some kind and a small vial filled with water - a leech wriggling about inside of it.

There is no Snape, although on the blackboard has been written, in an acidic green colour: Shrinking Solution.

The daisies, Bean was able to acquire fairly easily. He has a passing acquaintance with local flowers. So, it wasn't any big thing for him to pick a few daisies. The shrivelfigs, however, were another matter entirely. He's got them, and as he strides into the classroom taking his seat at the front, he pulls them out, slyly comparing them to the others' offerings. Just to make sure. He notes the other ingredients laid out with a quick nod. Sitting down on the stool at his workplace, he sets his shrivelfigs down, and reaches to pull out the daisies.

Luna had come to Hogwarts for a few years now, and if one were to ask her what her favorite classes were… well… Potions would be near the bottom, unfortunately. In spite of her dislike of the subject, however, it was with a hummed little tune that she strides into class, wand tucked behind her ear, and a small purse with a garish purple and orange floral design hanging from her hand. From which, the ends of several stems were sticking out from the purse, as Luna makes her way to a row, about three rows from the front. Glancing towards Bean as she passes, she favors him with a vacant smile.

Ella slowly slinks into the potions classroom, looking to see if the professor was in. Upon noticing he wasn't she went to the closest desk that she was near and sat down her pack, pulling out the ingredients that she had gathered for the class beforehand. She then sat them next to the items that were already at her desk, shivering slightly at the organ and leech that was just sitting there. Glancing at the chalkboard, she gulps, worrying about screwing this potion up.

Derek walks into the class room and looks around, snearing at the other house students before tasking a seat in the front of the class, he takes out two small bags of daisies and shirvelfigs and places then on the table in front of him. Derek smiles and takes out his potion book and reads it as he waits for the teacher.

Snape arrives with his usual terrifying fanfare, the door to the classroom slamming open as he strides through and waves his wand about to light the braziers on the walls. At the front of the class he turns about on his heels, staring at the gathered students with an arched eyebrow and a marginally condescending glare.

"The Chomping Cabbage is native to which country?"

Derek grins and jumps a little from the slaming of the door, but that's normal, he turns and watchs his favor teacher walk by and raises his hand.

Julian read this. He frowns as he tries to remember the answer to the question. He remains quiet and rearranges his ingredients in a more systematic fashion. The slamming of the door doesn't scare him, or if it does, it doesn't show. He looks up at the teacher and waits to hear the answer, pulling out a parchment and quill to take notes.

Ella tries to think back to her potions studies when she was a child, but even with that she can not remember for the life of here where it was that the cabbage came from. She mentally reprimanded herself, and took a mental note that she needed to brush up on her past studies, she was starting to get rusty. She then looked over quick enough to see Derek raising his hand, giving a very muted 'oh no' look, knowing this will not end very well.

Luna was distinctly unconcerned when the slamming of the door happens, the girl caught in the midst of arranging her flowers and figs, along with the rest of the bits before herself. Serenely, she makes a few more adjustments, and stops. The arragement before her didn't quite make any sense, with daises laid atop of figs, and the figs arranged into a triangle, but that was that. With that, she glances up towards Snape, and smiles, settling in her seat. She doesn't raise her hand, however.

Eyes cast out over the sea of faces that don’t appear to hold answer; Snape’s lip curls a little as he looks towards Derek’s raised hand. He inclines his head slightly towards him by way of acknowledgement, “Answer.”

Derek grins at the others, before speaking up. "The Chomping Cabbage are native to China Prof, Snape."

Right. China. Julian writes that down quickly, realizing it sounds like what he read. He fumbles a little, still getting used to writing a lot in general and a quill in particular. He frowns, and glances around, hoping no one noticed his small fumble.

Ella sighs when she realizes that Derek sounds like he could be right. Happy for him she lets off a small smile, but in her head she still curses herself for not knowing such a simple answer. She gets over it quickly though, and after pulling out some parchment she begins to write down the notes for the class.

"Five points to Slytherin," says Snape when Derek offers the correct answer although he does not look particularly pleased - sour in expression as always. That done, he begins the lesson proper.

"Cauldrons out. Wands away. Turn to page one-hundred and seven of Magical Drafts and Potions."

Cauldron is out, wand is away. Bean grabs his book, opening it to the page specified and notes that it's the Shrinking Solution he has on the board. He raises his hand, having a question about his daisies.

Setting her little purse aside, Luna unshoulders her bookbag next. A copy of the latest Quibbler is set on the table, with a copy of Magical Drafts and Potions atop that. Tucking her wand behind her ear, the girl arranges her cauldron before herself, pauses a moment as if in thought, and then opens her book to the page indicated.

Derek let's out a small smiles when he got it right, he din't have his wand out to begin with and his Cauldron was out to begin with too, so he just turns the book to the right page and reads it over once. Oh Shrinking Solution he will like this one.

Ella sits her cauldron down gently, and roots around her pack for a moment, finding her book and flipping to the noted page quickly, scanning it slowly, and fully. Once she is done she looks back up to the blackboard and the professor, silently noting that she is ready.

"What properties does a correctly-brewed Shrinking Solution bestow upon-Legume."

Snape pauses mid-lecture to stare at Julian, waiting for whatever question he might be about to ask.

"I had a question about the daisies, sir. I know that I read it makes a difference if you use some ingredients fresh versus dried…" Julian frowns slightly as he considers how to phrase his question. "Are they better fresher?" Is this why we had to go find them ourselves? He knows the answer to the question Snape was asking, too, but waits instead of blurting out the answer.

Derek looks at Julian then to snape, he wants to know this too, but he raises his hand to answer the queestion too.

Luna folds her hands in her lap, but turns in her seat, the little smile still gracing her lips as she too, stares in Julian's direction.

Ella decides to just sit and wait for both of the questions to be answered, not knowing ether Julian's answer or what the rest of the question was from Snape.

“Correct,” Snape answers, although there are no points awarded. Finally turning to the class as a whole to complete his own question, Snape speaks:

“What properties does a correctly-brewed Shrinking Solution bestow upon the subject?” He ignores Derek’s raised hand for the moment, looking to torment someone else.

Although no points are awarded, none are taken away, either. Julian's okay with that. He raises his hand to answer the question, since Rimmer's had a turn already.

This one seemed rather easy. Her smile spiking up in strength, Luna lifts her hand, looking altogether pleased with herself already.

Derek nods as he starts to write all this down one some paper, scratch scratch goes his pen as he writes.

Ella continues with her notes, knowing most of that already. She then looks over at Luna as she raises her hand, wondering the answer herself.

“Lovegood,” Snape says with a piercing glare at Luna, noting her raised hand and giving her an opportunity to answer the question correctly, “Answer.”

Luna lowers her hand back to the table, her smile remaining bright, "Well, if it doesn't shrink things, it has a poor name." she says.

Julian snorts softly at Luna's answer, but catches it quickly, looking up at the teacher to gauge his response.

Ella just looks down at the desk, waiting for the scolding that is about to come to Luna for her wise-acker remark. Sure it was funny, but it was inappropriate to say while trying to learn.

Seemingly genuinely surprised by the laughter that springs up around her, Luna's smile wavers a moment, and she glances behind herself at the classroom, blinks a few times, and then returns her attention to Snape, curiously.

Derek grins and shakes his head at luna for her answer, he just keeps writing on his scroll though.

"Quite," Snape says in response to the answer, his lip curling although by some divine miracle there are no points taken. He continues to speak, hands folded in front of him as he paces back and forth like some sort of predatory animal.

"If correctly brewed, the Shrinking Solution will shrink the subject - often producing de-aging side-effects that are temporary. However, an incorrectly brewed potion is quite poisonous. This fact makes it quite imperative that you succeed as we will be using live test subjects."

Julian scribbles some notes down on his parchment about the de-aging side effects, and the fact that it's poisonous if brewed incorrectly, and looks back up at the teacher. He's a little surprised Lovegood didn't lose points, but doesn't say anything at the moment. Instead he sets his quill down, and waits to see what happens next.

Derek grins and writes that down, he wonder who the live test subject will be, he hopes it's Harry.

Melissa writes things down, underlining "poisonous". This looks like it's going to be tough…

Whatever surprise might have flooded across Luna's features drifts away. Taking a breath to release it in a soft 'hmm' sound, she turns her eyes down to the book and parchment. She sets quill to parchment, then carefully draws a circle upon it, trailing off from that with a looping sort of scrawl that may or may not be words.

Ella gulps softly as she hears that if she screws up the potion, that it will be poisonous. Hearing the talk of the 'live subjects' she hoped that she didn't have to taste her own brew, not liking the idea of suicide today.

"Follow the instructions on the page," Snape drawls, not offering any idea as to who or what the live test subject might be, "And heat your cauldrons two degrees higher than the book suggests."

Julian wonders why the change. But he starts the process, lighting the fire under his cauldron and slicing up the shrivelfigs. He works quickly, efficiently, and shuts the world around him out for the moment. He's pretty good at this, so far.

Luna pauses a moment, still drawing circles upon her parchment as the rest of the class starts to move into action. Belatedly processing the command of Snape's, Luna straightens in her chair, and furrows her brow in concentration, heating the cauldron a bit warmer as Snape suggests. Then comes the shrivelfigs. Pulling the daises up from atop them, she arranges those so that they are splayed out on the table, with the tips of the stems touching. Moving unto the shrivelfigs, she begins to cut them into slices well enough.

Ella nods to the professor, and lights up the cauldron slightly above what it says in the book. She begins to chop and arrange the potions ingredients onto her desk neatly, and when she gets the ingredients exactly as it says in the book, she looks around to make sure she is doing it right.

Derek nods and starts to evenly cut up his daisies, when he's done with that he skinned shrivelfig and sliced caterpillar.

Time passes as the students work on their potions. Snape spends the entire time lurking back and forth although he offers no further instruction, instead opting to glare at those who choose to talk or attempt to trade information through the oppressive silence. More than one detention has been handed out before he finally speaks to the class as a whole again.

"Your potions should be taking on an acidic, green colour if you've managed to do it correctly."

Castor considers for a moment, "The shoe." He then chuckles, "I always sucked at this game." He pauses to take a sip of beer realizing that the Cylon thing was a joke and that he totally missed the Monopoly board he quiets down for a moment.

Look at that! Julian's is the correct shade. He smiles, confident in a job well done and starts to drop his current ingredient into the cauldron. It's too early, though, and he catches himself just barely. Two more anti-clockwise stirs, and then drop the thing in. He sighs in relief, and looks up at the professor to see if he noticed his near miss.

Luna's was. In spite of her lack of notes, or overstressing about the book, Luna finishes all of the steps, letting the stirrer rest against the side of the bowl. Standing up upon her tiptoes, she peers down into the cauldron, lips pursed and eyes distant.

Derek stirs his potion as he finish it with the rat spleen and dash of leech juice, he look in his cauldron to see his is a acidic, green colour like Snape said it would be, he grins as sits back down to wait for Snape to look at it.

Ella looks down into her cauldron, and sees that her potion seems to be a little bit brighter then the acidic green that the rest have, but she hopes that maybe she is the only one that has the right color, but if she is wrong she hopes that won't be much trouble at all to her. She sits back down at her desk, looking up to see what the next step is.

Melissa checks, and it seems more or less the right color…

While the students check their potions, Snape gestures with his wand towards one of the closets at the head of the classroom and a silent spell prompts a host of vials to fly down and land on the desk. He says nothing as he turns back to the class, waves his wand and causes a number of goblets engraved with serpentine imagery to appear - one for each member of the class.

“Now, test your potions.”

Julian scoops some of his solution into his goblet, and takes a drink. He sets the goblet down, and starts shrinking several inches. He can't reach the table any more, but he's still roughly the same age. Or so it appears. Hard to tell with Bean. He looks pleased and somewhat surprised that the thing worked. "Professor!" Lookie here, please.

Pouring a bit of the drink she made into the goblet, Luna pauses, and gives it a sniff. Curling her nose in distaste, she nonetheless takes a long sip from her goblet. Likewise, she begins to lose a bit of length and height, looking about the room with a new sense of wonder in her features. Another moment, and a brilliant little smile works its way unto her lips.

Derek glups as he looks over to the Professor. Professor Snape won't let us get kill right? I mean he's a teacher so were safe at least he hopes so as he get's some of the potion into his goblet and takes a drink, he feels the potion work and he does down a few sizes, great if his brothers saw him this little again they will so use him as a living ball and toss him around.

Melissa watches Luna, smiling a bit, then pours some of her potion into the goblet and takes a sip- she does get a little smaller, maybe not as much as some of the others, but enough that she can pull her skirt up a little more. "Looks like it worked," she says, pushing her glasses up her nose.

Ella realizes that maybe her potion is the wrong color, but it's too late to walk away now. She slowly gets some of her potion into the goblet, and sips of it. She also starts shrinking, and her heart starts to flutter with happiness that it worked…or was it? With a startling realization her heart was racing a little bit too fast she falls over, heart chest on fire. It seems the professor was right and getting it wrong could have just killed her. once she gets about as short as everyone else, though, the symptoms of the poisoning seems to level out, keeping her gasping her breath on the floor though, and making her considerably paler.

Snape may be a cruel and malicious teacher at times, but he isn't about to let a student die. He moves with remarkable swiftness across the class as Ella collapses, pushing a pair of Hufflepuffs aside as they marvel at their newfound shortness. Crouching down with a vial in hand, he doesn't bother to check if she is feeling better - she isn't coughing up her vital organs so that is a good sign. Popping the stopper from the vial with his thumb, he pours the clear and foul-tasting substance down Ella's throat.

Julian takes a deep breath as he watches Professor Snape deal with Ella. Wow. This is serious business. He knew that already, but it's reinforced again. He glances at the other students, not seeing another one, but keeping his eyes peeled all the same. "Sir, how long does this effect last?" He moves to get something from his desk, then realizes he can't reach it yet. This is going to get extremely annoying very quickly. The others had farther to go.

Luna turns her head to smile at Melissa. But she pauses, then, glancing past Melissa with a note of concern as Snape attends to Ella, the smile leaving her lips in a terrible hurry. "Oh, my… do you think she will be alright?"

Melissa looks toward Luna. "She will… Professor Snape has this job for a reason. He's got to be the best at potions, so he must be able to have all the antidotes…"

Derek let's off a small laugh as he watchs Ella faint, he grins and knows she will be ok, Snape hasn't kill anybody yeat or they would of hearn about it.

Ella pants softly, before tasting the sickly bitter taste of the antidote as it slides down her throat. After a moment the poisoned feeling did in fact go away, but she does still feel quite ill and is still shrunk.

Antidote to the poison given, Snape stands up and leaves Ella to help herself from there on. As though nothing happened, he strides towards the front of the class and answers one of the questions, "The effects will last for roughly a day. Perhaps two depending on your constitution."

He then begins to write up the homework assignment on the board.

Julian realizes he's in big trouble. He scrambles up on to his seat, having to pull himself across it, and gets up on his knees to write down the assignment. He's normally just tall enough to reach the desk, but now, he's got to stand on his knees. "A whole day." He mutters to himself. This is not going to be any fun.

Derek gasp. "a day, but my brother will torture me if they see me like this."

Snape seems remarkably unmoved.

The note of concern leaves Luna's features, but her gaze remains curiously upon Ella. Canting her head to one side owlishly, she blinks her eyes twice, then turns them forward, the homework assignment written in legible writing now.

Ella slowly sits up on the seat, feeling very ill she finds it hard to concentrate on the board, but is able to focus long enough to write down her homework assignment. She then lays her head down on the desk slowly, taking a couple deep breaths and cursing her luck.

Melissa writes down her assignment and hops off the bench. "I wonder if I could fit into some of my old clothes now…" she says before suddenly tripping in her shoe, barely catching herself with one hand, dropping her book to hold onto her glasses. "Smaller feet…" she says with a nervous chuckle before picking up her things from the ground and heading off once more.

Julian finishes writing down his homework and doing all the necessary things to get ready for leaving the room, including filling one little vial with the solution. He labels it with his name, the potion and the date, and scrambles down off his chair to go to the teacher's desk to put the potion up there. He can almost reach. So, instead, he settles on handing it directly to the teacher. "Here you go sir." He quickly hurries back to his seat to get his bag, tripping on the edge of his robe as he goes.

Gathering up her things, Luna sets herself upon her feet, making an amused, airy sound that could be the start of a laugh at the wobbliness that ensues from her own smaller feet. Weaving her way through the suddenly larger tables and stools, Luna makes her way towards Ella's row, and pauses there, smiling rather distantly in her distraction. "I wouldn't worry about it so. Everyone makes mistakes." she says, her distant smile growing a little wider.

The homework assignment given (one foot of parchment on the effects of Shrinking Solution), Snape seems to have nothing more to say to the class - the door is open. He takes the vials of the potion, filing them away for later perusal.

Ella grumbles softly, and looks over at Luna right on time to see her smile a little smile, being in enough pain to want to wipe that smile right off her face, but ill enough to be held back from doing so. She stuffs her book into her pack and slowly slinks off out of the room, feeling spent.

Luna takes a step back to make room for Ella to pass by, waiting a moment for the Slytherin girl to slink out of the room. Humming a little tune, Luna follows out of the room after her, shifting her purse and bookbag into more comfortable positions on arm and shoulder both.

Derek grabs his stuff and goes back to his common room to figure out a plan to hide from his brothers for the day.

The 1st-3rd year Potions class for the first week of May, 2009.

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