1994-09-19: Shield's Up And Ready


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Scene Title Shield's Up and Ready
Synopsis 1st - 3rd Years are taught how to protect themselves
Date September 19, 1994
Watch For Just about everything.
Chronology N/A
Logger Protego

Hogwarts - DADA Classroom

When the students arrive to class, they'll find the desks have parted to opposing sides of the classroom. Moody is standing at the front by the chalkboard, waiting for the youngsters to shuffle in. Upon the board is written: Curses and Defense

Looks like it should be an interesting lesson.

Derek walks into the class, he looks at the desks and wonders where he could pet his bag, he chooses to place it off to the side and waits for class to start. "Oh Curses this will be fun, I can't wait to learn now."

Mhairi's nearly late to class, but when she does arrive, somewhat out of breath, she takes one look at the classroom setup, and immediately moves to one side, choosing a side and setting down her bag. If she's a little apprehensive, if there's a bit of doubt on her face as she eyes the blackboard, perhaps it's a matter of not knowing what to expect.

And Luna does shuffle in, vague smile upon her face, and bookbag over her shoulder, and wand tucked behind her ear. Around her necklace wasn't her usual necklace of butterbeer corks, but a silvery string with a sneakoscope suspended upon it like a pendant. There were a few butterbeer corks also on the string, and a bit of old leather. Moving to set her bookbag by Dereks, she looks to him, and her smile grows a touch, "Actually." she says, her voice holding a dreamlike tone, "I think this will be slightly awful as well."

Julian was one of the first ones to walk in. Yup. He's just so small no one noticed him. He sets his bag down, and frowns up at the board. "I assume this isn't talking about swears." He's being mostly sarcastic. He nods a greeting to Ginny and Luna. "Ever find your shoes, Lovegood?"

Ginny arrives just behind Luna, her bag slung over her shoulder. She grins at Julian, nodding a greeting to him. "Hi, Luna. Hi, Bean." She takes a seat next to Luna, stretching out her legs and glancing towards the front of the class. /This/ should be interesting.

Moody waits as patiently as he's capable of doing as the kids shuffle in and find a spot. Once the last student has found a place to stand, he calls roll, then wastes no time in getting the point. "Curses. I know some of you at least have heard of them, and the older among you have used some a fair time or two," he says in his gruff voice, as both mix-matched eyes operate independently of one another. "Today's lesson will be more practical, so no need for your books. Pair up and we'll get started."

Derek looks for somebody to pair up with him for the class.

"Well, not yet, Julian." Luna says, turning to look towards him next. "But Ginny let me borrow her shoes until I find them." Luna says. It was to Ginny that she looks next, lifting her hand up to pluck the wand from behind her ear, giving it a little flick, accompanied by a widening smile. A silent invitation to be partners for this go of things.

Moody's instructions do nothing for Mhairi's nerves. Slightly wary, she pushes her bookbag to one side, still holding her wand, and looks around her for someone to pair up with. Her eyes land on another student - Derek - and she offers him a questioning look, a silent if tentative invitation.

Julian frowns. "Rimmer! Keep in line, and I'll partner with you." He whispers loudly to his housemate. The better to have someone your size, my dear. And since Rene's already got a partner, he'll go for his other roommate. "This is really important stuff."

Ginny grins at Luna, extracting her own wand from the inside pocket of her robes, and giving Luna a firm little nod of affirmation. She slings her bag over the back of her chair, and looks expectantly towards Moody.

Derek nods to Julian, he takes out his wand and moves closer to his parner. "Sure just don't cry when I make your hair fall out or something like that."

"Miss McConaughey? Up here with me," Moody says, his growling voice less fierce with the girl than with the other students. "Now. Miss Weasley can attest to knowledge of many curses, most more playful than harmful really. Best categorized as jinxes. Her brothers get up to all sorts of shenanigans, as most of you should know by now." Weasleys, the castle is crawling with them. "Both jinxes and curses can be used offensively, with the results of curses being more harmful and lasting in effect. A wizard or witch's best defense is the use of a shield charm. Raise your hand if you've learned this already in Flitwick's class."

Settling in a spot a little across from Ginny, Luna lifts her right hand - the one without the wand at the moment, wiggling her fingers a bit in the air before lowering them back down again.

Turned down by Derek, Mhairi instead looks up as Professor Moody calls her up to the front. He wants me to …. Obediently, the first-year turns and makes her way up to the front, wand in hand, shaking her head silently at the question of whether she had ever seen the Shield charm before.

Julian snorts. "Would be about par for th' course, then." He laughs at Derek's comments. He raises his voice to get a clarification from Moody. "So, jinxes are basically low-level curses, then? Is there a threshold to tell when a spell is a curse and when it's a jinx, or is it determined by something else?" He moves over to stand near Derek. "Remember. I know whre you sleep."

Ginny lifts her free hand in answer to Moody's request - though, with Moody's tone of voice, it sounded rather like a command. She glanced around, noticing other the other third-years follow suit, along with most of the second-years.

Beady eye on the class, vivid blue one settling on Mhairi as she approaches, Moody continues on. "Arright.. for those of you not familiar with the shield charm," he turns and taps his wand against the blackboard, and upon it appears: PROTEGO

"That's your incantation for the shield charm. It'll deflect a good number of hexes, jinxes and curses thrown your way. Works best for child's play, and won't protect you against deadlier curses, but those are saved for your more advanced classes." Moody sounds a little disappointed about this, but moving on. "For the moment, we are only going to use the following spell, 'Locomotor Mortis'. This is a leg locker curse. Use it /only/ or I will be taking points from your house. Opponents, use 'Protego' to block. I'll tell you lot when to start." There's a faint smile as Ginny raises her hand and he cants his head in her direction, then the other hands going up, "Are those questions?"

Derek shakes his head at Moody before moves 10 paces away from Julian and holds his wand up like he's ready to duel.

Luna gives her head a nod, letting her free hand fall back down to her side. "Do you still work for the Ministry, Mr. Moody?" she asks, her tone of voice a bit light and airy. Still, she likewise puts herself standing about ten paces from Ginny, casts a little sideways glance towards Derek and Julian, then takes a half-step forward.

Silently Mhairi's lips move as the correct spell is written on the board, repeating the word as written. She repeats it silently, without raising her wand, several times, as if trying to memorize it, then takes a deep breath and nods, turning to face the scarred Professor. Trepidation is still written across her features quite plainly, but it's eased somewhat on learning that she will not have to actually try to cast a curse at a Professor.

He didn't hear Julian's question, apparently. Oh, well, he'll ask it again later. Or get the answer from someone else. He reads the word over in his mind, familiarizing himself with the pronunciation, doing the same for the leglocker curse. When Derek faces off in his direction, Bean turns, holding his wand up in a similar fashion.

Ginny shakes her head from side to side. "No, Professor. Just showing that I know the shield charm." She then murmurs to Luna, "Would you like to be defender, or attacker?" A brief smile is given to Julian before she readies herself to cast.

Moody fixes his blue eye on Luna and growls out, "Nope. Got a quiet retirement, me." There's a harsh and biting laugh to accompany that as he readies his wand in hand, the board is tapped, and 'Locomotor Mortis' appears under 'Protego' to remind the class. Use these only. A nod acknowledges Ginny, and the rest of the class who raised their hands. "Since this is Defense Against the Dark Arts, my job is to teach you how to defend against them and you'll find 'Protego' will be invaluable. It might be a little advanced for you first years, but no mind. Doesn't hurt to start early and it's /stuff you've got to know/. CONSTANT VIGILANCE." The last bit being roared out before turning to Mhairi. "Now Miss McConaughey and I will give an example of using the shield charm. We're gonna go with nice and harmless for now, start easy and work our way up to fighting more difficult spells. Miss McConaughey, give it your best shot with 'Locomotor Mortis'."

Hopping a bit at the roar of 'constant vigilance', Luna releases a fluttering little sigh. "Oh, I don't mind really." she says across the way towards Ginny, "I don't think I do the shield charm rather well - so maybe I'll try to curse you?" she asks, speaking not when the professor was, of course.

The look on Mhairi's face is a sight to behold. Doubt and horror mingle in her expression - that is, until Moody's shout sends her jumping about ten feet into the air. Clutching her wand very, very tightly, she eyes Moody doubtfully. "Attack … you, Professor?" She fairly radiates 'you want me to do /what/, Professor?' in the look she casts first him and then the class.

Derek grins and thusts his wand forward not waiting for his turn, he yells out the spell "Locomotor Mortis!" casting it on Julian.

The first few times Moody did that 'CONSTANT VIGILANCE' thing, Bean jumped higher than a grasshopper. However, he's getting inured to it. So, he grins at the teacher in a small parody of the Professor's own smile, and attempts the shield charm. However, he's just a little late, and Derek's leg-locker curse hits him, knocking him flat on his arse.

Ginny nods at Luna, giving the other girl a smile. "Sounds good," she says simply. Her brown eyes travel up to the head of the classroom, smiling sympathetically at Mhairi. Poor thing. Then she hears an 'oof' coming from her left, and she glances over to see little Julian on the floor. Oh my.

Moody offers a genuine smile for Mhairi, but it probably just looks scary on his face. "That's right Miss McConaughey. Give it your best attempt… RIMMER. I said Miss McConaughey and I would do an example first." No points are taken, but Moody still isn't looking too pleased about jumping the wand there. Looking down at Julian, he aims his wand and wordlessly casts the counter-jinx to fix him up right. "Now help Legume up, Rimmer."

Luna returns Ginny's little smile, and lifts her wand some. Turning her head to look towards Julian and Derek, she then cants it a bit owlishly, the little smile that was on her face slowly turning down into a neutral look, with pursed lips.

Derek gives off a evil grins as he watchs Julian fall, he stows his wand and moves over to Julian and offer a hand up.

That's a request that will probably never happen again. Just a little bit jumpy, Mhairi raises her wand and points it at Professor Moody, and without thinking, shouts, "Locomotor Mortis!" That she's never cast a jinx in her life until now, or ever really seriously thought about it, doesn't seem to matter. Professor Moody told her to do it, so she does.

Julian takes the offered hand, and grumbles. "At least he didn't take points." The class has been neatly split into pairs, and Moody asked his partner, Mhairi, to demonstrate the leg-locker curse on him. She's just done that, but not before Derek has hit Bean with one. Bean attempted to shield the curse, but was a split second too late, thus requiring the hand up. "You've used that one before?" He asks his partner.

Derek shakes his head. "I has it uses on me lots of times, My brothers love to cast it on me and laughs when I hit the ground face first."

Ginny smiles briefly at Derek, "I know how that is." She has many memories of Fred and George leaping out at her, waving their wands. Ginny shifts from foot to foot, waiting for Moody's signal to begin casting spells.

Occupied as Moody is with Rimmer getting ahead of the class, his blue eye is whizzing about, and bigger witches than a first year have gotten the best of him. "Protego," he says in a lazy manner with a wand motion, deflecting the spell easily. "Nice one Miss McConaughey, get your opponent good and distracted. Take advantage of that, but never do something so cowardly as strike when your opponent's back is turned. It's a scummy, cowardly tactic and only the lowest take that as their chance to strike. Be prepared for an opponent that will do such a thing. Frenchie, you and Miss McConaughey pair up now. 2 points to Gryffindor for taking up the challenge Miss McConaughey." See? He didn't mind the spell flung his way at all. "Now that you're all paired up. Start practicing, I'll be checking on you each in turn."

A little breath to steel herself, and Luna gives Ginny a wide smile. "Are you ready?" she asks. Pausing a moment beforehand, she gives her wand a little flick and a swish to point it in the direction of Ginny, with a rather sedate-sounding shout, (Luna more raising her voice than anything) of, "Locomotor Mortis!", the curse flashing towards Ginny.

Mhairi's face turns quite scarlet at the admonishment, and she hangs her head, points granted or not. Now that she takes a moment to think about it, she should have waited. But … she looks over at the indicated student, and trots away from the front of the class to pair up with Rene, wand held just a little less tightly. Just a little, mind you.

Of course, Julian disagrees with the teacher on this point, but he won't say anything out loud. If he's hexing an opponent, he's going to hit the guy, no matter which way the guy is facing. He frowns, and thinks about Moody's words, then turns to Derek. "My turn." He grins widely, and casts "Locomtor Mortis!"

It had been going rather plainly from the start for Rene, picking off a partner that seemed inadequate so he could actually get some good wandwaving in. The other kid has had his share of Protego failures. Losing to a midget is never easy. As his name is called(well, Moody never uses his name, per se), the boy bows away from his current partner to join his new one in Mhairi. He also bows his head to her, the potion almost worn off- so the gesture isn't as strange coming from him.

"Do you want to block first?" He asks with an air of gentility, adjusting the arms of his robes.

Derek smiles as he moves back to his starting spot and waits for Julian to cast, he see the spell coming and waves his wand. "Protego." the spell backfire and Derek falls backwards as the leglock spell hits him, he curses to himself as he falls this is his brothers all over again.

Ginny frowns slightly in concentration, her wand whipping upwards as she cried, "Protego!" However, Luna was just a hair faster, and the result was a very wobbly Ginny. It seemed that her toes were locked, but not her legs.

Moody watches Derek fall backwards and he shakes his grizzled head. "Work on that pronounciation sonny. You get extra homework for practice. Good force to your casting, Legume." He continues on throught the class, making comments on what he sees, helping students adjust their posture and grip on their wands as he moves along. "Good Miss Weasley, Miss Lovegood."

"Er … okay." Mhairi nods to the small boy, raising her wand to a ready position and waiting for the curse she knows will come.

This brings up the question for the teacher. "Professor Moody, what's the counter? Is it that Fini-whatzit?" He looks over to Ginny, trying to remember what she said. It comes back. "Finite incantatum?" When the teacher praises him he gets a satisfied smirk. "Thank you, sir." Bean moves toward Derek, preparing to help him up.

Rene raises his wand to match, the sword-like stance more than evident when he is standing. After a tense moment, Rene's tongue is quick and his wand just as. Be on your toes, Mhairi! "Locomotor Mortis!"

"Legume, it's Finite Incantatum, but I want you lot working on practicing 'Protego', raise your hand if your partner needs a reversal. I'll take care of it." Moody says as he moves through the class. "Once you've had a few rounds, reverse positions." To those that need reversing so they can be up again, he takes care of that now. Sure it's additional work for him, but he wants them specifically working on protecting themselves.

Canting her head to one side, Luna has a faint look of concern upon her face as she watches Ginny. A pursing of her lips, and she says, "Alright, it's your turn, now, I believe."

Ginny nods to Luna, lifting each foot to shake it out once the jinx had been disspelled. She purses her lips, a furrow in her brow, and cries, "Locomotor Mortis!" with a good deal of oomph, aiming her wand at Ginny.

Mhairi's no slouch herself, and while she gets her answering "Protego" up in the nick of time, it does her no good whatsoever. Nothing happens, and her legs lock together, and she staggers and falls to the stone floor with a yelp of surprise. "Nothing happened!" she squeaks in surprise and dismay.

Derek nods to the proff when he get's up. "Yes sir." he turns to Julian. "want me to try again or do you want another go?:

Moody stomps over to Mhairi, reversing the locker curse for her. "That's why we're practing missy. I don't expect some of you first years to get it right in one. Gotta start somewhere. Try again you two." His voice is as kindly as it's ever going to sound as he moves on.

Julian grins. "Let's take turns. Apparently, we've both got the leg-locker down." He snorts and steps back a little more. "Ok, go ahead, give it your best shot."

Derek nods as he raises his wand again and moves back to his spot. Derek turns to face Jilian, and swish the wand forwards as he casts the spell at Julian. "Locomtor Mortis!"

As the curse moves towards her, Luna lifts up her wand, and says, "Protego!" The shield does come up in time… but a fair bit high. It would be lovely if the curse was aimed at her face. With an 'oof!' she topples forward, the shield disappating as she falls flat on her face. Pushing off of the ground, Luna's expression was simply stunned, right before a smile touches her lips, dispelling that stunned look. "That was really rather good, Ginny." she compliments. "If I send another at you, do you think you could block it?" she asks, fussing a bit on the ground there until Mad-Eye reverses the curse on her legs, and she gets back up to her feet, looking a little more rumpled than usual.

Ginny moves forward to try and catch Luna when she falls, but very nearly topples over with her. Managing to right herself at the last minute, she offers Luna a hand to help her up once Moody un-locks her. Nodding, she says to Luna, "I think so. Worth a shot, right?" Ginny grins, then readies herself.

Rene is over there once Mhairi's lock is dispelled, with a hand out to help her up. Up again! And in another turn, Mhairi is down again. And the same result comes in another turn. When it is perhaps clear that maybe she needs to see the shield at work? Rene pulls back his wand as he helps her up for the third time.

"Do you want to go the other way now?" He can't help but smile as he says it. Maybe hitting back a Protego will help. Eventually.

"You're not aiming at your brother Miss Weasley, bring it down to Miss Lovegood's level," Moody instructs as he lifts the curse off Luna and moves along. Derek and Julian seem to have the hang of the curse part, but not so much the shield. Doesn't surprise him really. Kids are kids, and throwing spells is just more fun than work really. He stops alongside Rene and Mhairi, "Alright, watch me you two." He shows them how to hold their wands properly for the spell, as well as the pronounciation of the incantation, showing them how it's done.

"Protego!" Julian casts. It's a shield. A weak one, but it's a shield. However, the jinx still makes it through, and Bean ends up on the floor again. He's able to move a little though.

Toppling together with Ginny, Luna misses the falling flat upon her face part of things, and has an easier time getting up when the legs were unlocked. With another little breath, she takes up her position again, glancing across towards Ginny. Luna pauses a few moments more, with cocked eyebrow, making sure that Ginny was ready, before she steps forward with another little swish and flick of her wand. "Locomotor Mortis!" she says.

Mhairi tries again. Fails, again. And again. Frustration builds on her face as she gets up for the third time, with Rene's help. She stops, then watches and listens carefully to Moody as he instructs in more detail. There's still doubt in her expression, but she nods at Rene's suggestion. "I suppose so," she says hesitantly. "Tell me when you're ready."

Swish! Ginny's shield charm is successful this time, and it shimmers into being, luminescent and ethereal. It seems that Ginny had cast it a tad to the left, though, and Luna's jinx manages to hit one of her leg. Wobbling, Ginny leans against a desk to remain upright.

Derek smiles as he watchs his spell go though, he moves to Julian and offers him a hand up. "that was better you nearly block it that time." he goes back to his spot and waits for you to cast on him again.

Give him a better wardrobe, and Rene would not be out of place if he tried to be a miniature Gilderoy- there are subtle flourishes to his movements that seem to put him on a more… swashbuckling level. Isn't that what this is? His left hand holds his wand, and he readies himself to try the shield charm again. "Oui. Go."

Moody looks down at Mhairi, "I do suppose so! You've got it in you, just keep practicing missy. You'll do fine." Looking out across the classroom, he says loud and clear so as to be heard, "You lot are all doing fine. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it right this time. You're all learning. Focus, put some power and strength into what you're doing."

Drawing a deep breath, Mhairi nods to Professor Moody and turns to Rene; she seems to be having an easier time with the jinx than the shield. "Locomotor Mortis!" With those words, she flicks and points the wand at Rene.

"It's a little tricky to actually use the charm, no? This is more fun than I expected it to be!" Luna exclaims. "That was a lovely protego. Although you should be careful, Ginny - I think a wrackspurt fuzzled your brain at the wrong moment, there." Luna says. Another beat, "Perhaps that is my trouble as well." she mentions, thoughtfully.

Julian stands up, brushes his robes off, and grins. "Sure." He waits until Derek gets in position, and casts the jinx again. He watches to see if Derek is getting the wand movement right.

Derek smiles and waves his wand as he sees the spell coming. "Protego!" a light shield appears before him and it deflects the spell. "I did it, I can't beleave I did it!"

Ginny grins at Luna, and nods her red head. "That's entirely possible. We should keep an eye out for them." She takes a moment to glance around, seeing students in various stages of leg-locking and shielding. "Shall we try again? Your turn to shield."

Thanks Moody, for such Conflicting Information. Flitwick tells him to be gentle and use focus- while Moody, on the other hand, has just told him to use power and strength and said focus. Rene will figure it out sooner or later that he'll need to come up with his own casting 'oomph', but for now he is taking all of his advice way too dear.

"PROTEGO!" If Rene could use a booming voice, this one might be it. As soon as he casts the charm, however, it becomes obvious to never take Professor Moody at face value. That magic he'd studied to restrain for years before school- that accidental stuff? It comes kicking out of his wand like an angry horse. The shield charm flares up like some sort of tall, electric-fence lookalike, deflecting with a 'WHMPH', of course, but also more than enough to knock Mhairi(and several students behind and near her) across the classroom floor.

Julian grins. "Good job, Rimmer. Since you got it, hit me." He readies himself, having seen how the other boy casts. Then, Rene casts. And overcasts. Oh, my. Bean is affected by the backlash, but only just to make him wobble on his feet. "D'Allemange! Watch out, man!" He grins and leans toward Derek. "We'll stand behind him." That shield'd cover all three of them and a few more besides.

"With some spells, focus is all you need, with others? You've got to back it up with something other than focus. Willpower. You've got to have strength behind your words and wand waving." Moody barks at the class, still watching his pupils, trying to help them along. "You never know when being able to cast a shield charm will save your life. You've /got/ to know /how/." Then… he groans at Rene. "Not that much power and strength Frenchie. But good start. Alright, let's pull this to a close. For your homework. Study the shield charm. It's on page 143 in your textbooks. I'll be testing you off and on to see if you're actually practicing."

Sprawling is right. Mhairi takes the over-cast full force, flying several feet into the nearest desk and crashing into it before hitting the floor, her wand skittering to a dark corner of the classroom and taking refuge in the shadows of the room. It takes her a moment, but she pulls herself to her feet, shaking her head, as Professor Moody gives out his instructions. Aside from being shaken, she doesn't seem any the worse for wear, and takes a moment to write down the homework assigned before righting the desk and beginning to go in search of her wand.

Derek grins and nods before puts his wand away, he moves to his bag and grabs it. "I'm going to go practice the spells right now untill I master them both."

Julian grumbles. Of course, about the time he's about to get it — which he's sure he would have — the Professor ends the class. Then, Derek speaks up. "Yeah, we can practice together. It'll work better if you feel like you're in danger." He doesn't know that for sure, but it seems like it makes sense to him. "Thank you professor." He enjoyed the class and the spell really seems like it's useful. He frowns, reaching over to get his bag. "C'mon, let's go."

Though it is not a stumble, Rene does seem to swagger on his toes a little after the fact, eyes bugging slightly and his wand frozen in midair. Between the 'not that much' and 'watch out' and 'we're standing behind him', he isn't sure whether to hide his head under his cloak or what. "Je suis desole! I am sorry!" He looks to Professor Moody, fleetingly, before skittering after the people and apparent desks he has knocked around, mostly trying to help some of the other first years up, including Mhairi.

A little smile is given Ginny, and Luna gives her head a shake. "Maybe during the next class?" she pauses. Turning her head to the side to spot the backlash of the spell, Luna pursing her lips at that. "Hmmn." she says, thoughtfully, her eyes growing that much more distant. She stands there, staring off at nothing as the professor says the homework, and continues to stare, a few seconds after he finishes speaking. Her eyes come back to reality in a hurry, and she looks to Ginny with a smile, "I think I would like to get some pudding. Would you like some too?" she asks.

"If any of you need help, come see me in my office after classes or on weekends. I can give you some pointers, and maybe assign an older student to help further if it's needed," Moody says as he summons Mhairi's wand from where it landed, to return it to the girl. "If any of you are sore from landing on the floor, go give Madam Pomfrey a visit to get set right. Off with you lot."

Derek nods, he turns to Julian. "come on I know a good place to praction where nobody will botther us follow me."

"It's okay," Mhairi tells Rene, taking her wand from Professor Moody. "Thanks, Professor." She rubs her shoulder once or twice, looking down at the floor. "I know you didn't mean to." There's still a frustration in her expression that is very plain to read. "Well, I guess I'll see you later, then?"

Ginny is luckily out of the way for Rene's spell's backlash, though she shakes her head at a little at the chaos. Putting her wand back in her robes, she moves back over to the desks to get her bag. "Sure, Luna. Pudding sounds nice."

Rene sticks near Mhairi just long enough to put up an offer. "You ever need practice, and cannot find a partner- you can come to me? I will 'elp. Or… try." It doesn't come out quite as fluid as he would have liked, but his point goes across.

And Luna herself goes to get her bag from the rows of desks, looping the loop over her shoulder. With another smile towards Ginny, she leads the way out of the classroom, humming a happy little tune as she steps.

"Nice work, D'Allemagne," Moody rumbles. Finally not calling him 'Frenchie'. "A little too enthusiastic, but you got a good start." Both Rene and Mhairi are given a look before he stumps off to prepare for the next round of classes.

"Sure, thanks." By this time, Mhairi's gotten over to her bag and has finished writing everything down. "If I ever want to get blown across a room again, I'll keep you in mind." With that, she hefts her bag and turns for the exit.

Ginny slings her bag over her shoulder, giving her fellow students a wave before she follows Luna out of the classroom. Without really noticing it, she begins to hum a similar tune to Luna. It's kind of catchy.

Moody used his name? "Merci…" Rene glances after the craggy man before Mhairi responds. It is only after she sweeps off that it suddenly dawns on the little Frenchman that -wait- was that sarcasm? He frowns and looks after the direction she went, shoulders sinking and brows lowering in disappointment. At least he can recognize sarcasm, right? The boy breathes in silently, looking after the professor's exit before making his own.

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