1994-09-19: Shield Practice


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Scene Title Shield Practice
Synopsis After learning "protego", Julian and Derek practice a little more.
Date Sep 19, 1994
Watch For ickle firsties falling down a lot
Chronology After second DADA class
Logger Julian

Slytherin Common Room

Julian grins as they enter the common room, continuing their conversation. "Perfect. You guys have this thing for alliteration." He shakes his head. He rolls his eyes. "Okay, let's do this. It was your turn to hex me. So…" He readies himself, putting some pillows behind him, setting his bag out of the way, and frowning.

Derek holds out his wand straight up and bring it down with a swish, and yells the spell as he does "Locomotor Mortis!" he fires the spell at Julian.

"Protego!" The word is out of his mouth as soon as he sees Derek's wand move. And he really does not want to fall on his arse again, so he puts his will into it, and, poof, there's a shield. It's a fairly strong one, too. "Look at that!" He grins, and points to the shield. "Alright. My turn. Ready?" Doesn't matter. "Locomotor Mortis!"

Derek grins and nods, he raises his wand but was to slow and bam the spell hit him and his legs get lock togeter as he falls back to the ground. "ack no fair. I wasn't ready."

Bean tries the Finite Incantatum on Derek. He really hopes it works. "I'm sorry…" He grins. "I guess we didn't' think this through. Should've had someone teach us that, or at least waited for some upperclassmen so they could…" To his surprise, though, it works. "Wow." He's learned something else new.

Derek mumbles as he stands up and dust himself off. "at least the floors are soft so it din't hurt as much when I fell. let's keep going, I want to master these spells so I'm ready for my brothers next time they try stuff on me. "he moves further away and raises his wand. "try it again on me, I got to get this shield to work."

Julian grins, and backs up a little himself. "Here goes nothing." He casts the jinx again. "Locomotor Mortis."

Derek flicks his wand as he says the spell "Protego!" a energy barrier appears in front of Derek and the spell backfires off of it and hits the pillows below. "yay, we still need work but you want me to try again then we can go get food?"

Julian shrugs. "Sure. One more time, and then, supper." He grins, and stands ready.

Derek grins and raises his wand again, he swishes to and points it at Julian. "Locomotor Mortis!"

Julian waits just a little longer than he did last time, but still puts the 'oomph' in it. "Protego". The shield is successful. He's got it. He smirks, and switches stances. "Ready? Locomotor Mortis."

Derek flicks his wand and casts the spell. "Protego!" the energy barrier appears in front of Derek again and the spell rebounds hitting the ground. "I think that's as good as we can get for now, let's get to supper." he moves to where he left his bag and grabs it before pushing open the way out.

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