1996-01-31A: Shards of Control


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Scene Title Shards of Control
Synopsis During a rare lull, Siobhan and Maura manage to make contact with the rest of the team. Both sides struggle to hold it together.
Location Riddle House - Dungeons / Hogwarts - Auror Bullpen
Date January 31, 1996
Watch For Too much to list. All-around awesome scene.
Logger Wolf Bones

Time is hard to tell here, where there is no light beyond flickering torches and no real schedule beyond the occasional stale bread and slop that gets shoved through the door. Shadow seems to prefer that his victims come in for … 'testing' at random intervals - or at least intervals that are random to anyone who isn't him. Siobhan only knows that they are getting close to the full moon, but haven't reached it yet. Curled up in the corner opposite Maura's, she scratches at the burning itch in her calf, though the sensation is too deep into her bones to be relieved by such a superficial action. She hugs her coat tight to her, but one ripped sleeve shows insidious-looking bruises. For the first time in absolute hours, her eyes are cloudy and fogged. She isn't really twitching or flailing anymore; just still. The less one moves, the less it hurts. It could be hours or it could be just a few moments, but some time later, she cracks one eye open and licks her bleeding lips. "Maura?" she wheezes softly. "You here?" Because in the dark it's hard to tell if her cellmate is here or was taken.

Maura is so used to this by now that she spends hours, or even days at a time just curled up in her little corner; only rousing to eat the crud they call food so that she can keep up some semblance of strength. Her curling is done on her side however, so that there's absolutely nothing touching her back. She's been listening though, even if only with half an ear while her mind wanders. Waiting for her cellmate to stop twitching, perhaps. Sometimes the silence actually -helps- keep one sane after Shadow's experiments. But when her name is called, her hoarse voice reaches across the short distance to answer. "Yeah. she agrees. "I am here." she pauses then, offering what she can by way of 'support'. "Used all of my vacation time."

Siobhan snorts, the sound harsh and painful. "Next time try and find us a nicer hotel, yeah?" She coughs, spitting blood and phlegm into the dirt next to her. "I'm going to try something. Don't panic." Realizing fully that people usually start to panic when they hear that phrase, Siobhan figures that she'd best be a touch more specific. "Do you remember House Elves?" She's unsure if that counts among the 'people' her friend can't remember or not.

"Two star instead of half a one. Sure." Maura readily agrees. "If you lay on your side, some-times it doesn't hurt so much." she points out, flinching at the coughing and spitting sound. And hell, after the things they're put through here, nothing short of Bellatrix dressed in leather fetish gear is going to panic her really. So she mumbles a compliant uh-huh, even before the explanation is given. "Oh… yes. I know what they are. Very loyal."

"Good," Siobhan rasps, smiling just a little bit before shifting so that her back is against the wall and she at least kinda looks a little less like she's gonna keel over at any moment. "Keep an ear out for company, would you?" This is definitely something they can not get caught doing. She'll wait just a beat, taking a deep, rattling breath before squaring her shoulders and hissing out a single word, "Janet!"

There's a moment of agonizing silence and Siobhan's face starts to drain of color. If there's a place House Elves can't get to, of course it'd have to be here. Just as her eyes slide closed in defeat, there's a soft ripping sound and a very familiar House Elf appears in the dirt in front of them. "What can Janet be doing for the young Mi - " The customary greeting is interrupted by a gasp of shock and Siobhan snaps her hand forward before her beloved servant can launch into what she's sure would be a very well-deserved - but unfortunately loud - lecture. "I will release the silencing spell on you, Janet, but only when you promise to stay quiet." The House Elf's already large eyes round out like saucers, finally seeming to take in their surroundings and picking up on the very real element of danger. Uncaring that Maura just essentially saw her second-biggest secret, Siobhan flicks her wrist and releases the spell.

"Janet, love, I don't have the time to explain now. It is of the most vital importance that you go to Jack's office. In his desk on the third draw down, there are a set of large hand mirrors that look like the vanity ones Mum keeps around. I need you to bring one of those to me and take the other one to Auror Jethro Gardener at the school. Tell him to 'rally the troops' - those exact words, Janet - and wait for my call. Can you do that?" There's a sharp nod from Janet - though her eyes look suspiciously watery - and she's gone as quick as she came. Long moments stretch away and Siobhan feels as if she cannot breathe. It's broken only by a mirror dropped softly in her lap. Turning to Maura with a ghost of her old wicked grin, Siobhan grips that mirror handle tight.

Siobhan cannot see the nod, but it's there! And why waste words when one does't have to? Maura crawls forward towards the door, her ear pressed against the crack between frame and door as her new BFF tries calling… holy flubber tongues!!!!!! Her gasp is genuine when the house elf really does appear, her eyes as wide and round as Janet's are when she arrives in their little hell. She falls stark silent then though, hands clenches into the tattered hem of her shirt while she waits to see what will happen next.


Bent over a map of England spread across a cleared-off desk, Dr Charity Brennan pushes a series of small red pins into the paper-and-wood. "The wolves followed a circle out from the flower shop as point of origin, a 25 mile radius. There are traces in these five locations. Three of them are too old and two of them are not a perfect match - probably picking up one of her many family members." She tucks a strand of hair back behind her ear to see better; to think better. "I've been coordinating with their Alpha almost constantly throughout the last 48 hours and they're still working. The only interesting lead they have so far is that there are traces of her attacker near entrances to the Ministry. None of them but the Alpha can get in and she doesn't have the clearance to get everywhere, so a thorough search of that avenue is not likely in the timeframe during which it would be useful." She's very good at staying clinical, but even she shows signs of wear.

"When I went with Siobhan to the Ministry, we had to declare ourselves and our reason for visiting. I'll work on seeing how we get ahold of every person who visited in the past couple of days." Or, rather, Jake'll have one of his people work on it. "Daniel, that's you." He gestures to one of the security personnel gathered, and then nods. "It's a needle in a haystack, but it's something we can start with right now." Near the carafe, he starts refilling the coffee mugs. May as well.

Severus Snape is standing in the area looking over the map himself. He remains aloof, since technically, 'he's not supposed to be involved in this in any way.' However, he does let the words wash over him. "Her home is in Balmorrow…" As for the interesting bits of her sunshine at the ministry, "and she runs errands for her father into the ministry." He knows she left the school shortly before things changed so drastically. He hopes that's enough to help eliminate several of the erroneous spots. Her trip to the ministry is confirmed by Morgan, and Severus nods. He appreciates Morgan's ability to act outside of the strictures on himself.

Jethro gives Daniel a long look, seeming to accept him as able to carry out the task normally assigned to one of his team. "So, that leaves just these places." He is willing to step out and look at those places immediately, but something stops him. "Been a lot of activity near these two. One of them is one that might have been knocked out, the other was not. "We check it at all, we gotta be damn careful." He's not certain that's where she is, but if they do check it out, he wants everyone to come out alive. "Brennan, you got any guesses?" He knows she's tired, but she's an excellent resource. Whether she'll respond well to his question is something else entirely. She's not his Ducky.

Brennan shakes her head. "They've not entered Scotland at all, yet. It seemed like a better option to use London as the Point of Origin since she was taken from there." But he's right, these aren't Muggles who would need to use some kind of linear transportation. If they were, Brennan would have caught them already. When Jethro points to the marker for Little Hangleton, she frowns. "I was afraid of that. The pack was unable to get more than three miles past the hamlet border when they were run off by another pack." She glances up, apologetic but resigned. "Wolf packs are notoriously territorial, if this pack defies the boundary set up by the other, we could be looking at a conflict more problematic than the one we're currently facing." At least on a broader scale. "The Alphas are set to meet tonight and hopefully an agreement can be reached, but it's … complicated. The Little Hangleton pack Alpha was killed by T - … by ours. Tensions are still a little - " Straightening, she turns to Jethro only to stop mid-sentence. "Gardener, there is a House Elf behind you." You know, just in case he hadn't noticed.

And indeed, there is a Janet standing right behind the Auror, clutching a mirror almost as big as she is. "Janet is sorry for the interruption, sirs and misses, but there is an urgent message for the Mister Sir Auror Gardender man." Setting the mirror gingerly on his desk, she clears her throat and continues. "Mistress say to exactly say 'rally the troops' please Mister Sir Auror, and to wait for her call." Not normally anywhere this jumpy or stammering, something has obviously shaken the small elf. She bounces from foot to foot, wringing her hands before deciding to defy orders just a little bit. "Please sirs and misses, my young Mistress will die without her medicine. She reeks of that … that curse." And, embarrassed by the lack of dignity in her personal plea, Janet snaps her fingers and vanishes once again.

Well, that certainly decides things for Jake. And, he's sure Severus as well. "Rally the troops?" He spins to look at Janet, taking in her nervous demeanor - not sure exactly whether to be relieved that at least there's been contact. Or, supremely pissed off about that 'curse' thing and needing medicine. And there is a moment where he grinds his jaw hard enough that surely someone can hear it before he cracks his neck and nods to Gardner. "You heard the lady. Though, I suspect this -is- the troops. Who else do we need to get in here?" He decides to take the calm route, setting an example for Snape, who he worries may just break something now.

When Janet pops in, Severus notices, and strides toward her, intent on getting some information from her. However, her message is delivered and she disappears again before he can get a word in edgewise. Morgan's calm works in the opposite way on him, at least to start with. However, it does give him the opportunity to calm the raging waters, so to speak, and to begin to look somewhat more objectively at the situation than he might otherwise. "She has been exposed to the Cruciatus curse. It is the only one that affects her so." As far as they know. "If it were another, the elf would have said so." We have no place to go yet, so 'rallying the troops' may be a bit precipitous. However, it may be beneficial to have them in readiness for when she contacts us." If he knows Siobhan, though she's in worlds of pain, she's not going to endanger his cover or any of the other secrets she carries. She'll tell them when and where.

"Huh?" Gardener twists around when Brennan speaks. He rolls his eyes at the 'Mister Auror Gardener sir' business, and listens to the message. "Probably every hand you've got, Morgan." He frowns. "Noble's not the kind of gal to underestimate how many wands it'll take to take care of a situation. But she doesn't get all hysterical in a bad situation, either." He credits at least a little of that to Snape, and flicks his gaze to the other man for a moment. "Kinda what I was thinkin'. We've got a line to information, but no information. Can't do a damn thing until we know."


After what feels like an absolute eternity, the mirror in Siobhan's hands starts to warm, and she lets out a shaky sigh of relief. "We're in, Maura. Sit tight, now, girlie. If you hear anything coming, we'll have to hide this quick, understand?" Also there's that whole thing of What you're about to see is a huge secret but there isn't time for that discussion right now. Right now? Siobhan has to concentrate to activate the damn thing without a wand, slowly flooding her sunlight through it so that it can 'power up' without shattering completely.

"I understand." Maura whispers, painfully slow at it now though, as all this excitement is probably aggravating the hell out of her ability to focus and concentrate on the things that are already hard to do. She keeps her eyes focused on the mirror, but her ear at the door. And she also points towards another of the rooms dark corners. "Dark there. If turned around, they will not see it up against the wall."


It isn't that long a wait. The mirror on Jethro's desk slowly begins to glow the color of lazy afternoon sunshine and - if anyone's close enough to feel it - gets warmer, like someone's been holding it close to their chest. The reflective part of the surface goes all hazy yellow-y gold, and then goes dark. Dark yet moving. Right. Because that's not creepy at all.

"O'Neill, Cameron. Get to it. Assemble your squads, coordinate with Gardener and his team." They aren't military, so they don't salute. But it's rather satisfying to watch the two men give curt nods and head for the door to do as instructed in such quick manner. "They won't disappoint you, Jethro. They'll be ready soon as they're needed." Jake promises, arms folding across his chest at the mention of the Cruciatus curse. "Unless I'm mistaken, mirrors don't normally start glowing. I think we're about to get some of that information, ladies and gents." He nods towards the desk, but still looks mighty pissed about something. Could just be constipation though.

Severus recognizes that magic. It belongs to her. He strides quickly toward Jethro's desk to try to catch the light, to sense what he can from his 'mate's magic. He swipes his hand toward the sunshine, just as it disappears. He growls wordlessly. So damn close. Leaning forward, he looks down into the mirror and waits for something more to happen.

Jethro blinks as the mirror on his desk flashes. "Might be right, Morgan." He moves to sit in the seat at his desk, bumping into Snape on the way. There's a short exchange of glares, but the presence of the mirror is enough to put off the male posturing until later. He flicks his wand and pulls a chair toward the side of the desk near the mirror. "Siddown." It's not a command, exactly, but it's enough to get Severus' attention for another small moment before the professor does indeed lower himself into the chair. "Better be," is all he'll say to Morgan on the issue of the men getting ready. Morgan's men are quirky in their own right, but they do a damn fine job. Jethro knows this. Jane may throw a fit, though.

"As badly as Cruciatus can affect someone with the victim's sensitivity, be prepared for more visible signs of trauma." Is it a trick of the light or is Brennan staring particularly hard at Snape when she says that. "We found blood and bone at the scene and those with magic that corrupt don't tend to be very gracious hosts." So, in a word, this isn't going to be Pretty.

"Yeah, last time I ever trust a travel guide. This place is so not worth what you pay." Siobhan's voice is hoarse and raw, but it's unmistakably her voice coming from the darkness.


When it's Severus' familiar face that pops into view first, Siobhan can't hold back a gasp and Maura - used to the dim light they have to work with - might be able to see the tears that spring to her eyes as her control is yanked on and almost almost slips. It's only when Jethro's face replaces that of her lover that Siobhan seems to regain her wits. "Hang on a mo', Jet. Maura, this'll be a bit bright for you." That second part seems a bit further away, like the source of the voice had turned to speak to someone else. Taking a deep breath and gritting her teeth, Siobhan sends a ghost of a tendril toward the door, the magic preventing light or sound from escaping. Only then does she cup her hand, gathering a pool of light into it and tossing it gently to hover in the air over her head. Brennan was right, it's not pretty.

Maura almost lets slip a hysterical giggle at Siobhan's joking. At the fact that she can hear -other voices- for the first time in so long. Her bland expression turns briefly hopeful, But she looks away even before Siobhan tells her to and squinches her eyes shut. The light won't bother her now, and she'll only open them a slit to see what's going on. If anything, she curls up further into herself after that, just listening to the door and trying fervently *not* to hear anything that will only disappoint her later.


If there's one thing Morgan /isn't/ worried about, the readiness of his 'troops' would be it. He just gives Jethro a 'look' at that. One accompanied by a lifted eyebrow. But, otherwise he stands at parade rest, with laser focused attention on that mirror.

Seated in the chair, Severus leans over again, taking in the look of his lover. The situation may not be pretty, but to his eyes, Siobhan alive is the most enthralling sight in the world. He drinks in what he can see; while it enrages him that she's been treated so, it relieves him to see her alive. "Siobhan." His voice is a low hiss, a combination of worry and affection that she may be the only person — well, before now — to hear. He limits himself to just the single utterance of her name, but he cannot prevent at least that much.

Jethro sits, waiting more patiently than Severus at any rate. He pulls out a notebook and a pencil, then sits, tapping the pencil on the desk. He hears his name, or the diminutive Siobhan uses, and leans forward. "Listenin', Noble. What'cha got?" It's just his way of being sure that she knows he's here and ready to 'take notes', as it were. His voice is quiet, but still solid. He knows she's in a tough spot. He looks over at Severus, eyes narrowing. Hinky.


Siobhan's face is swollen and bloody, with odd bruises forming under her eyes and even a shard of bone sticking out from her broken cheekbone. Her lips are cracked and bleeding and her skin has a distinctly unhealthy pallor underneath the gore and dirt. Turning her head to cough hard into her arm, she comes back into view with a fresh smear of red on her jaw. "It's Shadow that took me, Sev." Mostly because she's pretty sure he's the only Order member in the room. "Not just me, though. There's one girl with me - name's Maura, says she went to Hogwarts but has a very Peate problem." Their Darmok for a memory like magical Swiss cheese. "And about 15 others we've been able to account for. We're in Tom's dungeon, but he doesn't know I'm here." And isn't she just oddly definitive about that. "I've still got my portkey, but it won't work under the wards and I can't break them alone." Not in her condition and certainly not without showing their hand way to early. "If you can get the Headmaster's blind myth to agree to a distraction, I can get them to the edge of the wards and out." She's confident of these corridors. "But it'd have to be something big enough to get him out too, at least for half an hour."

Blinking owlishly at Siobhan when she speaks gobbledy gook, Maura is now certain she has lost what she had left of her sanity. Positive. A blind myth, a Peate problem.. she shakes her head a bit to try and clear it, but that (predictably) throws her off balance and she falls forward. The sound -maybe- heard as hands slapping against the floor when she braces herself to push back up and listen for others.


Jake isn't going to say anything; not now at any rate. Plus, it would be even more hinky if he starts chastising Snape for being too affectionate right in the middle of a group of people. Thus, he glances at Jet only briefly before focusing on the mirror. Doesn't move even an inch; it's really a little creepy actually how still he is. He knows she's speaking in code of some sort of code, but just files it away. Later.

"That complete and utter bastard," Severus begins, then cuts off his rant as he turns to Jake. "Do you remember the man I described to you? He is the one who has captured her." He turns back, taking in the rest of the information, grabbing Jethro's stalled pencil and notebook, eliciting a loud 'Hey!' from the agent. When he starts scribbling down a whole bunch of information, Jethro calms, standing to read over his shoulder. "I cannot promise that I can arrange such a thing soon, Siobhan, but I will do what I can. " He looks at her, wanting to reach out and help take care of those wounds, wrap her safely up and never let her leave his sight again. He inhales sharply and nods. "Would your brother be able to make headway on the wards?" It's a question. None of her family knows, and she knows better than he how good Icarus is at his job.

Standing over Snape's shoulder, Jethro reads the notes, frowning, mind whirling as it does. He's putting pieces together, catching tiny bits of the code, but not enough to make any headway. It's a good thing the professor is here. "We can do that for ya. You're not s'posed to be part o' this, Snape." That sentiment might enrage Sio, but it's truth. "Maybe we can get McGonagall to help with the distraction thing when the time is right." He runs a finger down his cheek, near his lip, a sure sign of a Jethro in thought.


That slap of hands makes Siobhan look up sharply. "Careful, Maura," she cautions quietly, her attention returning almost immediately to the small window of hope she holds in her hands. "Jack's not there?" The question is a silly one, had her brother been present he'd have elbowed his way in to see her before now, but she's not exactly running on peak performance, here. "Does … does that mean they've been left in the dark again?" Closing her eyes, she seems to shrink, her exhaustion showing in the tight lines around her bruised eyes. The most telling of all is how dull they are when once again open. She has to survive, there's no fight left in her for the little things right now. "Albus?" is her only question when Jethro points out her lover isn't supposed to be involved in this. She doesn't sound surprised, but she does sound sad. "Go through Minerva. If she's in this deep already, she'll help us." And if anyone can manage to win the exhaustive battle getting the Headmaster to help will be, it'll be the stubborn wildcat.

"Jack could probably take these down, but without us - " 'us' being her and Snape " - he'd alert Tom for sure. And even if he didn't, it would take too long." There's a small pause, Sio is hesitant to offer the next piece of information when she doesn't know who all is listening. "Sev, the pack. The one that came with Greyback? I've heard Avery giving instructions for their containment on the full moon." Which means she had to have heard that sometime before, because her captivity hasn't been over a lunar cycle. "I don't know what today is, but I know the full moon is soon. Five or six days at most." She doesn't say how she knows that, either. "They don't give them Wolfsbane, so if you strike on the full moon, there'll be less than half the usual guards." It'd be enough to let her through, she's pretty sure.

"They are busy with someone right now. They did not hear me." Maura assures, though it's in a dull tone. Meaning that even though they're not hearing anyone's screams right now, she heard the click of the door and they all know what goes on in that room.


Jake's eyes narrow dangerously when some of the connections fall into place. "Severus, if you can get some potions ready for us to bring with - that'll give Siobhan and the girl with her a boost - enough so they don't run out of steam before it's safe? Don't know if the others use magic, so best not to risk it for them." No, Snape's not supposed to be helping, but potions are his specialty and it gives the man something to do, right? "And talk to McGonagall." He's fairly certain she clucked her tongue at him disapprovingly recently and it was frightening ok? "I'll let Jack know what's going on and what we're doing." he adds, hearing the comment about them being left in the dark again, and grabbing another notepad and pen from someone so he can scribble instructions and hand them to one of the three remaining members of his security team that have been waiting for assignments to work on.

"They are as yet, unaware, yes," Severus replies, feeling a bit of annoyance at the Headmaster and frustration at himself for overlooking it. "Albus. He wished to assure Minerva and myself that it was a common occurrence for you to disappear of a day, not to return for months." His tone says precisely how much hippogryff shit he believes that to be. "I shall speak to Minerva myself." He's been trying to keep her aware, even if he isn't supposed to be involved. The thought of un-medicated werewolves at the full moon makes Severus shudder, but Morgan's idea of being able to brew the potions they'll need to accomplish this is accepted with only a tilt of his head.

Jethro looks over at Snape, glare intense. It's his 'you will be explaining the situation to me later' look. Severus doesn't catch it, but it's still there. He'll corner the man soon. "So, op for the night of the full moon, Snape and Nobles for wards." Sounds fairly clear to him. When Morgan passes on speaking to the Deputy Headmistress, Jethro snorts. "Don't wanna talk to her yourself, Morgan?" It's a light jibe. Might be needed about now.


Siobhan shakes her head. "No, Jethro. I don't want any of you near this place. I'm nowhere near fighting fit, so without Sev, we wouldn't stand a chance of fighting them on their own turf and he cannot be here." There's a little bit of viciousness in her tone at that. Protective fury reaches her even now, it seems, and then something hits her and she becomes almost lifeless. "He can't have anything to do with any of it. He has to stay in the castle; he has to have an alibi." She will not lose him over this, she won't. Maura's words make the little color left in her skin disappear. "If he's got one in there this quiet, it won't take long… Look, he took Maura last, which means they'll be here for me soon. If, if I'm not available, she can take instructions from you and pass them on once I'm … me again. Night of the full moon, strike anywhere they care about - I don't care where, just get them out of my way." And then an afterthought. "And make sure Poppy's ready for about 20. Call Art if you have to - Jack can reach him - but some of these bastards are in … bad shape." Worse than her and Maura, even.

"I can do that." Maura agrees. "Warn them why I am slow talking, if you would. So they do not think me a moron." Pause. "Despite my choice in vacation spots."


"Not if I can help it. Woman's got a glare that could wither a man's soul. I'd rather get the punch in the face from her brother." Jake mutters, snorting right back at Jethro. "Maybe you wanna talk to her then, Gardner?" Aw look, he's even got a dimple when he smiles. -Anything- to cut the tension that's thick enough in the room to strangle them all. "I'll pass that on too." he agrees, taking note of the number and names that Siobhan tells them of. But after that, he turns and exits the room - the door to their bullpen may shut quietly, but the subsequent slam down the hall means he was just being cautious where the sound might be heard through the mirror. The rest of his team remaining there just winces in unison. (Synchronized wincing).

Severus will call every Healer he knows and trusts, if he has to. "I cannot leave you in that place." He understands the need to keep things safe, but seeing her has hardened his resolve and his own protectiveness. However, as she continues, the fire and fury leaves him, as well. "Very well." He stands, avoiding Jethro, twirling away for just a moment, not wanting Siobhan to see his fury and annoyance at being so helpless in this situation. However, he comes back into view only long enough to see if he can catch her eye. "Siobhan. Even now. Never doubt." That needs to be said for himself, as well as for her. Though it expresses his mind, it also reassures him of hers, whether she's able to respond in kind, or not.

"Huh?" Jethro is utterly confused now. "Got a way to get you out, get 'em all out…" Something else is going on. Several somethings, in fact. "Somebody better start explainin'…" Another Auror hands him a file, and Jethro opens it, skimming the contents. "Makes sense." He understands deep cover. "Been a long op." That wears like hell on a man. This, also, he knows. "Got several healers of my own. If we need, I can get Jane t' portkey Duck here." He's a bit strange, but he is a skilled healer. When Jake brings McGonagall up, Jethro shrugs. "Faced fiery women before an' lived. If I need t'…" He stops the comment when Jake strides out of the room. "Damn." He looks over to one of Jake's men, eyebrow quirking to ask if he, or one of they, should go after him. The answer he receives is enough of a negative that he turns his attention back to the matter at hand. "So, we wait, and get Healers ready. Attack somewhere they're wantin'…" He frowns. "We'll figure out targets after a little shut-eye." Or, he could have a shift of Jake's men start on it right away. Supervised by an Auror, of course.


Severus' untimely addition makes Siobhan's control crack and she cannot afford that… Not now. So instead of giving in to the urge to collapse and sob like a child because she is here and breaking and not there where she should be … she gets angry. Slamming that mental box shut so hard that her ears ring, Siobhan's facial expression goes from 'on the verge of tears' to ice cold and vicious like a flipped switch. "I'm less than fifteen minutes away from being strapped to a damn autopsy table and plied with drugs I don't even have words for while that madman plays 'operate on the awake' and mixes up my insides to figure out why that damn curse makes me sick. Now is so not the time to say those things to me, Severus Snape." She never meant to be so … honest about what goes on in this special hell, but if he doesn't stop making her hard mind go soft, they're all lost. "I can't say anything, don't you understand? Not about just one thing or two things. I can't say a word." She sounds so small there, so broken. Maura's request is belatedly processed by her exhausted and terrified mind, and Siobhan sends a look of apology to her friend. "He's managed to mess with Maura's DNA. I don't know how, even the best of the best of the Muggle governments are just now figuring out what it does, but he gave her something called Leigh syndrome. Her immune system is eating her brain and nerves like mine eats at my magic. She can't move very well and she has to talk very slow to make the words come out, but she's not stupid." So don't say a word, is the unspoken threat.

Maura shudders violently as Siobhan describes just one of the fun and games scenarios that Shadow likes to play with them. But, it still prompts her into some sort of action. And she crawls from the door to the corner of the cell Siobhan is in to just rest her hand lightly on the other woman's arm. For a moment at least. It's about the only comfort they have here, but she offers it freely. "You will see him again." she whispers. "We will get you out first." She sounds determined at least, even if it's in slo-mo. "We need to go, so that we are not caught." The warning is for their friends on the other side of the mirror of course, while she squeezes Siobhan's hand. "Close it up so we can hide it before they come." Because one of them has to make that decision.


As Siobhan switches gears and begins to explain exactly what Shadow is doing to her, Severus' iron control nears its own breaking point. He inhales sharply, his magic seeming to splash against the edges of an unseen bowl, begging to pour itself out, wrap Siobhan up, and effect untold horrors upon whoever Shadow is in real life. "We must do something." He is past the point of caring if his connection to the witch in the mirror is as visible as the beakish nose on his face. He glares at Jethro, saying more than he can say out loud.

Jethro's own face tightens as Siobhan describes the horrors going on there. "Yeah, we're gonna need Ducky." Even if he isn't in on all the specific healing, they may need him for his real specialty: the dead. "Ducky and Palmer. Maybe Abs, too." He writes down a memo, setting it aside to send to Jane when he gets a chance. "More we can tell about this asshole, the better. Nail his ass to the wall." There seems to be a general agreement among the Aurors and Jake's retinue at the sentiment. One of the younger ones even manages a heartfelt 'oorah' at his words. Maybe not as he meant them, but good enough.

"But Dr Drake's specialty is the deceased, Gardener. I've had the opportunity to work with him on several occasions and he's very good at what he does, but that's a rather narrow purview." Helpful!Brennan is Helpful. Not. A tactful whisper from one of the Aurors in the room who happens to have worked with her, however, remedies the situation. "Oh." Yes. Oh.


Siobhan looks over at Maura and there's an empty ache in her gaze that's sickeningly reminiscent of the dead. Nodding once at her friend, she takes a deep breath and turns back to the mirror. To - as far as she knows - what could possibly be the last look she gets of some very dear faces. "I'm sorry, we're out of time. I'll … " She swallows hard. "One of us will be in touch soon to confirm." And with that, the mirror's image cuts out, leaving only reflections on both ends.

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