1994-09-02: Settling Things


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Scene Title Settling Things
Synopsis After the "chocolate frog" incident, Zarina finds Braeden in the Library to return the things he left behind. As well as later on making friends with Ginny Weasley.
Date September 2, 1994
Logger Zarina

Rated PG-13, for a explicit conversation

Hogwarts, Library

Diffused golden light is given off by enclosed globes of flame bracketed to towering mahogany bookshelves, flickering into even the dustiest recesses of the stacks. Here and there, open areas are littered with open tables, each set with chairs comfortable enough to sit in for hours, should one of the students need to study that long. At the end of certain popular shelves, small end tables with decorative lace doilies offer non-functional stained-glass lamps. The librarian's table is set near the expansive doors, kept impeccable neat. Hidden away in the darkness to the back of the library is a roped-off section, a wooden plaque overhead reading 'Restricted Section: Do Not Enter Without Permission'.

Braeden had made it up to the library not long after the incident in the Great Hall, having chosen one of the places that weren't normally packed with students and otherwise. "Well, lucky me huh?" He comments to himself, his voice muted with the silence of the library as he drifts about the shelves. Classes hadn't started just yet as they'd be kicking into effect soon enough for the younger generations so the library itself was still rather empty. Each footstep carries him amidst the shelving as he does, running his fingers across the spines of a few of the books with an investigative look in his eye.

The sound of heels click softly on polished stone, echoing in the library as the robe skirts of a Slytherin walks across the rows, her bright blue eyes looking into each before she turns her weight to walk into the very row that Braeden is lingering in. With her copy of Hogwarts: A History under her arm, she approaches him openly, stopping next to him as she holds out his papers for him. Her bright eyes watch his, her expression firm and masked. "You left these behind."

The Gryffindor student turns his head to look back at her, his own bright eyes matching her own for a moment before looking back down at the parchment she'd carried up for him. The set of his jaw would define his own firm expression, leaving his features in an almost calm facade. He takes the parchment afterward, tucking it under one arm as he reaches up to draw one of the books from the shelf in examination. "Thanks." The word is the only one he gives, working to draw his attention elsewhere with the slow shift of his shoulders.

Zarina narrows her blue eyes at him for a moment before glancing away, looking at the books closest to her as she holds her own in her arms against her chest. "Look, either we can ignore what happened and never speak of it again, come to terms with it and recognize that it was a mistake, or it is embarrassing enough that neither one of us wants to speak each other again. In which, I can do all sorts of things that will make you hate me even more." She makes a face at that, rolling her sapphire eyes as she frees a hand enough to brush a lock of white hair behind her ear. "But would that make either of us happy? Seriously. It's so juvenile."

Braeden runs his fingers up to the top of the spine for a few moments before pressing the book back into its designated spot on the shelf. His gaze drifts away from it after that, back to her with a raised brow in return. "All sorts of things to make me hate you hm? I don't hate you." Those eyes match hers as he says it before raising a hand to brush a few strands of hair back awkwardly. "I think it'd be easy enough to come to terms with it and recognize it as a mistake at least." He offers a slow nod after that as if to drive the thought home with the crossing of his arms over his chest.

Zarina glances to him with a sideways glance, frowning slightly still before she turns to face him. "Doesn't mean you couldn't hate me if you really wanted to…" she murmurs, the thoughtful frown still on her brow. Pressing her full lips together, she takes a step towards him. "You really think that you won't act awkward and nervous again? I mean," she glances to the nearest shelves, not really looking at the books as she flushes briefly, "Yes, it was a mistake, just chasing after a silly chocolate frog. But…"

Braeden glances at her for a moment after that before looking back towards the bookshelf if only to take his attention off of her. "You really think you won't get awkward and nervous again either?" He replies, pointing out to her the fact of her own actions now. The shrug of his shoulders afterward would signify his own thoughts though, a soft hum escaping him that becomes muted by the press of his lips. "But what?" His body shifts after that so that he can get a better look at her.

Her frown deepens some in thought for a moment or so before returning her eyes back to his, arching a white brow, "So far there has been two separate instance of embarrassment, though I was on the receiving end. Yet I haven't gotten up and run away." She reaches up to poke at his chest once, "You have. Showing that the embarrassment might be worse for you, regardless. And after the fact I still was the one that found you to return your parchments you left behind." She pauses, glancing away, "Does it really matter if either of use are awkward and nervous?"

He frowns at her words as he looks down at the parchment, "Maybe if I’d stayed true to myself, I wouldn't have run." The words are spoken in reply before slipping a hand down to adjust the cord on the roll of parchment idly. Another glance would be stolen of her afterward with the raise of his own sky blue eyes in noticing the aversion of her own gaze. "I suppose that depends on us." He offers mutedly. Still, the question hadn't been quite answered, as if he wasn't sure.

Zarina glances up to him, thinking for a moment before shaking her head, "Anyone would have been embarrassed in that kind of situation. Especially when their House is laughing." she tries to offer a smile of encouragement, "Courage to face danger and fear of the unknown doesn't quite apply to when a girl accidentally appears under the table between your legs when chasing after a renegade chocolate frog." Her eyes glance to the scroll he fiddles with, "What would it depend on then? It was an embarrassing situation, after all."

"On just how nervous we were because of it." He offers in reply, the words stated in a near matter-of-fact fashion though he looks back down at the parchment again soon after with a brief flicker of his gaze towards her. His feet shift afterward with a light shuffle before he ends up adding again, "I suppose it would just take a little time to get over it. Just didn't quite expect it was all." Braeden looks past her at the main library after saying that, his hand raising to brush back his hair again with an idle gesture.

Zarina's bright blue eyes flicker up to him, frowning slightly in thought as she restates, "'It matters the fact of either of us being awkward and nervous depending on just how nervous we are because of it'?" she gives him an odd look, "If you are considerably awkward and nervous, it matters and means more? Even then, what?" Glancing down, her chest rises and falls as she releases a long breath, "Either way, I'm sorry I startled you. I didn't even realize what table I was under until I looked up…"

Braeden offers her a very faint smile as his fingers scratch the back of his head lightly with the raise of his arm into the air. "It's alright. Not like I reacted in exactly the…best way.. or anything." He turns away from her again after saying that to pull out the book he'd been inspecting. The book itself is deposited under his arm with the parchment she'd delivered afterward. Though his smile still retains a bit of awkwardness in it, it would be obvious that he was at least trying.

Zarina keeps her eyes on the shelves, "Well, to be honest, I'm not sure what I would have done in your situation…" she murmurs, flushing softly while she stubbornly tries to ignore it. "And, also…" the blush brightens considerably. She just sighs at herself and frees a hand to quickly tuck another loose lock of silver white hair behind her ear. "Honestly, I'm… not sure what to think…" Zarina murmurs softer, as if just in case anyone else was nearby listening in on them. "About… the… um, the growing…"

That calm facade that Braeden had been trying to hold until then shatters with the heat that fills his features. He turns his head away afterward, glancing towards the floor as if he could barely even look at her with a quiet reply. "I..uh…didn't think you saw.." The shift of his arm brings the book up to his chest as the other crosses over it, Lionheart seeming to have lost his cool entirely for the moment. "I'm sorry."

His flush only makes hers grows as Zarina glances back to the floor, watching out of the corner of her eye as he turns his face away from her. Making a noise, she lifts a hand to curl to her chest as she forces herself to breath slowly, "I… think I noticed without realizing it at first…" she murmurs softly. "I figured it might have added to why you ran when you did." After a moment, she frowns looking back over her shoulder for a moment as there are other footsteps. Grumbling to herself, the Slytherin reaches up and takes the hem of his robes next to his chest, pulling him with her as she drags him further into the library. Her snow white head glances back and forth every now and then, thinking before taking a step forward and she and her robes disappear, leaving a hand holding onto him as she pulls him towards her. As he follows, the magic shifts over him, rippling much like a liquid mirror as on the other side, is an enormous section of library. "This is the Invisibility Section…" she murmurs, her hand pausing a moment before she lets go of his cloak. "I figured that this would be a lot less hassle than trying to explain why we are both whispering while cherry red…"

Braeden looks up when he hears footsteps following only to find her grip tugging on the hem of his cloak. He follows with the pull afterward, having not quite expected it as they dodge between one of the sections. Her sudden invisibility brings a raised brow from the man though he seemed to know very well what section it was. He disappears soon after her, fading into the section as he looks out to the library beyond with a dull hum. The cherry red of the blush remains though as he glances out still, a muted reply given to her in the form of a murmur, "It…may have been why.. yes."

While he looks to the section that is uncloaked, Zarina lowers her eyes, the flush seeming to renew itself all over again. Being this close to him, there was no way to ignore the thick tension. She takes a step back slowly, glancing to a nearby table as she walks over to it and slides up onto the tabletop. Resting the book on her lap, she stares at the title absently, "I mean… it wasn't a bad thing… just… unexpected…" she murmurs softly. The quiet, tense moments pass slowly, "What… does it mean, exactly…"

Braeden gazes into the uncloaked portion of the library when she drifts away from him, his form shifting uneasily for a few brief moments at the realization she had had about their closeness. He turns to look at her afterward, his arms closing over his chest again with the drawing up of the book that he'd been carrying. "What do you think it probably means? Even if I keep trying to deny it." The taller man watches her still after saying that, the color on his face ever-lingering with the deep flush that had formed.

"That's not what I mean!" Zarina said suddenly, her hand covering over her mouth the moment she unintentionally raised her voice. Blushing, she glances down to the floor in front of her. "I'm sorry. I mean… I know what it means…" she murmurs softer, "Guys becoming…" she struggles, "aroused… can't help it…" Her words soften even further. "I mean… what does it mean to you, exactly…"

Braeden seems visibly distressed by that as he lets his arms slump against himself, the book falling to rest there lightly. He shifts away when she raises her voice about it though with the set of his jaw again in his usual stubborn streak. The stubborn look seems to fade when she apologizes for the first bit though the troubled look, "I don't know. That's the problem…I've..well.." He sighs and looks down at the book with the cast of his eyes, his fingers brushing along the surface idly as if to keep them moving.

Zarina glances up enough to watch his jaw set at her outburst, only for it to soften again at her apology to be replaced by a concerned look. She looks back down at the book on her lap, barely tracing her fingertips over title, flush lingering still as she just shakes her snow white head. A hand brushing back her long white hair from her face. "Don't worry about it then. I'm sure if you're ill or something, you will be well soon enough." she shrugs a shoulder lightly, slipping off of the end of the table.

Braeden goes quiet at her reply as he breathes in a slow breath before giving his own, "Look, I’m not any good at this. Never have been, never will be. I've… never really cared to think about it before and that's what makes me so confused. A Slytherin of all." He clutches the book again after that before turning his back on her as he looks out towards the library itself beyond the barrier. A murmur of something could be heard from him, inaudible before he raises his voice a bit more to reply, "It means that for some reason I find myself thinking about you more than I would like."

Zarina pauses as he talks, resting her book on the table as she watches him for several quiet moments afterwards. Then, she turns, her steps quick to approach him as she raises a hand to push him back, "Confused? Because I'm Slytherin?!" she reaches up to press his finger in his chest, frowning hard at him, "Look, I might be the cream of the crop, but I don't flaunt it in everyone's faces. It's immature, juvenile, and it gives my House a bad name. And I might have bloodlines or ancestry, but I am no different than any other girl in this school." Her words slow to a stop, her sapphire eyes glancing away with some disappointment, "And… its kinda sad that that’s what you see me as."

Braeden backs up with the first push but finds himself standing still under the press of her finger. He listens to her words and sighs before letting his shoulders fall when she looks away. "No, I'm just, not used to knowing someone from the House that's well…worth something. If Slytherin was all I saw you as, then well… I wouldn't be thinking about you as much as I have." He looks down abashedly afterward, his own sky-blue eyes set with their sight to the ground at her feet. "It's hard to explain."

"Worth something…" Zarina murmurs softly to herself, glancing to the ground with him, as if there was something fascinating on the floor between them. "We are all not just jerks… but, a few bad eggs always makes the rest look bad too…" she pulls her slender hand away, her fingers slightly curling as she rests it against her chest. After a quiet moment, she softly murmurs, "How… often is that…" she murmurs, "I mean, after the train I think… thinking about me, how often…"

Braeden's attention remains on whatever it is that the two of them found so exciting about the floor, almost examining it like some experiment by the drift of his eyes. He tears it away from there though afterward, forcing himself to look at her as he gives a quiet reply, "Enough that I feel you're everywhere." His fingertips press against the binding of the book in his arms afterwards, holding it to himself all the more. Another question is posed after that though, his voice low as if others were there to hear it. "Am I the only one…or?"

Zarina blinks up at him, her bright blue eyes looking up into his with her surprise. Smiling lightly, she blinks slowly as she looks between them again, "That could be paranoia, you know…" she murmurs softly. With nothing in her arms, her hand pulls from her chest, lightly rubbing against her arm for a quiet moment or so. In answer, she whispers, "The day after you stumbled into my compartment on the train, I somehow ended up talking about the Gryffindor boy, that he accidentally walked in on me…" she murmurs, "I didn't tell them your name, but a Hufflepuff girl thought that you were one of the guys that did that routine in order to 'accidentally' see things…" She shakes her snow white head. "I knew you didn't do it on purpose… but, I wondered if we had a class together, perhaps…"

Braeden watches her when she speaks with those sky-blue eyes of his, as bright as her own sapphire counterparts. His arms remain over his chest at that, his lips pressed together quietly. He seems to listen to her by doing this, waiting for her to go onward though the quirk of his lips would show a faint hint of amusement about the Hufflepuffs words. The shake of his head though would signify that she was right about him, that he hadn't done it on purpose though he says nothing more, rather seeming to wait for her to continue with what she was about to say.

Zarina shrugs a shoulder, raising a hand to brush back a lock of long, silver white hair behind her ear as her slender fingers linger there. "I… couldn't help but wonder…" she murmurs softly, "And then we ran into each other last night in the library, talking…" She flushes briefly. "The chocolate frog thing was… interesting… Unintended but…" The red blush brightens. "As I said, not really a bad thing, per say…"

Braeden smiles just a bit at the first words, his eyes drifting with the flush of red on her features before looking away again as he had so many times before. "Well.. like I said the other night… we will be having classes. It seems we're gunning for the same profession." He offers quietly before looking back up at her with the added bit she said. The red returns to his cheeks after that, darkening with a crimson flush. "Erm.. interesting…that's one word.." He replies only to add again soon after, "Not really a bad thing?"

Zarina chuckles some, nodding her white head lightly as she rubs against her neck before dropping her hand. "My Dad is an Auror, and I've… always wanted to be one too…" she answers easily, looking up to his eyes the moment he does also. Exhaling a breath, her eyes dart to the floor again, blushing brightly as she shakes her head, "No, it isn't. I mean, it's natural for a guy. Just, being in the position I was at that moment…" she flushes hard.

Braeden smiles just a bit with the very faint curl of his lips, the red fading finally, "It's good to see you weren't thinking badly of it." With that, the smile drifts just a bit more as he passes by her, his shoulders drawing up as if regaining his composure with a slow breath before looking out from the invisibility section to the rest of the library. "It.. looks like there aren't many left in here now." He glances back at her afterward only to avert his eyes with a soft hum. "Did you have anything you needed to find in here for the upcoming classes?"

Ginny enters the library without stumbling. Go, Ginny! There is no Harry around, so Ginny is behaving quite normally. She comes in with an armful of books, going straight to Madame Pince's desk. The librarian begins to check in her returns - for that's what they seem to be - and Ginny heads off to a shelf to the left and back, a piece of parchment in her hand.

The blush still lingers as she dares to look back up at his eyes, releasing a slow breath before Zarina reaches over for her book on the table, holding to her as they both walk out of the Invisibility Section of the Library. "No, not bad…" she murmurs softly to him, hearing the steps of students walking and chatting quietly to themselves, "I… I'm just not sure what to think of it…" the blush brightens. "But, I figure that we both have something then. You have that moment, and I have… the train." Smiling some, she shakes her snow white head, her bright blue eyes looking up through the row they are currently in. "Well, besides the Triwizard Tournament research, I have pretty much studied for the upcoming classes. I don't have any book that I'm in particular need of."

A soft sound could be heard from his lips to her words before glancing at her as they reappear from beyond the invisibility section's line of magic. "I suppose we do." He offers before shaking his head and running a hand through his hair slowly. When it falls away, he picks up the book from his side and takes another look at it as he approaches one of the tables afforded to the library proper. "There's always something extra to learn and some things can come in handy in a pinch. I think I’ll end up looking for more DADA books."

Ginny glances up as a pair of voices come gradually closer, one male, one female. She's currently hidden by a curtain of red hair, but it's not like the Weasley hair is good camouflage. Peering out from the curtain, she tries to place the two voices to faces, but there are several likely candidates. Hmm. Curious. A stack of books in her arms, she makes her way to a table.

The Slytherin girl arches a brow at Braeden as he approaches the table with the book in hand, pausing briefly before Zarina follows him to the table. She sets down one of the Library's many copies of Hogwarts: A History on the tabletop. "I've read every textbook up to this year, even read through some chapters in the sixth year books." she answers easily before poking the cover of the book. The corner of her full lips tugs with something of a light smirk, a brow arching as her long white hair drifts over her shoulders. "Do you remember the year that the last Triwizard Tournament was held? I think the reason is too easily, considering how gruesome it is." she makes a face, shuddering briefly before glancing around. Her bright blue eyes glance up as a student approaches with a stack of books in their arms, the skirt showing that its a girl and the hem of the sweater showing that its a Gryffindor. Zarina doesn't hesitate either way as she leans up from the table to approach the girl, taking a few of the books from the top to hold them in her arms. "Where do you need these set?"

Braeden hums and nods in reply to the woman, "You're right." He offers slowly, the words barely murmured to reflect his thoughts. One hand reaches out to grab at the back of a chair after that to drag it out before taking a seat with one leg crossed over the other. He watches the two afterwards, studying the redhead with a flicker of recognition in his eyes though can't quite seem to place it. When it finally comes to mind, a small grin forms on his lips as he says to her, "You're Fred and George's sister aren't you? Ginny."

Ginny is startled when her burden is suddenly lifted - literally. She smiles at the blonde - no, white. white? - haired girl in front of her, finding her voice. "That table right over there," she shifts her hand to point towards a table next to where Zarina had set down Hogwarts: A History. "Thanks." When she notices Zarina's choice in books, her smile widens, as in her stack of books is the very same tome. About to comment on this, Ginny is distracted by the boy's voice. "Oh, yes. Among others. Do you know them?"

Zarina turns and walks with Ginny the short distance to the other table, setting them down carefully and taking a step back to brush her robes briefly. When she realizes the title of the books she had just set down, the corner of her full lips tugs with her comfortable smirk again, "Huh. That's interesting. Hopefully they have more copies this year." Her bright sapphire eyes look up to Braeden, blinking once before glancing to the girl and seeing her bright red hair for the first time. She arches a brow, "Fred and George Weasley?" she thinks for a moment before nodding, "I know you have other brothers, but I don't know them by name. I know Ron is a bit well known too."

"Ron's a bit…temperamental so I’ve heard but a good guy. The Weasley Twins though are a riot." Braeden adds before offering the younger girl a grin to match the first. His attention drifts down to the table in front of him afterward as he flips open the cover to the book, the parchment that he'd been carried at his side soon unraveled to set before him. He tilts his head once he's finished doing that to cast a glance back up at the two other women, "How was Professor Snape's potion class?"

Ginny sets the rest of her books on the table, smiling at the pair. "Ron, Fred, George, Percy, Bill, and Charlie," she recites, the string of names almost blending into one another. "Fred and George are rather infamous. Bill and Charlie aren't in school anymore," Ginny realizes she's rambling, and is glad for Braeden's question. A lifeline! "Snape's classes are always, um.. learning experiences," Ginny gives with an impish grin.

Zarina arches a brow at her answer, crossing her arms thoughtfully as she leans back against the edge of the table next to the Gryffindor boy. "Learning experience, huh?" she smirks some, despite herself. "I hope the House Head is alright, regardless of what happened it seems." she just shrugs a shoulder at that, briefly glancing back at Braeden to see his reaction.

Braeden tilts his head to rest against his shoulder as he looks towards the white haired woman, "Alright? Somehow I have a feeling Professor Snape could take on a troll with words alone. He does seem to have a way with them after all." The mirth could be seen in his eyes to the thought as he raises his wand to tap the cover of the book before him wordlessly. It flips open before sending the pages flipping onward to the designated spot. "Either way, I have a feeling the N.E.W.T.s class with him will be -spectacular-." The last would be obviously dripping with sarcasm.

Ginny giggles at Braeden's words. No, not a chuckle, or a chortle, or a guffaw. A bonafide giggle. She /is/ 13, after all. "Yes, well, I think you're right about that. He's a force to be reckoned with." Ginny glances from the boy to the girl and back again, lifting an eyebrow. Was something Going On between the pair? Who could tell. "Well, you both know my name, but I don't know either of yours," she offers.

Zarina smirks lightly, freeing a hand to give his shoulder a nudge before crossing her arms against her chest once more. "Professor McGonagall's classes are just as difficult, and she may be just as much as a force, if not more so." she smirks, though it is obvious it is of admiration. The Slytherin girl just smirks, chuckling as she shakes her snow white head. Her bright sapphire eyes glance up to Ginny again, her smile growing apologetic as she chuckles, "Sorry. I completely forgot. I'm Zarina Zanford, sixth year Slytherin."

"Professor McGonagall wouldn't just talk, she'd get out a stick and beat the thing before it had a chance to run." Braeden slips his hand into the fold of his cloak after that to draw out a silver badge that hadn't been visible before. He eyes it seriously for a few moments before shrugging and pinning it to the cloak itself. "They appointed me late for some reason. Got it on the way here. My name is Braeden McCaulley, Sixth Year Prefect of Gryffindor." He casts a wary glance at the white haired woman in mock terror, "Better watch out for those sneaky Slytherin."

Zarina blinks as Braeden pulls out the silver badge of a Prefect, pinning it on himself as he introduces himself. She arches a brow, the grin growing on her full lips, "First of all, yes, she would. And I would love to see the face of the bloody troll that is chased by her. That'll be a riot. And second, you think /I'm/ the one that has to be watched. You're just as bad, Lionheart." she rolls her sapphire eyes mockingly, chuckling as she shakes her head, lifting a hand to brush her slender fingers through her long, snow white hair.

Ginny extends a small hand to first Zarina, then Braeden, intending to shake, somewhat solemnly. "A pleasure to meet you both. You're not anything like most of the Slytherins I know, Zarina. And that's a compliment." Ginny grins boldly at the older girl, thinking to herself.. I'll really have to practice that fingers-through-the-hair thing in the mirror back at the dormitory. Focusing on Braeden, she smiles at the badge. "Prefect. That's fancy. My brother Percy was one, too."

Braeden offers a hand to the girl when she extends her own, shaking it with a firm yet almost gentle hold before withdrawing to cast a weary glance at the white haired Slytherin. "Just as bad? Maybe I should get you a chocolate frog to replace the other one." A small, almost knowing smile is offered to her before he finds himself resting back into the chair again with his eyes drifting back to the book before him. "Percy? I heard he went on to the Ministry. The guy was intelligent but seemed to have a bit of a paladin complex when it came to perfection. Good guy."

Looking to Ginny, Zarina arches a brow, her full lips growing with a smirk as reaches out to shake her hand, she shrugging her shoulder lightly. "The Sorting Hat defines Slytherins as cunning and ambitious. I also add my own definition of stubborn into it as well." she couldn't help but snicker at her joke, grinning as she raises a hand to lightly wave. "Don't worry, I'm just like all those other Slytherins. You just don't know it yet." she chuckles again. As her attention returns to Braeden, she reaches out to poke at his chest, "No using that against me. Those chocolate frogs are unruly…"

Ginny grins, nodding to Braeden, before saying frankly, "Percy's a bit of a prat. Not fun like Fred and George." She rolls her brown eyes a bit, then smiles at Zarina. "Well, I like you," she says, as if this makes everything else irrelevant. Which it rather does, in Ginny's book. "You, too," she adds with a nod in Braeden's direction and a grin.

Braeden offers the white-haired woman a small grin at the words before letting his attention fall back to the book he'd found before. "So long as you don't talk to too many others about faulty latches." A few more pages are flipped until they settle on another as he becomes engrossed in it for a few minutes whilst offering an off-handed remark to the two. "So what kind of job are you looking for when you get out of Hogwarts Ginny? Ministry?"

Zarina lifts a brow, barely glancing behind her at Braeden as she smirks, "Escapee chocolate frogs are understandable. Those latches are debatable." the smirks grows as she mockingly holds out her arms in motion as she shrugs her shoulders, "After all, I'm just the innocent party in that situation." she grins. Reaching back, she presses her palms on the tabletop as she leans back into it, lifting a white brow as he asks the question out loud to Ginny. She glances to her then, curious, a sincere smile on her full lips.

Ginny bites her lip thoughtfully at the question, trying not to grin at the easy teasing between the two. There was certainly something Going On there, indeed. But Ginny would be subtle, and just focus on the question at hand. "After Hogwarts? I'm not sure yet, really.. maybe the Ministry. Dad likes it there, but a lot of it's just paperwork. Maybe I'll be an Auror.. England could always use more Aurors. Or a Healer. I'd like to help people. What about you?" She asks generally to the pair.

Braeden nods at the words as he slips his wand back into his sleeve, a thoughtful look in his eye. "Arthur Weasley? Da' mentioned him once. A healer might be a good idea." He offers with a small smile offered to the girl with a hint of musing to the tone. His fingers tap the edge of the table afterward with a steady rhythm before he replies, "I'm working to become an Auror. I'm surprised I managed to get Professor Snape to accept me into his N.E.W.T.s potions class. Can't wait to see what the Advanced Defensive Theory is like. 'specially if Moody is teaching it." A suspicious glance is cast towards the white-haired woman after he finishes talking though, an almost pointed look given in regards to those particular words. "Debatable? I suppose so."

Zarina turns thoughtful as her expression softens, her bright sapphire eyes looking up at the ceiling for a moment before closing. "My father is a third generation Auror. I want to be an Auror just like him. Not just because of him, but for myself too." She takes in and releases a slow breath as her eyes open again. "I've studied hard, and it is only going to become more challenging with N.E.W.T.s." With a sigh, she leans forward, straightening her back for a moment before turning around and frowning at the copy of Hogwarts: A History. She takes the cover and flips the pages, "Right now, most of my interest is on the Triwizard Tournament. It is… strange…" she frowns slightly. "The last tournament was held 1792, two centuries ago. And because… of the death toll…"

Ginny smiles at the pair, leaning against her own table. "It's an honourable profession. I hope you both do well - I'm sure you'll be smashing Aurors." When Zarina mentions the Triwizard Tournament, curiosity comes upon her face. "Death toll? What happened? Does it say?" Ginny straightens, walking over to peer at Zarina's copy.

Braeden glances up at the redhead for a moment when she says that, his brow furrowing in thought before shaking his head. He seems to go quiet for a few moments as they go into talking about the Triwizard’s Tournament though he soon throws in his own piece of mind regarding it. "If it was that way before, I’m sure Dumbledore has made certain it wouldn't be quite as bad now. He said it would be dangerous, but you have to remember that Beauxbotans and Durmstrang won't be competing this year. It's purely Hogwarts Houses against each other."

"For that year, there isn't much." Zarina murmurs, brushing her fingertip along a paragraph. "'During the Triwizard Tournament of 1792, one of the tasks involved catching a Basilisk. However, the beast went on a rampage and injured three of the judges, the Headmasters of Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. The event was recorded in this book, so I'm assuming that the Tournament was held here, at Hogwarts. It was cancelled because of the rising death toll…" The Slytherin girl frowns at this, straightening her back slightly. Her bright blue eyes look over to Braeden, unsure. "It's hard to say how well they will follow traditions. I'm just curious why they decided to bring this back after two hundred years." She arches a brow as she looks back to the book. "There is more here, but its more about what happens during the Tournament itself."

"Are you two going to enter?" Ginny asks curiously. She could only live vicariously in this case, being so much under the age limit. "What other kinds of tasks were there? Catching a Basilisk, that's wicked hard.. my brother handles dragons, and he knows about other magical creatures, too. Basilisks are supposed to be quite fierce."

"The Basilisk is a dangerous creature in that it can petrify you. Its venom is supposed to be as equally deadly to anything it touches. Or at least that's what was in one of the magical creatures books." The Prefect replies before setting his hand back down on the pages of his book, fingertips tapping along them again with a slow rhythm as he closes his eyes. A glance is cast towards Zarina afterward, studying her for a few moments. "I'm going to be putting my name in the Goblet. Are you?"

Zarina's expression firms, "Yes, I plan on entering my name into the Goblet," she smiles lightly as she shrugs her shoulders, "The odds of being chosen are very slim, but it would be an honor to represent Slytherin in the Triwizard Tournament after two hundred years." The smile grows some as she shrugs a shoulder again, "And who knows. It might be fun. I personally am looking forward to the Yule Ball on Christmas Night. I'm hoping there will be faerie lights…" she chuckles.

Ginny goes slightly starry-eyed at the thought of the Yule Ball. "I think it will be amazing! Everyone in their dress robes.. all the music, and dancing, and beautiful people.. and enchanted flowers and fancy drinks and.." Ginny trails off, looking excited. Clearly, she's looking forward to /one/ of those events more than the other.

A warm smile is given to the redhead by Braeden as she seems to go off into lala land in regards to the Yule Ball before he casts a glance towards Zarina again with a thoughtful look in his eyes. A soft hum could be heard after that though he'd rise from his seat to press the book closed once more. "I think I’ll leave you two ladies to talk about the Yule Ball. Meanwhile… I should start checking around to make sure nobody is causing trouble." With that, he picks up the book and begins walking towards one of the shelves to put it away.

Oswald walks in a bit quickly then grabs a book from his backpack. Thumping it down before him then opens it up to read it. Clearly written across his face is a bit of upset mixed with anger. Muttering to himself something about that you think he would of been grateful…

Zarina's smile grows brighter, "I know, and on Christmas night too. It's so romantic…" she answers, her voice trailing off very much like how Ginny's had. "Girls in long flowing gowns, guys in dashing caped dress suits… the music, the dancing…" she sighs softly, seeming lost in the moment just as much as Ginny. Her bright blue eyes glance to Braeden as he rises from his seat, lifting a brow at him as he takes his book to put it away before checking the school's halls. She watches him for a moment longer before shrugging a shoulder softly. A moment passes before the loud thumping of Oswald at a table not too far from where they are, his pack full of parchment, quills, and books.

Ginny beams at Zarina. "And all the jewelry! With the light bouncing off it just so.. I wonder if we'll be able to drink champagne," she adds wistfully, before her big brown eyes turn to Braeden. "Leaving so soon?" She asks. "We can try to talk about manly man things. Like.. um.. Quidditch! Every boy loves Quidditch." Of course, Ginny goes straight to picturing people playing Quidditch in flowing gowns and capes. She gives a smile and a wave to Oswald.

Oswald gives Ginny a wave back before he gets back to his homework. "You think Snape would be more grateful that at least one person knew was a bezore was. I mean 5 points from his own house…" Shaking his head in disbelief then chuckles silently.

Braeden looks back at the redhead and the white haired woman with a small grin, "And I’ll bet the Quidditch players wear dashing cloaks too." He makes a fake swooning motion before grinning just a bit and passing away from the book shelf with a slow hum. He stops next to Oswald on the way out though, a suspicious glance cast towards the Slytherin before offering in reply, "That's Professor Snape. You'll learn that over time he isn't very nice to anyone. Hm, not even himself." The Gryffindor Prefect muses over the last bit before heading off towards the door with an a glance down the hall to either side. "Somehow I have a feeling I’m gonna have to check on the Weasleys first."

Oswald says, "Make sure you take the fire hose away from them."

Zarina smiles to Ginny with a sideways glance, "Well, if not champagne, I hope there's Butterbeer!" she chuckles, crossing her arms over her chest again. At the mention of Quidditch, her smile grows into smirk, The expression faltering slightly as she blinks up at Braeden and his fake swooning. The playful smirk grows again, "I bet! And those tight uniform leggings on those Quidditch men. Mmmm MM!" The Slytherin girl chuckles, laughing as she reaches up to brush the long, snow white hair from her face. Her bright blue eyes look up to the exchange between Oswald and Braeden, silent, though smirking at the mention of Fred and George.

Ginny covers her mouth to stifle the rain of giggles that come out of it. All the same, Madame Pince glares at the group and shushes them. Looking slightly shamefaced but still terribly amused, she can do little more than let her shoulders shake with suppressed mirth. Finally, she manages, "And they shall all wear bowties!"

Oswald looks over to the girls at other table. "I hope I’m not allowed in that ballroom garbage. There might be advantages to being a first year here." Then gives them a good grief look then goes back to his work. "I’m glad my folks can't afford such things. As bow ties and fancy foo foo dress robes."

Zarina arches a brow at Oswald, "Hm. I don't know the rules that apply to the occasion, but I don't see why they wouldn't allow the first year students." she shrugs a shoulder. "And besides. If there's an issue about dress robes, I'm sure someone can give you hand me downs in the House." she offers him a light smile.

Ginny puts in, "I think everyone is invited to the Yule Ball. But if you don't think it's your cup of tea, it's not required. Just a bit of fun." She nods to Oswald, but part of her mind is still on dresses and shiny things. She /is/ a teenage girl, after all.

Oswald raises a eyebrow, "What’s so fun about making a doof of yourself. Then asking for hand me downs? I mean my family isn't that poor just I can't see why spending the extra money to do something that is one night of fun that you only wear once? I’m not trying to rain in on your fun but, then again I guess I’m getting my parents stinginess too." Putting his book away.

Zarina smirks slightly, reaching for the book in front of her and closing it. "I think it starts to matter more when you have a girl you fancy. When you want to impress her and sweep her off her feet, looking like prince charming." the smile grows slightly as she shrugs a shoulder. "Its something you understand with time I think."

Ginny grins, red head bobbing up and down in agreement to Zarina's words. "It all comes with age," she advices Oswald wisely, with her two year seniority. Gathering her books up, she waves to Zarina and Oswald. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Zarina, I'm sure we'll run into each other soon." Ginny walks to the librarian's desk and Madam Pince begins checking out her books.

Oswald nods, then gets back to his parchment for class. "Well you would know better than me on such matters."

Smirking, Zarina just shakes her snow white head at the first year boy as she pushes the book with her fingertips, pulling her hand off as she smiles and gives Ginny a nod. "Hopefully. Well have to talk and gossip some more." her smile grows as she lifts a hand, waving to her as she takes her books up to the desk and places them in front of Madam Pince. And hugging herself lightly, she turns, her black, heeled mary jane shoes gently clicking on the polished stone floor as she exits through the doorway.

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