Septima Falton
Portrayed By Jeri Ryan
House Slytherin
Year Graduated
Position Socialite
Sex Female
Race Pureblood
Age 37
Place of Birth Boat of Garten, Scotland
Date of Birth January 9th, 1957
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Born January Ninth, 1957 to Gregory and Terina Milton, Septima was to be their first, and only, child. She had a happy childhood, as happy as a childhood can be. Her family was by no means poor. They were rich, but never flaunted it about, believing in that humility could go a long way. Coming from a pureblood family, and one especially that had a habit of being in Slytherin upon reaching school age, she soon learned to be very proud of being a pureblood. Proud, but as akin to how they were with money, she learned quickly to not display it too ostentatiously. She was given lessons in etiquette almost daily. Despite these lessons, however, she always had a more playful attitude; an attitude that more times than not got her in trouble at home.

Her parents were not surprised when she got the letter from Hogwarts to finally attend the year she turned 11. Just as equally, they were not surprised that she was in Slytherin, though they were happy none-the-less. She never excelled in any one subject, except for Defence Against the Dark Arts, and was a rather average student. She was more social and preferred the company of others to that of books. She discovered, over her later years, that she was a natural flirt with the boys. Whether her time was spent with boys or her group of friends, she was constantly a social butterfly. Though she was not by any means everybody’s favourite, as is normal.

In her last year at Hogwarts, she hooked up with a boy in her same year and house by the name of Liam Felton, who subsequently came from another pureblooded family. They continued to date after school and when they were 19, Liam proposed to her at a party hosted by his parents. A few months later, they were married. By this time, it was the mid 1970s and the war that Voldemort was raging was in full swing. Septima was intrigued by the ideas that he and the Death Eaters were spreading. In fact, she was more than intrigued. She very much liked them; so much so that she decided to fight alongside them in their fight. It was not long after she made this decision that her chance to join their ranks appeared when she was in Diagon Alley. She heard people whispering to each other in hurried tones. As they exited down into Knockturn Alley, she closely followed. She found they were merely informants, but through them, she was connected to the greater group. Her initiation was a difficult one. She was to torture a man, by any means necessary, to find the location of a group of muggle borns who had gone into hiding. She succeeded, but only just.

Her husband did not agree with her decision to join the Death Eaters. Though coming from pureblood lineage, Liam was not fully in agreement with their methods nor how they were carrying out their plans. He was very scared for his wife, fearing the worst: That she would be greatly harmed, or worse, be killed. They argued ceaselessly over the matter. These quarrels would often escalate to shouting matches and even occasionally have an occasional vase, plate, or chair thrown at the other in anger (mostly done by Septima, for though she was often good natured as a child, her temper could rage when it got the best of her).

When the fall of the Dark Lord came in 1981, Septima was at a loss of what to do. During the Death Eater round ups, she was not discounted. In fact, she was even named by others. She constantly disputed the fact that she had been a Death Eater, always saying that she had been under the Imperius Curse, and that the actions she carried out were not her own but rather dictated by the He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and his followers. Her husband, though hating what she did, loved her too much to see her imprisoned, and as such lied, verifying what she had said. After many interrogations, she was let free.

Over the next couple years, she reestablished her life and became a rather popular socialite. Septima and her husband had two children, a daughter first and then a son. The daughter, Hailey, was born in April 24th 1983 while their son, Nathan was born in November 18th 1984. And thus began her life since, raising both children and going to social events, charities, and the like, making herself known to the community once more as a kind and generous person as opposed to the person she had been alleged to be.


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