1995-06-07: Security Check


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Scene Title Security Check
Synopsis Studying interupted
Location The Greenhouse
Date June 7,1995
Logger The F-man

It is getting down to the wire for exams. Most people are running around like idiots, studying their tales off. For Angelina, this is doubly the case! So here she is, in the Greenhouses, studying with Fred. "Are you /sure/ Fred? Because Professor Lupin told me there isn't a shortcut. That the only way to identify this one is to catch it mid-transition to the next plant it's copying, or this tiny red spot on the bottom of the leaf, if you can get close enough and find it."

Fred shrugs to Angie as he flips through his book, "I thought so, maybe I read it wrong." He grins to her and isn't really here to study, he stopped studying days ago. If you're gonna fail, you're gonna fail by now. The young red headed man pushes locks back from his face, "So red dots on the leaves then?"

A soft rapping sound comes from the door, then opens up. Christian slips in. "Excuse me," He says as he looks between the two students. "I did not mean to interrupt, but I am looking for Ms. Angelina Johnson. I'm from the Ministry of Magic. Its about the Alumni celebration."

"Yep. Red spots." Angelina reaches out cautiously, unsure what the plant might shift into next, and turns a leaf over. "See, you have to look really close. It's right there, by the vein at the base.." Angie is distracted by the knocking and the entrance of an unknown adult. Her cautious attention turns from the plant to the man in the doorway. "You've found her. That's me." She steps forward to properly offer a hand and greet him. "And Fred Weasley, too. And you are?"

Fred is introduced and didn't have to do a thing, go him. Looking up from the plant after turning to leaf over himself to look at it closely he smiles to whoever is entering and raises an eyebrow, "Well howdy there." He points to Angelina as she says herself that she is in fact the girl in question and asks, "Something wrong?"

"Christian Faulkner," The Ministry Man says, taking Angelina's hand, and offering it to Fred as well. "I am with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and I am going to be in charge of security for the Alumni Celebration. I thought I would come down and introduce myself."
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Angelina shakes Christian's hand, then retracts her own. "Excuse the dirt. Studying for exams and all." She draws a deep breath. "Good. I wondered exactly how Hogwarts was going to handle that security. I'm heading up the committee planning it. Fred's in on it too. And I'm a prefect, so I'll be helping with patrols."

Fred doesn't offer his hand to the security man but grins widely, "Well nice to meet ya then. Don't listen to anything Filch says, I'm not a security risk, promise." He grins fondly towards Angie, "Yeah she's the brains of the operation, I'm just tagging along."

Christian chuckles at Fred's comment. "You have flaming red hair," Christian says to Fred with a smirk. "And your last name is Weasley. I am considering you a security risk until proven otherwise." He smirks to show he is jesting. "As to actual security procedures Ms. Johnson, my current plan is that the Prefects will be needed less with actual security and will be more concerned with the leadership of the students. Should an actual crisis arise, the staff, myself, and a few select individuals from the ministry will take direct control."

"Ha! He already has your number, Fred. Your reputation is clearly well known in vast and varying circles!" Angie grins at him before turning to Christian. "You won't get much argument from me on that. I can make sure the Head Boy and Girl pass that on to all the prefects. You will find, however, that some of us older students, were something to happen, will remain back until all the students are secured and away and safe. You'll have enough to do with fighting…whatever it is..without having to herd scared children running around chickens with their heads cut off."

Fred rolls his eyes to Angelina, "Yeah sure lady." He loosk to Christian, "Met my mother then have you?" He is sidetracked easily it seems and is still holding the plant leaf between his fingers as he talks to the two, "You're the ministry man, just tell us what to do. though I'm no prefect."

"All I wish is for everyone involved to have a happy time," Christian says with his hands clasped behind his back. "Within the rules set out by the Faculty and staff." This last part is unmistakably aimed at Fred. "I am quite aware of your fellow students and their prechant for wanting to run toward the trouble and not away from it. All I ask is that they understand that conflict is not a place for students. Doesn't matter if they are taught by one of the best Aurors in the business."

"It's good that you understand that. There are…some of us…who will run if or when we hear certain others demand that we do so." Rules of the Army and all. Angie tips her head as she looks at Christian, all three of them standing in the greenhouse and talking. "There are others who will ignore such instruction. But you should know, and make others aware, that some of the children won't be meaning to run into the danger. They won't know where to run, and will instinctively run toward the school staff rather than away. In such case, we prefects will not drop back until we can get the children back to allow the rest of you the chance to fight. Unless it becomes clear it is impossible to get them back. But impossible to us sometimes looks different than impossible to the adults."

"Speaking of rules," comes a rather gravelly voice with a snippy tone. Judging from the direction it's coming from… yup. There's cranky Professor Keegan, limping into the greenhouse. "It's appreciated by the faculty of the school that you come to us and /not/ the students. Sure Miss Johnson's doing a fine job setting this up, but faculty and staff are still in charge. You got any concerns, ideas and such, you come to faculty, or Merlin forbid, come to me. I was drunk and taken advantage by Miss Johnson." He looks grumpier and grumpier the closer he gets to approaching. Could be because he walked the whole way here from the castle. There are reasons he doesn't leave the area around his office and classroom! (Mainly it means seeing more students…) He fires Angelina a dark look, "Why didn't you come for a member of faculty when someone who is neither a teacher or student was on the grounds?" Yeah yeah, talk of fighting, blah blah.

Fred shrugs and tries not to look disgruntled that his 'reputation' has turn another wary of him again, it happens, "Sure thing Sir." He mockingly salutes the ministry man and then Keegan's entrance get a roll of his eyes. Fred doesn't say anything though, he isn't being talked to and well Keegan is one professor he doesn't wanna piss off to much, the man's cranky, CRANKY.

"My appointment as the head of security for this occasion as already been taken into account by the Faculty and Staff," Christian says, turning to look at Keegan. "I wanted to know who else I was going to be working with, thank you very much. Now if you will excuse me, I have to plan my patrols. If was very nice to meet you Ms. Johnson, Mr. Weasley." He nods to the two students, then gives Keegan a glare before exiting.

As Keegan enters, and hops on his lecturn, Angie waits. Only then does she introduce…"Mr. Faulkner..this is Professor Keegan. The faculty advisor for this event. And whether he was drunk or not, he still agreed without me having to beg or plead…" Her gaze returns to the professor as Christian leaves, and she blinks at him innocently. "What do you mean, Professor Keegan? I've been told, over and over, that all of my fears and concerns about the safety of Hogwarts were ridiculous and unfounded, that we are all completely safe and secure here. You mean…we aren't?" She gives him a little grin. "I'm sorry, Professor. You're right. I should have informed someone. He came in and caught us offguard as we were studying for exams. I honestly didn't even think about it. I saw some of the Ministry folks earlier walking around and making plans. My apologies."

Cranky and creative with punishments. Although, some students like Keegan's idea of punishment. His style of creative punishment is just the things weirdos like the Weasley twins adore. The attention seekers. Anyway. "I saw that," he says sharply at Fred. He probably saw nothing, but knowing Fred, he had to have done /something/. "Yeah, you go do that. Next time you're on school grounds, you talk to a teacher, not a student. You're a guest of the school and the rules are you go straight to the people in charge, and they are most certainly not students. Keep glaring sonny, we'll see how long you last with security." Doesn't matter Christian's gone, he's still shouting. He likes to shout, see. Rolling /his/ eyes now, he leans heavily upon his cane. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, fact remains, he's a guest on the grounds. A guest who is NOT to coordinate with students. Prefect or not. He goes straight to faculty. Whatever. Remember it for next time. I hate docking points and I don't feel like issuing detention right now, so you'll just have to suffice with a telling off… and don't be cheeky about school security. Dumbledore most have known he was coming, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten through. This place is as secure and safe as we can make it. Next time that happens, you send for staff immediately."

Fred blinks and tries to look innocent, an expression that just doesn't seem to match him at all, personality or feature wise. "Of course professor, I'm sure Professor Dumbledore must have let him onto the ground, just figured the big ministry professional would know what he is doing. But of course we'll be more then happy to dictate his actions to the correct officials if you would like." He doesn't go an far as batting his eyes but instead just grins widely, "Or yeah, will remember for next time, don't wanna piss anyone off sir. Sorry Professor." He apologizes the last tiem for swearing.

Angie fights /so hard/ to keep from laughing as Keegan keeps yelling even after the man is gone. She manages to keep everything back except a quiet squeak. "Yes sir. Next time, I will go and find a professor or staff for him to speak with. I do apologize." Angie shifts on her feet a little. "Thank you, again, for agreeing to work with us on this. A young first year..maybe you know him? Jackson Holland? He would like to help you with the kazoo band, I think. He sounded like he thought it would be fun."

"Idiot brained useless Ministry automatons. Nothing in his head but air. Shoulda known straight off to find faculty and not talk to students." Keegan turns to look at Fred, "Golly. I think that was sarcasm, Weasley." There's a pause where he starts to turn away, only to look back at Fred, "And drop the innocent expression. It's not becoming." Brows rising some, he turns to Angelina with feigned incredulity, "It's not supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be punishment." But punishment for /who/ exactly? "You two should get points off for this, be glad Sprout or someone else didn't find you. Now get on to whatever you students are supposed to be doing."

Fred purses his lips to keep from laughing himself, ah Keegan always entertainment for the well known trouble maker, "Ah my mom believes it." He can't help himself from saying and raises an eyebrow to Angie, "You convinced Jax to consider a Kazoo band? I gotta talk to that huffle." Fred just leans back, propping himself up with his arms and legs crossed, "Well thankfully we got my favourite professor Keegan instead, thanks again. Won't happen next time."

"Not Jackson's idea. Not mine either. It was the only requirement Professor Keegan here made of me to be our advisor. That and a talent show." Angie clears her throat. "Quite right, sir. We should be glad it was you that found us here." Pausing, she considers. "Uhm..there is something..special..we're doing during the weekend. I was wondering if we could get you, Professor Keegan, to play music for us during it? To make it more moving?"

"You'll shut up and keep walking unless you want my cane in a very uncomfortable orafice," Keegan snarks after Fred, thoroughly appreciating the wit and banter. (Not that he's supposed to encourage that or praise it aloud.) "You just ruined my good mood, Miss Johnson. Move it." He prods at her with his cane before stomping away. Most likely, he'll wind up playing piano or guitar, or both. He likes music, not that anyone could guess at this at all.

Fred raises an eyebrow to the professor, "Keep walking sir? Where are we going exactly, I thought I was suppose to be studying herbology and figured this might be the best place for it." The young man can't help himself, he really ought to shut it but just can't seem to. He grins to Angie, "Oh we need a kazoo band then? Well I might just have to volunteer for that little bit of fun." Of course he'll probably end up ruining the song somehow not having tried much musical forms of expression in the past.

Angelina grins, and is going to let the professor go. "Thanks, Professor Keegan. Have a good night! I'll be in touch about the last minute plans. Sorry we got you all worked up!"

Keegan doesn't seem to care, he's already walked off! He's also muttering about damn students, dragging him from his quiet office and classroom. Students, noisy, pesky lot.

Fred shrugs as the professor heads off and turns back to Angelina, "Well that was delightful if I don't say so myself." He winsk to her and looks back towards the plant they were looking at, "So red dot on the underside of the leaves Butterfly."

Angelina laughs a little. "Yeah. The is going to be interesting, this whole Alumni weekend thing." UGH. He HAD to bring up the plant again. "Alright. Yes. Red dot. Moving on. What is the next plant in the list?"

Fred rolls his eyes and looks down at the list, "I think that's it." He leans back again and looks about the greenhouse, "So charm next or what else you got in mind." Pleading eyes to not study, puppy dog eyes even.

Angelina looks at Fred, then groooooans. "Well. We really SHOULD study, Fred! Exams are in two weeks! But..is there something else you'd like to do? We could take a small, very small, break.."

Fred rolls his eyes as Lee Jordon comes into the Greenhouse talking about George gwetting himself into trouble with Filch for one of their many inventions. Giving Angie an apologetic look he blows her a kiss and smiling says, "Catch you later Butterfly? I've gotta go see if I can get him out of this."

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