1994-10-18: Scoundrels


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Scene Title Scoundrels
Synopsis Donner is grumpy about something, and objects to advice given
Location Slytherin Common Room
Date October 18, 1994
Watch For Where Carmen Sandiego is not
Logger Donner

Zarina brushes her hand along the railing as her ebony black mary janes click on the stone steps from the dungeon floor, her other arm holding a book beneath it as she blinks her sapphire eyes slowly. Releasing a light breath, her fingers pull from the railing to briefly brush through her snow white hair as her feet reach the floor. Lightly lifting a brow, she gives a glance to the faces she recognizes in the Slytherin room, giving them her usual comfortable smiles as she shrugs a shoulder, letting the strap of her knapsack fall from her shoulder to rest on the floor next to an armchair. The young Slytherin girl plops herself into it, dropping the book into her lap and leaning back to get a bit more comfortable in the chair, enjoying the fire in the fireplace.

Derek looks up from his spot on one of the green couch's near the fire when he sees who enter his face goes all red and he goes back to the book he was reading, It's History of Hogwarts and he was trying to look up more info on our founding father Slytherin to see what he was like.

Shifting her weight, Zarina crosses her long, lean legs over the side of her chair, her lap angled a bit better for the book in her lap. Her slender fingers quietly open the cover, shifting through the pages to the deep emerald green ribbon that has been faithfully keeping her place in the book. Releasing a slow breath, she lifts a brow at the page in front of her, absently reaching up to brush a lock of snow white hair from her shoulder. "And how are you doing tonight, Derek?" she lightly asks out loud, part of her attention on the book as her sapphire eyes scan over it.

Derek blushs some more and smiles. "I-i-i'm fine thank you, just doing some light reading. he hoes back to reading.

The stone door grinds open and Donner pads in. His face is set in no emotion in particular, but the tightness with which he holds himself and the grim set of his mouth betray his true feelings. He drops into a chair and inspects a grass stain on his knee. The material of his trousers is worn and cut all the way through in one spot. Crossing his arms over his chest, Donner stares at the wall with faint traces of anger apparent.

As Donner enters, Zarina lifts her sapphire eyes to glance over the top of her book, a brow arching at the sight of his clothes as he literally drops himself into one of the chairs. A moment passes before she answers out loud, "Grass stains, rips and tears, and apparent aggrivation." she observes. "Did you lose a fight or try to impress a girl."

Derek looks up at Donner and grins from behind his book, he not going to laugh he likes all his body parts thank you, and he's smart enought to know don't get on a older students bad side.

"I'm not crying." Donner turns his surly glare on Zarina. It's true, he's not, but he did take a moment before turning to be extra sure he wasn't. "And it wasn't really a fight," he grudgingly admits, seeing Derek's smirk. "If there was a fight, I wouldn't lose." He is one of the bigger first years, but then again that's in comparison to Rene and Julian. Not a lot of competition.

Zarina sighs some, setting down her book. "Tear as in to rip or pull apart, not tears from your eyes." she corrects, without the hint of flatness to her voice. Though she doesn't hesitate to return the hard, dark glare in reply to his, darkening further after a moment before her sapphire eyes idly return to her book. "Okay, it was not really a fight. What was it then."

Donner deflates a little at the clarification, and the glare. The boy is all bluster, and not a lot of backbone. "Oh. R-right." He glances around the room, looking for an out. He's reluctant to tell, but the habit of honesty is too deeply ingrained. "More of a, contest," he says, darting his tongue over his lips. His voice gains the harsher edge he had before, saying, "It was really unsporting, picking something I'm totally unprepared for."

Arching a brow at the page before her fingers idly flip it, Zarina answers out loud, "And you expect other houses to be 'sportsman', considering what they think us?" she just shrugs a shoulder. "Then next time you issue the challenge in your favor. Though it doesn't exactly prove anything, only evens the odds."

Derek grins and nods as he listing in. "And cheat when you can get away with it, oh and don't mind stabing them in the back so to speak."

Donner looks at Derek like the boy sprouted another head from which to talk. "I'm not going to cheat," he says, indignant. "What does that prove? That the only time you're better is when the other guy is disadvantaged? That's useless."

Zarina releases a slow breath, lowering her chin in a nod, "I agree, it doesn't prove anything. With the exception of who is incopetant." she just shrugs a shoulder. "You can always depand a rematch. Or best two out of three."

Derek shrugs and goes back to his book then for now.

Donner, being in a rare pushy mood, gets to his feet and takes a step towards Derek. "No, don't just shrug, that's the kind of thinking that gives this whole house our reputation and has everyone else snickering behind our backs." And if there's one thing Donner hates even more than failing, it's being mocked. "I didn't hear anything in the Sorting Hat's song about being a scoundrel." He gestures to the book in Derek's hands with his chin, because his hands are busy being balled into fists at his side. "Is that in your book? Huh?" See, that's why Donner doesn't read. He looks to Zarina for support, since it seemed like she was on his side. Maybe. He thinks.

Glances up at Donner gets up from his seat and gets into Derek's face, noting his balled up fists almost shaking at his sides. Her expression darkens for a brief moment, fingers releasing the book in her lap as her right hand slips into the sleeve of her left, pulling out her wand. Without hesitation, she fluidly flicks her wrist at Donner, stating clearly, "Incarcerous!" The white sparkle of whirling magic beams instantly towards Donner, ropes appearing as they flick out to ensnare the younger Slytherin.

Derek growls and was going to get up and fight. "This is my book, I bought it before coming to school, it's a stander school book, histry of hogwarts." he smiles as Zarina cast her spell and grabs his stuff. "Thank you, I'm going to bed before he start yelling I stole The Great Wall of China or something." he's not Carmen Sandiego

Donner is betrayed! Instead of the backup he expected, ropes snake towards him. Too stunned to make any defensive reaction, he is bound. "That's not what I was talking about at all," Donner mutters. He's not in much position to object too strongly about anything, right now. His jaw clenches at the indignity of it all, but at least he has kept his feet by staying very still.

Setting aside her book, Zarina slowly uncrosses her legs and slides them off of the arm of her chair, standing to her feet as she takes her time walking over to where Donner lays bound by the ropes, somehow keeping his balance. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she turns him around to face her, her sapphire eyes narrowing at his as her expression darkens. "No." she murmurs, saying the single word slowly. "The sorting hat never spoke of us being scoundrels. We and our house are pure, as our fathers and their fathers before them. But if Salazar Slytherin were to see you right now, picking on a fellow Slytherin…" he words linger, though her hand reaches out to take ahold of the rope across his chest as she pulls him closer with her darkening look. "I can understand you were frustrated for being made fun of, adding to your frustrations even more. But that doesn't mean you can pick on anyone. It doesn't solve anything, just like cheating." She pushes him lightly, the ropes unraveling around him before they fall and disappear on the ground. "We are /supposed/ to be cunning for a reason. Use that brain of yours before you lash out."

Derek nods and with this he leaves to get to his dorm room and to bed.

Zarina can probably see a hint of fear in Donner's eyes when she drags him close, behind the smoldering resentment. At the shove he stumbles backwards and falls on his backside and catches himself on his elbow. He picks himself off the ground, flushed from the embaressment. Donner has lost, so he quits, turning his back on Zarina and walking towards the dorms stiffly. Perhaps not the best place to retreat to, given his aggressor just left that way as well, but at least there he can draw the curtains and seethe over the injustice of it all in private.

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