1995-06-15: Schedule Avoidance


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Scene Title Schedule Avoidance
Synopsis Harry and Fred both avoid Hermione and Neville bumbles upon them
Location Fountain Courtyard
Date June 15, 1995
Logger Fred the…um Fred

With end of the year exams nearing for most of the students, and OWLs and NEWTs for the 5th and 7th years, it's probably not uncommon to find people studying anywhere they can. Which…..doesn't seem to be the case in the courtyard this evening. With daylight fading, it appears that most have found their way inside (presumably the library) leaving Harry out here by himself. Well, unless you count Hedwig, his owl, who is neatly perched on his arm. Holding out an owl treat, the bird quickly snaps it up as Harry then holds up the letter. "Straight to Sirius, remember." he says, eliciting a chirps from Hedwig who darts off into the air with said envelope.

Studying avoidance! that is Fred Weasley's motto this time of year. Wandering off out of the common rooms to avoid guides being written up for him and the general fevered nature of students still desperately trying to understand, Fred has ended up heading out towards the quidditch field but with no general idea in hand except with the lack of quidditch this year there ought to be little to no students hanging about there. Spotting Harry without a book open Fred raises an eyebrow at him and has to ask, "You're little dictator friend slip her watch or something mate?" Fred's meandering direction changes to approach the forth year.

A book with a body and legs appears from the covered bridge. It heads into the courtyard, nearing a column nearby. The book, which has no eyes one can see, squarely smacks into said column. The book drops, revealing a groggy Neville Longbottom. He looks at the pillar, the book, and back. The rather accident prone boy doesn't appear surprised, and instead simply rubs his nose as he stoops to pick up his fallen study aid. "'Lo," Neville greets the other boys, still scrubbing at his honker.

As Hedwig disappears into the dusky sky, Harry turns right in time to catch sight of Fred and hear his comment. There's almost a smirk on his face as he replies, "Actually, she's up in the library studying. Told her I had to go check on a potion." Yeah, calculated lie, but it gets him away from Hermione's incessant nagging about studies. Of course, the sound of something dropped grabs his attention. "Oi Neville," he says, instinctively wincing, "you alright there?"

Fred lets out a chuckles and shakes his head, "Ought to rat ya out Potter, but I've just be coming up with excuses to leave every room she enters. No color coded study guides for me this year." He says the last part a touch proudly. A sigh then escapes Fred's lips as he hears Neville drop his book and heads over to help the poor kid out if he needs it, "Nevler mate, how am I suppose to convince anyone you're brill if you keep doing this?" He shakes his head and winks to his younger friend despite the ribbing. He pats Neville on the back a touch to hard unintentionally and rolls his eyes in an exaggerated expression of exasperation.

"Yeah," Neville says, a bit of color washing over his face, though it doesn't last long. "Dunno what your on about, talking about me being brilliant, Fred. I suspect you've gotten Nia on over me." He stuffs his book into his bag, adjusting the strap on his shoulder as he wanders close to the other boys. "Talking about Hermione?" he figures, giving a knowing nod to Harry. "I don't even go near the library if I can help it. She's gotten me through each year, sure. But she can be /scary/, mates."

"Rat me out, then." Harry retorts, a sparkle in his eyes. "I'll make sure she knows your every move then." Is it a joke? Or does the older Weasley wish to press his luck? "Yeah, she can totally be off her rocker at times when it comes to finals."

Fred grins widely to Harry, "No thank you mate. I enjoy my free time, only one year left after this to enjoy this place. You're secret is safe with me." He sits down near Harry without so much as an invite and then shakes his head at Neville, "Neville ain't my fault if some lady finds ya attractive or something like that. You're problem mate, I am not getting in the middle of that one anymore."

"Stuff a sock to it, Fred. Wouldn't take your advice anyways. I've got Ginny for that sort of thing." He says cheerfully, before tipping his head at Harry. "Brilliant, she is." Neville clears his throat, shifting his weight. "Blimey. She got me an /owl/. That's no light gift. Unsure what to think on it. Girls are something I could do with a bit less of. 'Least m'not shacked up with Angelina an' m'own twin brother." Neville steps back, just incase there's a swing. He grins.

Harry snickers at Neville's response to Fred, but and mention of Ginny his own face reddens just a tinge for a moment before disappearing. "Yeah, she is totally brilliant." he confirms quickly, nodding at the same time before glancing back to Fred. "So what are you and George planning on doing after your graduate?"

Fred rolls his eyes at Neville and shakes his head, "Oh come on mate, you know it wasn't exactly planned to be like that." He shrugs and is a touch defensive over the subject of angry at him George. Fred eyes Harry for a second then remembers there are worse people for his hot headed sister out there and just leans back trying to look as casual as possible, "Well we got plans, big plans just gotta work on the fundage aspect." He grins to Harry and reaching into his robe pulls out one of the order forms he managed to keep hidden from the teacher's still. Holding it out to Potter the Weasley grins almost scarily and says, "You need anything this summer to get ya through just owl me." The form is filled with prank items and other things Fred Weasley has come up with.

Neville 's face falters a small bit. "Jus' kidding, Fred. Don't be so defensive. You /do/ realize I get double the taunts from Slytherin now?" He shrugs, clutching at the bookbag strap across his chest. He leans, sliding next to Harry to get a look at the order form. "Gran already forbid anything you've made in her house. She's batty like that. Could do a better job as Divination Professor than Trelawney."

"Your gran's a smart person." Harry comments, as he accepts the list from Fred. Scanning over it, he sees the familiar favorites that he's come to hear about around the castle. "Well, maybe I can help out with the fundage with a donation or something. Besides, I doubt I'll need any of this for the couple of weeks I'll be at the Dursley's."

Fred shrugs to Harry, "Look mate, everyone has gotta make their own way, that wasn't a plea for anything." He grins still though and shakes his head to Harry, "Really I think with what I've heard about that cousin of yours a little surprise up your sleeve might be needed." He suggests and then waves a hand at Neville, "No worries mate." He raises an eyebrow, "We gotta go Snakie bothering?" He waggles his eyebrows and pushes red hair back from his face.

"No way," Neville says. "You'll just get me in deeper." His nose wrinkles and he looks to Harry seriously. "I don't figure you should let him kidnap you in a car again. He told me that story. Can they really be /that/ bad? Muggles seem all right."

Harry looks up from the form to give Fred a smirk. "Trust me…it's not a handout. Consider it an…" he pauses, nose scrunching as he searches for the right word, "…investment." Just something to get them started. "And I think I'm not going to bother Dudley this time. Just going to bide my two weeks until I go to Sirius' and then later to the Burrow. And no flying car, Neville." Grinning, he remembers that little adventure. "Sometimes I wonder what that car is doing out there in the forest."

Grinning back to Harry Fred hums at this thought and shrugs, "Well I'll have to talk to George once he has got over himself." Yep cause nothing is Fred Weasley's fault, not even stealing his brother's girlfriend. "So you coming to stay with us sometime this summer then? Brill if you are, with no quidditch this year I figure we all need alot of practice this summer for next year. you know we have got to win the cup." It's a fact. Neville gets a grins, "Nah we don't really have to break him out that way again."

Neville wrinkles his nose, shifting his eyes from Harry to Fred. "Noticed you've never sprung me from Gran's. But… I guess she isn't as bad as a lot of mad muggles." Still, Neville sounds a /touch/ offended.

"Yeah, for probably the second half of summer." Harry admits, nodding his head towards Fred. "I promised Sirius I'd come visit him though first." For obvious reasons, of course. "Yeah, we'll definitely have to get prepared. I'll be Slytherin's going to give us a run for our money." At Neville's comment, he turns and offers his friend a smile. "The way these ones spring me out of things…trust me you're better off there. Hanging out of cars, uncle grabbing you by one foot, Ron trying to pull you into the car." He could be a stuntman.

Smiling still Fred nod his head to Harry, "Yeah they sure are but it's me and George's last year mate. We gotta crush em." He says with conviction, quidditch is one of the things Fred takes seriously, "I'm gonna try and get me mum to let Angie come and stay with us for some of the holiday too. she'll make sure we're all in fighting shape." He assure Harry then raises an eyebrow, "Hey I thought it was a good plan. Worked pretty well in the end."

Neville looks wide-eyed at Harry. "Maybe I won't put in a request for a rescue, then. Actually… was thinking about doing a birthday thing in Diagon Alley. We're only a day apart, Harry…" he offers with a small grin. He's derailed by Fred. "Malfoy couldn't seek a quaffle if it was stuck to his forehead," he points out. "An' the rest of Slytherin is just as useless." This seems to be a sore spot for young Longbottom, and he glares at no one in particular.

Harry chuckles and nods in agreement. "Angie certainly will. Especially if she runs it the same way she's been running the training for other things. Determined, she is." Tossing on a wide grin, he looks at Neville. "Yeah, he's a lousy seeker for sure. Don't know why they even keep him on the team." The sound of door creaking open causes him to look towards the castle. A hand creeps around the door and some brown bushy hair starts to appear before it stops and Hermione's voice can be heard talking to someone on the other side of the door. "Great, she's left the library. We best scatter before she rounds us up."

Fred gets a jesting look of fear on his face and chuckles really quietly to Harry, "Yeah make a break for it mate, we all better if we don't wanna be looking at text books all night." He agrees and then smiles to Harry in that slightly love-struck dumb way, "Yeah Angie is the determined type, we'll beat em all next year." He nods to Neville despite the boy not being on the team.

Neville glances up, his left eye twitching a bit as the voice comes to him. He takes half a step back, but stops. "/Go/," he hisses at the other boys. "I guess… I mean. I'll distract her. I haven't touched m'charms work anyways and m'sure she'll have an earful to tell me over it." Neville instead takes a step forward. He glances, waving his hand at them. "/Go/!"

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