1994-11-02: Scarface is...A Third Year?


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Scene Title Scarface is…A Third Year?
Synopsis Siobhan meets Alice in the greenhouses. She buys some candy and Crane creates a monster
Location A greenhouse
Date 02 Nov 1994
Watch For Vicdain?
Logger The BAD WOLF herself

A truly odd sight is present in the Greenhouse; a young blonde student — Hufflepuff, by her robes — is busily working over a small, bubbling cauldron, absent-mindedly scurrying off to pluck a leaf or fruit from one of the nearby plants then running back to deposit it into the rolling mass. Why she is doing that -here-, rather than in a place more suited for the brewing of potions is not exactly clear. As she works, the girl hums to herself, occasionally looking over to a hastily scribbled shelf of parchment with multiple formulae, writings, and doodles all over it. It's quite a chaotic mess, with several lines quickly struck out and others written hastily above them.

Carrying a tray of seedlings, Siobhan ambles across the path from one greenhouse to the next. Her back is braced against the door, using her weight to push it open so that she can relieve herself of her rather delicate burden. After making sure that the door has closed all the way, the seventh-year Slytherin - dressed in Muggle jeans and a thick, pink sweater - looks about her for the size trowel she needs. Not finding it in her immediate vicinity, she moves deeper into the building; a path which brings her right across Alice. And her cauldron. "Um…you know there are better places t'do that, right?"

A sharp squeak of surprise bursts forth from the third-year as she's addressed, the girl whirling around and blinking several times behind her glasses. "Oh, but if you didn't give me a start!" she says, placing a hand on her chest and taking a deep breath. Alice suddenly straightens and offers up a lopsided, twitchy smile, shifting her weight on her feet. "Um, w-well, you see, it helps if the ingredients are as fresh as possible. Well, some of them, anyway. So, what better way than to get the freshest ingredients if they are, uh, plucked right off the vine, so to speak?"

"That makes…quite a lot of sense, actually." Siobhan seems a bit impressed with the younger girl's logic. "Although," she offers with a playful grin. "That is what we have preservation and stasis charms for. Lets anything stay as fresh as it was the day you cast the spell." The blonde Slytherin hops up onto the edge of a nearby table, pulling one leg against her chest and bracing her heel on the table's surface. "What is it you're tryin' to make, anyway?" A glance is spared to her own seedlings, but they're left as they are for now.

A blush creeps up on Alice's cheeks as she looks away at the mention of preservation and stasis charms, rubbing the back of her head absently. "Um, yes, well," she says with no small hint of embarassment in her voice, "I'm, uh… I'm not terribly good at those type of charms, really." A quick, twitchy glance is spared for the tray of seedlings before the younger blonde flashes a bright, cheery smile and motions to the bubbling cauldron, "Oh, I'm brewing up a bit of my Flavemotions. They're little sweets I make, you see." She then nods towards the messy, scribbled parchment, "This particular batch is one of 'love', one of my most popular. Or will be, once the ingredients boil down."

"Flavemotions…" Siobhan seems to consider this a moment. "Y'know, I think I've heard of those. Are they any good?" Probably a silly question to ask their maker, but perhaps the blunt approach will encourage a return of the same. "They sell containers with the charms already woven in, so that once you close something in a compartment, it is put into magical stasis." Her smile grows just a little bit warmer. "My brother makes 'em sometimes." And other things like them. "It helps when you don't really have a handle on the sealing charms. S'a really complicated set of spells." Most might not consider it so, but Sio tried to approach that charm through theory. It…didn't end very well.

Suddenly, Alice cracks a smile as bright as the sun. "Are they any good?" she asks rhetorically, "Why, they are only the positively best candies ever, even if I do say so myself!" Her good cheer suddenly turns thoughtfull, "Well, except maybe Muggle Jelly-Babies. I had those once. Quite nice, actually." And with dizzying quickness, Alice is back to that wide, cheery grin, "But really nothing's better than these! I based them loosely on the Many Flavored Beans, you see, but instead of a taste, it gives a burst of emotion." The younger girl begins bouncing up and down on her feet, animatedly digging into her robes, "Would you like a free sample, Miss… er… Miss… I'm sorry, I'm afraid I haven't caught your name?"

"Siobhan, Siobhan Noble." With a grin that has infected even the crankiest of persons, she lowers her leg and drops to stand on the paved floor. "Friends call me Sio, though. I prefer it." The discrepency between the pronunciation of her full name and the nickname may confuse - in fact it often does. Only when the two names are seen side by side on paper does it start to really make sense. "A burst of emotion? That's…that's brilliant, that is!" Brown eyes light up with the promise of something new and exciting to try. In fact, her hand is almost halfway extended to accept some when learned caution catches up with her. "Um…these've been…tested, right? I mean, they're not gonna - I dunno - turn me into a pumpkin or anythin', are they?"

"Pleased to meet you, Miss Noble!" Alice replies cheerfully before her brow furrows in confusion and she pushes her glasses up her nose, "Sio? Hmm. All right." Quickly, however, the bright smile reappears on her features and Alice is once more bouncing up and down on her feet, "It is, isn't it? Absolutely brilliant. They're quite popular with some students." Alice eventually pulls out a small crumpled paper back from her robes and digs around inside, peering over the rims of her glasses, "Lessee… which one, which one. Ah, 'love'. It's the batch I'm making now, and it's always popular. Unless you'd prefer a different one. I also have bubblegum joy, blue sadness, lavendar anger…" Alice plucks a small red pill-shaped candy from the bag and positions it over the halfway extended hand, smiling again, "Oh, no, no. Not at all. I mean, sure, there are sometimes very minor side-effects, but I test every batch I make myself. And these ones are ones I made earlier."

Siobhan seems to give this a moment of at least moderately serious thought. "How long do the emotions last?" she wonders, her suspicions not quite assauged. Once burned, after all… "And this…love one. Does it make you feel loved or in love?" Because of course, the two are quite different things. The other flavors seem to have her more…intrigued than concerned though. Her interest has most definitely been piqued. "How many different emotions have you got so far?"

"Oh, only about two seconds," Alice says with an apologetic tone, "That's about all I can do, really. I'm only a third year. Besides, it -is- good for business, really. I mean, when you're dealing in confections, the goal is to get the customer to keep wanting more, right?" Rather blunt she is about the business model, isn't she? The second question seems to take Alice back, the girl blinking behind her glasses and quickly switching her gaze from the red pill candy to Siobhan and back a few times. "I, um… I… don't know, exactly," she finally admits, cheeks pinkening again, "I guess I never really knew the difference. But it gives you that wonderful belly-full-of-butterflies bit… the whole… half-sick with thrill feeling, if that helps?" Alice smiles bright again, "Oh, I have quite the range of emotions. I'm doing research in my own time to try and create some more complex emotions. Like 'melon melancholy', for instance. It's, ah… it's a bit difficult, though, and I haven't had much success yet."

The form of a tall, dark-haired boy can be seen slowly coming into view through the glass panes of the greenhouse. Crane is actually on his way back to the castle proper, just passing here on the way - but the sight of people inside of one of the little structures causes him to move closer so that he can investigate. The Slytherin, currently toting a broom, slowly opens the door and slips inside, arching a brow when he recognizes Siobhan. "Well, hullo, Bubbles." His chilly blue eyes settle on Alice - with whom he isn't familiar - and, noting the House badge on her robes, he grins. "Who's your friend?"

"Ah, so that would be in love, then. Entertaining, but not quite useful." Still, that bubblegum one… "Could I try one of the joy ones, please?" Her friendly smile is interrupted, only to ramp up a notch, when Crane makes his entrance. "Hullo Birdbrain!" she returns brightly. "Don't suppose you'd fancy a Seeker's game later?" No Quidditch player by any means, Sio still loves to fly. His question, however, gives her pause. "This is Starr." Of that she's quite certain - Sio's no social slouch! - but… "You remember Agatha, right? Or were you here then… I'm afraid I can't recall your first name though." At least she directs this to Alice, rather than pretending she isn't in the room. "Sorry." There's genuine apology in her face - forgetting someone's name is really rather rude.

A quizzical expression forms on Alice's features as Crane slides up and addresses Siobhan as 'Bubbles'. She even mouths the name in curiosity, but doesn't say it out loud. The older blonde steals Alice's attention, though, and the girl nods quickly, returning the red candy to the bag and spending a few moments fishing out a light pink pill. "Here you are!" she says cheerfully, offering up the sweet to the other girl. Alice's eyebrows arch in mild surprise at Sio as she looks between her and Crane, "Oh, did you two know my sister? Um, y-yes, sorry. I'm Alice. Alice Starr. Pleased to meet you!" Another of her winning, cheerful smiles is flashed to Crane.

The last bits of that conversation about - emotions? - are overheard by the dark-haired Slytherin boy, and he blinks a few times in response - especially at hearing Siobhan's request, which seems to correspond with some kind of medication that the Hufflepuff gives to her, unless Crane is seeing things. "Uh.. oh. Starr, you say? Like Agatha Starr?" But Alice seems to finish that thought for him, and he nods to the younger student. "Charmed, I'm sure." His eyes flit to the pill again, and he glances sidelong at Siobhan, his lips quirking up in a sardonic smirk. "You know, Muggles have a term for this, Noble. It's called 'Vicadin', and my father is quite fond of the stuff."

"Yeah, she was in our House a couple years back." Siobhan accepts that pink bubblegum drop with a toss of her hair in Crane's direction. "I know what Vicadin is, Birdbrain." She seems to be still in a playful mood, despite his reverting to her surname. Odd, though, that a pureblood should know about such things. Popping the small pink candy in her mouth, she bites down on a pleasantly sugary taste. For a full two seconds, she feels her spirits lifting, worries gone and happy thoughts suffusing her with a serene joy. Then, the artificial effect is gone, leaving her own physical response to peter out over the next nine seconds. "Whoa…now that's a rush!" A thought seems to occur to her, and that grin turns positively wicked. "Hey Alice," she seems comfortable enough with the girl's Christian Name. "How much d'you charge for a pack of these things?"

"Muggles have sweets that provide emotions?" Alice asks Crane, eyes widening behind her glasses and jaw dropping slightly, "I never knew that! Not that I know much about Muggles anyway, really, but… wow." This last word is breathed out in awe and fascination, "How do they even -do- that without magic? How is it even possible?" But then Siobhan tries the candy and Alice gets a wild, happy grin on her features. She bounces up and down on her feet again, smiling brightly at the question and apparently unconcerned with the informality of using her given name. "Just a galleon and a knut for a bag!" Alice declares cheerfully, "I don't have any of my merchanise with me right now — they're all up in my room at the moment — since I wasn't expecting to sell any whilst brewing. But I'll happily sell you a bag at, um… say, breakfast, tomorrow?"

Crane merely shakes his head at the Hufflepuff's rampant curiousity about drugs. He probably couldn't answer her properly even if he wanted to, since he has no idea how they actually 'work'. By now, though, he too has become slightly curious about whatever these strange little 'treats' are. Especially since Siobhan seems to consider them useful (or amusing) enough to purchase some. "So, Alice.. what exactly /are/ those things you're selling, anyway?" He casts a slightly inquisitive stare at his Housemate when she professes to know what he's talking about, his brows raising in surprise and curiousity. But he doesn't inquire further.. for now.

Siobhan catches that look of Crane's and smiles sweetly at him. "Triangulation, Birdbrain." It's tossed out as a mild ribbing, but perhaps it will explain a little. Fishing in the pockets of her denims, the young blonde turns a shrewd eye on the even younger blonde. "How big is the bag?" It better be decently sized, for that price.

The blonde third year smiles brightly at Crane, bouncing up and down on her feet some more. "Flavemotions!" she exclaims cheerily, "Confectionaries of my own device! I'm really quite proud of them, you see, sir. They're somewhat like the Many Flavored Beans, but rather than providing a taste, they give a short burst of an emotion." She shakes the paper bag in her hand lightly, causing the contents to rattle faintly, "Would you like a free sample, sir?" Alice looks back at Siobhan and nods towards the paper bag in her palm, "About this big with assorted emotions. Mind you, this one is only about half full because I've been using it to give free samples. I can also provide you with just some some the 'flavors', too, if you'd rather not have some like sadness or what have you."

Watching Crane leave with a curious expression on her face, Siobhan shakes her head and then turns back to Alice. Two galleons and a Sickle are produced from her pockets and tossed towards the third year. "I'll have two bags of joy, please." Such a montonous order, but the Slytherin seems to be quite sure. "And if you wouldn't mind, I'd rather not get them at breakfast. I'll…hm. Meet me by that statue of the one-eyed witch tomorrow after dinner?"

"Two bags of joy?" Alice states with surprise, eyebrows arching in suprised, the girl rather clumsily managing to catch the thrown coins, one of which sinks into the paper bag of sample sweets. She pauses then beams brightly, "Sure thing! Whew! That will just about tap me out of bubblegum joy. I'll have to make a new batch, I will. But I can definitely fulfill the order. Are you sure you wouldn't want any other flavors? Just joy?" She fishes the coin out of the back and then stuffs it as well as the others into her robes, nodding several times, "The one-eyed witch after dinner. Certainly, I believe I can do that, Sio… er, may I call you 'Sio'?"

"Just joy, thanks." Siobhan's smile dims for just a moment, her gaze flickering between the doorway Crane had left from and the tray of seedlings she still had to transfer over to their new home. Finally, a decision must be made, because she hops off the table and offers a friendly wave to Alice. She'll be back for those seedlings later. "Sure thing, Alice! Listen, I've gotta run. I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?" And without really waiting for an answer, she's out the door and jogging up the path after Crane.

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