1994-11-25: Date With A Scarecrow


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Scene Title Date With A Scarecrow
Synopsis Being a ninny, Perpetua sneaks into the hospital wing to check on Walter
Location Hogwarts - Hospital Wing
Date Nov 25, 1994
Watch For Ball dates
Logger Perpetua

Injury upon injury and all Walter has to show for it is a measly third place for the first challenge. The Ravenclaw champion has parked himself in a bed in the hospital wing so that Pomfrey can attend to his various wounds; he's still bleeding a little above one of his eyes and he looks bruised all to hell, but there are no broken bones! And at least his marvelous crash into the stands didn't end in anything horribly unfixable. He hasn't changed out of his very grass- and dirt-stained clothes just yet, since the event hasn't been that long over and he simply can't be troubled with the task. Instead he's busy relaxing like a pro, a book in one hand and his glasses on his nose. If all goes well he might squeeze a couple of days of bed rest out of the entire thing and avoid a class or two.

Instead of going back to her dorm like a good student, Perpetua has made her way into the hospital wing. Still in her cloak, and rat still tucked in her pocket, she peeks in past the doors. No sign of Pomfrey, excellent. Still. She's new to this sneaking thing, so if she's caught, it's her own darn fault. Spotting Walter, she slips into the room and makes her way towards the bed he's parked in. "How are you feeling?," she asks in a small and almost timid voice. (Since she's scared to death she's gonna get caught when she should be back in the Hufflepuff Common Room.)

"I'm wondering why someone hasn't tried to act upon my last wishes. Honestly, that squid must be peckish by now." Walter looks up from his book a couple of moments after Perpetua's arrival so he can peer at her over the rims of his glasses, customary smirk bright and clear upon his face. "Did you see how close to death we all came? Did you?" Didja huh didja?

"You're horrible!," Perpetua breathes out before settling in at Walter's bedside. "I was worried about you, and /you're joking/," she says in hushed tones. From the inside pocket of her robes, Mr. Skitters peeks out, still wearing the shrunken swatch of Ravenclaw colored cloth. "For a moment I thought you were done for!" She's such a gullible little nitwit.

The boy sits up as he removes his glasses, setting them on the short stand beside the bed. "Don't be silly. I was possibly done for throughout the entire ordeal." Apparently Walter wants to be quite clear on this, because it seems to cause Perpetua a great deal of grief. He doesn't miss the appearance of a Ravenclaw'd rat, offering the little thing a glance that only conveys praise.

"Mr. Skitters finally came out of hiding to support Ravenclaw," Perpetua pretty much mumbles as she pokes at the rat's head. Hey you, back in the pocket! "I had imagined all sorts of other things for the first task." All ten times worse than mere bludgers. "I'm glad you at least had your Quidditch experience to help with that." She seems to fret just a little and blurts out, cheeks pinkened, "Well I'm glad you weren't done for, even after the horrid comment you made about the tournament and people dying, cause I wanted to ask you to the Yule Ball. Unless you already had a date, but of course you do, cause you're one of the Champions and I'm sure there are brainier girls you've asked." She doesn't seem to notice she's now rambling.

For a few seconds Walter simply looks mildly surprised at Perpetua's curious proposal, though as he reaches forward to pet the rat a few times he can't help but address the more teasing aspects of the conversation. "Still could've been dashed to merry bits against those stands, I'm afraid. They'd have trouble finding enough body parts to bury." He gives himself somewhat longer to consider the second topic - something he might just feel positively about, since he's grinning like some sort of nutcase in no time at all. "Well, the only date I currently had in mind was one of the scarecrows from the gardens. But if you'd like to make yourself a stand-in I'd be happy to take you."

Perpetua squeaks and swats at Walter's hand. "You shouldn't joke about things like that! Mum always said it was like tempting fate if you did it too much!" Of course, her mother likes to put the fear of things into her kids. "I've been reading history of the Tournament and terrible things have happened to the contestants!" She's actually paid attention in Binn's classes too. The freak. "S.. scarecrow? What? You're joking! You /have/ to be. You're too.." Too what she doesn't say because now she's blushing like a Father Christmas, "Ohmygosh! Really!? I thought someone like you'd have a line of girls waiting!"

"Yeah, a scarecrow. I was planning on animating one for the dance, but I'd guess a real, live girl would go over a little better with Flitwick when we turn up on the dance floor." The boy pulls his hand back a bit as a result of the swatting, but only so he can give Perpetua's leg a couple of pats. "I don't really have a line, either. You seem to be the first one to come up to bat." This entertains Walter immensely, and it shows on his face. Bahahaha silly Huffie.

"I don't know if you're joking or not.." Perpetua says, eying Walter skeptically. She meeps a little and scoots away from Walter's hand. Stopit! She's sheltered, silly, and airheaded. C'mon now! "I mean, I wasn't even planning on going.. Okay, so I was gonna go, but I.." She was gonna sit to the side and watch. "I promise I won't step on your feet!," she blurts, not putting up further argument about whether or not Walter had other dates waiting in the wings.

"And why," Walter asks, "would I be joking about that?" It'd be a chance to show off his mad skills and drive the heads of house just a little further each up the walls of Hogwarts. He picks his book up again and flips it from hand to hand, uncaring of the fact that he's lost his place in the volume. "I don't think I'd mind much if you stepped on my feet as long as you also step on Siobhan's. Oh, and on Ashley's." Because they won and that was unacceptable.

"I don't know, it just sounds like something a person would joke about," Perpetua says, watching Walter toy with the book. A frown puckers slightly at her face, "Oh I'm not stepping on their toes. I'm not happy you placed third, but I'm sure you'll catch them up in points! There are two more tasks." It's not very sporting in her mind to take out the competition and such. "I'm /supposed/ to cheer for Ashley too, you know."

If only Perpetua knew Walter better - but it looks like she's taken matters into her own hands to facilitate that, so it's just as well! He grins in response to her frown, shrugging cheerily at the girl's refusal to participate in low-grade retribution. "Fair enough as far as toe-stepping goes, and maybe Ashley. I'm happy you're cheering for me, though."

"Well of /course/ I am," Perpetua says, sounding very put off. She's clueless about this whole fancying boy things, so isn't aware if she's quite obvious or not. She's what you would call a late bloomer.

Late bloomers make the most awesome flowers! Or something along those lines, presumably. Walter doesn't really pay attention to that sort of business. He just winks at Perpetua and then casually takes it upon himself to say: "Here's hoping I don't die before the ball."

Perpetua lets out a muffled shriek. Only muffled because of the fist she stuffs into her mouth while the other hand swats lightly at Walter's shoulder! "You /can't/. The next task is traditionally in February!" She /read/ that in a history text. So there!

"Might fall off the battlements if I'm not careful - ow." She's hitting! Even that fails to diminish his cheer, however, and Walter ends up smirking at the girl at his bedside with a pair of raised eyebrows while attempting to shield himself from further swatting by holding up his book.

Perpetua eeps and stops swatting. Oh right, he was pummeled by bludgers! "Sorry, sorry," she says, looking apologetic, then, "OH!" She fumbles through the pockets of her cloak and pulls out a handmade card. It's rather lacking in artistic talents, and is just a basic 'get well' card. "Here, for you," she says as she hands it over.

Walter warily lowers his book far enough to reach out with one hand to pluck the card from Perpetua's fingers, taking a good look at it for several long beats. "…Thanks, Perpetua. I'll try to fix myself up in time to get mutilated again at the next task."

"Ooooh, keep it up and I'll stop believing you're gonna get maimed or pop your clogs," Perpetua says chastisingly. Outside in the hallway, footsteps can be heard. Could be a teacher or worse, Pomfrey! Impulsively, she swoops in to give Walter a peck on the cheek, "I better run before you know who pops in and gets annoyed! Get better!" Which is a ridiculous worry. People have gotten worse here and have pulled through. There seems to be little Pomfrey can't fix.

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