Full name Quinlan Rune Majora
Portrayed By Joseph Gordon-Levitt
House Hufflepuff
Year 5th
Position Hufflepuff Beater
Sex Male
Race Half-Blood
Age 16
Place of Birth Cardiff, Wales
Date of Birth Jan 19, 1979
Marital Status Single
Children None

Character History:

In a rather normal winter out in Cardiff, Wales. A baby boy was born to one Quinlan Ambros Majora, and his lovely Muggle wife-Elizabeth Egg. Ambrose a wizarding photographer (known for his pictures of rare beasts-coverage of the Quidditch World cup and various shots for the Prophet) was needless to say surprised with the child came along. All the same when Quinlan, (He like his father named for the first Majora-A Quinlan Majora, famous fighter of Dragons-that is till he was killed by the one he claimed to have slain), Rune Majora reached 11 he was shipped off to Hogwarts. And much to the family's surprise was sorted into Hufflepuff-but young Rune did not seem to mind one bit.

Rune's never been a great student-that much was always certain. And unlike others he had no great aspiring to be a ministry worker, or even have a career as an Auror. His Defense classes and charms always came easy to him-and he had showed a knack for transfiguration. However his love-as it became soon evident was Magical creatures. The boyo already had a love of the outdoors (Father and son would go off camping in the summer and come back with great high tales) and coupled with his fascination with creatures great and small-Rune found himself a favored teacher in Hagrid-and a fine class in Care for Magical Creatures.

Its known, amongst friends and Hufflepuffs, that Rune-though bit of a nice guy seems t' have foul luck. It seems his parents have either given him ink or a quill that points out lies written on parchment without the writer being any the wiser. As such students ever so often after heavy exams or a trying time for the young man might get the pleasure of seeing the Howler's sent from his mum and dad that always do arrive around the time of breakfast. Usually the howler, true to its form berates him for lying and then goes on to bring up embarrassing things from home. Of the Majora kin at Hogwarts-it seems Rune's the only one to really get these. Anyway they are a source of entertainment and rather huge embarrassment for the Hufflepuff beater

He does have goals and dreams. He does aspire to be a dragon handler when he does leave Hogwarts. Something that his friends both like and seem to think he is mildly insane about. (His father often exclaims that his son has not a lick of sense about him. Why care for something that can kill you- Oh Da') But, this does not deter him in the slightest. After all, while he is here, he is going to play Quidditch-(Rune is notorious for being the second team's Beater' but he's served in a pinch for the first team several times. This year he was happy to finally make the first team-only to have his beloved sport cancelled for the tournament.) and work hard-so that one day he can do what he loves. Despite his complaints which are few and fare between, Rune loves Hogwarts and its faculty. He finds it to be much like a second home some times, as often when he comes home from break his mother is busy- and his father is usually off taking pictures either for the prophet or for his own gallery. At hogwarts he has friends where are closer than anything for the boy. They are family. So as the year comes along he strives to have decent grades for an internship before year seven- keeps his nose clean to the best of his ability, (but, like all boys, enjoys mischief), keeps to his friends, and away from the Slytherin table.

And yes, Slytherins do intimidate him.



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