1995-03-01: Rugged Pink


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Scene Title Rugged Pink
Synopsis Chase polls Tally. Then there is discussion.
Location Den of Inkiquity, Hogsmeade
Date March 1, 1995
Watch For PINK!
Logger Ginny

Chase is laden with parchment and quill as she nudges the door to the Den with her foot and stumbles in, bundled up to the nines with scarf and snowsuit. She calls out as she enters, looking around, "Hellooo?"

Thalia has been catching a nap on one of the plum-coloured couches between appointments. She'd been exhausted from practice and, instead of going up to her apartment, had simply crashed on the plush furniture. When Chase enters, though, she sits bolt upright, her curls tousled. "Hi-I'm-here-I'm-awake!" She greets the woman.

"Thats good!" Chasse congratulates Thalia on being awake, letting the parchment float freely in the air as she quickly readies a quill and gets straight to things, "Can I get your opinions on werewolves?" Maybe there should've been smalltalk. Too late now.

Thalia blinks, slightly groggy. Did she hear that correctly. "Um, pardon me?" Tally turns to properly look at Chase, head cocked to the side. "Why don't you have a seat?" She asks in the slightly wary tone that is reserved for people who just might be a little crazy.

Chase sits down obediently, quill and parchment still fluttering about, "I'm canvassing the populace for an upcoming legal action. Do you have an opinion on werewolves? Are they good? Bad? Are you scared of one? Would you be best friends with one? Would you like to meet one?"

Thalia rubs a hand across her face, seeming to digest this information. And then she remembers - Holly had mentioned sending her assistant to do research about werewolves. This must be her. Taking a good look at Chase, she replies, "I think that they can be dangerous, but so can normal people. I wouldn't want to meet up with one in the middle of their Change, but I have no problem with them, really. I'd be best friends with one, sure, and I'd work for one, and have one work for me, and have coffee with one."

"Good," Chase answers, scratching down some notes in her neat handwriting, "Have you ever met one?"

Thalia nods, shifting position to cross her legs at the ankle. "Yes, I have. At least one, but probably more that I'm not aware of. Weird to think about, really - that anyone could be hiding such a big secret."

"They're perfectly normal people most of the time," Chase hurriedly adds, "Really, it is a condition that can be treated … like Dragon Pox or … or … Floo Phobia!" She shudders a little at the last one.

Thalia nods again, murmuring an agreement. "Yes. It's a difficult thing to deal with, but people aren't fair to the actual sufferers. I'd like to see that changed." She smiles at Chase.

"Good, good," Chase continues, scratching down the answers that Thalia gives verbatim, "Would you see you could trust a werewolf on a scale from one to ten? Ten being very trusting, one being not trusting at all?"

Thalia purses her lips thoughtfully, leaning back into her chair. "Well, it depends on the werewolf. There are crazy werewolves, just like there are crazy humans. But a regular werewolf? I'd trust them pretty well, yeah. Probably a seven or an eight, increasing as I got to know them better."

"Okay," Chase nods, taking down the information before she sets the quill down and stops taking notes at last - only then does she appear to actually look around, "Hey, tattoos."

Thalia grins as Chase finally notices the parlour. "Yup, I do tattoo work. Feel free to look around, if you like, or.." She gestures to the brochures on the table. "Take a look at some of the information."

"Can you do tattoos that remind you of things?" Chase asks out of the blue, "Like sometimes I forget appointments. My Cousin Barnabus had a tattoo who always reminded him of his wife's birthday."

Thalia looks thoughtful. "It's possible, yes. One would use some of the same charms used on a Rembrall, only it would be in tattoo form, obviously. We could try and make it chirp or something, or just have it flash obnoxious colours. Did you have a design in mind?"

"I was thinking of a werewolf," Chase admits, tapping her quill thoughtfully, "How far do they move? Do they change places?"

"It depends on where they're charmed to be. The bigger the area, the harder it is to charm - so smaller areas are better. From the shoulder to the wrist, for example." Thalia replies, then tilts her head quizzically. "Change places? Like, switch from one arm to another?"

Chase nods her head in an enthusiastic fashion, "Wouldn't that be cool? All running up and down my arms … over my shoulders?" She seems genuinely excited by the idea.

Thalia grins - the excitement seems to be catching. "Sure, that could work. Though.. you're a legal aide, yeah? We might want to make it just your shoulders, so in case you had to be in court for something important. Do you have to do that often? Maybe you could just wear long sleeves.."

"I wear long sleeves when I'm in court, yes." Chase nods her head so fast one might wonder if there is a faint rattling sound in the air, "I just need it to stay off my face and that'll be fine!"

Thalia nods, though a bit less vigorously. "Okay, we can charm it to be on your shoulders and arms, that could work just fine. Did you have any ideas for the fur or eye colours? We can have it be natural browns, or something brighter. Up to you."

"Pink!" Chase grins broadly, "Pink … but … it should look cool. Really scary. And real."

Thalia looks a bit perplexed. "Pink?" There's a noticable pause, then Tally nods. "Okay. Pink. Were you thinking a hot pink, or a darker, sort of.. rugged pink?" Yes, she said that with a straight face. She's sort of getting into it, now.

"Rugged pink sounds good," Chase says with a nod, "Could it change colors? Like … depending on the time?"
Thalia gets a distinct feeling of deja vu. "Well.. it could start out rugged pink, and then darken? Until it's deep and dark and red?" She suggests.

"Cool!" Chase enthuses, nodding her head once more, "Okay, cool. I like that idea!"

Thalia grins, and nods. "Okay, that sounds good. What kind of timing schedule did you want it to have?" She can certainly guess, but she doesn't want to assume.

"I'm pretty busy," Chase admits, stroking her chin, "Ummm … can I come for an hour after work every day until we're done? That is, like, eight?"

Thalia looks thoughtful. "Hmm.. well, that could work fine for the beginning charms, but the actual tattooing can take a bit longer. My schedule's pretty flexible, though - perhaps you could make room for about.. oh, say, two and a half hours? And then you wouldn't have to come back until it healed. Which reminds me - how's your pain threshold?"

"Sure," Chase promises, contemplating her schedule, "Oh, my pain threshold is pretty good. I went to Salem after all."

Thalia chuckles, and nods. "Okay, miss..?" She realizes then that she doesn't have the woman's name. "Just owl me when you're sure of the first time you'll be free, and we'll work out just when you can come by. Does that work?"

"Chase," says the peppy aide, smiling at Thalia, "Yep. Works for me."

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