Rory McEoghan
Portrayed By Toby Regbo
House Slytherin
Year Graduate
Position Magizoologist
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 20
Place of Birth Dublin, Ireland
Date of Birth 1/23/1981
Mother Mara McEoghan
Father Odair McEoghan
Siblings Aoife (Twin), Corwyn, Donnel, and Mason
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Rory McEoghan comes from a family with a tradition of landing in House Slytherin. His mother and father were both Slytherin, and he too became a member of the House. From a young age, he had a particular affinity for hunting and hounds as well as other beasties of all sorts. He instantly took an interest in Care of Magical Creatures due to this affinity, and seemed to have a much greater respect and affinity for animals than other people.

Despite that, he possessed a kind of animal magnetism, a charisma that went along with his striking features that drew others to him. Sometimes cruel and callous with other people's emotions, and downright violent if a fight broke out, he managed to maintain at least some social standing throughout his time at Hogwarts, where he excelled in Transfiguration, particularly where it pertained to animal transfiguration, and Charms. He struggled, however, in the arts of divination. Prophecy and predictions, and any spell of that nature eluded him, and it was his one great frustration, which remains a sore spot to this day, for someone who wished to excel in every area. It is the one class in which he could not manage an OWL.

After graduation, he took to assisting around Hogwarts with the care and companionship of the various magical beasts in the area. He not only learned to care for them, but how to work and hunt with them. If someone or something needed to be tracked down, he was quite good at doing so, particularly with the aid of his Familiar, Fionn, a Wolfhound of extraordinary tracking abilities. He is particularly stealthy, and athletic, and is used to working with beasts of all types.


There's something a little bit wild in Rory McEoghan, and it shows in the glint of his eyes. He's more at home in the woods than anywhere else, surrounded by his hounds, and the magical beasties that he works with around Hogwarts. That isn't to say that there isn't something charismatic about him, or that he can't get along with other people — he's just more choosy about the bipeds that he gets along with. Don't corner him in a fight, however, because once he gets started, he's not going to be the one to back down. While there's rumor that he can be cruel, he tends to be fairly live-and-let-live.


Present: Magizoologist at Hogwarts. Spends a lot of time in the woods with the beasties, though he isn't a complete hermit.

Other Information

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Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

Familiar - Fionn - A large Wolfhound with a preternatural tracking ability, among others.

Pet - Sioned - A large Wolfhound, and Fionn's mate.

Pure Blood - His family is known and has some small bit of respect.

Affinity for Canines - They seem to favor his companionship and he raises and trains them.

Animal Magnetism and Striking Looks - He attracts attention sometimes, whether he intends to or not.

Divination Inept - He completely bombed this class, and has no skill whatsoever in divination. It's a sore spot.

Siblings - He has a twin sister, and three brothers. The brothers haven't been fully defined and are open if someone would like to app one.

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