1996-04-06: Romantic Respite


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Scene Title Romantic Respite
Synopsis Jack and Maura find a quiet place on a well-visited beach. They spend some time in the sun.
Location A beach near the family Villa in Italy
Date Apr 06, 1996
Watch For Innuendo. Sandwiches. House elf impersonations.
Logger Jack

Being surrounded by water… it's not at all difficult to find a beach. Any beach. Because there are so many. Fortunately, as it's only the beginning of the tourist season it's not as packed full of people as it will be in the coming months. But the sparkling white sands and pristine looking water here draw plenty enough people anyway; enough so that whoever wants to enjoy some time soaking up the sun or splashing around in the water anonymously can do so quite easily. That's where the pair find themselves at the moment, a spot well clear of ongoing volleyball games gestured at inquiringly. "How's that look?" With sunglasses on it's hard to read her expression aside from the smile.

Jack is enjoying the day, the company, and the sunshine. So when Maura speaks, he turns toward her, humming his question. "What's that?" After spending time with his family, his brogue shows up a little, even when he's not trying. "It looks wonderful." Of course, his attention isn't on the spot. It's on her. Even with her sunglasses on, he still keeps his attention on her face, trying to puzzle out her expression. "It's right in the sun, and we have that potion on, so I think we're good." He carries a small cooler with drinks and small snacks his mum pushed on him as they left. "Far enough away that we could set up the chairs without anybody seeing them." Those are in his pocket, waiting for a flick of his wand to enlarge in place.

Which of course just makes Maura smile more; really, he could say just about anything and all she'd hear is the accent. Even 'that looks absolutely terrible on you', and she probably wouldn't notice. "Hmm?" Oh right, she has to pay attention to words. "Thanks goodness for potions." she agrees cheerfully. "Perfect then!" When he agrees, she grabs his free hand and angles their way towards the chosen sunbathing venue. "I can't believe nobody has caught any of you pulling the chair trick before. Muggles are rather unobservant that way aren't they?" is wondered, a natural curiosity prompting the question. "This a favorite family beach?"

"We're pretty careful about when we do it. And the one time we did get caught, the man was so pissed he wrote it off as a bad cocktail." Jack grins widely. "Yeah, we like this spot pretty well. There are places that are more isolated, and some of us prefer those, because they're private, and we can talk work and school and play our games without gettin' caught, but …" He shrugs. "Y'know me, lass. I like bein' out in the open." He gazes around, making sure they're not being observed, and pulls the chairs out as they near. One at a time, he enlarges them and sets them down in the spot indicated. "Your chosen seat awaits, milady," Jack intones with a mock of a courtly bow. He chuckles, setting the cooler between them. "See? Now, they'll wonder where we came from, but they can't ask, because then it sounds stupid when we say, quite truthfully, that we just meandered in." His grin widens a little more, and he settles himself in the other seat from the one he pointed out for her.

Maura has to laugh at that, only now pushing up the sunglasses to make sure her hair is out of her face and so that she doesn't get those horrible no-tan circles that people tend to wind up with when they forget. "A bad cocktail. That's great." She also affects a swoon there, right back into the chair at the courtly bow. "And to think I forgot to bring a paper fan with. I could be fluttering my eyelashes too right now." is teased. But it's the sun; the beautiful, wonderful, warm sun, that prompts her to shrug off the cotton bathing suit cover and sigh quite contentedly. "I think I'll be just as happy if nobody bothers to ask at all. But it'd be worth a laugh to see a few priceless expressions. And speaking of those - your mum doesn't really expect us to go through all that food she packed in the cooler does she?"

Jack is busy watching her shrug off her cover, exposing all that skin. However, he does listen to her. With a shrug, he chuckles at her comment. "Well, when you've a reasonable man like our Da assuring you that it must've been something you ate, you just listen." He smiles, leaning back in his seat and flinging a hand up over his head in a pose of redolent comfort. "You could flutter your eyes at me, but it might cause something terrible to happen. We're not at the quiet part of the beach, luv." He lets his eyelids fall shut and shakes his head, shifting his hips just a little to find the worn spot in the chair that just seems to fit well. "Expect us to eat it all? Naw. Plan for the possibility? Aye." Jack opens his eyes again and gazes straight at her face. "She's had five boys, luv. Got us all through the teen years. So, she's learned to pack a lot of food." It's just a knee-jerk reaction at this point; there's only so many times a woman can hear, 'I'm hungry, Mum' before she just starts leaving food out everywhere.

Maura smiles the smile of one who enjoys having the attention of the person she's with, biting her tongue for once against whatever thing she might be prompted to say this time. nstead, she folds up a towel neatly to put beneath her head for comfort and relaxes against the chair. Doesn't quite close her eyes, though it might look that way to passersby. Instead her head is turned to watch Jack for a moment. "Five boys - surprised you didn't all eat your parents out of house and home." The tone is definitely amused there. "Can't blame her for being so well prepared, in that case."

Jack snickers. "Mum liked to joke that it was a good thing there was nothin' edible in our walls, or we'd have eaten through them." He looks out toward the volleyball players, and nods at them, deciding to ask a potentially touchy question. "Did you ever play sport?" He knows she wasn't on the Quidditch team, but she might've played some sort of game with friends.

"Mmmm, drywall sandwiches. My favorite." What? she never claimed to have a -normal- sense of humor. Maura giggles at that, turning her eyes and head back toward the volleyball players and studying them with fully open eyes for a moment. "I did, I think. It's familiar. That and maybe football." American soccer, that is. "I don't think I was terrible at it, if you're asking whether we should try to join them." She points that out with a self-deprecating smile. "Of course, it could well be why I'm a healer. Someone had to suck bad enough that they were always benched and tending to the minor injuries."

"Not a gram of drywall in the Manor," Jack brags. "It's old." He grins and reaches down to pop open the cooler, grabbing a drink. "You want somethin'?" He gestures down to the selection of drinks: water, juice of various kinds, and a few more … adult drinks. Though not many. It's likely Jack sneaked those in there himself. He shrugs. "If you like. I played Quidditch, and I have played football a bit, of course," he takes a sip of his juice, and then continues. "Probably played a bit of volleyball here and there. Mostly places like here on the beach, though." Mostly for fun, or… to impress someone. He laughs at her last comment, though it's not a mean laugh. "That's our boy Pete. He's the intellectual in the group." When the boys'd play sport, Pete'd end up watching for most of it. And jeering his crazy comments. "He's a laugh, though." They're all here: Liam, Jack, Pete, Mick, Brian and Sio. And the people they brought with them. Which, this year, is pretty much limited to Snape and Maura. And the kids. Go figure. "I'd be up to joinin' them in a bit, but I'm enjoying laying here in the sun." He grins, waggling his eyebrows at her. "Besides, the view is quite nice."

"Because you ate it all, or…" Damn, Jack is too fast for her to finish the joke. So instead, Maura just smiles innocently and leans over to grab a bottle of water from the cooler when the opportunity if offered. "Mhmm." It's almost as if she heard the unspoken thoughts for a second there isn't it? Almost! "That seems to fit with that I've seen so far. I think. Your family is quite fun to be around." She really seems to mean that - which all goes to show she was almost definitely an only child. Or else they've all ben playing far too nice when she's within earshot. "Flattery will get you everywhere." is quipped in return, with a credible eyebrow waggle in return. "And if it's all the same, then I think I'll selfishly enjoy the time alone I have with you. I'll have to share you again with everyone soon enough." A warm smile accompanies the words.

"Fair enough." Jack sips at his juice. "Well, we might have done if there was any there." He knows how they were at that age — young and ravenous. Sometimes in more ways than one. "They are, for the most part." Jack counts himself lucky. His parents and siblings are fairly sane, on the whole. There are moments, of course, but every family has them. He chuckles. "I believe it's not flattery if it's the truth." He grins, sipping at his juice a little more then setting it down. "No one's givin' you any trouble, then?" His brogue is a little thicker as he worries about how his family is treating her.

Maura just shakes her head. She can well imagine the five boys trying at least once to snack on part of the wall. Because they're boys. And young. And really, would they need more reason then that? For the most part, she's just toying with the water bottle idly rather then drinking from it. But that too comes to a halt when he asks about anyone in the family giving her trouble. "No, of course not. Liam mostly pretends I don't exist - the family charm obviously skipped him. But as I'm not here for him, that doesn't bother me any." That last bit added before he can even furrow his brow at all. "And your younger brothers tease a bit, but it's harmless and amusing." she assures, her dimples appearing this time. "You were really worried about it? You know it wouldn't bother me no matter what they said to me, right? Though I suppose it'd make things difficult for you to want to keep seeing someone your family didn't like very much."

"Aw, no, Liam can be a right proper charmer." Jack corrects her. "He's got the family honor in mind, and anything that might mess with that a bit gets the evil eye. I understand." Especially after the long talks with Da lately. "You're an unknown quantity is all." He doesn't want her to feel like there's anything wrong, but she does need to understand the nuances of a Noble — or even just a noble — family. When she mentions the other boys ribbing her, he smiles widely. "Well, now, that's their way of showin' they care, innit?" He chuckles, then takes another sip of juice, using the pause to consider his words before he answers her again. "Of course, I'm worried. It's more than that. If this ends up goin' for long term, there's a place a lady takes." He gives her the benefit of the doubt, knowing her memory is gone. "Those of us born to the higher ranks behave a certain way for things." He sighs. "It's kind of a silent language that says, 'Yes, I am proud of my name, my clan, my home.'" He grins. "It's too heavy a conversation for a bright day like this, though. Today's about forgettin' all of that and just enjoying it." He only brings it up because it pervades their interactions as a family.

"I will take your word for it." Maura decides, on Liam and his charm. That she hasn't quite seen thus far. But she takes in what he says with a thoughtful expression, trying to think back to what she does know and couple it with what she's being told. "Yes, I understand. I remember… I remember my family being different somehow. Not quite the same way, but still something we had to be conscious of, I think." She also taps the pendant around her neck, momentarily serious, so that it's clear. "I would never, ever, do anything that would embarrass your family. In any way. He knows… he just knows not to test me, now. At least when it comes to that." But if they're going to forget all of that and just enjoy the day, she nods towards the water and gives Jack a mischievous sidelong look. "Race you to the water!" And she cheats, naturally, taking off before he can.

Jack nods sagely, taking her words to heart. He watches her run, setting the drink down to get up, run after her, and outpace her easily. Though she may have a fairly decent head start, he has much longer legs, and a powerful stride. He slows down before he reaches the water, stepping into the waves with his toes, then scooping up a bit of water on his fingers, flicking it her direction. It's not a lot of water, and it could miss, easily. He laughs, happy and carefree in the sun and sea.

Maura gaaaasps in that overly fake and dramatic sort of way when the little bit of water hits her. "Well, now you've done it." she declares, as if she actually has any real chance of something that would resemble retribution. But do give her points for sounding confident! She doesn't stop at the edge of the sand instead splashing in an entirely carefree manner until she can fall into the water. So it's a whole lot more she tries to use to splash his way. With an eyebrow arched in challenge of course. "So you're faster on land. Doesn't mean you can catch me." is taunted. Merrily, even.

Jack laughs wholeheartedly at her antics, and just lets the water wash over him. The potion they wear to protect them from the sun won't do a lot of damage, and it seems to stay on their skin regardless of how wet they get, so, he's free to enjoy the water. He splashes back, a quick, light splash, dropping down into the water to allow it to cover his shoulders. He grins up at her and shrugs. "I could, yeah." He ducks into the water headfirst, swimming more closely to her. When he gets near, he pops his head up again, shaking himself. The water drops spread everywhere. "Now, you catch me!" And he's off, swimming the other way, not too much further out.

Maura hnphs! More to herself probably, since he's already ducking under the water to swim near her. "You could, yeah." she mimics, sticking her tongue out at him when he pops up out of the water. Of course, she also laughs gleefully when he takes off swimming so that she has to try and catch up. Even if it's not all that far away. And given that she's obviously not going to be at even her own full strength for some time yet, she doesn't even bother with the regular swimming either. She'll duck underwater and try that instead, as it's less resistance. And then, of course, surface and somehow try to leap at him. Rawr! "Wait, wait. With all this extra effort it takes little me to try and catch up - do I get a prize if I do!?"

"Mmm. I could think of a prize, yeah." Jack grins, reaching toward her instead of away. "Like a good kiss?" He waggles his eyebrows at her, and leans in, kissing her soundly. "Good enough, or do you need more of a prize?" Of course, that wouldn't happen here, but it could happen later. For sure.

"Good kisses are always welcome." As if Maura'd turn one of those away, her smile turning a bit more to the sultry side when she returns the kiss. But hey, if he's going to just suggest she should maybe go for more … "More of a prize? Sold! Payment before morning." Which is obviously later. "And I am definitely not giving you a head start, so you better get moving." And she'll watch for the slightest start of a swim away, too, so she can give chase. Motivation is key, right?

With a laugh, Jack swims away, kicking off, this time not holding much back at all as he strokes a weird stroke that's a cross between the butterfly and the breast stroke. He swims a ways away, then turns a little to see where she is. Since she's right on his tail, he keeps on swimming for a little longer. Soon enough, though, he stops, squatting down in the water again. "Too much work for me. Especially if I'm t' give you that prize." He grins, winking at her. "I don't mind bein' caught by yourself anyway."

Giving her very own version of a squeaked 'war cry', which is obviously just to prompt a laugh, Maura launches back into swimming mode to give chase. When he stops, however, casually commenting on it being too much work and not minding being caught anyway - she just laughs. "Well then. Consider yourself caught, sweetheart." And she'll slip her arms up around his neck just long enough at least to give him a quick kiss. "And a good thing, too. I'm about ready to drape on that chair and soak up enough sun to power a small village."

That wasn't a long enough kiss for him. Jack lowers his head, kissing her again. "Sounds about right," he replies when he releases her. "And now, since we've had our swim, we can eat some of the food Mum sent us." Maybe things haven't changed as much as he'd like her to believe. He drops out of her embrace, swimming back toward their seats until he can't swim anymore. Then, he walks up the beach, waiting on the edge of the waves for her to catch up. "I hope you're enjoyin' yourself." She's already said so, but he wants to make sure.

Maura melts right into the kiss, sighing when she's released. Even though his comment about eating some of that food makes her choke back a laugh. She's a good few seconds behind him when she walks out of the water and onto the beach too. She wasn't kidding about being ready to drape on that chair! "I'm having a fantastic time. I've enjoyed every single day here." she assures, again, sounding cheerful about it to top it off. "You are too, I hope?" smiling up so she can meet his gaze. "So thank you for wanting me along. I really do love spending time with you."

"It's been a nice holiday." Jack replies, honestly, grabbing her hand and walking along the beach until they reach their seats. "The other nice thing about bein' a wizard," he comments lowly, "is sneakin in a couple scourgify spells on the feet. Like so." He cleans his own feet, and then after a quick non-verbal request, he cleans hers. "Then, we're not trackin' sand into our seats." As to her thanks, he shrugs. "I wanted you along. I'm glad you came." He doesn't speak the other part of that: that he's glad she came because it's a more laid back way of meeting the family than a formal dinner at Torchwood would have been. "I have enjoyed having you here." And not just because she keeps his nights as enjoyable as his days.

"My hero." Maura quips with a wink, once she no longer has to worry about tracking sand into their seats. "So many handy little tricks to remember. I do wonder why I never paid much attention to them before. Too focused on the protection spells I think." she comments thoughtfully, in an equally low voice. "Well good, then we're even. What've we got, about a week left? Plenty of time for more fun and relaxation." And so long as they're enjoying each other's company then the rest of the vacation ought to go on as nicely as it's started. "Is everyone fending for themselves for dinner tonight too? Or is everyone gathering back together again?" she wonders, glancing at the cooler of food. But really, only grabs some juice from it to recharge with while stretching out again.

Jack chuckles. "It's okay. I don't mind bein' the knight in shining armor from time to time." He leans back into the chair, grasping for his juice, and taking a long sip. "I'm not sure. I'm thinking it's a 'fend for ourselves' night. If not, Mum will send someone for us." He'll probably be hungry again by then, even if she's not. "If you're not hungry and it's a big family meal, you can blame me." He shrugs. "Nobody really cares. I think it's more the presence of everyone around the table than how much food we all eat." He reaches in to grab a small, cello wrapped sandwich. "Ooh."

"Seems like the perfect opportunity to try and find one of those local places. You know, the ones that the tourists don't normally go to. And not some place you've already been." Cause somehow Maura's certain Jack's already found a few of those. "It'll be something simple." And she can be the sentimental type of dork that squirrels away a matchbox or a coaster that those places always tend to have! "If I'm not hungry and it's a family meal, I'll eat some of it anyway. Momma raised me right." Something that makes her smile to say, despite the hazy memory of the actual person. And a giggle slips out at his reaction to the sandwich he picks out. "One of your favorites, I take it? Eat up, you'll need that energy for later." Quite content to banter and talk amongst the two of them, she drinks the last of her juice and settles in languidly for her sun-bathing.

"That sounds like a plan. We can stop by the villa and check with the family to be sure, but if there's no grand plan," he waves expansively, nearly hitting her with the sandwich, "we'll do that. I have a couple ideas." He grins and pulls the sandwich back to himself, looking at it. "Yeah. Janet knows exactly what to pack to get me to eat." Sometimes, to his detriment. Her comment about needing energy makes his eyes darken. "Damn right I will," he whispers, waggling his brows again. He unwraps the sandwich and takes a bite. "Mmm." It is good.

Maura swats at the expansively waving hand, since it almost causes a sandwich-meets-face mishap, trying her best not to snicker. Really. And this time, she does flutter her lashes in response to his whisper; accompanied by a sweet smile of course. Until he starts in on that sandwich and is obviously enamored of it. That just makes her outright laugh. "Alright, fess up. What kind of sandwich elicits such a response? I'll have to make note of it."

"Corned beef," Jack replies, fortunately waiting until he's swallowed to speak. "Janet just knows how to cook it just right and add a few extra spices. I asked her once what she added to it to make it so good, and she lectured me." He sets the sandwich down, turning and pointing a finger at Maura in a fairly good imitation of the little house elf. "'Master Icarus, you is not needing to know all of Janet's secrets. If Janet tells you all her secrets, yous won't be needing her to make sandwiches for you!' I was torn between laughing and running away to hide." He laughs now, remembering. Her fluttering lashes get a big grin, and an empty hand reached out for hers. "This has been fun."

Maura has to bite down on her lower lip to keep from laughing again, at least until he's finished imitating Janet and her lecture about the corned beef. "Janet is quite indispensable. Even were you to learn the great corned beef secret, I suspect she would never have a thing to worry about." is decided, placing her hand in his when he reaches out for it. "Very. I'm glad we came out here." Lacing her fingers together with his now, her smile turns from amused to content.

With his sandwich in one hand, and holding his girl's hand with the other, Jack sighs happily, watching the athletes play their game. The two of them spend a couple precious hours away from the hustle and bustle of the villa before returning to find out the plans for the evening.

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