1994-11-14: Rock Poggles!


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Scene Title Rock Poggles!
Synopsis Luna meets the Ravenclaw Champion, Walter. There are no rock poggles. That isn't even a real creature, silly.
Location The bridge on the Hogwarts grounds.
Date Nov 14, 1994
Watch For Tantalizing secrets of the nature of the first task
Logger Loony Lovegood

Hogwarts weather in the winter months did tend towards the chilly, with many students wearing wards against the weather such as caps, gloves, coats, and scarves. Nowhere was the chilly weather more evident than the covered bridge. Through the open stone windows of the bridge, a bit of a breeze was picking up, threatening to whip hair, paper, as well as the tails of scarves about in it's passing. But seemingly without a care in the world, was Luna. Skipping along the bridge, her bookbag bouncing on her shoulder, she was humming a dissodant little tune, punctuated by the way her shoes clacked against the stone floor - at least, when the wind didn't steal those sounds away.

Already on the bridge is one Walter Reed, leaning outwards towards the chasm below with his arms folded on the edge of the railing. He doesn't come here particularly often but he doesn't really have any true haunts, so this one is as likely a place as any to have found the recently-appointed Champion of Ravenclaw. He's ditched his school things in favor of his more familiar Muggle garb since his classes are done for the day, preferring an overcoat over a winter cloak. He notices Luna almost immediately - who doesn't? - when she comes into view, turning his head so he can watch her approach with a peculiar little smile. At least the boy isn't trying to blow anything up today.

Unfortunately or no, Luna had not heard any stories of Walter's destructive tendencies as of yet. But even if she had, would that have stopped her from approaching him? Regardless, the girl skips merrily forward, seemingly not even noticing the young man. What Luna was wearing against the chill of the wind was a violet and yellow scarf, as well as a lavender hat atop her head. She was wearing muggle clothes as well, a sweater and a pair of bellbottomish trousers. And then, all of a sudden, her skipping comes to a stop, a little ways to the side of Walter. Finally turning her head about to look towards him, the blank look on her expression is swiftly replaced by a blossoming smile. "Oh, hello, Walter." she says, her tone of voice rather dreamy, all told. "It's lovely weather today, isn't it?"

"Lovely enough that we're not inside, Loony." Other people might intend that handle to be cruel; Walter just uses it because it's close to her name and it's become habit thanks to everyone else calling her by it. He turns around to lean his back against the railing instead, folding his legs at the ankles with a slight smirk as he takes in the girl's appearance. It's rather horrifying, all told, but strangely endearing at the same time. It just contributes to Luna's uniqueness. "Having a look for some rumpled rock poggles or summat?"

Luna cants her head to one side rather owlishly, the occasional wind whipping through the tunnel playing with the scraggly ends of her hair. The bright smile that was on her face dims to a far vaguer one, the faraway look in her eyes matching the tone of her voice, "I don't think I've ever heard of rumpled rock poggles…" she says, thoughtfulness underscoring her tone. When she speaks again, the wind steals the first few words that she says, "…just nargle nests, I think."

Poggles or nargles, it doesn't make much difference to Walter because he's pretty certain neither of them exist or have ever existed. He lets out a quiet laugh and lifts an eyebrow, drumming his fingers on the rail slowly. "And no luck with the nargle nests, I would imagine. It might be a little cold for them right now."

Nargles, now, those certainly do exist. These poggles, however - was he just teasing her? Or did he have knowledge of some as-of-yet undiscovered beastie? "Well, nargles haven't had problems with the cold before." Luna says, thoughtfully, turning her head somewhat to look out through one of the windows. "Although they haven't been stealing my shoes recently…" she says, bringing up a hand to scratch at the side of her cheek. "I rather suspect they are frightened, as we are on to the wrackspurts." she says, smiling brightly at nothing in particular. "Oh, congratulations on being champion. I think I'm going to be on your support team!" she says, turning her eyes back towards Walter, her smile slipping back to neutrality.

Teasing may be the most accurate description of what Walter is doing if the phrase 'playing along' is outlawed, because it's certainly not malicious. He never is, unless it's towards another house's quidditch team. The boy listens to Luna with a similar tilt to his head and then smiles back at her, fingers settling down on the wood more calmly. "I'd be happy to have you on it. Our first order of business is to avoid the event of me being horribly killed." He pauses for a moment. "Quickly and painlessly killed might be acceptable."

"Well, being killed at all will be terribly inconvienent, at the very least." Luna says, settling the strap of her bookbag more snugly upon her shoulder. "I rather think we should avoid that." she adds, seeming very serious as she looks again towards Walter, untilting her head to a more normal angle. "Do you have any idea what the first challenge is going to be?"

"Not the slightest clue, though we've been told to bring our brooms when we show up. I hope we're not going to be doing anything too ridiculous, really, because broken bones and loss of limb would just be unpleasant." He nods along with Luna's assessment that dying would be a similarly negative event, and can't help but let his smirk widen. "Here's hoping Ravenclaw places first, though. And by that I mean myself." Because Walter is now the house's representative, and he might actually drop dead of shame if Slytherin or Gryffindor took home the prize.

"Well, you already have an advantage, then." Luna says, "You're a Quidditch player, no? And the rest of the champions… well… they aren't." Luna says, pausing, "Although Harry may help the Gryffindor champion, and he's rather good at the game." To his want of placing first, however, Luna waves her hand dismissively, "Oh, no. Daddy says that is just what the Tri-Wizard Conspiracy wants. Or… well, I think that they want a Ravenclaw win to take the attention off of their schemes."

Oh lordy. The Lovegood family is made out of crazy, or at least that's how it seems a ridiculously large amount of the time. Walter is used to crazy thanks to being in close proximity to the house of nerds, though, so he's better disposed to deal with Luna's eccentricities. "Well, Loony, I'd be happy to have you as support. Maybe slip a nargle into whatever we're doing to liven things up if you get the chance - but I should really be on my way. I think Rogers wanted to borrow one of my books. Or wanted me to give one of his back. Or something."

Taking another breath to continue on her tirade about the Tri-Wizard Conspiracy, Luna closes her mouth when Walter starts to speak. "Oh, very good." she says. "…I don't think nargles will help, as they are rather bothersome, but I will see what I can do with the ones about Hogwarts. I'll have to write daddy, maybe he will invent something to catch them." Luna says, pausing to gaze out through the windows again. "I wonder if the house elves will give me pudding at this hour." she says, frowning some now as Walter likely slips away.

Note: After this scene, Luna sent a charm for Walter's broomstick in an envelope given to one of his dormmates - a charm to protect his broomstick against nargles.

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