1994-12-27: Revelations, Curses and Scolding, Oh My!


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Scene Title Revelations, Curses and Scolding, Oh My!
Synopsis Some things come out during dinner.
Location Kitchen, the Burrow
Date December 27, 1994
Watch For The cursing!
Logger Ginny

Ginny is sprawled out on the spare twin bed in her room, staring up at the moving Quidditch posters on her ceiling. She's been sleeping on the spare bed ever since Angelina has been over, as Molly had sternly intructed her to give her bed to the guest. The small room is rather crowded with stuff - lots of books and some albums, with the walls covered in posters.

Angelina tried to insist that Ginny sleep in her own bed, but has been turned down every time. She hasn't been with them the whole time, of course. Her father is working, as is her mother, and older brother. Her younger sister is with her own friends, so that leaves Angelina pretty much on her own. No hanging with the Quidditch team this time of year. They are too focused on training for the season. The door creaks open and she enters, carrying two mugs. "Here. Your mother wanted me to bring this to you."

Of course she gets turned down! Manners, after all, are key, especially in the Weasley household. Ginny smiles at Angelina as she comes into her room with the mugs. Rising from her bed, she walks over to her schoolmate and takes the mug, peering into it. "Smells good."

"Yeah. Bill must have told her I like her cocoa. Now every time she sees me, she puts a mug of it in my hands. I'm going to be too wide to ride my broom when I get back to the school." Angelina passes the hot mug over before cradling her own in her hands and sitting on the edge of the bed. "So. Getting ready to go back?"

Molly is downstairs, making supper. It's now finished, and so, while the girls are chattering away, their tete-a-tete is interrupted by a loud, familiar voice. "Supper!" Who needs a sonorus charm?

Ginny lifts the cup to her lips for a sip. "Mm. I love Mum's cocoa. Tastes all warm and homey." She moves to perch on the edge of her bed, about to ask Angelina a question, when she hears her mother. "Coming, Mum!" She cries just as loudly, forgetting Angelina was in the room. "Er, sorry." Ginny smiles sheepishly at the other girl.

Angie's getting used to the yelling. It doesn't even seem to phase her this time. Rising with Ginny, she turns for the door as well, though she doesn't yell in return. "Any idea what she made? It smells so good. She cooks…differently than my mother does. Different kinds of food. But it so much better."

Molly made mashed potatoes and gravy, a casserole with the leftover roast and some veg, and rolls. There are also fresh biscuits for dessert. She hears the noise from upstairs, and misses others. "Ronald!"

It's suppertime at the Burrow. There is a casserole with roast and veg, mashed potatoes and gravy, and some rolls. Molly has also made fresh biscuits for dessert. They're oatmeal raisin. There's plenty of food, as usual, and Molly's got it on the table.

Ginny smiles warmly at Angelina, gesturing for Angelina to follow her down the stairs. She clatters down the stairs, jumping off from the last two steps to land with a THUD. "I'm here, Mum!" Ginny says, pulling out a chair.
Angelina is a bit behind Ginny, still carrying her mug in hand. And yes. As she passes the clock, she looks. Checking where Ron is likely. Clearing her throat she enters the kitchen, giving Mrs. Weasley a grin. "Thanks for feeding me again, Mrs. Weasley. I promise I'll go home, eventually." She picks the seat next to Ginny and settles in.

Outside the kitchen window, two charcoal eyes peer in through the window. The eyes are set in a rather frosty white face of snow and rest above a carrot nose.. and for the mouth.. well? It seems someone jammed a potato in for the mouth. That happens to posess two little legs kicking and muffled shouts of rude swear words about the cold. Sure the gnome is cold and annoyed for now, but he'll wriggle free soon enough. Besides, why make a normal looking snowman? Bill found the little hapless gnome wandering and was inspired. There's also an old beaten hat on the snowman's head and he's wearing a woebegone set of robes. Done with the macabre appearing snowman, Bill enters the kitchen and shakes off the chill. "Just in time," he says with a grin, shedding his cloak and gloves.

Apparating's a bit easier, this time - now that Siobhan knows where she's going, at any rate - and so it is a slightly less ruffled Baby Noble that knocks on the door of the Burrow. She's wearing her usual magenta cloak, but has ditched the jeans for tights and a denim skirt and jacket. Trying her very hardest not to look at the decidedly odd snowman, she rocks back on her heels and waits.

Arthur has been doing what he does, if not best, then at least well - keeping out of the way. But now with the smell of food and the sound of voices, he drifts into the room with a copy of the paper up under his arm. It's set aside before he takes his spot at the table, forcing away any troubling thoughts that accompany the reading of the news these days, and offering a warm smile to the family et al. "Table looks so much better with you all at it," he remarks with a chuckle as he settles in. Yes, a full house is just how he likes it! He glances over at the knock on the door, and then casts a glance about the table. "We expecting more?" He doesn't sound like he horribly minds, but perhaps suspects he's lost track of who's meant to be coming.

Molly looks up from where she's placing the last of the silverware, and glances toward the door. "Not that I know of, dear, but you know, with all the children home…" Save Charlie, "it could be one of their friends." She hopes that's who it is. She heads toward the door, hand on wand, and slowly opens it. "Oh." She is a bit surprised and nonplussed. "Come in, come in." She turns around. "Ginny, make a place at the table for your friend." Turning back to Sio she smiles. "You're just in time for dinner, dear."

"I invited her, Mum." Ginny pipes up, as she clears the seat next to her (opposite the one Angelina's in) for Siobhan to sit in. She tries to give her mother a Significant Look, which says that Siobhan had come to escape her lonely, empty house, which of course cannot be said aloud. Then she takes in the scents of dinner with a noisy inhale. "It smells great, Mum." Ginny begins to heap her plate with food.

Angelina isn't quite so bold as Ginny. She doesn't just dive into the food and start scooping it up. She just waits her turn, smiling quietly. When she enters, and room is made for her at the table, Siobhan is given a quiet wave and a grin. Seems the whole gang likes this house.

Mum beats Bill to answering the door, so he settles in at his seat at the table. He looks over at the new arrival and grins, "Hey come in and make yourself comfortable." Siobhan being a Slytherin doesn't bother him like it would some Gryffindors. Sure he has House bias, but Siobhan showed to be on the cool side, plus she's a Noble. Leaning back in his chair, he's not diving into the food yet. He hasn't done that since he was a teenager. He's gonna wait for the others to help themselves.

Offering a sheepish and slightly embarrassed grin to Molly, Siobhan gives a little wave. "Hullo, Mrs. Weasley." She looks momentarily startled - she'd meant to come late enough not to impose - but inhales appreciatively. "It smells delicious." Removing her cloak, she folds it up, shrinks it, and stows it away in the pocket of her denim jacket. Adjusting her rather ridiculously long scarf, she settles in next to Ginny and hastil pushes a little flash of white back up her sleeve. "Hullo, all," she greets with a smile that's still just this side of unsure, sealing the deal with a slight waggle of her fingers.

"Yes, well, that's settled then," Arthur comments, a bit after the fact, but at least he's trying to keep up! Siobhan gets a grin of greeting, before he turns his attention on the table at large. He's not in a huge rush to get himself served, waiting to make sure everyone's got enough before he starts going for what's left. "So, what trouble have you kids been getting into this holiday?" he asks conversationally, and with some amusement, including everyone younger than he and Molly in that sweeping 'kids'.

Molly is all ready to scold Siobhan for her use of magic, and even has the words starting to come from her lips when she remembers that the girl is Of Age. She gives her a smile and a nod and a quick gesture toward the table. "Well, then, dear. Sit down, sit down. There is plenty." She turns to Ginny, and gives her a quick look that clearly states, 'we will talk about this later, young lady', and closes the door behind the new arrival, then moves to sit down at the table with the rest. She picks up the casserole dish and takes a little, starting it around the table. She'll take some, but mainly to get things started. "Oh, do eat up, dears."

Ginny ducks her head sheepishly when her mother gives her That Look. "Good to see you, Sio. You know Bill, and Angelina.. have you met my dad? Dad, this is Siobhan Noble. Sio, this is my father, Arthur Weasley." She gestures to her father, then to Sio, and back again, then begins to chow down.

Once the way is clear, Angelina takes her own bit of food, careful not to take too much with added guests present. She stays quiet, for the most part, glancing about at everyone as she eats. "This is really good, Mrs. Weasley. So much better than my mum's cooking."

Bill pours himself some tea, "Well dad, I swiped another toilet seat from the boy's loo at school before the holiday.." Hey, he would have felt left out if he hadn't of offered such a tale. (Not that he pulled such stunts. That's a Fred and George move.) He reaches for a roll and munches on it, gesturing to Angelina and Siobhan to help themselves. Guests first! Once he's seen Siobhan and Angelina fill their plates, he'll take a turn at the platters.

"Nice to meet you, sir. My Da always speaks very well of you." There's a nervous attempt at a smile, but the statement is true enough. Siobhan is still not quite sure about this. It's an entirely different atmosphere from her home and yet so similar. It's enough to make a girl nervous, and a nervous Sio tends to lose her ability to censor. At all. So when the question is asked… "Harry an' I took out two wanded Ministry goons." Non-sequitor, ahoy! Well, at least it's something she did. See? Participation! When the food is passed around, she takes small enough portions, but doesn't hesitate to dig in; the resemblance to Ron attacking a meal is uncanny. It's a wonder she doesn't choke on something, despite having eaten not four hours ago. Still, she manages to remember enough of her manners not to talk with her mouth full.

Arthur offers a grin to Bill's story, no doubt getting the reference and not thinking Bill has actually done such a thing himself. "Oh, good, good." His attention shifts back to Sio as she's introduced, and he nods in recognition. "Oh yes. Good man, your father," he comments approvingly. The non-sequitor is met with a bit of bemusement. "Ah, 'took out'?" He frowns just a bit, not sure if this is some new hip lingo the kids are using or if… "Everyone's all right then?" He doesn't let too much concern creep into his tone, though it's been lowered just a bit - and the question is more serious then his previous doddering ones.

Molly was holding the spoon to the mashed potatoes when Siobhan speaks. "You did what?" It's not a shriek, but it's a little louder. She drops the spoon and then picks it up again, quickly scooping some out and passing it on. "What were ministry representatives doing at Hogwarts? And with poor Harry?" It always comes back to Harry, it seems. She frowns at Bill. "Now, don't give your brothers any ideas, Bill," she chides, giving a glance to the snickering twins. "I do hope that means you merely incapacitated them, Siobhan." She uses the girl's full name, regardless of Ginny's shortening of it. Mum's perogative. Angelina gets a smile. "Thank you dear. How is your dear mother?" Whether she's met the lady or not, it's polite to ask.

Ginny nearly chokes on a forkful of casserole. Oh, my god. Did Siobhan just actually say that? Ginny resists the urge to introduce her forehead to the tabletop. Clearing her throat and then taking in a big breath of air, she tries her best to keep a smile on her face.

Angelina slows in her eating as she listens. Oh. This is good stuff. Her brown gaze moves around the table as she listens, taking in everyone's expression when all this talk is brought up. Her eyes light on Bill's face for a moment, a glance given him.

Bill frowns around his mouthful of roll, swallowing it before speaking, "What? What in the bloody hell would you and Potter need to take out Ministry goons for?" He looks surprised that they would /have/ to do such a thing. From what he's heard from his siblings about Potter, he's not taken aback by the boy's abilities. "The Ministry's got no business hassling students." He can only presume that's what was going on anyway. Then he chides his mother distractedly, "Now mum, they don't need my help anyway." He's even covered for some of their shenanigans too. But that's not the point right now.

"No one was hurt, really." Siobhan's frown showcases how close a call that was, though. "But I think we mighta hurt their pride a little." Two students taking down two fully-trained Ministry wizards? Yeah, that must've been fun to explain to Umbridge. She shrugs, leaving off the food for now. "They were gonna 'subdue' Harry. I wasn't about ta let them touch him, an' neither was he." She reaches to the cup in front of her and takes a drink. "They didn't like the answers we gave 'em, I guess."

Arthur casts a glance over towards Molly as Siobhan explains, not liking the sound of this at all. But he's good at keeping his cool at least, his attention returning to Sio as she finishes. "And what answers were these?" he asks, once again feeling like he's somehow missed a page from his book. Though it seems a more important page than usual.

"William Arthur Weasley! Language!" Bill may be the oldest 'kid' at the table, but he's not above a reproof from Molly. In fact, she's pointing a butter knife at him. "That woman." Her tone regarding Umbridge is nearly as disapproving as it is toward her son's foul language at the supper table. She takes a bite and listens to Sio's words closely. When her bite is swallowed, she narrows her eyes. "And where were the teachers while all this was going on?"

Ginny looks rather stunned. There had been rumours, of course, filtering throughout the school. But this was coming straight from the source, and it was truly true. Her eyes widen, and she just watches Siobhan a bit goggle-eyed. Reality had thrown Ginny for a loop.

Angie already had the confirmation from the source. She chuckles quietly at the scolding from Molly, her gaze still on Bill. "Now you understand, Bill, why it is the students are getting involved, as you put it. That is why the curiousity. Because it isn't just out here. It is there too now. Only that isn't getting out. How long before she sends more people? Or tries to get rid of Dumbledore?" A glance at Siobhhan. "Or…tries to disband the Wizengamot?
Bill glances aside at Arthur as Siobhan talks then looks back to the student. Able to keep his temper, he's rather calm, although he looks a bit ruffled, "So the two of you were hassled and questioned? What the devil for?" He's heard about inner Ministry interrogations, but this just goes beyond the pale. He can understand Siobhan being grilled about her brother, but Harry? "Sorry mum," he says when he's roundly chastised for his choice of words. He even appears mildly contrite towards his mother. "No Angelina, I was hoping that students wouldn't be dragged into matters."

"For the most part, students are bein' left out. There's just a few of us what are… Sort of walkin' about with big bullseyes on our backs." To Arthur's question, Siobhan grins. "Answers that wouldn't help them." She takes another swig of her drink. "Siri an' Jack an' that lawyer woman didn't do a thing wrong. That bitch sent over a hundred dementors after them." She winces and reins in her volume and temper. "Sorry Mrs. Weasley, but they could have died." A hint of white pokes out of the sleeve nearest Ginny, but this time Sio doesn't notice. "She's authorized Cruciatus for Jack's questionin' if they catch him, and it's the Dementor's kiss on sight for Sirius." Her eyes flick among those at the table. "Frankly I'm surprised they didn't pull it on Harry or I. They could've."

Arthur takes this all in, beginning to look more concerned with each sentence. Clearly he needs to start making a number of … inquiries at work. For now, though, he just listens to the conversation, taking in all what details he can. His food gets picked at a little, but most of his attention is on this matter now.

"They did what??" Molly's not too happy either. "And, yes, I heard about that woman's new policy. I told Arthur it was like a two year old who wasn't getting her way." She frowns. "Is your brother safe, then, Siobhan?" This is a worry to the mother. "Your poor mother, dear." And by extension, the rest of the family, as well. "I was ever so surprised to find out that Sirius was innocent." And yes, she did hear, and believes his story. It makes sense. "Well, at least dear Harry had someone with him." He doesn't always, and she's proud that her children are often the ones who are there. She frowns, pushing her food around her plate for a moment, gathering enough for a bite. "Dementors. Well. I never!"

Ginny is agog. Dementors? Cruciatus? This is absurd, and rather quite scary. She didn't know all of this was happening, truly happening, until now, and it feels like her world is tilting. Her brow furrows, then something brushes her arm. Just barely managing not to squeak, she says, "Got some casserole on your arm, Sio," then she reaches over, pushing the streak of white back under Siobhan's sleeve in the pretense of cleaning away casserole. Whew. Crisis averted.

This is clearly new to Angelina as well. She didn't know all this. Her brow wrinkles up and she goes entirely silent, poking at her food, pushing it around, squirming in her chair. She glances at the family clock, then around the table once more. For once, Angelina Johnson has no appetite.

Bill's expression darkens slightly and his gaze shoots back to his father, before he stabs at his food and takes a few bites. All of this fun news and he'll be heading back to Egypt soon. This is going to drive him a bit batty. Getting the information remotely and being far away. "It's a load of bollocks, that's what it all is.. Sorry mum." He gets in a pre-emptive apology for his choice in terms. "Professor Dumbledore won't put up with it as long as he's got a say in things."

"He's safe ma'am." Siobhan's voice is quiet, but there's a conviction there that could only come from someone who has complete blind faith in her brother. Henrik came back sans packages, so Jack's gotta be somewhere safe. "Was the Headmaster what made sure things didn't get completely out of hand," she admits, though her lack of faith in Dumbledore is in stark contrast to that she has in her brother. Shooting Ginny a grateful look for the 'casserole' adjustment, she slides two fingers up her sleeve as if to scratch at an itch, then turns back to her food. She's caused enough stir for one evening, thanks.

"Well, at least there's that." Molly allows, to the fact that Sio's brother is safe. "Anyone for biscuits?" She stands to grab the tray of warm biscuits to pass around, should anyone want some. "Professor Dumbledore will keep them all in hand." She nods.

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