1996-03-01: Retail Therapy


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Scene Title Retail Therapy
Synopsis Siobhan pulls some strings and takes Maura and Cianan into London on a Friday to do some much-needed shopping.
Location London
Date March 01, 1996
Watch For Kee getting flashes of visions - and not of sugarplums either - and Sio and Maura Plotting.
Logger Bright One

London. Siobhan, Maura, and Cianan - surrounding by no less then six snappily dresses security people and carrying one very shiny credit card. Not literally shiny, but the gleam of acsquisition is fairly blinding when one considers the fact that it has no credit limit on it. One of the shoppers looks uncomfortable because he's a teenage boy, emo, and would just like to know why Siobhan is making him go with. "C'mon Sio. Why do I gotta be here. I'm -not- getting my nails done either, so don't even… not a peep about that." he warns, stuffing gloved hands in his pockets and looking grumpy.

Maura, she just looks nervous. "Are you sure this is alright, Siobhan? I don't have nearly enough money to be shopping in places like this. It just feels weird spending someone else's money like this." Pause. "He ain't expecting any favors for this, I hope." Which is Rikath talking, of course. "Not that your fiance's bad lookin' or anything, but there's a line…" Sigh. A pained expression crosses the woman's face after she blurts that out, and shr scrubs at her forehead. "So … where to?"

Dressed in tight leggings, ballet flats, a mini-skirt length sundress and an unbuttoned jumper over it all, Siobhan rather manages to look quite a bit like the height of teenage fashion. Reaching over to run a hand through her young cousin's hair, she smiles down at him brightly. "No, you're going to be getting a haircut while we do that." Because little Kee is starting to look a bit shaggy 'round the ears, in her opinion. "You're here because you're coming with us over Easter hols and if you want to go places with me, you will have nice things to wear." And since the alternative is staying cooped up in the palazzo with Auntie Edana… Well, it's his choice. Her slightly wicked grin would have nothing to do with any kind of serpentine manipulations. Nope! None at all. "I'm positive that it's alright, M. It's better for my sanity if the students take you seriously." Because as a professor and one of only two Slytherins on staff, it falls to her to deal with rambunctious vipers who don't take their new healer seriously. And run all over her. "And no, he isn't expecting anything." Siobhan would eat his face so fast he'd never see it coming. "He's smarter than that, really." Glancing around, she lowers her voice a little. "No one's seen or heard from Mortimer in weeks." Morty - her family's usual tailor. "So we're going to Muggle it up, today. Jasper's is good. They'll do on-site tailoring as well, if need be. That'll be our first stop." She's been a frequent customer for years.

Cianan playfully shoves back at the hand that reaches for his hair and makes a face. "Aww c'mon, you know I don't wanna see.." TOO LATE. See Kee's stinkface? It's this one, with nose wrinkled. "Man, why don't you be all touchy feely with Maura instead. She counts as family don't she?" He pauses, looking sheepish. "Er, or will. Maybe. Crap." Think fast, kid! "Two of you look real pretty when you're kn.. pregnant! That's a good thing, right? Nope, don't know when! And she keeps touching me, I'mma spill every secret I see." he singsongs, perhaps hoping the healer will come to his rescue.

"Right, ok. You have a point. I guess wearing the modified Hogwarts Special won't cut it. But…" Maura, looking weirded out. Even more so when Cianan speaks. That makes her gawk. "Ohmygod. What?" She really didn't hear any of that. She's -good- at pretending. And trying to keep the focus on shopping. So she grabs Sio's arm and hugs on it. "Jasper's! Sounds great. What do you think I'd look good in."

Despite having her arm grabbed, Siobhan looks like someone just smacked her upside the head with a large fish. "I - we - what? Pregnant?" Instinctively, her un-grabbed hand flies to press against her - thankfully - still flat stomach. A little paler than before, she levels a glare toward her little cousin. A glare that doesn't have nearly as much 'oomph' as it should. "Not funny, Kee." But she is being dragged! Using that free hand to grab Cianan's - sleeve covered! - wrist so as not to lose him, Siobhan lets herself get tugged along. "Um, well, summer's not too far off. The Spring lines should be out, so we'll see what Jasper has in. He's one of those guys who just knows what you want, even if you don't." And though she doesn't provide any resistance to being dragged toward said boutique, part of Siobhan's mind can't quite shake the 'She counts as family' playing over and over in Kee's annoyed voice.

Well, he dodged half that bullet at least. For now. But, Kee shrugs. "What? I saw it!" he insists, sighing mightily when his covered wrist is grabbed and he's dragged along with -girls- to have t -shop-. Ugh! "Ameripants is going to pay for this. And I don't mean in /money/." he mutters under his breath. One can expect this sentiment to play out -constantly- the whole time they're there!

Maura might perhaps blanch a little, and look down at her stomach like 'no way - already??'. But, as she is busy trying to distract Siobhan, it's really only for abut half a second. "Oh good, because if it were up to this thing around my neck I'd probably walk out dressed like a whore and not even realize it till we got back." she admits, with a put upon expression. "I mean, it's a little weird. The things I -say- are like, what I'm thinking but really the worst possible way to put it. But, I dunno. It has that 'I know what's best for you' thing going on. Not that I really understand why dressing slutty is what's best for me. But, it -is- a male spirit. And you know men." Babble, babble, babble. "You're going somewhere for the holidays?"

"We are going somewhere for the holiday," Siobhan corrects. "Da thinks a week or so at our palazzo in Venice would do you and I some good." And she's inclined to agree. Cianan's muttered complaint makes Sio's frown deepen and so when they reach the entrance of the shop, she gestures for Maura and her two 'shadows' to go on ahead. She'll be right along in just a tick. Turning to her young cousin, Siobhan uses just a fingertip to tilt his chin up, making him look at her. "He's dying, Kee." Her voice is very soft and her face is very sad. "There's a child that needs protection and he's dying." Since he's one of the ones Severus said had figured out more than a bit on their side of things, Sio figures now it won't hurt to explain the other. "Cut him some slack." Baby Eagle is smart enough to put the rest of the pieces together, right? "Come on." And slinging an arm around Kee's shoulders - completely unafraid of touching him and reassuring herself that he's really here at the same time - she'll direct the two of them inside, where Jasper - a tall, thin man with keen blue eyes and bright silver hair - has already snatched Maura and has his assistants fluttering about the store to find this and that at his direction. With a wink down at Cianan, Siobhan holds them back a little bit. This will be fun to watch.

"Aw man." Yeah, Cianan gets it. As much as any child his age is really going to get it. And it makes him scowl. "Fine. I'll be nice to the man." he agrees, knowing it's being asked, without it being explicit. But the touch to his chin sets off another little fragment, one that makes him worry. "Prof. ain't going to be too happy at that wedding, cousin. Hope he's got a potion or a glamor or something. Cause when you walk down that aisle…" his voice trails off, and he looks genuinely mopey until he spies Jasper grabbing hold of Maura and steering her around; it makes him smirk with amusement. "Hahahaha. She doesn't stand a chance. Two of you, you're close already right?"

"We? What? Sio, you don't really want me to meet your family. Not with -this-… this amulet. It'd be horrible. I would be such an embarrassment. And if I don't have it on, I'll look like a freak." Maura hisses, abject horror showing on her face just before she's shoved into the store and oh shit there's Jasper. She's spun, examined, and practically stripped right in the middle of the store as he takes charge. She looks nearly as horrified by this as Kee does about his haircut. Things will fit when he's done alright; she's probably not going to get away with anything that's oversized this time. Likely to her dismay and nobody else's. But hey, she's not hyperventilating yet. Good sign! There's an awful lot of jewel tones and pastels being hauled out. Black stuff is always saved for last.

And if Cianan is paying attention at all, he'll see his elder cousin just … freeze, her eyes sliding closed and an expression of almost-pain on her face. "I know." Her jaw clenches and she swallows a time or two, preventing the emotions stirring in her gut from coming to the surface where she could no longer control them. She knows very well what it is she'll be asking her mate to do. She already carries that guilt - even months before the event is scheduled to take place. "We'll … we'll figure something out." And with a deep breath and one more hair-ruffle, she steps away and purposefully toward Jasper and Maura. Sio to the rescue! "Jazz, darling," she greets him with an effusive warmness - one that both her companions might recognize as forced. She accepts his excited return and offers a kiss to each cheek before stepping to one side and giving the current selection a critical eye. "I really do want you to come, Maura love. Now let's see … she has a lovely figure, Jazz. Almost sprite-like. I'm thinking some nice creams and blues and greens - light and thin and lacy?"

"Shit, Sio. How do you wind up in these situations." Cianan breathes, a sigh his lips. Really. "I'll sit beside him, and annoy the crap out of him. He'll be too irritated with me, and coming up with new and evil punishments to get all mopey for the cameras." See what he does for you? See!? "Least one good thing'll come out of this whole fiasco." Odd how he's looking Maura's way when he says that. Up until the point where hand brushes scalp and all the blood drains from his face. Fortunately, he's pale already. So it's not of a difference. But he does look back and forth between both women with, uh, horror.

Maura, relieved! And perhaps a little bit 'raised eyebrow' at the effusive warmth. But she won't say anything. She's too circumspect for that. "Alright, alright. Which me am I going as?" To thoroughly confuse the Muggles of course. "Oh, well. Creams and blues and greens sound nice. Lacey? You think?." She bites on her lower lip then, and glances over at Kee. And when she sees his expression, nudges Sio over his way. "I, ah… I'll need something suitable for dancing too. Like, one of the trendy clubs. Maybe something suitable for a nice dinner." The words end on a questioning note, while she figures her friend is only paying half attention.

Nudged toward Cianan, Siobhan catches his horrified expression and curses under her breath. Making firm eye contact, she slips inside his mind with only the minimum of effort - guess practice does make perfect. The memory she sees - first and fresh in his mind - makes her more than a little nauseated herself. There's a whisper in his head that sounds an awful lot like Sorry. and then something to distract him; a flash of memory - Siobhan wearing one of Snape's robes and grinning over at Voldemort, cheekily referring to him as 'Lord Tom'. See? He's not the only one who plays with his own life at the hands of crazy old Slytherins! Hopefully that will be enough, because she's gone as quick as she came, focus back on Maura and grinning brightly. "I think the amulet will be best. I'll get Jack and Sev to help me keep Mum off-balance." So she won't notice the ah, crassness. "Oh, sweetie, we're not getting club-wear here." And even though she's not quiet about it, Jasper seems only to grin wider. "No, this place is far to classy for that. We'll go get that while Cam and Val take Cianan to the range. Then we'll do dinner and get him back to the school." Because there's nothing to distract a young wizard like the chance to go shoot things. Right?

"Both of you?" That's all Cianan can squeak at first, still a little horrified. But, Sio makes quick work of soothing his mind, and the expression is quickly replaced by appreciative amusement. And he clears his throat, getting himself lost in the men and boys clothing. He does not want anything to do with the girly stuff, thank you! And pretending to be disgusted by ties will be rather cathartic.

"I… well, see…" Should she explain now that she's not sure that plan will work so well, or wait till later. "I could handle learning to shoot things too. But good idea; give the poor kid something to do aside from hang out with two women spending way too much money", she agrees. "You know, it's your cousin over there that saw we'd only get you with Sev helping us. He has a very eerily accurate thing going on. He called me by name before we'd actually formally met . Also, what do you think of that?" she points at a rather nice smokey blue lace dress. Not -too- fancy, but, well, nice enough that it's caught her eye rather longingly.

Siobhan watches Cianan slink off to the men's section with ill-disguised worry, giving Danny a grateful nod as the shadow follows on after. He'll commiserate with Kee about the unfairness of hideous ties until the kid - hopefully - mostly forgets what he saw. "You and I will go later - with the grown-ups." O'Neill makes a 'hey!' sound, but is quickly shut up when Carter elbows him in the side. Siobhan can't resist a smile at their antics, but she does manage to hide it, looking at that pretty blue dress. "Go try it on," she encourages her friend. "Jack needs to learn too and I'd feel better if Sev and I have at least a basic grasp." It's not as important for them, considering their wandless capabilities, but it never hurts to be prepared. Leading Maura back toward the enclosed areas for changing, Siobhan sinks into a plush pouf near an open door and sighs. "I know he does." She sounds tired for a moment. "I've been looking all over, but I can't find any genuine Seer in all of Britain that could help him control it. Focus it. Da says there's a third-cousin or something in Rome who might be able to point me in the right direction." Which is part of the reason she agreed to go on the family outing.

Even Maura giggles at the antics of their erstwhile guard contingent, and waves at them with amusement she doesn't bother to conceal. "Maybe we should find a way to just all go to the range at the same time. That way, we all look like idiots together." the musing is made from behind one of the changing curtains, while she puts on the blue outfit first. "It's a burden, from what I can grasp of being told about it. And he looks so … exhausted - and haunted - after he's had a vision rather then just one of those glimpses," is added, with a healer's voice of concern there. "Perhaps it would help him to learn some wandless. It takes a real focus; something that using the wand doesn't necessarily require." she points out, stepping out from behind the changing curtain with the expression of someone unused to seeing herself in the mirror. "Does it look alright?" … from out in the shop, there's a bark of laughter. "It -does- look like vomit!" Yeah, Kee's fine.

Siobhan gives her friend a considering once-over, gesturing for her to spin around so she can get the full picture. "That looks lovely, M." There's a genuinely warm smile there, but the mention of wandless has Sio giving Maura a long look. "I've had him meditating since last autumn. I'd planned to start teaching him Occlumency after the winter holiday, but - " But shit happened. A lot. Fast. "Maybe it's been put off long enough." The laughter and untimely shout make her laugh hard enough that she's got to hold one hand over her mouth to keep from making noise about it. Finally catching her breath from that shaking fit, the young professor shakes her head. "I'll talk to Sev about the wandless." She's hesitant there. "It's not so much a secret with the Headmaster gone, but …" But there are still implications and consequences to consider.

Maura spins around dutifully, looking satisfied when Sio pronounces the outfit lovely. "Good. I think I'll take it then. A girl deserves at least one showstopper in her wardrobe right?" Dropping a little gracelessly into the plush seat beside her friend, she reaches over to close her hand around Sio's. "I don't know how much help I can be, since my wandless is so… specific. But you should know that I didn't have enough magic left in me to do it while we were still together at that place. It would have killed me to do it there, since it requires that I take on the pain of my patient. So I had to wait until we got you out." she explains. "But I might be able to help give him some magic discipline showing him how I make my shield spell vellums. However I can help you and your family I intend to." Firm about that, the exclamation from out front sends her into a snort of laughter as well. "He's a real card. I like that." It keeps them all smiling, right?

And to keep things light, after the wandless talk, she pokes her head out from behind the changing room curtain (after having popped back inside to put on a nice dark brown silk outfit someone brought in. And then a nice lacy green set.) "I'm screwing your brother by the way. But I promise not to share details if you promise not to hate me for it." There's a few seconds there where the clock ticks and then she gasps. "Shit! I wasn't going to say it -that- way. Goddamnit! I meant -seeing-. SEEING. I mean, we d… I, uh… don't you have clothing to try on??"

"I know, M," Sio assures her quietly. "The bits I used very nearly did me in as it was." But the funk brought on by memories of their not-so-fantastic escape plan is interrupted by - what she's sure has to be Rikath's - untimely confession. "I - er." Blink blink. "What?" Blink. "I - yeah, Jasper's - " rounding the corner now, actually, followed by a stream of attendants with clothes both for Maura's dressing room and the one next to it. Siobhan steps inside and tries on a sleeveless turtleneck and impossibly tight jeans, accented by knee-length 'pirate boots' and a silver chain belt slung low on her hips. "When did … When did that happen?" There's just an ever-so-slight edge to her voice. It does not bode well for one Icarus John Noble.

While Maura winds up with a lacy peasant blouse and equally fitted jeans - her belt is more bohemian leather and her boots are fortunately low heeled but also knee-length and suede. Very different styles, despite the similarity in overall look. Hopefully Jasper ignores her swearing going on underneath her breath while she was changing. "I went to see him about the memory issue." she starts out, stepping outside the curtain and waiting for her - hopefully still - friend now. She hears the edge and figures that's for -her- of course. "I… Rikath… no, no. I will not blame the damn amulet for this. Oh god, I am so embarrassed to be explaining this to his own sister. I can't keep my mouth shut these days." Blowing some hair off her face now, her arms are crossed. "I, well, I wound up spending the night. And most of the morning actually. Janet brought breakfast - it's kind of adorable the way she bosses him around like he's a toddler, too… er. He wouldn't have done anything if I didn't want him to. I know that you know that. I like him, I really do." But she still can't spit out what she really wants to say, so she just scowls and goes to try on another outfit.

"No, Jack never forces anyone." There's genuine love for her big brother in that statement, but the anger is still building behind it. "I'm going to kill him." Because he never forces, but he never sticks either and this is someone she likes damnit it and it's getting really hard to control the crackling of magic in the air as her sunshine starts to swell and spew liquid plasma all around the base of her skull. Resting her forehead against the cool silver of the dressing room mirror, she slumps. "I believe that you do, Maura." There's no anger toward her friend, only sadness and that protective streak. "I've still got to kill him." Because he never finds what it is he's looking for and this time it's a dear friend who'll get caught in the crossfire.

"You don't have to kill anyone!" Maura squeaks, genuine alarm there in her voice when she screws propriety, and just steps inside Sio's dressing room as magic starts to crackle. "I… just… need this right now. When the inevitable happens and he gets bored, I'll deal with that then." she points out, with a small smile. She's probably only going to make Sio more angry with this next statement, but it's certainly pure Maura. At least, for now it is. Given her circumstances. "I know he can do better, so I'll take what I can get for now eh? Besides." .. here's the sense of humor. "I'll keep him on his toes for awhile, at least. He's fun. Now, hey, we look pretty good in these outfits." Pause. "I wonder if they think we're doing something we shouldn't in here. Should we make some noise and freak them out?"

Siobhan is startled a bit by the invasion, but takes the opportunity to hug her friend tight. "He couldn't possibly do better, M. That's the point." Not that that makes much sense, but hey. It's true. Pulling back, she chuckles a little. "Alright, no killing. Promise." But there might be a little maiming. Just a teensy bit. Or at the very least, a good scare. Mention of the 'freaking out' makes Siobhan laugh properly, but even as she does, she shakes her head. "Nope." And she pops that 'p' sound just like Jack does. "When your mind's as much an open book as mine is to Sev, things like that tend to grab attention. I don't think he'd see the humor in it at this point." Not that he's a freaky jealous sort or anything. Just that … "He's been a bit … feral since I got back. Over-protective." And totally possessive. It's obvious that Siobhan has absolutely no problems with any of these facts - in fact, though she tries to downplay it, she enjoys most of them - but she isn't about to open up poor Maura to his … snarly ways. Thoughts of her possessive bondmate and snarling quickly devolve into mental debauchery and Sio clears her throat, shaking her head to try and clear it. "Yes, we do look pretty good, don't we?" And there's that wicked edge to her smile again. "Just wait until we pick up our 'hit the clubs' gear. Neither one of our boys will be able to walk straight the entire evening."

"Yeah, well, don't you go telling him I said that. Letting 'em know you think that way is just bad. And it's not like it comes up in conversation or between shouts of oh god yes' and 'more', so…" Wince. "We can pretend I didn't say that last part, right? Right." And since they are both agreed, despite no agreement being given, Maura just smiles. "I get it. I don't blame him a bit. He looked about ready to chew up and spit out anyone who got near you when he picked you up to get you out of the Ministry." Unlike Kee, she is also not freaked out by hugs. So she returns the one she got, before hip bumping Siobhan and getting in on the 'we're hot' bandwagon. "Now that's what I'm talkin' about. We need to hit the clubs. Jack mentioned some club that has Muggles and the rest of us that go. But said something about pretending to be Muggles when we're there to keep things even? Maybe you an.. ah, whoever, should come with us. Afraid I'm not inviting you along to whatever curse-breaking summer trip I'm going on with him though." she teases, skipping back out. "Silk! Oooh, I love the feel of -silk-." There's a happy sigh for this one. "Wait'll you seeeeeee iiiiiiiiiit."

"Yeah." Siobhan winces a little. "I love my brother, but." She does not want to think about anything that has to do with him and 'oh god yes' in the same paragraph, forget sentence. Mention of Sev chewing people up makes Siobhan's smile turn shy and she ducks her head. "I couldn't say this to anyone else in Britain without them carting me off to Mungo's to have my head examined, but … I feel safer around his grumpy snarling than anywhere else in the world." The man who makes full-grown wizards and witches fear for their safety with his 'evil, dark ways' makes Siobhan feel warm and … loved. The color on her cheeks speaks more for her embarrassment at talking about such personal things. "If it's somewhere wizards are, it'd probably have to be Jake." Not that she has anything against going places with her American fiance - especially not lately, when they've come to this funny kind of peace with each other - but something as intense and sensual as a hot club with loud music? "I know some Muggles-only places that the MSEC guys could get into and keep an eye on no problem. Maybe we can try some of those?"

"You don't have to worry about any of that with me, Siobhan. The heart wants what it wants, and he obviously loves you. I'm glad he makes you feel safe. I'd think you deserve some of that after what's happened, right? I'm not going to judge you for it." Practical. Maura can be very practical minded when she has to. And after seeing and hearing what she did in their cell, she'd not going to doubt a word from Sio's lips on any of that. "I'm fine going wherever you want. I just need to go out and have some fun, you know? And if our little band of guards is going to keep us safe, all the better. I'm tired of being afraid to leave the school. Get a few drinks in me, and I'll be golden." And wasted. Yeeeaaaaah! "Alright, check out this brown silk deal. I know it's not cream or lace or nice pretty colors, but I -like- it." she gushes. "Plus, we have to rescue Cianan soon before he starts calling the green ties snot colors."

Siobhan's smile is just a touch wicked. "Don't worry, I'd lay even money that Jasper's back there making sure Kee will be going back to school looking like the hottest thing those witches ever laid eyes on." The results will be epic, but the process is likely not painless. Jasper is … a strong personality. There's naked and open gratitude in Sio's face when Maura is so … practical about her unexpected love. "Thanks, M." Her smile is soft. "I just hope the rest of my family comes around that smoothly." They won't - and she knows they won't - but it's a nice thought, anyway. "Hmm, I'm not much a fan of brown, usually, but that's nice." And she'll totally agree to the bit about needing some fun. Some distraction. "Well, you know, tomorrow's Saturday." Yes, she pulled strings like mad to get them out early on Friday. "So you and I could probably get something arranged for tomorrow night. We just gotta be sure to hit my secret boutique tonight before we go back, though." Because showing off is part of the fun.

"He's a little cutie, despite the whole… frowny face thing he's got going on. I bet you'll have to be peeling the girls away from him." Maura jokes, letting a giggle slip past at the idea. Poor kid. "Honey, you -don't- have to thank me. You could tell me that the two of you like to streak through Hogwarts after hours in just your underwear and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. Just, you know, don't run past -my- door okay?" Her smile broadens when Sio agrees that the brown is lovely, and she skips back in. This time she'll try on something adorably peachy. Lace from top to bottom and utterly girly. The hurling noises that suddenly erupt, when they're done, make her peal out with laughter. "I think this is too girly for Rikath. That means it's good, right??" Talk of clubbing and secret boutiques make her whistle. "I think you're brother's out of town or something isn't he? You're not going with a date if I'm not!" she protests. "Also, I'm thinking black leather and velvet for my club-wear. Too much?"

Siobhan chokes on that mental image, laughing quietly while she tries on a few other things. "I think it's pretty safe to say that's not going to be an issue." Any of it. "If it's too girly for that amulet, we have to get it." Because the whole torment thing should go both ways, in Sio's mind! "I don't think it's one of those extended trips," she muses, trying to remember if big brother had said anything about being away for long. "And even if it is, one Floo call will haul his arse back for the night." Because c'mon! Clubbing with his sister and her hot friend? Jack so couldn't resist! "Oooh, not even a little bit too much. Not when you see what I'm planning to pick up and wear." And she can't resist a wicked little giggle at that. She likes being a tease for a while. It makes the 'later' more fun.

"Sold!" Maura calls back, in absolute agreement with Siobhan on this whole amulet torment deal. "Sure, if you're the one doing the hauling. Coming across as clingy or needy or something would just… no." she breathes. "I feel needy, but I refuse to give in to it. Does that make sense? It's like this little internal battle. I feel safe and understood with very few people. So I just want to be around those people all the time right now. You and your brother, mostly. So if I get too clingy with you, just… I dunno. Kick me." she mutters. "Oh hey then, wait wait hold up!" Rikath talkin!!! "If you're going to be slutting it up with the clothes so you get some after the club, hell if I'm not doing the same. How's mesh, sequins, and not a lot of fabric sound?"

Siobhan totally gets the needy-clingy thing right now. "Don't worry, M. I'm the same exact way." Only her need for safe company and understanding tends to be centered on one snarly Slytherin professor and the woman here with her - who also needs the company - so it's not like it's very advertised. "Oooh, sounds good to me!" Siobhan's really getting into this idea, now, and the anticipation of executing a well-orchestrated Plan improves her mood dramatically. "And you happen to be looking at the whiz-kid of cosmetic charms." It's just about the extent of the Charms work she's very good at. "Add a smoky eye, some silky just-got-laid hair - just a hint of glossy lip? They won't know what hit 'em." And doesn't she just sound so … wicked about that? She'll make sure her brother doesn't screw this up, for sure.

Maura sounds, well, unbelievable relieved right now. "Thank you, Sio. That means a lot right now. Which, well, I guess you know!" she reasons, making a bit of a face. Before she can expound on that, however, her new BFF is making the plan of all PLANS. And somehow, when she steps out in something green and gauzy and flirty - she manages a sultry expression. "Smoky eye, huh? That will look -so hot- with a black little scrap of nothing on. Do you think we'll make it to the club?" she wonders, tapping her lips. "Perhaps we should make them meet us -there-, so they have to suffer through the evening. Or, convince us to leave early." The smug look is definitely not nervous and unsure-of-herself Maura. -Obviously-. But, the… "Oh geez, wait. Is this a good idea? I mean, well… ok, the cat's already out of the bag there I guess. But I'm not really… like that. I mean, I don't usually… oh fuck, screw it. It's just good fun, right?"

Siobhan steps out at the same time, wearing a slinky velvet dress of deep emerald green. From the front, the gown is … almost Puritanical. The neck is high, sitting right at the collarbone, and the sleeves are long enough that the hem sits at the base of her thumb. It's even floor-length, pooling a little bit to allow for some heels. But when she turns, the dress takes on an entirely new appeal, for the back scoops down so low as to be almost indecent. "What do you think?" Mention of them not making it to the club makes her laugh. "I would say have them meet us there, but Jack and Sev aren't exactly … friends." Not that they're mortal enemies or anything, but it would be distinctly … awkward for the pair of them, most likely. "I've got a flat in town I keep for emergencies. We could use it to get ready and they can meet us there?" Just enough awkwardness to keep everyone in line until they can actually arrive at their destination without making it so awkward that the night won't be any fun. "Yes, it'll be very good fun, my dear." Very good fun, indeed.

Maura whistles. "Daaaaaaaaamn, that is -nice-. I love the way it's all nice and conservative in the front, and then when you turn around it's like 'surprise!'" That's Maura-speak for 'holy shit that's hot'. She approves! "Perfect. There'll be too much awkward for them to try and convince us to stay home." is decided, because there isn't a man alive who could look at the two of them in barely-there club wear and sexy makeup and not give that the good ol' college try if they had the opportunity. "Alright, I will take your word for it." she decides. Obviously having no clue what she's getting into really - Rikath does though. Which might be why there's a distinct chortle right afterwards. "Think we've racked up enough dollars here? I want to see this clubwear place…"

"Pounds, dear. Pounds. And yes, I think we've done enough damage here. Are you sure that amulet isn't American?" Because she can't think of anyone else who uses dollars off the top of her head. Oh. "Or Australian?" Cause they do, she thinks. Slipping out of the lovely dress and back into her own attire, she pokes her head out of her dressing room and grins. "C'mon, if Kee's done, I'll make arrangements to have this all boxed and delivered to the flat tomorrow morning." And with that, she's off in search of baby cousin for haircut/spa, then shooting range, then dinner. Then she and Maura can go explore all the tantalizing scraps of clothing her little secret boutique has for sale.

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