1994-09-01: Train Bumps


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Scene Title Train Bumps
Synopsis Zarina runs into a few interesting students while coming aboard the Hogwarts Express, as well as meets a Gryffindor in quite an unexpected way.
Date September 1, 1994
Logger Zarina

Hogwarts Express, Corridor and private Compartment

This Log is rated R for brief partial nudity

[HGM] - Hogwarts Express - Corridor

The hallway corridor of the Hogwarts Express isn't very big. Just enough room for two students to squeeze by each other if they turn sideways. Or for the trolly of sweets to go up and down. Paneled in beige and gray colors, it's rather quite plain. The corridor stretches between all the cars, and evenly spaced are exits into the compartments for students.

Stephen turns back to Gavin with a smile on his face. It looks as though as he is about to say something when Antigone pipes up. He turns to her and gives a smile. "Tell Bertie that I'll be down to chat with him in a little bit, Tig.", he says, grinning. "Keep good care of him until I get there.", he adds before turning back to Gavin. "I'm not in the manner of trying to scare people away.", he says with a grin. "However, Cullen and his pretentious annoyance of a girlfriend are more than welcome to find themselves anywhere else. And you're right. I will be working to keep you in order, Gavin. I've grown tired of Potter and his friends single-handedly securing the House Cup for Gryffindor simply because he is the headmaster's pet. The points they receive would be nothing if we could keep from losing points all the time."

With one dark brow still raised skeptically, Crane watches as Antigone makes her way out of the little 'group' as well. He offers a two-fingered mock-salute at her as she departs. "Naturally," He replies to Stephen whilst adjusting his leaning position against the corridor wall, setting his back against the cool metal surface and interlacing his fingers over his waist. "Tch, Stephen, such hurtful words," he intones sardonically, pursing his lips in a pout before sniggering. "I'm a straight O-and-E student, actually. A model chap. And besides, I let others do the stupid stuff for me, hm?" He lets one hand slip down to his pocket again, as if he were going to reach for something - and then, once again, seems to remember that whatever it is isn't there. "Anyway, stop calling me Gavin. I hate that name. It's Crane."

Braeden had managed to enter the train long before in stuffing his trunk and otherwise in one of the compartments along the way, leaving him clothed in the standard Hogwarts uniform. Currently, the 6th year files down the corridor with a glance cast into the various compartment windows as if looking for someone in particular but finds himself frowning in the process. "Looks like he ended up in the transfer after all." The young man just shakes his head afterward, his gaze cast towards the rather large group of Slytherin suspiciously before moving as if to continue onward along his path.

"Well, /Crane/.", he says, empathetically conveying his disdain over the fact that Crane prefers to go by his last name. "I never said it was your fault entirely. However, any guilt that you feel over my generalized statement is yours to bear.", he says. It has probably been this way with the two of them for a long time. In the minority of the House that are scholastically-inclined, the drive to succeed probably set them as rivals early on. "Besides, if you knowingly allow your Housemates to get caught breaking rules, you are as guilty as they.", he appends in a smug fashion.

The door of the Express slides open, a pair of large forest green trunks across the worn wooden floor as a pair of black mary jane heels step onto the train itself. Releasing a long sigh, Zarina reaches up and absently brushes her slender fingers through her long, snow white hair, the locks falling over the gentle pink of her soft sweeter. Lifting a brow, her bright sapphire eyes glance around the corridor with some skepticism, seeing quite a few students chatting and enjoying themselves before the train takes off and they must change into their uniforms. The corner of her full lips curls comfortably into a light smirk, only giving her fellow classmates a glance over before redirecting her attention to her trunks, having help from one of the Ticketmaster’s to put them in her compartment. After that matter is dealt with, she arches a brow, looking between Crane and Stephen, not knowing either that well but is clearly enjoying their little 'spat'.

The words of the other Slytherin student actually bring a few short bursts of laughter out of Crane, although he quickly subdues himself and folds his arms over his chest. "Oh dear, St. Claire - you might want to adjust that new badge of yours. I think the weight of it is pulling your cloak-strap too tight around your neck and cutting off the circulation to your brain." He leans slightly closer, his lips quirking into a smile. "After all, it takes a loon to try and persuade /me/ with /morality/. But, hey," He continues, his gaze suddenly locking on the Gryffindor who has just passed them by. "Might as well get a chance to practice your new job. Hey… Mccauley!" He evidently struggles with trying to remember the older boy's name for an instant. "Come over here, eh? The new Prefect wants to inspect you to make sure you're not carrying any offensive materials." Grinning malignantly, he leans back against the wall, suddenly noticing Zarina - whose person he seems considerably more interested in than either Stephen or the unfortunate Gryffindor. He nods politely to her and offers a quick smile.

The Gryffindor student had his back turned when Crane rolls one shoulders slowly before tilting his head to look up at the ceiling. The roll of his eyes would signify his obvious annoyance before he turns around and takes a few slow steps towards the student bearing the Prefect badge. He eyes it for a moment, as if to make sure it was real before looking the other directly in the eyes. "Did you need to inspect, or is your friend Gavin here actually looking to start something with me?" It seems the 6th year didn't brook any nonsense, or at least not from the likes of a Slytherin member. His wand is nowhere to be seen either way as he stands bare handed amidst the rather busy compartments full of possible onlookers.

"And now you can see why I was chosen to represent the ideals of our House and why you'll just continue to be an O and E student, Gavin.", Stephen says irritably, reaching up to pet the cat that is perched imperiously upon his shoulder. He turns towards Braeden and sees Zarina beyond him. "You're fine.", he says stiffly, his attention more upon the other face on the train. Zarina may not recognize him that much, but he recognizes her, that much is sure. He attempts not to be obvious about the look.

With her arms crossed and leaning back against the wall, Zarina sets one shoe against it as her weight leans into the wooden wall, stretching the jean material over her legs. She arches a brow as she watches everything happening, between the two Slytherins egging each other on and then pulling in the Gryffindor already dressed in his robes. Though as Stephen glances over her quickly for inspection, the corner of her full lips quirks with something of a smirk, "Of course I am." she answers easily, glancing to Crane to answer his smile with a wink of her own. And with a light breath, she shifts her weight, leaning off of the wall to stand, relaxing her shoulders at her sides, her long white hair falling over her shoulders. "Crippling ourselves is rather foolish. There are far more important things to concentrate on than bickering among ourselves. Recreationally." Her smile only grows, coupling with a rich chuckle from her throat. She glances up at each of the compartments, seeing which is unoccupied before finding one for herself.

"Oh, I already knew why, Stephen. I'm missing that certain element of, how do you say… stodginess," Crane half-spits with a sneer. Still, it's relatively good-natured. "Still, I wouldn't want a Prefecture. Too much attention. Oh." Whatever he'd been about to say, he stops once Braeden approaches. He doesn't look particularly discomfited despite the fact that most people would consider this an 'uh-oh' sort of situation. Instead, he merely offers a congenial smile and a nod. "Hello, McCauley. Beautiful day for a train ride. It's Crane, by the way, if you please."

Braeden crosses his arms over his chest with the compression of his school uniform, those eyes of his resting upon Crane a moment later after he'd been answered already. He shrugs a shoulder either way before replying with a, "Go for it. I'll remember so long as I'm not bothered by that nonsense again." A glance would be cast the woman's way a moment later, almost as if in recognition with the upward tilt of his head before brushing past the congenial Slytherin boy in the tight confines of the passage without care for gentleness…though that doesn't mean he wasn't rough either. "Wonder how long til this box of fun gets rolling along the tracks." The words are spoken with a murmur to himself as he slides open the door to one of the compartments to look inside.

The cat of Stephen's shoulder yowls in a most unfriendly fashion as Braeden passes in the tight confines of the train corridor. "Anyhow. I have duties to attend to. I'll see you at the Feast, Crane.", he says, turning purposefully and heading down to the other cars, presumably to make sure students aren't causing trouble. As he passes Zarina, he looks up at her for the briefest of moments before he passes. There's even a look-behind glance before the door into the next car shuts and he is gone.

Sliding open the door to the third compartment, Zarina reaches up to brush a lock of white silken hair behind her ear, her full lips curling with a smile as she gives Stephen a wink before he moves to the next car. She only lifts a brow at him, wondering to herself for a moment before lifting a shoulder in a gentle shrug. And with that, she slips into her compartment, closing the door behind her as she takes a seat on one side.

"Later, Stephen," Crane replies nonchalantly as Stephen departs. He casts a brief backwards glance at Braeden as the Gryffindor boy shuffles off as well, apparently not having taken offense at the shoulder-bump. After all, he /was/ being sort of an ass. He smirks, apparently not especially inclined to go anywhere for the time being, and simply continues leaning idly in the corridor, content to stare out the window at the passing countryside as the train rumbles down its tracks towards the school.

[HGM] - Compartment 3

A standard train compartment, done up in matching beige and grey colors of the corridor. There are six seats total, along with racks for luggage above the seats. A small table just out from the outside wall where a large window allows one to view the countryside as the train rolls along.

The sound of feet outside can be heard beyond the sliding compartment door with the quiet muttering befitting the young man that had been spotted only moments earlier being harassed by Crane before the door itself slides open. Were she to look back, she'd see Braeden looking in, his eyes directing upward towards one of the storage compartments as if looking for his case that he'd stowed there only moments earlier when he'd gotten on the train though his attention redirects back downward towards the single passenger.

The hem of her gray skirt drapes over her crossed thighs, the white bra of her full chest peaking between the young woman's slender fingers as she buttons the pearled buttons, the dress shirt resting along the curves of her full chest. As the door opens, her bright sapphire eyes look up at the door, blinking in some surprise to find the Gryffindor boy from earlier. Pressing her full lips together, turning around so that the curve of her back faces towards him, her fingers continuing to button up the shirt over her figure.

Braeden suddenly slides the door closed when he sees that before turning around, his back against it with his gaze drifting upward towards the ceiling of the Hogwarts Express. "If there is a god up there. Why me?" He offers questioningly before facepalming with the lowering of his head. "Don't know whether you just gave me two curses or a curse and a gift though.." His face was red at the moment, having not quite expected to walk in on her though he waits as he regains his composure with the door closed for her privacy.

Though she has a slight flush, Zarina lifts a brow as he talks to himself, thoroughly embarrassed as he mutters to himself. With the curve of her back towards him, she finishes buttoning her shirt, "I thought the door was latched…" she sighs to herself, leaning back to sit her back into her seat as she reaches for the sweater in her lap. "You do not want to worry now." Zarina mutters to him, pulling the sweater over her heat as she pulls it on. With an exhale, a hand reaches back, pulling out her long white hair from under the collar as it falls over her shoulders again. Pulling the deep green and shimmering silver tie around her neck, she tucks it under the white collar of her dress shirt, twisting it into a knotted tie before tucking it between her dress shirt and sweater.

Braeden remains with his back to her for a few seconds longer for good measure before turning to reach up towards the compartment that held his trunk. He just shakes his head though when the train begins moving and sighs as he slumps back into his seat with a dull rumble in his throat. "Should've knocked. Don't worry about it." He replies before looking out through the window towards the passing countryside. He'd been stuck in a compartment with a Slytherin. Happy Day. "Forgot I stashed my stuff here when I went for the other compartment and found a group of your friends."

Zarina lifts a brow at him as he purposefully watches the countryside through the window, looking back down at her feet as she slips on her shoes. Leaning forward, she fastens on each latch around her ankles. "Could have knocked, could have been latched. There were mistakes on both parts." she answers easily, her long hair drifting over her shoulders. "Though, I didn't say they were my mates." the corner of her full lips tugs as she looks up slightly at him, "Are you mates with every single Gryffindor?"

A slow chuckle could be heard from the man before he turns his head to look at her, his lips quirking with the faint hint of a smile. "I try to be. Difference is that most of Gryffindor house isn't too bad to get along with so I don't have to worry about types like Crane out there causing trouble half the time." He shrugs afterward and rises to open up the overhead compartment if only to pull out what looks to be a board for wizard's chess from it. "Since we're riding together, might as well pass the time. Game?" The words are spoken off-handedly, almost as if the man wasn't quite used to a Slytherin being…social with him though it seemed he was at least trying.

Zarina pulls the cloak around her shoulders, fastening it with the Slytherin patch proudly showing on her chest, her eyes looking up at him as he stands to reach for the wizard chess board. The corner of her full lips tugs slightly with something of a smirk, "I am up for it. You seem the type that would chat up a girl without realizing it." Her sapphire eyes look down at the board as he sets it up between them, absently reaching up to brush her soft white hair out of her face.

Braeden sets the board with a soft hum playing across his lips before flickering his fingers to her as if to say that she got the first move. "I don't have time to chat up anyone. Not when I've gotta set my mind towards that Auror position." He replies slowly, having not even realized that he'd just told her something about himself in the process. The turn of his head would direct his gaze away from the chess table then, taking in the countryside once more with a thoughtful look in his eyes only to have him sit back in his seat in wait.

Zarina arches a brow at him, the smile at the corner of her full lips remaining as she glances down at the board, making a mental note. She reaches forward, her slender hand hovering thoughtfully before her fingers take one of the pawns and moves it forward. "Oh come off it." she smirks lightly, "Even Aurors have families, they must start somewhere, hm?" The Slytherin girl looks up at him, lightly lifting a brow as he continues to thoughtfully watch the countryside as it moves in a sea of green.

Braeden's attention drifts back to the board after she speaks, waiting to reply as he focuses on where she'd gone. "Pawn to E-4" He comments slowly, the piece stepping forward of its own accord as the comes to life. The tilt of his head would bring him to look at her again afterward with the shake of his head. "It's not the saying I'll be celibate. It's saying I have more important things to focus on is all." He shrugs afterward, seeming to think on her own words as he watches her, having looked at her for the first time since entering the compartment.

Zarina smirks lightly, "That doesn't mean anything." she answers easily, though her sapphire eyes look over the board in thought as the chess piece moves on its own. As her full lips part, she utters her move, another pawn moving in response to his before her eyes look back up at his, finally seeing his bright blue eyes watching her for the first time. The smile grows lightly, but she only glances back to the board.

His attention falls again after that, drifting with the moving pieces as he seems to be calculating his next move. Another uttered word and another pawn moves of its own accord as he taps his fingers against the hem of his cloak. "What's that supposed to mean?" The words are asked questioningly, quiet in spite of the fact they were the only ones in the compartment. The lack of other sound beyond that of the train would bring them to drift though, loud enough for her to understand easily enough.

Zarina smirks lightly, "It means that even if you don't think there is time for chatting up and snogging and the like, that doesn't mean anything. Just as I said." She shrugs a shoulder indifferently, glancing to the board between them thoughtfully before the mutters another move. Her pawn moves across the board, taking out another as it replaces the second in its square. Her bright sapphire eyes look up at his, her own holding a comfortable pride that is common with all Slytherins. "Do I have to win for your name or should I give you a nickname?" she asks easily, grinning some.

Braeden looks back up at her, those blue eyes matching with her own for a brief moment with the set of his jaw but shrugs and offers with a small grin in reply, "Braeden McCaulley." The words are spoken simply before he takes another look at the chess pieces before him. A command is uttered and the bishop walks over to her pawn before raising its staff only to crack the thing upside the head. "Yours?"

Zarina smiles some in amusement at the bishop, finding it entertaining as the pawn seems to whimper and sulk off of the board. "Hm, at least I know who to report walking in on me while I'm changing…" she says absently as she looks over the board, uttering a few words, another one of her pieces moves, giving the bishop from earlier a weary glance. She only smirks as she glances up to him, leaning back, "Zarina Zandord."

A deep flush of color could be seen on the other man's face at those words as he looks back at her, not bothering to hide it in embarrassment. "You wouldn't." He says slowly, the word drifting with a hint of bemusement to them if with a bit of expectance. It seemed he knew she probably would do so in reporting. After all, who to trust to do such a thing but a dirty Slytherin? Still though, his eyes remain on her, another part of him seeming to come out given by his personality, that of his own force of will.

Zarina smirks easily, "And why wouldn't I, hm?" she counters, "Well, unless you give me a good reason to." she shrugs, tilting her head slightly as she leans back in her seat. She rests a hand on her crossed legs, watching the board for a moment before uttering her next move, sliding a rook out across the smooth surface. The smirk returns to her full lips as she glances back up at Braeden.

[HGM] - Hogwarts Express - Corridor

The hallway corridor of the Hogwarts Express isn't very big. Just enough room for two students to squeeze by each other if they turn sideways. Or for the trolly of sweets to go up and down. Paneled in beige and gray colors, it's rather quite plain. The corridor stretches between all the cars, and evenly spaced are exits into the compartments for students.

The door for the third compartment slides open, the robes of the young Slytherin girl slipping out as she closes the door behind her. With a light breath, Zarina reaches up and absently brushes a lock of snow white hair behind her ear, her eyes glancing up to the storage compartments as she finds her trunks. She smiles lightly to herself, reaching up enough to unzip one side and slide out a thicker book, holding it under her dark ropes as she closes her trunk once more.

Crane is, oddly enough, still in pretty much the exact same spot he'd been in earlier, albeit his posture has now slouched even further back. He's leaning at a nearly forty-five degree angle against the corridor wall, one leg outstretched so that his foot is propped up against the opposite wall to support him. His hands are tucked into his pockets, chin slumped slightly down over his chest. He stirs at the noise of the door opening, and glances over at Zarina curiously (and somewhat groggily). "Oh. It's you again," He mumbles, one corner of his pale lips tucking up in a half-smile. He raises his voice just a little, although it's still soft. His voice, though sarcastic, is friendly enough. "Hello there, moonlight girl."

Zarina lifts a brow, moving to hold her textbook under both hands as she turns her weight to face the boy, the corner of her full lips tugging with something of a comfortable smirk. "Hello back." she lifts a brow, her white hair settling over her shoulders as she tilts her head lightly at him. "Are you staying out of trouble, little boy? Or you trying to wait out the Prefect to pick on him some more." she smirks some to her self, shaking her head lightly.

The Slytherin girl's reply elicits a laugh from Crane. He stands up, lifting his arms over his head and stretching with a yawn. "Prefects bore this little boy. No, I was hoping to find a pretty girl. Seems I'm in luck." Grinning, he turns to face her, long black strands of hair drifting across his face as he tilts his head to one side. "So, what's your name, moonlight girl? I'm a little annoyed that I can't remember, even though I know I've seen you around the House quarters." He taps a single digit on his temple for a few seconds. "It's something unusual, isn't it?"

Zarina arches a brow at him, "If we are picking on anyone, it is better to be other Houses, not ours." she answers easily, leaning back against the wall next to her compartment's door. And as she lifts a brow, the corner of her full lips tugs lightly, "Well if that isn't a chat up line if I have ever heard one." The smirk grows, her caped shoulders shrugging lightly as she ponders for a moment or so. "It is likely we've seen each other, but you are a couple of years younger than I am so we haven't had classes together. It isn't surprising if you don't know my name." she replies, though without offering her name just yet.
GAME: Save complete.

"Pick on the illustrious Slytherin House? Of course not," Crane drawls, his lips curling into a smirk that mirrors Zarina's. "But Stephen and I have an.. mm, it would be unfair to call it a rivalry. Poor Stephen is such a boorish sort of fellow he can't really compete." He laughs, obviously knowing how ridiculous he sounds. He sounds as if he's overplaying his own part just for the sake of cynicism. After cracking his back, he puts his hands back in his pockets and takes a few steps towards the older Slytherin, his careless posture seeming to emphasize his height rather than diminishing it. "A chat up line? But how do you know that's not what I was really hoping for?" His bangs drift in front of his eyes again, and he lifts a hand to idly push them away. "Well, the least you could do is give me a hint, moonlight girl. What's it start with? I'll guess."

Zarina lifts her arms, crossing them with her text book tucked under her slender fingers as she tilts her head slightly at him, smirking just, "Rivalry or not, imagine your talents working together instead of against one another." She lifts a brow, idly watching him as he cracks his back and stands a bit taller, his height easily taller than herself. Smirking some, she shakes her head, chuckling, "Even a chat up line can be true. It doesn't make it any less of a chat up line now does it." Her smirk grows some, and as he asks for a hint, she lifts a white brow at him. She ponders for a moment or so, as if debating whether or not to allow that much before leaning further back. "A 'z'. Maybe. It could start with something else."

Smiling, Crane lifts his shoulders in a mild shrug. "Well, I suppose you're right. But it's so much more fun this way." He glances down at the book she'd lifted up while she speaks, probably curious to see what it is, although his cool blue eyes quickly return to hers. "Oh well, you got me. But it's sad that telling someone they're beautiful has to be so suspect." Grinning, he sets a finger on his chin and thinks. "A 'z'. You don't look at all like a Zoe. Are you sure you're not just messing with me?"

Zarina smirks, "I don't think I would be a Slytherin is I wasn't messing with you." she answers, shrugging a shoulders idly as she leans her head back enough to rest the back of her white head against the wall, shaking it briefly, "Nope, not a Zoe, but my name really does start with a 'z'." the smirk grows slightly, brow lifting some as he sets his fingertip on his chin quizzily.

"Mmm. Well, you can mess with me as much as you like," Crane replies with an impish grin. He leans a little closer towards her and squints - as if that could help him somehow. "Zelda?" He shakes his head almost immediately, though. "Mm, that doesn't sound right either." As if suddenly remembering something, he bends and picks up a loose bag that had been sitting on the floor nearby. "You know, I've been standing out here for quite a while. Want to go sit down? My legs are killing me." He tosses the bag over a shoulder and smirks. "That is, unless you're afraid I might try something untoward, moonlight girl."

Zarina arches a brow at him as he leans in towards her, studying her face as if it would give her away, though the only think she reads the odd look she gives him. Her full lips curl with a smirk as he leans down to pick up a bag on the wooden floor. "Nice guess, but no. And who's fault is it for not picking a compartment, hm? You know its a long ride there." she states, her arms still crossed. The smirk grows slightly as she leans forward and turns on foot, uncrossing her arms to let her free hand slide open the door to the third compartment. Rolling her sapphire eyes, she just smirks, "Suit yourself then. Do as you please." and with that answer she slips inside her compartment once more.

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