1994-09-27: Respect Her Authority


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Scene Title Respect Her Authority
Synopsis Umbridge throws her weight around. Christian isn't cowed.
Location Ministry of Magic
Date Sept 27, 1994
Watch For Tempers!
Logger She Who Must Be Obeyed

Horrid pink clipboard in hand, Umbridge strides from the golden lift. She's just come up from the courtrooms, judging by the plum robes that she wears. Pink heels click against the polished floor as she walks with purpose. Papers clipped in place are flipped over, and a finger running over the words. The little incident with the Auror Nymphadora Tonks has not fazed her. If anything, it's bolstered her mood. She's made just one more person miserable in this world and that makes her day.

Christian walks down the spiral stair case, two younger junior hitwizards in tow behind him. Christian looks obviously perturbed at them. "When I say I need the report by yesterday I should have it," He says with an aggrevated sigh. "I cannot act on information if I don't have it. A lack of information can kill you, people. Remember that."

Brows raising at the voices, Umbridge stops in her tracks to turn and approach Christian and the junior hit wizards. "Are you having a problem with your trainees?," she asks in a sickeningly sweet manner as she looks at each in turn. She doesn't care if she just insulted anyone by referring to them as little people on the totem pole. As that was her intent. "If they require further incentive to do their jobs properly, I'm sure I can see to that." The witch is deliberately talking about them as if they were incapable of hearing her.

Christian looks over at with a furrowed brow. "No ma'am," He says, barely suppressing a sneer. "My *Newly graduated* junior colleagues here are just learning the fine points of the job. They have plenty of incentives, believe me. They want to avoid my foot firmly implanted in their hind ends!" Though he starts with speaking to her, the last part is toward the junior's as he scolds them. They shrink a bit.

Checking her list briefly before folding down the papers, Delores gives Christian a closer look, but not too close. "Are you sure you can keep these young wizards in line, Faulkner?" Her expression is nothing short of imperious as she glances at each in turn. "We are having a bit of trouble with the newer recruits as of late. No work ethic and no sense of proper pride for their place in the Ministry."

"Ms. Umbridge," Christian says patiently. "I am quite able to keep my own people 'in line' as you say." He takes a step closer, glowering at the woman. "I am quite aware of the issues facing the current recruiting policies of this ministry. Let me assure you, my people have quite a drive. You will see it soon enough."

Umbridge's brows knit as Christian dares take that tone with her. "Mr. Faulkner," she begins in saccharine tones, "Do take a step back and think a moment about who you are addressing. I've already put one person under review today, I would hate to have to do so to another." Hardly, the woman seems to get off on making people miserable. Drawing herself up to her even five feet in stature, she swells slightly with indignation that a muggleborn is talking to her this way.

Christian narrows his eyes at her. "It is your right to place whom you wish under review when ever you choose ma'am," He says, carefully. "I would not presume to tell you how to proceed in your occupation. To do such would be…impolite to say the least." He lets the last part just hang there for a moment.

Umbridge is in no way mollified by Christian's nerve in speaking to her in such a manner. "That is a relief to hear." Neither mollified, nor is she even threatened by Christian, she eyes him cooly. "Yet, you are continuing to set a poor example for those under your tutelage in how to speak to those above you." Figuratively speaking. Seeing as Umbridge is probably not even reaching Christian's chest level. Waving a heavily ringed hand in a dismissive manner, she suggests, "You should get back to work, teaching your junior hit wizards further about doing their jobs."

"My dear Ms. Umbridge," Christian says with a warm smile. "What do you think I have been doing?" He chuckles and turns back to the Juniors. "As you can see, authority is a very important thing in the ministry. One must always ask oneself, 'Is that authority truely deserved?' Ms. Umbridge here was gracious enough to come by and assist me in the exercise today. I think all of the questions are answered at this point?" He waits for just a couple of seconds before the juniors nod in agreement. "Good," He says cheerfully. "Now, I need those reports as soon as possible. Dismissed." They file away.

Delores maintains her cool expression as Christian switches tracks with his trainees. Very good then. Well played. She however is not impressed by the hit wizard. Turning on heel and with a swish of plum robes, she's marching off in quick and heavy strides for her office.

"Thank you for your time, Ms. Umbridge," Christian calls after her, the smile falling from his face. His right hand falls from the inside of his robes, and Christian looks at it with a strange gaze. He has been unconsciously clutching his wand…

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