1995-03-02: Request For Assistance


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Scene Title Request For Assistance
Synopsis Tiana approaches Sirius with a proposition for the animagus.
Location Hogsmeade - Three Broomsticks
Date Mar 02, 1995
Watch For N/A
Logger Back in Black

February has blown through and paved the way for March, as it typically happens. Save for the year that a wizard toyed with a time turner, but we're not talking about that. Rather than taking his dinner at home, and fighting with Kreacher to actually /cook/, Sirius has chosen to eat at the Three Broomsticks. Better atmosphere, better food, and he's out in public. Instead of sitting at the bar and chatting up Rosmerta, he's claimed a table to the side so that he can have his back to the wall.

Stepping in from the cold, a slender figure emerges, shrouded in a crushed velvet cloak of dove grey. The door clangs shut behind her un-interrupted as she reaches to push the hood back off her head. Her bootheels click-clack against the wooden floor as she heads up to the bar, ordering two shots of raspberry vodka. It doesn't take long before most eyes are on her - even with her glamours done more subtle, Tiana Moldavia knows how to turn heads. While she waits, she turns to lean back against the counter, legs crossed 'casually' and apparently ample chest on a great angle for display.

/Dead/ people would probably notice Tiana. Sirius would have to ask some of the Hogwarts ghosts to confirm this of course. So when the substitute professor comes in and strikes her little pose at the counter, he turns to look. Why not? She /obviously/ wants to be noticed, and he's not leering or staring crudely. "Professor Moldavia?" he calls out from his table, across the pub. Not caring if people stare.

The title of 'Professor' is one she's still growing accustomed to, but hey… It's certainly not the worst thing Tiana's been called in her lifetime. Sirius' call catches her visible attention, one brow raising as she nods in his direction. When her shots come, she drops a few coins on the counter and saunters over to his table, glasses in hand. "Mister Black," she greets. "I am quite glad to have caught you here." The first shot is tossed back like water. "How have you been faring?"

It's a sign of respect Sirius would /never/ show Snape. Besides, Sirius doesn't know the other affairs of Tiana, so she's professor to him. When Tiana heads over, he gets up and pulls a chair free for her, "Have a seat? I've been quite well, keeping out of trouble. Although, I'm still called a nuisance." He then throws a wink towards the source of this comment. Apparently so. judging by the witch's blush, scowl and her huffy exit. "Now that Harry's better and back at class. You said you had something you wished to talk to me about?"

"I have been glad to see him well again." Tiana takes the offered seat graciously, tucking a bit of hair behind her ear. "No child should be put through what these children have been." Even she had a mostly free childhood; if the Eastern Bloc children can have that, why can't the British? "And yes, I do." The other shot is tossed back just as easily. "I have a class planned for my students that I would much appreciate your assistance with."

Sirius settles himself back into his seat once Tiana's sitting. "Oh I agree, but if history is to repeat, this is just the beginning. I hope it doesn't happen." While he wants to be optimistic, he finds it rather difficult. It's amazing he's not more bitter than he is. Taking a drink of his butterbeer, he can't help but eye Tiana with a fair amount of skepticism, "What sort of class and why me? We don't know each other."

"It is my hope as well." Tiana's voice is quiet and for a moment she sees lost in thought. Shaking herself out of it, she focuses again on Sirius with a hint of a playful smile. "It is for my Potions class. Or had you forgotten what subject Severus taught?" It's a gentle rib; only a blind fool wouldn't have noticed the venom Sirius harbors just for those occasions where he can berate Snape. "I hope to teach the children a lesson in vigilance, show them that things are not always as they appear. Hopefully it will give me their better attention when I teach them the antidote for the Polyjuice potion." Her smile grows then, just a little. "It would involve a little bit of theatrics. Would you be interested?"

Sirius snorts and plucks up a chip, chomping on it with a restrained vengeance, as if /it/ were to blame. "Of course not. Overstuffed, greasy git." Why yes, he will tell you how he feels. You're welcome. "Interesting and a very practical and valuable lesson. So I ask again, why me?" He's not opposed to this idea, he's just curious and perhaps a bit suspicious of the woman. This is the second offer thrown his way in the manner of teaching. He's a bit thrown while readjusting to social situations.

Unable to hold back an amused snort at the rather creative adjectives used to describe Snape, Tiana nods. "A valid question," and one she seems to consider for a moment befor answering. "The children trust you." She holds up a hand to forestall any arguments. "Hear me out. Potter and his friends at least. They trust you. As do a few others I've heard speak out in your defense. I am a figure of authority within the school and have earned the trust of at least one or two." The temporary professor can't hold back a smile as she leans in closer and lowers her voice. "I have a batch of Polyjuice brewed. I want you to take some with my hair in it and start the class as if it were only a lecture. I will have had some with your hair and burst into the classroom angry about…well, about something." It seems that little incident in Transfiguration has been spread about quite a ways. "We start dueling and the students choose one side or the other, or neither. The doses will have been taken early enough to fade out soon after, which should…at the very least, shock them into listening while we make the point. The side they thought they took was not the side they meant to. They were tricked into it."

It's good that Tiana anticipated an interruption from Sirius, because he's looking at the woman like she's lost a few gobstones. Trust him?? People still think he murdered Pettigrew, betrayed the Potters. "Harry and his friends do trust me, yes. They've good reason to. Beyond that little trio? Not so much. Regardless of the pardon.." He shuts up promptly so that he can finish hearing Tiana out. He's still not sure /why/ she's asking him of all people. Surely there are other qualified volunteers from the school. "It's a valuable lesson to be teaching, yes. How do you know I won't go crack up in front of the students and take it beyond a play duel?"

Tiana grins at him then, and it's a truly predatory expression. "Aside from the fact that I do not believe you to be crazy?" One shoulder lifts and falls in a half-shrug. "Nothing." As Rosmerta passes by with a tray, Tiana sets her empty shot-glasses on them and holds her fingers up for two more. "Absolutely nothing, Mister Black." She pauses then, holding up one finger. "Except that if you give me any reason to seriously believe you are a danger to the children under my care, I will kill you." This is said quite calmly, as if she merely had stated that the weather was damp or cold.
Announcement: Protego shouts, "Music Theory is to start in 15mins for students who have taken music as an elective. The classroom is off the Entrance Hall, take the Small Stairs down, and there's the classroom."

Sirius smirks a bit back at Tiana. "Oh I have no choice but to believe you. I saw the way you went after Greyback, regardless of our laws concerning the Unforgiveable Curses." He's unphased by her words. Perhaps he's numb to the threats of 'I'll kill you', or he doesn't care. "You still haven't really answered me however.." He lounges back in his seat in that youthful posture of casual elegance, "Surely there are others you can use in your example. Sure Harry and two of his mates have every reason to trust me.. but why do you trust me enough for this exercise?"

Alright, Tiana; cards on the table time. "Because when you were faced with the choice between ensuring your godson's safety and going after the man who left you with thirteen years of misery and a bad name to this day… You chose Harry." That said, Tiana leans back and offers the man a respectful nod. "That, sir, is why I trust you."

"Fair enough," Sirius says in response to Tiana's explanation and answer. "Although, I had thought perhaps it was my reckless and rebellious nature that had you asking," he says lazily along with a wink at the woman. He's teasing her to be sure. "To me, there wasn't much of a choice. Harry's my priority."

Tiana nods again, a pleased expression flitting across her face. "And that, Mister Black, says more for yourself than you know." At least in her eyes. "So, sir… Will you help me?"

"I'm a man of my word. When his parents asked me to be his godfather, I promised to look after him in their stead." When that was taken from him on the heels of their murder, Sirius snapped. Although he's off to a bit of a shakey start with this second chance. He thinks a bit longer over the request as he takes a drink of his butterbeer. Once the mouthful is swallowed, he shrugs his shoulders a bit, "Of course."

"Excellent." Tiana seems pleased. So pleased in fact, that she downs her next two shots back to back. Someone has grown accustomed to her liquor. Dropping another set of coins on the table, Tia stands and lifts her hood over her head again. "I fear I must return to the school, but I will owl you tonight with the vial and the date. Thank you for your time, Mister Black." And with that, a saucy grin and a wink, she turns and saunters right back on out into the wet, cold March.

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