1994-09-28: Renegade


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Scene Title Renegade
Synopsis Harry and Sirius catchup via mirror.
Location Hogwarts and Mountain Cave respectively
Date Sept 28, 1994
Watch For Mistaken identities
Logger Snoopy


Keeping an even lower profile than usual since Rita's article came out, Sirius is staying holed up in his cave. He ventured out once, to see if Holly was okay, but found her flat being vandalized. The witch had to have realized what she was bringing on to herself by going public with the likes of Rita. Despite the safety net his animagus form can give him, he's not taking many chances. Not with the added publicity, and people losing their minds. Currently the cave is littered with the papers he's been able to swipe on the sly, and the remains of care packages sent his way.

It's been about a week since Harry's heard from Sirius, so the boy is decidedly worried. News of the rebellious nature of the wizarding world in relation to a possible retrial of Sirius had reached him, and ever more concerned he's not pacing the sixth floor in front of the tapestry. "Come on…" he mutters, as he keeps glancing at the wall. It's only a moment later that the door appears and he quickly lets himself inside. The room this time, is sparsely decorated and minimally sized, and only holds a single chair and fireplace. As he makes his way to the chair, he's already pulling out the mirror. "Sirius." he whispers. Though why he'd need to whisper in here is unknown.

Agitated by the change in circumstances, Sirius is in the middle of pacing the cave. Freedom seems to be just a few feet away, yet, he's held back by invisible bars. Oh he's not blaming Holly, not at all. He just doesn't do well when forced to stay put. It helped that he could play the stray, or that Tonks and Remus would swing by to visit, but that's backed off since the article. So when he hears his name being called, he practically pounces upon the mirror and where he left it in the cave. "Harry?," he asks as he picks it up, moving a little closer to the mouth of the cave where the light is better.

"Sirius!" Harry exclaims, grinning into the mirror. "At least now I know you haven't been mauled by some mob." he adds, settling back into the chair. It's a plain black leather chair, nothing like you'd see in the Gryffindor common room anyhow. "What's going on?"

The dour demeanor and cagey feeling fades as Sirius settles in to sit next to Buckbeak's side. "No, far from it, Harry. Only a few people know where I'm at. I'm quite alright." Noting the change in furniture and decor in the background, he doesn't comment on it. Yet. "It's not for a lack of trying on the part of other people of course."

Harry nods his head solemnly. "I heard about the mobs and people protesting the retrial." And he's all for it, don't get him wrong because of what he asks next. "Do you think this American lawyer can pull it off and get you cleared?" A little voice in the back of his mind keeps hoping for a 'yes'. At least then he might have a decent home to go to instead of … *shudder* … the Dursleys.

"Retrial?," Sirius barks out a laugh, that's not exactly humorous. "I never got one to begin with. This witch thinks she can make the Ministry see things a bit differently." Expression sobering, his eyes on the mirror, he continues, "She's got their attention now. They have to do something, haven't they? I should find a way to talk to her soon. Right now she only knows me as a stray that terrorizes her cat." Although, it's the other way around! "She's been in Hogsmeade just a few weeks now."

"Well, that's true." Harry admits, shaking his head. "Are you sure they're going to do the right thing? This is the /Ministry/ we're talking about. They don't exactly have a record of playing nice." As is exampled by last years attempted execution of Buckbeak for Draco's obvious failure to listen properly. "If I could help, trust me Sirius, I would."

"Don't worry about me, Harry. This is something for me to worry about, not you." Sirius says in as carefree a manner as he can muster. "I'll find a way to talk with the American face to face, see what needs to be done. Focus on your schoolwork, there's nothing that you can do." Smiling, and trying to shrug off the situation. "Where is it that you're at? I don't recognize the furniture and somehow I doubt they've redecorated Gryffindor tower."

"But I /do/ worry, Sirius. You're the closest thing I've got to a family." Harry's not lying there, and it's clear on his face over the mirror. "You'll tell me though, if there /is/ something I can do. Or when the hearing is. I want to be there." He can convince Dumbledore to let him. As the location is questioned, a wide grin breaks onto his face. "You're not going to believe this… I solemnly swear I am up to no good." he says, pulling out and tapping the Marauder's Map with his wand. When it's finished exposing, he unfolds it to the proper section and then holds it up to the mirror so Sirius can read it.

Sirius smiles, and embarrassment is seen fleeting in his expression. "I know Harry. You wouldn't be your father's son otherwise." Clearing his throat some, he continues on, "If you're needed to testify, you can be there. Beyond that, Hogwarts is the best place for you." When his godson reveals just where it is he's hiding within the castle, Sirius looks impressed. "I've never seen that room before, amazing that's it's showing on the map." Amazing yes, he helped write it after all. As for the room? Why did he and his friends ever have need of it? They had other ways of staying secret.

About to protest the idea of only being there if needed to testify, Harry suddenly thinks better of himself. "I know it is." Needless to say, the boy is already formulating an alternate plan. "Best that Ron and I could figure was it only shows up on the map if you're in the room with the map. It's marked as the Room of Requirement. Hermione mentioned that it shows up only when a student is in need of its service. Sort of how I was looking for a place that I could use the mirror without being disturbed."

A shrewd expression forms on Sirius's face. "You agreed far too easily. I just might have to start calling you James." Meaning, he's not convinced that Harry isn't formulating other ideas. "Ah, I see. I can't say that I'm surprised that there was a secret room in Hogwarts. A castle like that? It's got its secrets, Hogwarts." Smiling some, he starts to look a bit lost in thought, "The things we could have accomplished if we had of known of the room when we were there. Not that we had trouble as it was, mind."

A broad grin crosses Harry's face coupled with a small laugh. "I'm surprised you haven't already." he grins, nodding gently. "Secret passageways. Now a secret room. I wonder what other secrets are left to uncover here?" the boy muses. "And if you had known about it I doubt you would have graduated because of all of the /things/ you could accomplish in here." As he grins, he does a quick time check in his head. "I should probably get going though. Got divination with batty old Trelawney in a few."

"Cheeky," Sirius says, the corners of his mouth twitching behind his beard. "Knowing you and Ron, you'll find a fair few before leaving school. We did enough, left behind our mark." He wounds just a little wistful, for things that have come to pass, what might have been. "You best be going then. Say hello to Ron and Hermione for me. If anything changes on my end, I'll be letting you know."

Harry snickers. "Have to be with Trelawney. I can't imagine what will happen today. Oh wait….same thing that happens every day. A prediction that I'm in grave danger." It's said casually, with a hint of sarcasm as if he doesn't believe it. "I will. And you make sure to send word if anything changes with you. I want to to know what happens."

"I will. Don't forget to wipe the map before you leave. I'll talk to you again soon Harry." With that, Sirius ends his side of the conversation and the mirror is just a mirror again.

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