Rene d'Allemagne
House Slytherin
Year 2
Position Student
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 13
Place of Birth Nice, France
Place of Residence Near Kemacott, North Devon, UK; Western Exmoor National Park
Family Vivien(father, +28), Corinne(birthmother, +30), Adele(stepmother, +21); Siblings Isabella(+9), Delphine/Dimitri(-4), Giselle(-9), Sebastien(-13)
Date of Birth September 3rd, 1982
First Appearance Little People

Rene is a Second Year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; he was moved to Britain before he began schooling at Hogwarts, when his father took over a snidget sanctuary for the Ministry. Though he had considerable reluctance at first, the boy fell in love with the school just like everybody else, has made quite a few friends out of the other students, and is working hard at finding his niche among the student body. He is not a refugee from Beauxbatons; however, he does find himself acting as a minor liaison to both sides of the coin, just as he has been between his House and the other Houses.

(Rene's family members(including his biological mother) are potentially adoptable. If you are interested, let me know! Ages are also flexible.)

Character History:

Born in Nice, France to a wizarding family of fairly good standing, Rene's early life was relatively peaceful. With one older sister by his birth mother, it was not until he was three that things began falling apart. His father Vivien managed a Snidget sanctuary a small ways inland, while his birthmother kept with Rene and his sister, Isabella. His mother had always been bizarre, even for a witch; eventually when her husband found out the extent of her mental illness, it was almost too late. During a trip to Paris for the SPADE(Snidget Preservation and Devotee Expo), Rene's mother finally snapped while taking care of her children; at one point she threatened to toss them both into the river Seine. Since then, Corinne has been in a wizarding mental institution near Anglet, France. Nobody knows exactly why she did what she did, though perhaps one day it may become clear.

Shortly after his wife's institutionalization, Vivien began a relationship with an old friend- a muggle-born witch- that soon turned intimate and in short time, bore Rene a pair of twin siblings. As the two babies grew, over time it became clear that the hometown and areas that the family had come to love held tarnished places in their hearts due to Corinne; she had not ruined the life of either of her children, but in turn damaged the relationship that had tied them to France. As if guided by fate itself, Rene's father received a letter from a small Snidget sanctuary in the west of Britain. The parcel of farmland that had been raising generations of the tiny yellow birds had fallen into debt and disarray, and the Ministry of Magic sought out names that had been floating high amongst the ranks at the SPADE. Due to his standing within the French Ministry's Magical Creatures department, Vivien was endorsed to take over the failing preserve located in Britain. Considering what was best for his children and his wife, as well as his love for taking care of the wizarding world's most unfortunate little bird, Vivien accepted the endorsement and relocated his family to Kemacott, in North Devon.

Rene, to say the very least, took the move from sunny seashore to rainy forest very badly. Even the birth of a third sibling my his stepmother could do little to ease his spirits in having been moved from what he saw as his rightful home. Though he could understand why his father did such a thing, the tiny boy's heart would always belong to France. Much to his dismay, in the summer of nineteen-ninety-four, he received a letter by owl from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Even Dumbledore could see past that exterior of distaste and see a potentially great student(with a little nudge in the boy's direction from Rene's father); and in fact, Rene was destined to do well in his own schooling. From a young age, he was very apt to cause the usual reactions that young witches and wizards have with magic; save for his being far more frequent. So frequent, that the French Ministry sent a tutor to the d'Allemagne home to try and curb the large, random leaks of magic from the disarmingly small child. In this, Rene has been embattled with learning the fineries of many spells and school topics long before his real school years were even to begin. In terms of technical skill, he is far above the children that Hogwarts usually brings to its steps for their first lessons, but Rene still has the same journey ahead in terms of actually applying those pieces of knowledge that he has spent so much time learning. Practical application of magic during his upcoming years at Hogwarts is going to be quite an experience, especially for a little boy that did not want to be there.


At just around 4'5" and topping at a bare 75 pounds, he isn't exactly the biggest physical threat and years behind in growth, but he's quite the little scrapper. The boy is slender and obviously on the small side, but relatively healthy otherwise, and with realistic proportions rather than purely childlike ones. Soft, light skin, delicate hands and features, a small nose and a pair of feminine lips altogether make him extremely androgynous to begin with. Stack on the bright blue eyes, and the wave of light, golden blonde hair that falls down past his mid-back, and for all intensive purposes- with the bulky, black school robes obstructing a proper view of the rest of him, the boy is often mistaken for a young girl. Underneath he wears a uniform that always seems to be a little bit loose around his frame, adorned with the green and silver of Slytherin, matching the sheen of the badge over the breast of his school robes. When not in his uniform, the boy wears a much lighter and sometimes more colorful palette.


Name Relation Notes
Julian Slytherin Julian and Rene seemed to hit it off right away; if he is indeed best friends with anyone in school, it would be Bean. The two gravitated during the first weeks, and started off with a mutual friendship based on teaching and looking out for one another. They share very different, very contrasting beginnings, but they are and will remain fast friends nonetheless. The boys embody the more positive things of Slytherin house; though Julian may be inclined to save himself, and Rene may be too prideful.
Ginny Gryffindor Though she is in Gryffindor, and a Weasley, Rene managed to get on Ginny's good side, and she is a valuable and friendly face in the midst of the older students, and Rene likes to spend time around her and Luna if he can manage it.
Luna Ravenclaw Luna is a more loose-based friend through Ginny; Rene finds her totally bizarre, but calming, rather kind, and very polite; naturally he does his best to be the same right back.

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