1994-07-03: Redefining the Watercooler


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Scene Title Redefining the Watercooler
Synopsis First time meetings and quiet conversation happen in the Ministry's Atrium
Date 03 July 1994
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Chronology N/A
Logger Tonks

Ministry - Atrium

Nestled beneath the streets of London is the Ministry of Magic. The main atrium of the Ministry sits along the eighth level of the subterranean bureaucratic center of the wizarding world. The peacock blue ceiling above has golden symbols that move across it. The golden symbols and the light reflect off the polished dark wood of the floor. Fireplaces are seen along the lengthy walls of the atrium, used for travel by floo powder. The fireplaces are designated for arrivals and departures. A pair of golden gates are positioned at the end of the Atrium. Next to these gates is a security desk. Beyond the golden gates is a small hallway where there are a series of lifts that take people between the different levels. Halfway down the atrium in a center of prominence is the Fountain of Magical Brethren. It's a group of golden statues in the form of a wizard, witch, centaur, goblin and a house-elf. The statues spout water into the pool they stand in.

At the Fountain of Magical Brethren, someone stands, staring at the statues. He is, in fact, one of the only people standing still. In fact, he probably IS the only person standing still in the whole of the Atrium. Remus Lupin, ex-teacher at Hogwarts, Dark Wizard fighter, and werewolf to-boot, considers the fountain in extreme. It has never quite sat well with him. It's like the centair, goblin, and house-elf all adore the witch and wizard. That just doesn't seem right to him.

You know, she could almost actually wish to go back to being just a trainee. Back then, she didn't have… /paperwork/ to deal with… well, not on a regular basis. And certainly never her own! But now, UGH. That's pretty much the expression on the young woman's hair right now. In her hands are some papers, which she's looking down at, and slung over her shoulder is a satchel with a few other scrolls sticking out (Please say that one of them /isn't/ yet another so-called 'Undesireable Number One' siting that'll have to be investigated?).

Now mind, a stationary target in the Atrium is danger enough, but when a known klutz isn't even paying attention to where she's going? That's got to be the perfect recipe for disaster…but Fates seem to think otherwise, and Lupin /isn't/ the one that gets ran into. No, instead it's some middle-aged witch who was going in the opposite direction Tonks was. It isn't a full on collision, just a ramming of shoulders, but it's enough to get Tonks to fumble her papers.

A quick apology is given while she begins grabbing at the papers before they fall hazardously into the fountain. People throw coins into fountains, not reports!

With a sigh, Lupin shakes his head. No. He's not one to challenge this little bit of the ministry. All he's here to do, really, is to meet with some people in the ministry, give his account (again) of what happened in Diagon Alley yesterday with the Death Eaters, and be on his way and not, thankfully, be ran into. But when the witch seems to have her troubles with all her reports and paperwork, he feels the need to help. He scoops up some of the many scrolls out of the fountain, placing them on the ground before getting some more.

There's a groan of disappointment when she realizes that some of her stuff did indeed get into the fountain. STuffing what didn't get wet into the satchel, she reaches down to grab whatever's left over after the help. "Um, thanks, I'll get that, um…" Reaching into her back pocket she retrieves her wand. There's a reflexive tug on the beltloop of her jeans, before she fully produces the wand. A quick flick of it, and a charm's name uttered, and the papers dry off in a blink. Wand in her back pocket, and again another tug (Yup, buttocks still attached…), she regards one of the scrolls that went for a swim. "Aw, bugger. I wonder how many of these'll have to be redone." She notes some running, but not a lot…

Those in her hands are then shoved into the satchel without a second thought and a small hand reaches out for the ones her day's work's rescuer has. "Thanks…I probably should've watched where I was goin'."

Lupin smiles softly at Tonks. "Don't mention it." He says, rolling the scrolls that he has. "This happens to all of us, once in a while." He says in a sympathetic tone. He looks up at the Young Witch. "I certainly hope none of these need redoing. That would certainly be a shame. Reports can be troublesome to do a first time around."

"You'd think they'd get a clue and do them in non-damaging ink or somethin'," is said with a mutter. The stuff handed over is also stuffed into the satchel and she adjusts it. Way she figures, they're probably /safer/ smooshed into a satchel than in her hands. "The quick retrieval probably did them good, though. So again, you've got my thanks." The smile's returned, but she does quick to take in the man's appearance. Wow, does he look like he's been on a ten-day bender or what…"You feelin' alright?" she asks as she digs into another one of her pockets and produces a few Knuts to toss into the fountain—instead of her work load.

Lupin chuckles. "If there's one thing I've learned, it's that there's still some lessons to be learned everywhere. Including with Ministry reports." He sighs softly. He looks Tonks over as they stand by the Fountain talking. "Oh…yes. Thank you. I'm fine. I've just been travelling a lot lately. Not too much time to relax and rest, you understand." Or he turns into a werewolf each month and he doesn't get work because of it, so he doesn't exactly have a good place to sleep.

Having ridden down the blasted telephone box, Siobhan emerges, coughing and brushing a bit of dust from her clothes. Dressed in muggle clothes, she doubtless looks out of place here, but it doesn't phase her. "If only you were a nicer shade of blue, I might not hate you so," she mutters to the now-rising booth, then attaches her 'Visitor' pin. There. Now, deep breath aaand go! Inwards she ambles, looking around at the myriad of faces for one in particular. It's then that she spots one face that is quite familiar. Sidetracked for his sake, she moves towards Lupin and Tonks. "Professor!" Her voice is bright and cheery—apparently last year's scandalous news doesn't bother her a whit. "I didn't get to see you before you left last term." And there's putting it tactfully. "How are you?" Tonks, being unfamiliar, gets a slightly more wary smile. "Hullo, I'm Siobhan Noble." Simple introductions often work best. Saves time; dirty looks are real minute-wasters.

Tonks actually tilts her head slightly at Lupin's answers. She keeps her face pretty and blank, though in truth, she's giving him a more suspicious once over. Chalk that up to her tutor's influence. While the worn and exhausted look and bearing might be just exactly that, it could also be a trick—we'll just assume it's the former. "Well, you should probably ask for a vacation before y'drop dead. That won't do anyone any good, right?" She offers him a simple, warm smile

And here comes a cry of Professor! out of no where, and that hand is back on Tonks' back pocket, where Lupin would likely remember the witch's wand was kept. The reflex is quick, and without hesitation. But it dawns on Tonks quick enough that it's just a girl…"Professor?" Tonks blinks for a moment, and Lupin is given yet another quick once over while this information's filed away. "Huh." Fixing her coat to cover her rear again, she wasn't expecting an introduction. But well, there it is anyway. "Tonks." She pre-empts any question with quick of "Just Tonks. S'what I like, s'what I insist. Keeps things nice'n casual, right?" Siobhan is given a grin, "Pleased to make your acquaintence tho', Miss Noble."

Lupin smiles lightly at Tonks, raising one hand defensively. "Now, you've got the look of a someone trained to be suspicious of everyone haggard and tired and possibly a bit worn. Like they've been hiding from the public for some reason. Magical Law Enforcement?" He has a knack for these things…or he thinks he does occasionally. "Well, a vacation does do everyone good from now and again." Oh, and there's the call out to him. He gives Siobhan a smile. "Ah, Miss Noble. So good to see you! Ah yes…last term. I left rather abruptly at the end there, I suppose. I couldn't stay, really." He says softly and kindly. With a glance to Tonks, he says, "I was a teacher at Hogwarts in this past term and Miss Noble here was a studen of mine in both Defence Against the Dark Arts and Advanced Defensive Theory, if my memory does serve."

Tonks' straightforward approach to the introduction sits well with Siobhan's upfront nature. "Sio, please." She winks at the other witch. "I prefer it." To her professor, she nods in affirmation, her grin widening. "It serves you better than you like to let on, Professor." It's meant as a tease, her smile softening any barb. "But then, I suppose it's easier to catch up students if they're not really prepared for you, yeah?" She hazards another glance around, looking again for one face in particular. "What brings you down here, Professor?"

There's a cough and the color to her cheeks at having been called out /almost/ doesn't make it, but it ends up tinging that pale face anyway. "Ah, well… Auror, actually. My teacher was somewhat paranoid." The way she says 'somewhat' makes it sound making an understatement. There's a grumble under her breath about probably getting a talking to if he found out that she actually hinted to his existence and all that… ahem. Though, actually pointing out her underlying suspicions? That just gets a knowing smirk. "And really, the 'couldn't stay' thing? Doesn't help." There's a teasing tone in her voice, and she abandons the subject all together. "So you just 'professor' or do I get to make up a name for you?" Ah well, back to someone who actually /looks/ closer to her age!

"Sio, then. Sounds good." Her hands rest on her hips and she gives her head a bob, as if it finalized things. "You still a student?" she chances to ask. "Wow, it seems like it wasn't that along ago when I graduated," judging by that face, it probably /wasn't/ all that long ago. Sio's asking Lupin's business gets Tonks' attention, evident by a quick twitch of her brow, but that's it. "Oi, be careful," she advises Sio, "You never know when some nutter'll come by and run into you. Busy stretch this is."

With a sly grin, Remus Lupin nods. "Auror it is. You know, nothing wrong with being paranoid. In fact…it's the mark of a good Auror to be slightly paranoid and suspicious of practically everyone. I might not even be who I appear to be!" Though he's probably just saying that to make a point…probably. "Who was your tutor, if you don't mind the question?" He shakes his head. "No, I don't suppose my statement about that helped me any." He chuckles. "My name is Remus Lupin. You may call me Remus." Though he gives a quick look to Siobhan. "You can still call me Professor or Mister Lupin." He says in a light tone, suggesting he isn't being too too serious. He raises an eyebrow at Siobhan's question. "Oh, I've actually got to speak to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement about a matter." He says with a smile towards Tonks.

Rolling her eyes at Lupin's not-too-serious rejoinder, Siobhan grins up at him good-naturedly. "Yeah, I figured." She's not being too terribly serious either. "An' yeah. Last year of it comin' up, and then I'm out." Something about the way that sentence came out has her smiling secretly to herself. Still, not too long in her own mind. Something Tonks said jerks her from her thoughts. "Auror, you said?" Her attention suddenly rivets on the other witch. "Did they come back yet?" From…well, from whatever they're doing. Her expression is hopeful, but there's a definite undercurrent of worry. "It's just that I have this…friend. He got called away right out of tea for something and I wondered if they'd been back yet…"

There's a cough and "Moody" is said at the same time. Straightening up, she smiles at the name. "Remus, then." Nope, still not volunteering her first name! That's for the second meetings! Sio's questioning about 'they' puzzles Tonks visibly, but she's a bit suspicious at the same time. "Depends on who 'they' you're talkin' about." She then shrugs, "And even then I probably don't know. I just qualified like, a couple of weeks ago." Wee little newbie… As if to try to comfort, Tonks offers a warm smile, "I'm sure he's okay, though."

Lupin smiles at Siobhan. "Well, with the defence class like you're taking, you're probably on a straight road for an Auror yourself, you know. Though your technique could still improve." He says with a little nod. He tilts his head at Tonks's mention of Moody. "Alastor Moody, eh? Quite the man. I know he can seem a bit unusual, but he's one of the best that the Ministry has. I've had the privilege of knowing him personally, actually."

"Oh I dunno, some woman called 'Brigadier' told him 'they were needed' and he was off." Siobhan shrugs, doing her best to appear casual and unaffected. She fails. Utterly. "Only he's an Auror, so I thought…maybe…" Tonks might know something, but low-end on the totem pole doesn't haul much clout; Sio can understand that. Lupin gets a smile and a nod for his guess. "That's it, right on the nose, Professor. It's what I've been aimin' for at any rate." She half-listens to the next bits of their conversation, once more scanning the room.

"I'm sorry." Tonks' expression is completely deadpanned at Lupin admitting he knows Moody personally. Is she joking, or serious? Anyone's guess! AT Sio her expression shifts to honestly apologetic. "Oi, I'm so sorry, I dont' know anything. Considering this line of business, it could be honestly anything. Could be home before supper, or… might take a few days, who knows. But, he'll be fine." This she's adamant about. Aurors have to be a tough sort of lot to make it.

ANd speaking of which…

"Really? Oh, that's great! Maybe in a few years, we'll be able to work together." There's an unspoken element of 'If you make it…' in her tone that she's apparently wise enough /not/ top say. But she does offer, "To warn you, if you manage to get the marks, the training's something."

Lupin grins and nods. "Or is it I who should be saying 'I'm sorry'? He's not an easy man to train under, I'm sure. But he gets the job done, that's for sure. And he gets it done well." He say in a certain tone. Now is his turn, however, to listen to the others as they speak. He doesn't know of what's going on with Aurors and such, really. But then ention of actually becoming an Auror on Siobhan's part. "It's true. The training won't be easy. It's not like school at all."

"Oh, I'll make it." Maybe. But that maybe isn't reflected at all in Siobhan's tone of voice. Despite the excellent reassurances, Sio still feels ill at ease. Probably over-worrying, over-thinking things. It happens sometimes when she's waiting on something. "If it were like school, Professor," she adds as respectfully as she can get with that grin on her face, "I wouldn't even be tryin'."

There's some straightening of posture in Tonks' stance. While Lupin might not have meant it to be a compliment, Tonks is surely taking it as one, to have trained under the infamous Mad-Eye Moody, and still stick around! "That's the spirit," Tonks tells Sio. "Keep that attitude and I'm sure you'll get through it." There's honest faith there, since that's pretty much one of the reasons why Tonks decided to go into the field herself.

Lupin smiles at Siobhan and softly says, "Aurorship is a dangerous profession, but those who join the ranks of Auror are well trained and only the best. If that were not so, they would not be allowed the title there of. Whatever this acquaintance of yours is out doing, he'll be fine. It may not do much to abate your worry, but worry only makes the re-meeting that much more better, doesn't it?" He looks up at Tonks and merely nods.

For one reason or another-call it fatigue or worry or hormones, whatever suits—Lupin's soft kindness, rather than soothing Siobhan, seems to cause a measure of agitation. Tonks' enthusiasm too fails to rub off on her; an odd occurence in and of itself. Nevertheless, she offers them both a smile that /almost/ doesn't look forced and turns. "Thanks, but I really should go. I need to find my brother before he packs it in for the night. Professor, good to see you. Tonks, nice talkin'." And with a small wave, she's off toward the elevators that will take her just precisely where she needs to go.

Lupin is given a gesture. "He's got a good bead on things," Tonks offers. There's no need to repeat what he said or reword it. She finds that he pretty much summed it up. She's bout to actually say something else, but Sio seems to be on her way. "Oi." Lips twist but they dont' stay there for long, and she brightens a smile, "I'll likely see you around then!" She lifts her hand to wave as Sio retreats.

Lupin nods to Sio. "Well, enjoy the rest of your day. May it be a good one." He looks over to Tonks. "Oh, he's got a keen…well, a keen eye for things. A very useful and resourceful fellow." He says softly. "How has he been of late, anyway? I have not spoken to him in a good little while."

With Sio gone, the conversation turns to her mentor. "He's…" She pauses, trying to figure out exactly how to describe things. "Mad-eye's Mad-eye. That's the best way to describe it. He's not doing any worse for wear than usual, so. Maybe you should try to catch him for a visit while you're about. Dunno if he's in today though." She gestures to the satchel and it's bounty of now crinkled scrolls. "Been busy."

Lupin smiles. "He can always just be described as that, can't he? Always has been. An odd fellow, perhaps, at times, but good to have guarding your back. Knows how to fight dark magic better than just about anyone."

"T'be honest, I wouldn't have anyone else," Tonks affirms with another squaring of her shoulders. "If there's anyone to learn how t'be a decent Auror, it's him. He doesn't have his reputation for nothing, y'know?" She's very proud of her teacher, and proud to be his student. "He's just, ugh, so damn hard to deal with sometimes. But, hey, I guess he's got reasons, and all." She tilts her head, "Have you worked with him before?"

Lupin nods as he listens to Tonks speak. "You just have to…" He pauses to think of how to put it. "You have to know how to learn speak to his inner Mad-Eye, as it would be." He smiles. "But he's one of the best in the field. Brought in more Dark Wizards than almost anyone that I know of." As Tonks asks her question, he nods. "Yes. In a manner of speaking. He and I met during the War. I wasn't exactly an auror, and neither am I now, but I was doing my part against the Death Eaters."

Wow, what a way to have her suspicions of his age confirmed. But she doesn't let it on. Guys might be sensitive to age questions just as well as girls! "Then I'm sure he'll definitely liked to have known you stopped by, I think." She's got somewhat an optimistic outlook going there. "WEll, I guess that explains why you're Defense teacher, though. The…war thing and all."

In all fairness to Lupin, he wasn't all that old when he joined in the fight. He's only 34 now, after all. "I did learn a few things back then, and over the years since. Moody taught me a thing or two back then, and I'm quite thankful for it. Though during those times, I learned that what is taught at Hogwarts barely scratches the surface of what is really out there. I'm sure you must have learned that even in your training."

Tonks' expression clearly says 'You don't know half of it' at having it pointed out she learned far more out of school in her line of training. "But learning in school is a great way to lay down the foundation t'knowing how t'defend yourself. I mean, most say it's not needed now, but.." she lowers her voice a bit, "I say it never hurts to be at least somewhat prepared in case something does happen." She shrugs here, her opinion stated.

Lupin grins slightly, scratching his forehead. "True enough. True enough. School is always a good foundation for whatever you choose to then continue on into in your life, isn't it? Whether auror, professor, mediwizard, or anything else that may lay ahead on your path. You never know where it might take you." He says calmly. He raises an eyebrow. "Has Mad-Eye been telling you his thoughts on the Dark Lords return?" He says in a quieted voice.

There's an easy grin on her face as she finds the man easy to talk with. But there's a slight tension in that smile when he asks about the thoughts. "Maybe," The tone is pleasant, but guarded slightly. "Though, then again, it's probably not all that difficult to associate his thoughts with the topic and come to a pretty close idea to what they really are." Ah, at least her paranoia is on this side of healthy.

Lupin shakes his head, grinning still. "Well, who knows if what he says is truth some of the time or his own version of paranoia." He would breech that subject just yet. They've only just met! "He's a curious fellow, though, in the end. But I'd never discount what he'd tell me. I'll leave those words on him for you to think of."

"Sounds like a reasonable thing to do," she offers. Most of what Moody says though, is hung onto greatly. "Right now, I think there's a few other concerns that are sort of more important…" Sirius for that matter, but she's not going to inquire a complete stranger about things. Though, she might be able to piece it all together, and maybe even get informationa bout things from Moody at a later time. "Or so we're told."

Lupin nods ever so slightly. "Thinking of concerns of greater importance. I've got a meeting to keep about the Death Eater attack on Diagon Alley yesterday." He bows his head. "It was certainly a pleasure to meet you, Tonks. Perhaps we shall get this chance again soon?"

There's a groan about that death eater attack and it might be a safe bet taht some of the paperwork might have to do with that. "Ah, sorry to've kept you waiting then,

Remus. And I'm sure we will, what with everything." She waves a hand. "Keep safe…" and she'll amble away just like that—after nearly tripping over her own two feet in the process.

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