1995-02-18: Recruiters R Us


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Scene Title Recruiters R Us
Synopsis Angelina recruits Sirius for some extra-curricular activities.
Location Hospital Wing
Date Feb 18, 2005
Logger Angelina

It's late on Saturday, the 18th of February. Most of the students have been discharged from the hospital wing, but Harry Potter remains. Sirius isn't complaining however. So long as Harry gets his rest after what he had just been through, and Black can visit, he has no complaints. Letting his godson sleep, the pair have simply been talking, a round or two of chess, anything diversionary really… Sirius remains awake as he prowls the infirmary. It's tempting to roam the halls, the old secret rooms and passages he remembers from his youth, but he's also not wanting to alarm students, so he stays put. He's wandered to the far end of the room, and is standing at one of the arched windows, peering out at the darkened grounds below.

The door opens, QUIETLY, and Angelina steps in. No clattering doors from her. She'll likely never do that again, having spent time in here. She closes it just as quietly before looking around the room. She stops to check on Harry, of course, to make sure he's sleeping comfortably and still here. The house was asking, after all. That done, she looks for Madame Pomfrey. Nope. Not here. Maybe she's in the other room. Sirius, however, is spotted at the far end. Still quiet, she makes her way to where he stands.

"Up a little late are we?" Sirius asks without looking Angelina's way. While not as paranoid as Moody, he's still quite observant and aware of his surroundings. Prison may have dulled some reflexes but sharpening other senses. "Miss Johnson, isn't it?" he asks as the teen seems to be heading his way.

"Yeah. I can't sleep, I guess. Too much going on. And I got headache almost as soon as I left. So I figured I would finally cave and came back for something." Angelina pauses next to him, looking out the same window. "Yes. Angelina, actually."

"I know that feeling well. Not being able to sleep that is," Sirius states in quiet, conversational tones. "You're Chaser on the Quidditch team, right? I saw you lot play about two years ago. All of you are quite good." Yes, he's been listening quite a bit since the previous evening. "Madam Pomfrey is up and about, and even if she weren't, that woman's easily roused for all sorts of maladies. Want me to go fetch her for you?"

"Uhm..no. It's quiet in here. Maybe it will go away on its own, if I just stop thinking so hard. I'm not Hermione, after all." Yes. that was supposed to be a joke, even if it was pretty lame. Angie's head bobs in a nod. "Yeah. Chaser on the team. And Captain, next year. Well, Captain this year, not that it counts any. No Quidditch and all." The compliment is taken in stride. "Thanks. Wood was a good captain. I hope I'll be as good." A slow breath is drawn. "So. Marauder."

"Just as well. She has yet to forgive me for a series of pranks in our second year. They essentially involved us seeing how many times we could get her attention via false alarms. Her reaction made detention worth it." Sirius smiles just a bit at the recollection, "I shouldn't be telling you that, don't want to add to whatever ideas Gryffindor students already have. You went through a lot. I'm sure after a bit of relaxing the headache will ease." His lips quirk in a smile at the reference to Hermione before he turns to look at Angelina, smiling a bit, "Good job. Harry's father was Chaser in his time. Damned fine player, he was. I'm sure you'll do fine. You wouldn't have got the position otherwise." Even if he frequently questioned McGonagall's decisions a few times. He turns to look out the window once more, until Angelina mentions The Word. Looking back at her, an eyebrow quirks questioningly.

Angelina is grinning when he looks back at her. "Oh, really? False alarms, hmm? In your second year?" Yes. That's right. She knows The Word. "I've been hearing all about your exploits. Your friend, Professor Lupin? He was telling me alllll about it down in the courtyard." Muahahahahahhaa.

"You know," Sirius begins slowly and in a thoughtful manner that suggests a dry sort of humor, "For someone who was rather quiet in school, he talks quite a bit these days." He clasps his hands behind his back and turns to the window briefly. "Who hasn't had their share of exploits in this school?"

There is a quiet almost-giggle. "I don't know. But its quite easy to talk with him. Its not like some of the other professors." Angie's arms fold behind her back. "I imagine we all have, yes. But yours are pretty legendary." Pause. "How would you like to have some more? Exploits? At the school?"

"Always the reasonable one, Remus." Sirius issues forth a bit of a sigh before looking back at Angelina. He turns and settles to sit against the window sill, "He's always been a bit of a professor sort, the diplomat." Not that this bothers the animagus, not at all. It's always been a point of teasing towards his old friend. There's a grin and a brief flash of pride, "Of course it was all legendary, and I had excellent partners in crime, and don't let Lupin's innocent mask fool you. He was in on quite a bit." Though not as much as James and Sirius, veritable ringleaders they were. Brows lifting, he gives Angelina a studious look, "Those I can never say no to, but I /do/ think McGonagall would notice if I was lobbing dungbombs from the back of the class, or similar."

Well. Seems that Lupin isn't the only one who likes to talk about the others. So Angelina just listens, filing it all away. Never know when she might need the info some day! "No. No dungbombs. You let me and the Weasley twins worry about that." She has her own set of ringleader best friends. "You weren't in here for it. But we finally won Moody over. We broke him. He's starting a training class for us. Extra-curricular, we'll call it. Problem is, I don't think he anticipated just how many students are going to be signing up." Her head tips to the side. "You were in my spot. In my spot, exactly. During the last Rise to power, you were just finishing up school and leaving to fight him. You went out fighting. You never had to fight him while in school, like we did. But you now how it is. To sit here and watch, and be able to do nothing. To know when you get out, you'll be entering a war. And because of the Hogsmeade attack, we know exactly how unprepared we are." Chocolate brown eyes watch his face. "Help us. Train us." A slow grin. "And if you and Lupin happen to lead us in a few exploits, or join us…who am I to say I knew what would happen?"

Sirius chuckles a bit and shakes his head, "Ah, the next generation of troublemakers." He looks fairly impressed however about the extra-curricular training class. "Admirable. Usually it's difficult to get old Mad-Eye to budge on anything, but I suppose even he can see the necessity of extra training." He listens further to Angelina, looking a little past her towards Harry's bed. "You're never prepared, you can have all the training, but some things? You just cannot be prepared for." Friends turning on you for example. "I'm not sure.. I'm not exactly someone to be invited around and welcomed with open arms. Is this an official or unofficial school activity?" He never had issues with breaking the rules, but nowadays.. people are understandably afraid of him and he owes a lot to Dumbledore.

Angie is quiet a moment, looking out the window behind him, before she answers. And even then, her reply is slow and quiet, as if it's hard to think of the words or make them come. "We know we are unprepared. We know we can never be fully ready. But right now, we're sitting ducks. Lupin says the attack on Hogsmeade, it was never done before, and it was done for a reason. My guess is to deliver Harry in style. Lupin says they are scared of Dumbledore, and we shouldn't be worried because they'd not come here. But isn't Hogsmeade close enough? We go there twice a month. What are they going to do? Pull every Auror and Hitwizard the Ministry has to Hogsmeade twice a month to keep us safe?" Her gaze turns to him once more. "I would think this is unofficial. Parents would throw a fit if they knew we were being taught this. And, as for you being welcome, it is part of my plan. Your name has been dragged through the mud by the Ministry. And sure, at first, they will be like I was. Unsure. Confused. But when they see you with Harry, and with Lupin, and with the rest of us…when it becomes clear that they were wrong…they will trust you. And, to the us, Sirius Black is no longer a mass murderer and eater of small children. He is a friend and a teacher and a prankster alongside us."

An odd smile crosses Sirius's face, "Lupin's a bit persona non grata I'm afraid." He falls quiet, and doesn't need a lot of arm twisting for this idea. There's going to be a lot of work needed for the Order now, but he'll still have a lot of time on his hands, and he doesn't do well with idleness. "Very well then. I can take the students willing to work with me. Perhaps.. setting it for Hogsmeade weekends? I'll soon be a familiar face around the village. Now that I'm a free man, I want to stay close by for Harry." He thinks a bit more, then, "Do you lot have a place in mind on the grounds for this study group? Someone more associated with the school should lead lessons on grounds. I can work from Hogsmeade for the older students with permission to visit the village."

A grin lights Angelina's face. He may as well have just given her the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup for the year. "That works! Hogsmeade weekends. It keeps us out of the school, and we still get to learn. Maybe we will just make this limited people, at first? So you can get the hang of it? Hermione has something in mind for us here at the school. She got this weird grin, but she says she has a place. Are there any students you want to invite to start off with? How many of us do you know?"

"Limited is good, to test the waters so to speak," Sirius states as he raises a hand and rubs his jaw. He does chuckle a bit, "Hermione's a smart witch, if she's got a place, it's bound to be a good one." He pushes up from the windowsill and stretches some. "I only know Ron, Harry and Hermione fairly well. I've gotten to know Siobhan a bit too. I don't have a place in Hogsmeade, and hadn't exactly thought about getting a flat there. Nevermind that, I know the village and grounds like the back of my hand. There'll be plenty of areas to hide in for practicing."

"Good. I'll get it all set up then, and owl you. So, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Siobhan, myself, Fred and George…? That a good start? I would say Ginny, but she's still pretty young. I can't do it without bringing George, and if I bring George, I have to bring Fred too." A bit of an awkward situation, given George and Angie are dating. Haven't quite worked out the details on how this works. Ahem. In a more quiet tone, she offers, "I'm sorry I was…staring at you. Earlier in here. But I trust Professor Lupin. He and I have been talking about..things..since before the holidays. And if he trusts you, I trust you. He speaks quite highly of you."

"That sounds like a good number to start with. Not too many, and Harry can always help. I have great faith in his abilities." Sirius states with the utmost confidence. He's just a /bit/ familiar with the Weasley clan, being distantly related, but getting the names of all the children down? That will take a bit of memorization. When Angelina apologizes for staring, he shakes his head and holds up a hand, "Think nothing of it. I suspect you won't be the first or the last to stare. It's something I should be getting used to. As for Lupin trusting me, we go way back." He and Lupin already made their peace for a breakdown of trust between the two. It won't happen again.

"Still, it doesn't excuse it. You've been cleared, and I know the Ministry was smearing you to cover up other things. It won't happen again." Well, at least he is clearing his name with the students. Its a start, right? "And if I catch anyone else doing it, well, I'll handle it." Angelina is fearless about things, all the sudden. Wait til everything settles and she's not running on revenge and adrenaline. That'll be fun! "Thank you. For teaching us. I know we're just kids. But when they start attacking us too.." Her shoulders shrug.

"No, people are quite right to be afraid. I can't blame them." Sirius seems fine with his lot, even if it can be frustrating. "It's the least I can do, help with defensive, maybe some offensive spells as well." He'll probably be as unpredictable as Moody when it comes to teaching. Sirius hasn't got quite the mindset for being a proper teacher.

Angelina clears her throat. "Uhm. One more thing." She looks a bit uncomfortable about this part. "Can we..not.. tell any parents about this? Because I know my parents would revoke my Hogsmeade pass. They almost did when they were here as it was. And I know Mrs. Weasley. And if she finds out the rest of them are, she'll be screaming.."
Sirius barks out a laugh, then promptly quiets before he wakes anyone in the infirmary. "Angelina, look at who you're talking to! As if I of all people would tell your parents! Your sneaky secret is safe with me."

Angelina grins, wrinkling up her nose. "Good. Because when daddy finds out I'm changing classes midsemester so I can be considered for Auror training when I graduate, he's gonna flip. So the longer we can keep this quiet, the better. I figure training with Moody will be workout enough to count as still training for Quidditch.." Sneaky little snot, when she wants something.

"Can you even /do/ that?" Sirius asks, mouth quirking into a grin. "Training with Moody.. well.. let's just say there's nothing quite like it. Rest assured, I won't tell if you won't. The last thing I need are parents coming after me to burn me at the bloody stake."

Ah. Sirius will learn. This is Angelina. When she gets her mind on something, she doesn't stop. A playful wink is given to him. Yep. She rolls with the Twins. Accept the wink. The wink is good. "Can I? I am. So they are just going to have to deal with it. I just have to talk to Sprout and Flitwick. McG already approved it. I'm going to be a Very Busy Girl."

"You're definitely setting yourself up for quite a few difficult lessons there," Sirius states, and is in no position to lecture her on switching so close to end of the year. He never was one to lecture anyway. "Busy is right. If you're up to the task, go for it."

"I know. That is why I have to talk to Flitwick and Sprout. Find out if they'll work with me. If not, then I'm just too late, I guess. I don't know what I'll do. Work on another plan, I guess." Angelina backs away from him. "The team is getting together for a practice in a few days, if you want to come and watch us?" She's walking slowly backward, grinning like an idiot. "Maybe we'll even let you play."

"Thank you for the offer, but I never was one much for playing of Quidditch." Sirius prefers watching the game and cheering his friends on. "I'm going to try catching some shut eye, why don't you try for some too? I'm always reachable by owl or through Harry."

Angelina gives him quick wave. "Well, then I will see you later. I'll come check on Harry in the morning. I'm his Captain, after all. If I come and check on him, you won't have the entire house up here checking." She turns, and off she goes!

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