1995-02-12: Reality Check


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Scene Title Reality Check
Synopsis Brian reminisces about his confusion as a muggleborn firstie.
Location Hogwarts - Great Hall
Date February 12, 1995
Watch For Who you're about to bump into
Logger Egbert

Melissa grins. "Oh, that's great," she says. "I still can't imagine what that'd be like… just suddenly finding out about all this after so long…" She thinks for a bit. "But, it's nice to be a bit outside of what's 'normal' sometimes, isn't it?"

"It's confusing as all get out." Brian says. "I spent most of my first year in a perpetual haze of confusion. Couldn't cast a spell to save my life for close to the first half of the year, and lagged /really/ badly in the other classes. I spent every spare minute I could wrangle reading stuff … just basic texts on things everyone in the Wizarding world knew."

Ah, a round of Ain't We Got It Tough - a perennial favorite at Hogwarts, just like every other school ever. Normally, Egbert would join in as well, but (1) he's always been too shy to introduce himself to Melissa before something else interrupts, and (2) his sister has been missing for days and he doesn't know what to do about it. As it is, he just walks along with nis nose buried in a sheaf of parchment, right up until he bumps into Brian. "Oh, sorry!" he calls out automatically, then pauses to look at who he's just interrupted. Um.

Melissa nods. "Yeah, I think that's what I'd do too…" she says, then looks over as Egbert comes by. "Oh, hi! What brings you over here to our side?"

Ahhh, not a whine fest. Just an explanation. That first year had been hard, but Brian had finally found his feet, and after a summer of reading up, had been able to do well his second year. When some kid he didn't recognize bumped him, he reached a hand out to steady him. "Hey, easy there. You all right?" Then, back to Melissa. "I finally caught on in the tail end of first year. Since then, it's been good. I still catch myself doing the 'is this for real?' thing every once in a while, but it's great fun."

Egbert recovers after a second, nodding to Brian. "Fine, thanks. Um, I was heading for the Hufflepuff table and I must've gone… too far?" He looks around again: no, he went the wrong way in the first place. Smooth move. "He's right, though, you get through the first year or so and you start to realize 'hey, I might just keep getting through this'."

Melissa gives Egbert a little smile. "Oh, are you Muggleborn too then? That was what we were talking about…"

"Well, being muggleborn and potions, but yeah." Brian says with a grin to Melissa. "Think you headed the wrong way, though. Hufflepuff's table is the other side of Gryffindor's."

"Yeah, you're right," replies Egbert, defensively clutching the parchment in front of his stomach. "Well— not me, but my mum, so I have some idea." Melissa's smile is returned in kind, even as he shuffles his feet. "But it sounds like you're handling it okay?"

Melissa nods. "Well, I'm half of each," she says, pushing up her glasses, "so I don't have to worry that much… he seems to be doing all right too."

Brian chuckled. "Yeah, I do all right now. Been a few years. Once I figured out what was going on and how to do stuff, I discovered I wasn't half bad at it." He waved at what Egbert was carrying. "What're you studying?"

Egbert inclines his head to each fellow student in turn. "History of Magic, actually, just going through some notes. Not the most exciting thing in the world." There's an understatement. "Just trying to stay focused…"

Melissa grins. "Oh yes…" she says. "But it's worth knowing, isn't it? Well, some of it anyway."

"It is rather dry material." Brian agrees. "And the teacher really doesn't help." A ghost. Yeesh. One of those 'is this for real?' things that gets Brian from time to time.

That draws a wince out of Egbert. "Oh, I know. Pet loves him, though, she always says—" Only she can't, not right now. "Um, I'd better get back to studying," he adds, looking apologetic. "Lots still to wade through."

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