1994-07-06: Reading Reprieve


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Scene Title Reading Reprieve
Synopsis Lupin visits the Burrow and has a nice chat with Hermione
Date July 6, 1994
Watch For A book written by a previous DADA teacher.
Logger Lupin

The Burrow

Description of location, if any.

There's a ruckus going on inside the Burrow. Pots and pans whirling around and brooms sweeping all on their own. Really, it's just a normal day in the Weasley house, but it's a bit too much of a production for Hermione. Especially when all she wants to do is read a book. And since she promised that she wouldn't wander to far, she's simply outside in one of the deck chairs by the pond. A thick tome is out on her lap - it's much too heavy a book to hold up for extended periods of time - her brows furrowed in concentration.

A small 'pop' can be heard not all too far away, as Remus Lupin appears out of thin air near the pond. Hmmm….he'd meant to apparate to the other side of the house. But that is of little importance. It's still the same house he wants to visit. He slowly makes his way up to the porch, readjusting his jacket. He smiles as he approaches. "Always the studious young witch, aren't we Miss Granger?" He asks in a light tone, as well in greeting.

It's of little importance to Hermione where Lupin meant to Apparate to, she's sure that he's in the right place. Hearing the tell-tale pop of someone approaching, the young witch tilts her head up from her book and greets the former professor with a warm smile. "Professor Lupin!" Even if he isn't her professor any more, she won't be able to call him anything else. "Oh, this? It's just a little light reading since I finished most of the school texts after we got our book lists." That's not her bragging, it's just a simple statement of fact. "Are you here to see Mr. and Mrs. Weasley?" Glancing over her shoulder toward the inside, she lowers her voice. "I'd be careful. Mrs. Weasley's serious about her cleaning and cooking. Even Mr. Weasley stayed later at the office to stay out of the way."

Lupin leans leisurely against a post. He smiles and nods, looking down at the pages of the book. "Just a little light reading, eh? I don't know how you didn't get into Ravenclaw, with brains like yours. I've said this once and I'll say it again, you truly are the brightest witch of your age." He smiles. "To be honest, Gryffindor needs more young witches like yourself. Bravery does nothing if you don't also have brains." Seeing as he's not a teacher any longer, he feels as though he can show a slight bit more favouritism than he could have previously. "What is this book you're reading, anyway?" He asks, rather quite curious. It seems like the kind of thing he'd bury himself in back in his school days. With that, he looks at the entrance of the home. "Perhaps I can offer my assistance to Molly in her cleaning. Though," He starts, giving Hermione a wry grin, "I have heard that it's not wise to interrupt her while she's doing her daily chores."

"Well, summer reading." Meaning, it's not schoolwork, which is what she'd qualify as light, but she's eager to hide the spine from the werewolf. "The Sorting Hat thought about putting me into Ravenclaw. But, in the end it thought I'd be happier in Gryffindor." However, she blushes at all the compliments from Lupin, beaming at them, though, too. Everyone does love to hear they're bright. "Oh, I just read a lot. There's more to life than books. Harry and Ron taught me that." A bit more embarrassed now, she just holds up the book so that the older man can read the title. It's one of Gilderoy Lockhart's books about himself. No wonder it was so thick. "I-it's actually quite informative after you've met him." Flushing a bright red now, she attempts to recover.

Lupin gives a little understanding nod. "The Sorting Hat is very wise and intelligent." He takes a deep breath in. "I suspect it saw more in you than you have realized as yet." He says, taking a slow and deliberate pause. "I often wonder if the Sorting Hat can't also see the future…or at least glimpses of what might be." Oh, his mind is working now. "Putting you in Gryffindor, however, allowed you to meet both Harry and Ron, and the three of you are near inseparable. There is much in store for the three of you, I just know it." He chuckles. "And somebody has to remind Harry that you can't always jump right into something, but you also have to think it through." He says softly. When finally he gets to see what the book is. "Ah…" He says quietly. "Gilderoy Lockhart. He was the Defence teacher before myself, correct?" He thinks the matter over. "I guess he…he won't be fighting off vampires and werewolves and hinkypunks any more, eh?" Apparently he's heard what has happened. Or at least he has in part.

Still a bright red, Hermione lets the book fall back down into her lap again so that the incriminating cover is hidden. "He was. And he made a mess of it all. But, oh, it's just horrible what happened to him, Professor. Harry and Ron told me what he said and how he never did any of these things, but that doesn't mean he deserved that terrible hex." She's a kind-hearted soul, deep down. "Knowing he never really did any of these things, though, doesn't make it any less fantastic." Plus, he was very dreamy. Slowly getting her intellectual footing back underneath her feet, she starts backtracking. "I think it's just a very smart spell. I don't think it needs to look into the future if it looks into people better than anyone else. Anyone could predict what would happen if they knew the deepest desires of everyone around them. I'd like to think I'd have met Harry and Ron no matter what House I was Sorted into."

There's complete honesty in Lupin's voice as he speaks. "Though everyone is makes mistakes every now and again, don't they?" He says with the smallest of nods. "Just look at this previous term. I made a mistake as well. Though…it wasn't exactly by saying that I did things that I didn't actually do." He says thoughtfully. "Who is to say what he deserved? He had no right to pretend he did something else. I do not know the full extent of what happened, but one way or another, he won't be doing anything more, will he? Off in St. Mungo's, isn't it?" He smiles before nodding again. "Well, no doubt you would have had classes with them, regardless, as you did with other Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slyterin students. Though whether the three of you would have become friends…well, you cannot know for sure. But that does not matter. What only matters is what has happened to us now."

"Don't say that, Professor. You were the best Defense teacher we had. It was all that terrible Snape's fault." For once, Hermione doesn't call someone the respectful 'professor'. Which goes to show how much distaste she has for the Potions professor. "You'd still be there if it weren't for him." Just like a Gryffindor, she's loyal to a fault. The Sorting hat did hit the nail on the head with the bushy-haired witch. "You certainly didn't deserve that. It's not your fault…" she trailed off, realizing she was about to say that it's not his fault he's a werewolf. After a pause, she switches he topic. "I did hear he was at St. Mungo's. Professor Lockhart, that is. They didn't say if he was getting any better." Not that she had written him at all. Of course not. "And I do care what happens now. It's just, it's hard not to think about everything that's about to happen."

Lupin shakes his head. "I may have been an excellent Defence teacher, but at the same time, being…what I am, I may have endangered other students at some point." He says softly. "I do believe that Professor Snape had his reasons." As disappointed as he is that he cannot stay as their Defence teacher, he seems to have conceded to the fact, as well as sticking behind Dumbledore that Snape is in fact a good person, underneath it all. But with a switched topic, he's just as happy to talk some more about Lockhart. "Well, I should hope Lockhart is getting better." Or else he won't be able to write all those amusing…nay, informative books that people so dearly love to read. "What, if I might be so bold as to ask, do you think about when you consider what is about to happen?"

There's an earnest shake of Hermione's head. "You didn't harm anyone. And you didn't even come close until extenuating circumstances." Mostly, Ron being dragged to the Shrieking Shack by Sirius. Harry and Hermione following behind. It was a terrifying night. The thoughts of the Dementors still bring chills down her spine. Involuntary, she gives a bit of a shiver. Properly chastised about Snape, she frowns and continues on the train of thought of Lockhart. But, she has nothing else to add that's at all interesting other than 'me too'. So, it's on to the 'what's about to happen. "I'm not sure. What with Peter Pettigrew alive and free to return to Voldemort to help him get better." Realizing that she said that name aloud at the Weasleys, she quickly looks behind her to make sure that it didn't carry. "I know Harry's worried about it, even if he doesn't want to talk about it. Plus, OWLs are coming up in a year. They're supposed to be extremely difficult."

Lupin smiles softly. "Maybe I didn't hurt anyone. But it is those extenuating circumstances that most, if not all, parents worry the most about. They don't care if they don't happen, they care if they might happen." He smiles kindly, however. But yes, thoughts of that night are better left unspoken for most. "Peter Pettigrew…" He says in an even, controlled tone, "Well, we don't know what has become of him. It is assumed that he has returned to Voldemort. But even so, we can't know for certain how he can help him. If at all." He, unlike Hermione, does not seem perturbed about saying such a name at the Weasley's. Though given that he's an adult and a previous teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts, it would most likely be forgiven. "It is understandable that Harry would be worried, given everything." He says with a small nod. Oh! Mention of the OWLs, that reminds him of something else. "Well, the OWLs are difficult, but I would not worry about that if I were you. Not just yet." He chuckles softly. "I actually happen to be tutoring someone this year for their Defence Against the Dark Arts OWL as it so happens."

"Of course we can't know for sure," Hermione replies with a nod. "But, that seems to be the logical choice for him. There's no where else for him to go. Everyone thinks he's dead. Almost everyone." Present company excluded. "And we all know what he can turn into now." So even his most resourceful disguise is now revealed. But, even if she's the cleverest witch at Hogwarts, she's still only fourteen and doesn't know everything. "We just have to be ready for everything, I think." Which is why she'll be pushing Ron and Harry even harder this year to study, to master what they can. "I just hope that our professor this year is half as good as you were." At the mention of tutoring someone for OWLs, she definitely seems curious. "Oh?"

Lupin nods a little bit. "It may be the most logical choice for him, yes. Though there are a few wizarding families, I am sure, that he could receive some form of amnesty from." He sighs and shakes his head. "We can only hope that nothing too drastic will happen to find out where, exactly, he is." He smiles softly, though. Nothing wrong with putting on a show that he's actually not as worried about what his old classmate and friend might be up to. "I've been speaking with Dumbledore, and it sounds as if your new teacher for Defence will be just as good as I am. If not a tad bit…" he wants to say 'Better', but if the new teacher is actually going to be Alastor Moody, people not not think so. "Well, he knows his stuff." He smiles. "Yes. Cho Chang. Do you know her? She's the Ravenclaw seeker. On the request of both herself and her father, I shall be tutoring Miss Chang during the year so that she can receive top marks in the class…and properly defend herself in the future." Because if something like Death Eaters walking through Diagon Alley happens again, she wants to be prepared. Quite understandably too.

Following Lupin's train of though, Hermione can only imagine how excited a family like the Malfoys would be to find a loyal servant of Voldemort at their doorstep alive and well. Even better that he betrayed Harry's parents. "We simply can't let that happen." The young witch sounds very determined about that. As if studying and practicing spells will keep Pettigrew out of the clutches of those he would help the most. "It won't." Moving on to brighter subjects, she smiles. "I doubt he could be better than you were, Professor. We learned more with you than we had in the two years before." She doesn't know who this mystery professor is, but she already has her preconceived notions. "I do know her. She's our year. I didn't know people already had tutors for the OWLs." The young witch looks nervous. "Are they really that hard? Should I try to find one? Oh, if they're really that difficult, all tutors that are as good as you may already be taken."

Lupin smiles and shakes his head, deciding not to continue with the Peter Pettigrew discussion for now. "For a witch like you? You shouldn't have any problems, I do not believe." He lets out a soft sigh. "Though, really, I am going to be staying in Hogsmead. Tutoring won't be too hard. But having a tutor, especially for the practical side of Defence, takes a good bit of paper work. Especially if it is to be done outside of school grounds. If, say, I were to tutor you, your parents would have to fill out forms with the Ministry. And your parents are, I believe, both muggles, correct?" He smiles softly. "But if you were to ask, I am sure there is a way to get that done." He says encouragingly.

Beaming at the compliment, Hermione shifts her weight in her chair. The clanging and clattering as slowly started to taper off to a less furious level. "We still have a year, but you can't ever start studying too early." That's Hermione philosophy. "They are Muggles, yes. But, they're no stranger to paperwork. They're both dentists. They've had to fill out insurance forms and medical practice forms for years and years. Though, Wizarding forms might look a little different to them. If I owl them instructions…" She thinks this over. Standing up, careful to make sure the cover to her embarrassing book is well hidden, she smiles. "I think it's safe to go inside now. I'm going to look into it. If I talk to Professor McGonagall, she'll know what to do."

Lupin smiles and nods. "Well, they must be intelligent people. I hear that…dentists have to go through lots of school." His grandparents on his mother's side were muggle. He knows a little bit about it. "Well, you speak to Professor McGonagall about it. And if she gives you the go ahead, send me an owl and let me know. I'll be happy to teach you. Same goes for Harry and Ron of course." He nods. As he looks towards the door, he says, "Well, after you, Miss Granger. I follow your lead."

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