1994-07-04: Ray-Bees


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Scene Title Ray-bees
Synopsis No one suspects the Hufflepuffs!
Date Jul 04 1994
Watch For n/a
Chronology Perpetua gets a rat.
Logger Perpetua

Lower Diagon Alley - Outside Magical Menagerie

"You poor widdle thing. I bet those other animals in there just scared you to itty bitty pieces!," coos the Hufflepuff with a mop of wavy brown hair to the black rat in her hands. Perpetua is striding away from Magical Menagerie, holding the rat up to her face, enough to even rub her nose against its. "Don't you worry, we'll be going home soon and you can go back to your quiet little cage and I'll put Astrophel outside."

Amber's really here for one purpose, namely to acquire a better broom than the one she had last year. Her parents are with her, father glancing nervously about as if something awful will happen at any moment, and mother totally enraptured by the magical world. Admittedly, it is rather awesome.

"I'm going to take your mum for some tea," her father says. "We'll meet you back at the Leaky Cauldron in an hour." And he, grabbing Mum around the elbow, leads her off to somewhere a little safer. Dad was a Hufflepuff, too. Amber is… pretty much nothing like him.

Waving as she looks over her shoulder, she nearly runs right into Perpetua. The only sound from Amber at first is a squeak - it's still a little weird for her to think, 'okay, this is a time to talk now.' And when she does speak, her brows draw downward over somewhat surprised eyes. "You've got a rat."

Perpetua makes adorable little tutting noises by clucking her tongue against her teeth at the rat, beaming brightly at the poor creature. When Amber approaches, she looks up, still beaming. "I found him in my luggage! Poor thing was shaking so bad. Of course it could have been all of our cats about. Astrophel is still so curious about him! Ordinarily, we would have just let the cats have him, but I took pity on the poor dear and they know he's off limits for dinner and snacking." She holds the rat up for her fellow Hufflepuff to see. "I think he'll be coming with me to Hogwarts in the fall. My brother might be taking Astrophel, although he's my cat, he's such a dear and behaves at school. Or I may just be stingy and sneak this little sweetheart in my bag."

Reaching up, Amber pokes the rat's cute little nose. THankfully, Perpetua talks enough for both of them, 'cuz the only thing Amber does is slowly smile. Blue eyes look to Perpetua, and she shrugs - okay, this'll work, it seems to convey, before reaching out to attempt to take the rat from her Housemate. "River'll have a friend," she says. "Didja take him to the vet?" she goes on to ask. They don't have those in the wizarding world, but there's some sort of equivalent. Someone has to take care of the magical creatures. "Y'know, just to make sure he's not got rabies or somethin'."

Perpetua lets Amber take the rat, and she puzzles over the word vet, and the … "Ray-bees? What?" All those cats and she's never heard of the disease! Of course, her family is all Wizarding, so she wouldn't understand. They've had their own diseases to worry about. She does however giggle at the younger student as she shakes a finger, "You're so funny! But isn't he just a sweetie? Look at those eyes! I can't make up my mind. We tend to go for Greek mythology with animal names in my family, so I was thinking Phobos because he was such a scared little thing, but he's also so cute, so I thought about calling him Mister Skitters." Finally she shuts up and takes a breath, sounding younger than being on the threshold of starting her sixth year.

Taking the rat, she says, "Well, he feels healthy." But Amber's not really an expert on the subject of magical creatures - yet. She'd like to be. Turning the rat over, she tickles his belly, then plops him up on his shoulder. "Well, he's really tame for bein' a wild rat, aye? Kinna odd. Mebbe he belonged to someone T'one point. Ah, well. He's yours now." The crooked smile is accompanied by a little giggle. "Still, I betcha they'd know if he's sick r'anythin' if you take 'im to the Magical Menagerie. Y'don't wanna know what rabies is. It's a nasty thing. Just trust me that y'don't want this li'l guy to have it." YOU COULD NAME HIM CUJO.

Perpetua nods her head in the direction of the shop. "Mum and Egbert are in there now, but buying supplies for all our cats. We're expecting another litter, mum wants to be prepared. We let them have a looksee at this little guy, and he's all good.. oh you didn't make up the word ray-bees?" She kinda looks disappointed for a moment before reaching to reclaim her newfound pet. "He was probably owned before, but they should have been more careful with him. I kind of hope no one asks about him, I'm already attached to him. So what'cha think? Mister Skitters or Phobos? I can't really decide. Sticking with the naming scheme is kind of fun, but he's also an outsider, adopted into the family. So maybe he should have something different."

Ah, well if he's been looked over, Amber doesn't have to worry about contracting rabies. Or, knowing this place, being bitten and becoming a were-rat. How much would that totally suck? She looks satisfied with this answer, nodding once and moving her head to the side a little so that Perpetua can re-acquire the little bundle of rodent fluff. If he stays up there for much longer, she might get attached to him, too. She shakes her head when asked if she invented the word.

"Finders keepers!" is Amber's answer, when confronted with the conundrum of whether or not it would be okay to keep a rat that one found, thusly showing her age in spades. Hey, if she found him, she'd probably keep him, too. As for a name… Well, it's always hard naming animals. They could very well be with you for a long time!

Hm. "I dunno, I kinna like 'Skitters.' It's the noise their feet make when they're runnin' on somethin'."

"Exactly!" Perpetua declares as she settles the black rat with burgundy eyes into the front pocket of her pink sweater. She runs her index finger along the top of the rat's head, "Then Skitters it is! I don't think anyone'll notice if he just comes along for the ride to school." Besides, she's an older student and while she should know better.. older students tend to get away with more. Maybe. But who suspects the Hufflepuffs, really?

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