1995-03-05: Raw Steaks


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Scene Title Raw Steaks
Synopsis Chase is finally recovered from the Cottage after three days.
Location Holly's Cottage, Hogsmeade
Date March 5, 1995
Watch For Sandwich Desires
Logger Chase

Chase has been tied up in an otherwise abandoned cottage for the better part of a few days now and things have become quite surreal. There is a trail of knocked over furniture from the couch to the door leading to the fireplace. Things on the mantle have been knocked down and are scattered all over the floor.

Asleep, her hair a mess, Chase is squish-cheeked against the carpet in a pile of spilled floo powder. Bound tightly in silver and green ropes that pin her arms to her sides and her legs together, she looks as though she may have attempted to move to the fireplace, failed somewhere along the line, and decided to sleep.

Jack knocks on the door. "Holly?" He calls, hopefully. "Holly?" He checks the door handle to see if the door is open. He pushes the door open, and peers around to see if Holly really has gone. For a moment, he can't remember Chase's name and he frowns. "Rowena?" It finally comes to him.

"Hello? Is anybody home?" He steps in all the way, and spots the woman on the floor, and reaches down to check her pulse.

Chase is alive, and when strange fingers prod her neck to check for a pulse she suddenly wakes up and shouts, "I'll blow my whistle! Get off! Get off!" She turns slightly, rolling over onto her back in her bound-up fashion to look up at Jack. Immediately, her voice calms down a little although she still seems exasperated and freaked out, "Oh. Can you untie me? I banged my head on the floor and when I woke up everyone was gone. You're Jack." A question?

Jack backs up, holding his hands up to show no wand in his hand. "Yeah. I'm Jack. What happened? Why did you end up knocking your head…" He reaches slowly into his pocket and pulls out his wand. "Finite incantatum." The bands disappear, and he offers her a hand. "Evanesco." He vanishes the floo powder, and gives Chase a half-smile. "I'll bring you some more if you need it."

"Umm … " Chase seems to be attempting to recall the events and tilting her head to one side. She climbs to her feet with Jack's help, "Holly was having moon problems. And there was an Auror here who was threatening to lock her up and he stunned her so I hit him in the face and then I guess he turned on me because I ended up all tied up with ropes and then I fell over and knocked my head. I woke up and they were gone. Its been days, though. Is Holly okay? They were trying to arrest her, I think. Do you have a sandwich?"

"I don't have a sandwich, but we can go get something here shortly…" He frowns. "An auror? Do you know what his name was?" He knows a lot of Aurors. "Um…" He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a parchment. "She… left." He glances through the letter, and folds it up again. "She went to go try to get control of herself." He frowns. "Phoenix. Are you sure he was going to arrest her?" Something is off here, although Jack can't put his finger on it. He hangs on to the letter in his pocket while he talks to her. "Are you going to be okay? Do you need to stay somewhere? I could take you over to Mum and she could…" Completely overwhelm her.

"All my stuff is here," Chase points out, "Besides, I would feel bad leaving Miss Maplewood's house to get dusty." She frowns slightly at the mention of Holly going away to get control of herself, "Will she be coming back? I … she's kind of my boss. I'm not exactly sure what I'm meant to do here. Should I keep polling? Should I keep researching? Does she want me to put the case forward to the Ministry on her behalf? I don't know."

She crosses her arms low over her stomach and clicks her tongue, "He said a cage was for her own protection and everyone else's protection or something like that. Really, I dunno. I just thought he was trying to put her in jail because of how bass ackwards you guys are about non-human magical people over here. I'm glad she got away but I kinda wish she'd woken me up to tell me."

Jack frowns, and puts up his hand again. "I would keep researching and wait on the trial thing." He thinks. "I don't know. She is coming back I think." He hopes. He moves to sit down on one of the chairs, and leans back, rubbing his hands across his face and sighs. "Alright. I live just up the road, or I work there anyway, and live there a lot of the time. It's next to Madame Pudifoot's…" He points the correct direction.

"Are you sure that's what he was saying? That doesn't sound like Phoenix." He rests his arms on the armrests, and looks over at Chase to watch her reaction.

"Thats what I heard," Chase answers with a shrug, "I mean, maybe he was offering kisses and hugs. I've seen people get arrested before, though, and that is definitely what it looked like. I don't know the guy's name though."

She nods her head as she commits the place to memory, knowing that Jack will likely be able to tell her where to find Holly should she come back. She moves immediately towards the kitchen, opens the fridge and pulls a face, "Raw steaks."

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