1995-10-26B: Raiding The Gap


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Scene Title Raiding the Gap
Synopsis Siobhan and Cianan bump into each other again. This time, they dance closer to the truth.
Location Astronomy Tower
Date October 26, 1995
Watch For More foreshadowing!
Logger I am the Bad Wolf

Another of Cianan's 'empty of people' haunts! This time he is in the observatory of the Astronomy Tower, stretched out on a marble bench that's exposed to the window and sky so that he can just peer up and out at the stars. There is a telescope. A giant on in fact. But, he prefers to look from the normal distance right now. And he even has a magically heated cup of hot cocoa with him; to keep warm, in case the chill actually starts to get to him. He is, notably, quite at ease up here.

With Cianan looking out the window, he may very well see a large, elegant - if cranky - looking snowy owl wing past his window and swirl up towards the open parapet. A few minutes more pass in silence and then the same owl wings down and out over the horizon again. It's not long after that the trapdoor leading up to the outside parapet creaks open and footsteps thunk lightly down the ladder. Finally, a familiar figure hops the last two to a bouncy landing near Cianan's hiding place. It's Professor Noble. Again. Only this time she looks almost like a student herself, dressed only in a soft powder blue jumper and a pair of dark denims. The converse that peek out from beneath the flared hems don't exactly help, either. "Oh!" She didn't expect to see anyone here, apparently - let alone Cianan. "Sweet Circe, Cianan." Her eyes narrow in suspicion, then. "Are you following me?"

Cianan's own long-eared owl hoots in recognition of the crankier and whiter and shorter-eared version of himself, briefly drawing the boy's attention. That is likely the only reason why he doesn't jump at least a few feet in the air when Siobhan lands right beside him. "Did you raid a gap store in the muggle world before you started teaching?" he wonders, spying the jumper and denims and sneakers with wistful suspicion. Obviously he snorts in a dramatic and emo fashion at the suggestion he's following her. "I had a vision." he mocks, in a deep voice that he fakes, before smirking. "C'mon Professor Noble. I don't do shit like that. It'd make me even -more- creepy. Besides, I was here first. How could I follow you?"

For a moment - and only a moment - there is something dark, something primal that flashes across Siobhan's face; a wild thing that catches the scent of the man who beat it. "I discovered the delightful anonymity of Muggle clothing when I was even younger than you are." There's something chilling and deadly about the slow drawl with which she answers his teasing question. She blinks slowly and reins herself in, almost visibly tugging on the lines that allow her to pull herself back inside her own head. When next she speaks, it's with a shrug - entirely casual. "Didn't help me win any friends among the snobby set in my own House, but they're comfortable. So I wear them." There's just a hint of that feral almost-fear that brushes across her face now, but it's quickly smothered. "Really? I didn't see you when I went up, but it's been a couple hours I guess…"

"You seem much different then you did yesterday." Cianan points out, his words slow in coming. Perhaps that's because he sits up and slides back on the bench far enough that he'll have a running start if she tries to leap on him and kill him or something. The dark and primal he understands all too well, because he sees it unwillingly all too often. The comfort he felt only moments ago chilled to the point that his expression closes up again. "Join the club. Dressing like a poor kid doesn't win me much extra favor with my House either. When they pay attention." he murmurs, shaking his head. "I've been here an hour. Just an hour."

Watching Cianan sit up and slide back, seeing his expression close again… It hurts. "Don't," she starts, reaching out a hand before letting it drop back to her side. "I had to deal with … some unpleasantness." She pulls out a word she remembers her Da using often to describe the less tasteful aspects of his position. "It's put me in a bit of a mood, I'm afraid." And here she does let a sort of sheepish grin creep up over her face. "Sorry, I get a little … weird sometimes." He can understand that, right? Dropping to sit tailor-style on the ground, she snorts. "Hey, at least you're not doing it as a pureblood. Nothing worse to some people than a Muggle-dressed pureblood. 'We should know better'." Her gaze sharpens, then. "What do your parents do, Kee?" Uh-oh. He's been struck with a 'Sio-spun Nickname'. There's no escaping, now. "You said your Da's a wizard, yeah?" Maybe not in so many words, but she made the inference from other things.

"Ohhhh." Cianan breathes out, when she gives her explanation. "I thought it was something I said." he admits then, with a little embarrassment. But once she's explained, he just sprawls back out in the same relaxed manner, as if nothing happened at all. "Don't need to explain to me about weird." he agrees, giving a snort for the idea of pure-bloods vs. muggles, and all it entails. "Such a bunch of stupid rot. Why can't they just let people live the way they want without all the… the… " he struggles for words, until finally he tries to address it by answering her other question. "My Da /was/ a wizard. But he said he left after the war, because he didn't like how things happened. And he wouldn't say much more about it. So he started … making things. Like tables an chairs and the like. Mum works as a barmaid to pay for the stuff I need here…." his voice trails off, and he looks up with a sort of stubborn pride.

Siobhan laughs a little at that. "Naw, not you mate." She shrugs one shoulder when he asks about people. She agrees with him, but the last couple of years have beaten a lot of the pure idealism right out of her. "No group of people's ever just gonna 'let be' people who aren't like 'em. It's against human nature to just let it be." She braces her elbows on her thighs and rests her chin in her hands. "My brother explained it to me, once. Said something about it going back to when we were monkeys or sommat." One hand is waved as if to brush away the unimportant details before tucking back under her jaw. "Because there was safety in numbers - the more you had, the safer you were - so people who thought the same would get together to survive, only they'd try to convince other people to be like them so their numbers would get bigger and their chances of survival higher." She's probably managed to muck up enough of the finer points that Darwin is rolling in his grave, but at least it seems like she's got the basic idea. Maybe. Either way, it's his next confession that makes her physically twitch. "To give up your magic… " She shudders, then, going a little pale. The stubborn look is eyed and Siobhan laughs again, changing from one extreme to the other rather quickly. "I could have fun being a barmaid for a summer, I think. You'd meet some weird people I bet."

Cianan takes all this in, and tumbles it around in his brain a wee bit. Until finally, he comes up with his own version of the Darwin explanation. "So, like 'mob rule' or 'might makes right'? Da used to say that people are afraid of what they don't understand. And pure-bloods don't understand muggles. Muggles don't even -know about pure-bloods. Or half-bloods, or that they're even /muggles/." Sigh. With that jumbled realization he drapes an arm over his eyes like he's trying to shut out that bit of confused maturity from sinking in. "He told Mum because of me. But I think he would have eventually anyway. He misses his family. I mean, he says he has family. But that they'd be mad at him for leaving the way he did." He shrugs, but grins next. Because he can just imagine Professor Noble as a barmaid! "She'd have some right funny stories sometimes."

"Damnant quod non intellegunt." They condemn what they do not understand. It's a phrase she knows intimately - it adorns the top of her personal crest, after all. Siobhan processes all of this about his father in silence. "I suppose the longer you go without saying something, the harder it is to come clean." She lets her head fall back against her shoulders. "My mum's brother died in the early part of the war." She doesn't say the last war, because she knows it's not anywhere near over, yet. "Nobody ever found his body. I guess her and Da looked for ages." There's something far-away in her voice. She's remembering as she speaks. "He's been declared dead for ages, but Mum always sets a place for him at Christmas." A hint of embarassment creeps up in a flush from her cheekbones down her neck. She hadn't meant to say this much. "A bit daft sometimes, my Mum." But Sio loves her fiercely. "Maybe one summer I'll try it, then." Being a barmaid.

"Aye, it would." Be harder to come clean that is. And goodness only knows what prompts him to ask the next question. But it slips past his lips before he can engage his brain to stop it. "What if he didn't want to be found? Your mum's brother, I mean. I can't imagine Da's family not ever visiting or anything unless they didn't know he was still alive an' all. So maybe this brother did the same thing my father did." Pause. "Or maybe my Da's family was real bad, and he didn't want me around them none. I try not t'ask. Because it hurts 'im." If anything, the boy seems envious of Siobhan's family; the way his eyes flash with longing at the Christmas place setting. But he smothers it as well as he does much other emotion. Quickly and cleanly. "Mum's are a bit daft generally, I expect. Mine fusses all over me when I'm home for summer. And ye should. If nothing else, think of all the free ale you can have!"

And Siobhan ponders his supposition with all the weight and seriousness it deserves. It's something she never would have done a year ago, but times have changed and she has been changed by them. "Might have done, yeah…" Her lower lip is pulled back and worried between her teeth. "Mum always told stories about her brothers like they were all real close, but we don't see any of her family much anymore." She shrugs, trying - and failing - to look nonchalant about this. "Mum's family was really poor, see, but she and Da fell head over heels for each other when they were in school. I guess Da's family made it really hard on 'em at first, wanted him to marry someone else. He wouldn't hear of it, though." And there's fierce pride there; her father may not be the bigest, toughest or showiest lion in the pride, but he is powerful and fair and when he loves, he loves fully. "I always wondered if that's why we don't see 'em much. Cause of all that mess." But, like Cianan, she doesn't pry into those things that bring her loved ones pain - not unless she absolutely has to. "Ugh, no ale for me, thanks. Butterbeer, scotch or meade for me please!"

"I wouldn't suggest it, cept there's not much Da won't talk about. But that wizard war is one of them. And how he left is another. Seems like if it were that bad, a lot of other people might have done the same right?" It makes sense in the mind of a fifteen year old at least. But if nothing else, it means he can be empathetic when her attempt at nonchalance fails. "Good for your Da, then. Sounds like he made the right decision, aye? Too many people try to meddle in others affairs." Which could be why he is so uncomfortable with his own powers right? A slow smirk appears, however, when she expresses her disgust for ale. "Most aren't drinkin' it for the taste. Butterbeer… can't say as I've actually tried it. Isn't it real sweet or something?"

"I dunno, Kee." Siobhan shakes her head sadly, pushing herself to stand up and brushing invisible dust off her jeans. "Somehow I doubt Voldemort would stop at just the Wizarding world. He hates Muggles." She says it like she knows this firsthand. "So even if you run and hide, eventually it's going to find you and bite you in the arse." She stretches and winces, reaching one arm up to rub at a sore muscle in her shoulder. "Not saying anything against your Da or nothin'. Just … don't see much point in running." A strategic retreat, sure, but that's different to Sio's mind. "I … what?" She blinks at him, slackjawed. "You've never had … " Her jaw snaps shut. "That's just wrong, mate. I'll bring you a bottle back from London this weekend and you can try it yourself, aye?" She reaches out and ruffles his hair, a very sibling-like gesture that surprises even her, it seems. "I'll catch you later, Kee. Don't be out past curfew." Or she'll have to take points.

"I don't think he ever thought that far. Does anyone, if they're that afraid or… you know, messed up about things?" Cianan points out, not taking offense it would seem. But rather, thinking out loud. "If I could run from what I see sometimes, I would. But you're right then it wouldn't do much good." The admission seems to take something out of him, shoulders slumping like he's just realized there is no point in continuing to reject the ability he's inherited. It's Sio's reaction to his lack of butterbeer that makes him laugh. "Oh go on with you. It can't be that good." he scoffs. Which, obviously means he'll be addicted at first sip. He even endures the hair ruffling with no fuss at all. The sibling sort of vibe feeling rather comfortable to him. "I won't be much longer. Promise." And indeed, he'll head back after only a few more minutes in the quiet dark.

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