Rabastan Lestrange
Portrayed By James McAvoy
House Slytherin
Year Graduated (1982)
Position Death Eater (Inner Circle)
Sex Male
Race Pure Blood
Age 32
Place of Birth England
Date of Birth October 30, 1964
Mother F. Lestrange
Father R. Lestrange
Siblings Rodolphus Lestrange (Brother), Bellatrix Lestrange (Sister-In-Law)
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance Calling The Court
Last Appearance


The Lestrange family has a very sordid and volatile history, considering that their Purebloodedness has been kept intact for years upon years. Their claim to fame and greatness came in the form of being loyal servants to Tom Riddle throughout various points in history. They were, as anyone would be, drawn to the power and words that radiated from Tom Riddle and that set the tone and path for the descendants and this family.

By the time Rabastan was born, the Lestrange family had already dedicated themselves as crucial members of the Death Eaters and were followers of Riddle's cause. So Rabastan grew up in a household with the teachings of such things as truth and law. In a way, he never really stood a chance. So it was a natural progression that when came time for him to attend Hogwarts, that he followed in the footsteps of his older brother, Rodolphus, being sorted into the Slytherin house. With pride.

While Rodolphus was ending his scholastic career, Rabastan was beginning his. They shared a couple of years at Hogwarts before Rodolphus moved on to make way for the greatness of Rabastan Lestrange to wander amongst the halls of the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Unlike his brother, though, Rabastan's ministrations within the halls of Hogwarts were more subtle. Rather than rely on bullying tactics and enforcers of a very large nature, Rabastan gained his popularity by controlling the odds and always making sure they were in his favor. He focused on his studies, learning all that he could from his Professors and made sure that he was a prized pupil in the eyes of as many of them as possible. In a lot of ways, looking at the surface of Rabastan Lestrange, would be looking at someone attempting to shake the stigma of being within the Slytherin house. He did this, though, without even once losing an ounce of House pride.

Beneath the surface, though, it could be revealed that Rabastan was simply lining up others to fall. His time spent with students of other houses, eventually ended up with them losing points or being in the wrong place at the right time for Rabastan. He simply adored using his classmates and friends as pawns in a dangerous game of Wizard's Chess against the Headmaster. A game that, according to Rabasatan, ended in a stalemate upon his graduation. Though, others tell a different story of the conversation between Rabastan and the Headmaster at the end of his Seventh Year.

With Hogwarts behind him, Rabastan moved on to meet up with his brother, Rodolphus and the third in their trio, Bellatrix. Together, they served as loyal Death Eaters to Lord Voldemort, quickly becoming some of his most trusted allies and solidifying their place in his Inner Circle. Which, of course, had been Rabastan's intentions since his graduation. Helping his brother and sister-in-law enter the fold of Voldemort's most trusted would ensure their safety when the inevitable arrived. Which, of course, was not far off.



What is it good for? Thinning out the herd. At least, that's what Rabastan thought. A war that was bound to happen, that he could see coming years away, his mind putting him a bit more capable of seeing past the immediate future than his siblings. He played his role, though, assisting his siblings and Barty Crouch Jr. in the torture of one of the most famous wizarding families of that time: The Longbottoms. Unfortunately, the war was lost and for committing such a heinous and atrocious act, Rabastan was sentenced and imprisoned within Azkaban.

There is not much to speak of in terms of Rabastan's time in Azkaban. It was worse than Hell and to say that he had gone mad would be a gross underestimation of what happened. However, being of more calm mind and not fighting against the Dementors allowed Rabastan to keep much of his sanity. So that when the time came for their escape, he was able to lead his family to safety.

Unfortunately, no stone can remained unturned for long and that is the reason that the Lestrange family has resurfaced. Still, as members of Lord Voldemort's Inner Circle, the Lestranges stand by their Dark Lord's side, ready and willing to do his bidding. Rabastan, however, may have other plans. Plans that do no include the approval or blessing of the Dark Lord. Plans that will ensure his own rise to his own power. Only time will tell what Rabastan Lestrange's truest intentions really are.


Ambitious: Rabastan Lestrange has an ambitious nature that runs through the blood of that family. Capable of being both consumed and driven by a thirst for power, Rabastan struggles with keeping his ambitions in check on a constant basis. While he has no delusions of granduer, in terms of becoming the ruler of the Wizarding World, he does often seek out positions of power and has a dire need to be considered among the Elite, when it comes to social status and reputation.

Controlling: Rabastan Lestrange has a tendency to want to be in control. Perhaps his sister-in-law's insanity has driven him to the poibt of wanting to be so in control of his emotions that he keeps them in check, as well as everyone around him. He thrives on being the man with the power in the room and inwardly despises the moments that he is not. He is not of the "micro-managing" ilk, however, and loves to keep those that are beneath his command on a long enough leash to hang themselves. So that he may shorten their leash and keep them beneath his control.

Manipulative: Rabastan Lestrange is a conniving bastard that loves spending his time twisting and playing off those around him. He is an instigating snot that will gladly seek out and exploit each and every mental weakness he can find in those around him to pull them under his spell and make them do his bidding. Even if they don't understand that's what he's doing. He actually enjoys creating chaos from a small seed and watching it blossom into full on anarchy, loving every single moment knowing that he was the cause of it all in the first place.


Snide: Rabastan Lestrange has taken what is normally considered to be having a prideful attitude and broken past the barriers of that definition and right into a much more snide filled manner. It is an existence that involves a lot of sneering and upturned nosing, but Rabastan embellishes every moment of it. He does not shy away from believing himself to be one of the more superior wizards to ever grace the Earth and will take great pleasure in proving that fact with his words or his wand. Putting people down around him is something that he enjoys immensely.

Dedicated: Rabastan Lestrange can find himself attached to certain ideals or causes that peak his interest. In the event of such things, he finds that he becomes a very loyal and dedicated fighter for said cause. He will, of course, fight for what he believes in on a regular basis and in extreme cases, might even lay his life on the line for the same things. It is very rare for a person to be in the position to have Rabastan Lestrange dedicated to their well-being. He will more often "humor" those in power above him or serve them out of a need to survive.

Chauvinist: Rabastan Lestrange comes from a time when things were much simpler. A time when wizards and witches were not exactly equal and that is a time that he preferred. That is not to say that he does not appreciate the opposite sex, but he does consider that they have their uses and are more suited to assisting wizards such as himself and others in their endeavors, as opposed to having their own agendas. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule that he he may allow to exist, but even then there is a fine line. Rabastan believes wholeheartedly that Wizards shall inherit the Earth and that the witches alongside them should be seen and not heard.

Selfish Preservation: Rabastan Lestrange's most prized possession is Rabastan Lestrange. His selfish need for self-preservation factors into and fuels each and every decision that he makes, in a way that allows him to be more focused on how certain things can and will affect him and his future. He is the type of wizard that will go to great lengths to ensure his own life and longevity, even against the causes or people he has dedicated himself to. After all, if he is not alive then how would he be able to serve?

Meticulous: Rabastan Lestrange has a nasty habit of overplanning and being dangerously detailed. He focuses on the smallest to the largest details and how they wind themselves together, wanting nothing more than to have his plans and his webs of lies as concrete and unrelenting as possible. If left to his capable hands, none of his plans or schemes will fail by his own mind. As far as he's concerned, his planning is perfection and there is no room for error on his part. There are no errors on his part.

Slippery: Rabastan Lestrange doesn't sit still, in terms of actually being capable of trying to weasel his way in and out of things. He's the type of person that will shift blame and create multiple exit strategies to allow himself to no longer be in the view of one's ire. He's a slippery snake, using whatever means necessary to make himself come out on top, even if that means throwing someone else beneath the double decker bus. According to him, he is never to blame. He is never at fault. It is always someone else.


Ruthless: Rabastan Lestrange has a tendency to be ruthless with his thoughts and his aggression when the situations call for it. He's very calm land cool demeanor remains, though he does not budge or he will not falter in his pursuit of something that he wants. Should he find himself obsessed with someone or something, it becomes a necessity to complete whatever task he has set before him in regards to that target. It takes an extreme amount of effort on his own part to deter him from his plans or even more effort from outside sources. His ruthlessness, however, usually ends in violence of some sort.

Unstable: Rabastan Lestrange would like the world to think otherwise, but due to time spent in Azkaban, he is quite an unstable fellow. His mind is not as ironclad as he once was, thus allowing emotion to seep into the logistics of his plans. He suffers from madness, though, a controlled sort as he did all that he could to protect himself and his mind during his days of imprisonment. Which has left him with a tendency to enact horrible plots of wizarding world domination or other attempts at grandiose feats. Or vengeance. Perhaps against anyone with the name: Longbottom.

Opportunist: Rabastan Lestrange is an opportunist in the way that he swoops down upon any opportunity that may help him work towards anything that he's currently working on or any sort of advantage or simply the chance to cause some controlled chaos. He is very determined in his way to deal with things that will make him a better and more powerful wizard and any opportunity that knocks will be answered with great, but dark, intentions.

Personal Belief: Rabastan Lestrange's personal belief is that everything he wants and everything he does will be for the betterment of Wizardkind, in the long run. He believes that someone of his ilk and style should be the one ruling the Wizarding World,a s he lacks the megalomania that the Dark Lord has, but he does possess the vision for a future where Pure Blooded wizards rule the Earth, attended to by the Witches and the enslavement or eradication of Muggles, Squibs and anything else. He believes, in his heart, that his vision for the future is the Right one and therefore he does not consider himself a bad guy by any means. In fact, if anything, those that oppose his way of thinking and journey to power are the enemies of his righteousness.

Loyal: Rabastan Lestrange can, at times, be a loyal and devoted person. Depending on the people that he is feeling close to or caring about at any given time, he will sometimes allow himself to be devoted to their personal safety and their lives. While it may not be part of his plan or his general demeanor, he can't help what his emotions open him up to and thus he will do whatever he must in an effort to show and prove his devoted loyalty to those that have earned his caring attention.

Heart: Rabastan Lestrange is, believe it or not, all heart. Everything that he does or everything that he tries to accomplish comes from an honest and true want and need to do what he feels is right in his heart. Every move that he makes, even if they are mysterious or less-than-nice, is for the betterment of society or his own life. Which, to be honest, there's nothing wrong with wanting to better one's own life. He cares about the wizarding world, as a whole, more than people watching from the outside would give him credit for. But, he knows the truth and when/if he fails at anything he has planned, he feels it. Personally. In his heart. Nothing is ever as simple as 'oh well' to him. It's always deeper.

Cordial: Rabastan Lestrange is not exactly nice but he's not mean either. He's cordial. He will be as polite as he needs to be, as well as honest and blunt as he wants to be, in any and all situations that he finds himself in. However, even when he's being a complete and utter bastard, he strives to remain civil in all respects as that's just the way that he works. It's a rare moment of him losing his composure and slipping into the madness that exists deep within him that he loses his civility.

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