1994-06-29: Quidditch Shopping Encounters


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Scene Title Quidditch Shopping Encounters
Synopsis Cho encounters Harry in Quality Quidditch Supplies and the two discuss a friendly match of Quidditch over the summer.
Date Jun 29, 1994
Watch For Mention of the Quidditch All Star Cup
Chronology None
Logger Harry

Quality Quidditch Supplies

This isn't your typical athletic wear store. Sure you have the riot of color from team robes and jumpers available for purchase, but the nature of the sport would catch the unsuspecting individual off guard for Quidditch is quite out of the ordinary. Along one wall broomsticks of many makes and models are on display along with a few copies of 'Which Broomstick' for those wanting something a bit more customized. Mannequins sit here and there adorned with the robes of some of England's finest Quidditch teams. Posters are plastered along the walls with animated figures preening and replaying their best moves. This is the place to go for your Quidditch supplies and on occasion there are even autograph sessions with players from the Wimbourne Wasps or the Chudley Cannons!

The store itself doesn't seem to be as busy as it usually is. Of course, that could be because school has recently let out. No really need for student supplies just yet. That doesn't keep the store from keeping the shelves stocked. Nor does it keep Harry from slipping away from the Burrow to come gaze in the shop. And that's where he's at too. Currently parked near a rack of gloves proclaiming to be the latest model designed for Seekers and sporting a secure-snitch grip charm.

"I'll see you later Marietta!" It's a familiar voice, at least it should be one as it's the only daughter of a good Mr. and Mrs. Chang that steps into the store. The bell by the door rings a little as she beelines straight towards the jerseys of the Tutshill Tornados seeing if any of the new designs are out already. "Oooooh, they have it!" she beams brightly, taking one of the shirts and placing it over her blouse to see how much bigger it is. She's got to see what size she is afterall..she's a growing girl!

Harry slips a pair of the gloves off the rack and fingers them gently. The material feels good. But how do they fit? Slowly he slides one onto his hand and flexes his fingers. At the sound of the bell, his head turns to look at the door. The girl who enters seems oddly familiar. Like he knows her from somewhere. School, maybe? One of the witches in the shop drifts over to him. "Needing some help deciding on those gloves, young man?"

Cho happily twirls with one of the jerseys and it looks like she's going to make a purchase until she checks the price tag. Her bubble bursts and she sighs softly and neatly folds the jersey before placing it back on the rack. "I guess after I get the new broom.." she says firmly and resolutely as she starts heading towards Harry's way.

"Uh, no thanks." Harry replies quickly, his gaze darting between the witch and…well, the other witch. Er, girl. Yeah, it's no secret Harry's not one with the ladies. "I'll take these." he adds, handing the gloves to the woman. She drifts off to the counter with them, leaving Harry staring at Cho as she approaches.

There's a hint of recognition on her part and she waves cheerily towards the boy. "Hiya Harry! How's your summer so far?" she asks curiously, just making general conversation before she heads on over towards the broom and stares longingly towards the fireball. Mmm. Brooms.
The brooms are that far away from Harry. Matter of fact, they're right next to him. At the voice though, his brain kicks in and now he recognizes. "Hello Cho." he says, nodding quickly. "Alright, so far. Yours?"

"Quite good actually. Just came from the Magical Menagerie to buy a few things for Jayne.." Cho replies, patting to a plastic bag that's slung over her arm. She smiles warmly and peers curiously towards the various brooms. "So are you excited for the upcoming season?" she asks.

"Loads ready." Harry grins, starting to find common ground on which to talk with his fellow Seeker. "I'm going to be practicing all summer, I think." he adds, watching her move and also looking at the brooms. "But what I'm really looking forward to is the Quidditch All Star Cup." It's unsure if she knows about it or not. There's only been hints of it on the Wizarding Wireless Networks.

"Ooooh, well dont practice too much, you need to give people like me a fighting chance afterall.." Cho replies with a happy little giggle as she smiles warmly towards him. She then cants her nhead towards the side and peers towards him, "The All Star Cup? When is that?" she asks curiously.

"I seem to recall you had a pretty good fight last year." Harry grins, crossing his arms. "They haven't set a date yet but it looooo….." *crash* Yeah, as he was explaining, he leaned back against what he thought was a securely rooted stand. Except….it wasn't. But the rack doesn't fall over. Instead, magically, it parts, and deposits the young man on the floor.

Oh noes! Cho covers her mouth with both hands in shock as he falls over and quickly rushes over, bending over and offering a hand to him as if to help him up. She snickers just a little and grins wryly, "Dont get injured either, or else I wont know if I can truly beat the great Harry Potter.." she says with a coy grin curling onto her lips. "But as you were saying, it looks…"

Harry accepts the hand getting up, amidst the rolling of eyes of other customers. When he's back on his feet, the rack re-merges itself and all is back to normal. "Thanks." he says, glancing back to Cho from the rack. "It looks interesting though. Rumors say the British league will be competing against the North American league.""

"Ooooh, that sounds quite interesting. I do hope they have it near here so we can perhaps go. I'd love to see their moves. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two, eh?" she quips, bumping her hips with his in a playful manner before looking backover towards the brooms. "So have any suggestions on which one will letme beat you this year?" she asks with a mirthful smile on her lips.

Caught slightly off-guard at the hip-bump, Harry seems confused for a moment. "Oh, yeah, right. I don't know where they're holding it, but Mr. Weasley did say it would be accessible by Portkey." Glancing at the broomsticks, he grins. Back to a topic he back relate to. "The Firebolt is still the fastest on the market, so I guess you'll have to rely on skill."

"Ahhh, I'll have to ask my parents if they know about it then. Daddy is a big fan of the Tornados, and he's the one who got me into quidditch.." she explains while looking over towards the Firebolt. "Well, if you like, daddy has setup a quidditch pitch over at our house. If you're ever up for a bit of practice, you can come over and we can play a gameor two? It'll be good to practice against someone as good as you I think, I might learn a thing or three.."

Unknown to her, Harry has his own little quidditch team. Well, she'll know in a moment. "That's be great!" he grins, nodding. "Usually I practice with the Weasley's. They have a huge area with practice pitch set up as well." Though probably not as fancy as Cho's. "Totally. Maybe we can have a team match."

"Oh that would be fun! And in the end we'll get to see each other's capabilities and even offer pointers if you want. That should make the season all the more exciting!" Cho chirps brightly, beaming the entire time at the thought of playing again. She looks over towards the Firebolt, "I'm still saving up to get one of these though, hopefully I'll have it in time for the season.."

"Maybe your dad can get you one before school starts." Harry offers with a smile. "It'd be nice to see what someone with similar skills and the same broom can match up against me." It would be nice to have an equal on the field. Maybe take some of the attention off himself.

"He did say he'll think about it, but I'm saving up my own money just in case he decides to change his mind.." Cho explains with a shrug of her shoulders. "People say that I'm as good as you, I dont think so though.." she admits ruefully.

Harry blushes, and looks away briefly. "I'm not as good as people think I am." he admits, and when he looks up there's modesty in his green eyes. "It's more luck, I think." Lucky he wasn't killed last year is more like it. Ruddy Dementors.

"Luck is still an important skill.." Cho says matter of factly as she pats him gently on the shoulder, offering a friendly squeeze in the end. "So what classes are you taking next term? Do you need any of my old notes you think?" she asks curiously.

"Same ones I was taking last term." Harry answers, shaking his head. "Care of Magical Creatures and Divination as my electives." he adds. "And thanks. Sometimes I think luck is the only skill I have. Aside from flying."

"Trelawney's quite a character. I dropped her class, but I still like her as a teacher, but you're quite accomplished on the broom. You're the first person who's made the team as a first year in a looooooong time.." she says matter of factly, smiling warmly once more.

"Over a century." Harry repeats, the same was he's repeated it over and over again to people. "But that wouldn't have been possible if Draco hadn't swiped Neville's Rememberall. Remind me to properly thank him again sometime." he laughs, as the witch who has the gloves he is buying clears her throat. Green eyes dart to her and back to Cho. "I guess that's my cue to pay. Send me an owl sometime and we'll see about coordinating that team match."

"All right, that sounds good. I should meet up with Marietta anyway before she thinks I ditched her. It was nice running into you again Harry!" Cho quips as she waggles her fingers in greeting before heading out the door.

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