1994-07-02: Quidditch And Stories And Mysteries


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Scene Title Quidditch and Stories and Mysteries
Synopsis Reverie comes to get a ticket for the all-star tournament, and gets a date instead. Pleasant conversation (and some not so pleasant) ensues.
Date Jul 02, 1994
Watch For Discussion of dark activity (rumors)
Chronology Before All Star match
Logger Jack

Department of Magical Games and Sports, then the Leaky Cauldron

"There are no more tickets to the All Star Cup?!?"

There's a gasp of despair as Reverie has rushed over, still dressed in her St. Mungo's attire. She sighs and facepalms, trying to hold back tears, she's been wanting this for a while now. "But..are you sure? Really? No more tickets?!?" Her lips tremble a little as she stares at one of the receptionists, shocked with her mouth agape from disbelief.

Damsel in distress alert. Damsel in distress alert. Jack sits sprawled on a chair chatting with an old balding man about something, when he hears Reverie's words, and more specifically the tone she uses to say them. He holds up a hand, silencing the old wizard for a moment. Said wizard smiles knowingly. Jack stands, and moves over to the counter. "Is something wrong, Healer? Something I can help with?"

"The All Star Cup…tickets..no more.."

Words fail her at that point as she just facepalms and looks completely miserable. She lets out a blargh and grumbles something under her breath as she runs her fingers through her hair. She remains quiet and swallows nervously before looking over to Jack and forces a smile onto her lips. "I ran out, but I guess fixing the Bat Bogey Hex gone wrong was more.." and she chokes a little as she doesnt seem to believe her own words at this point. "Important.."

Jack reaches into his back pocket and pulls a handkerchief out. He holds it out to Reverie, his expression sympathetic. "I'm sorry. I think you're right, though. Fixing a hex gone wrong is more important than tickets. Were you really looking forward to that?"

"Well, yes.." she admits ruefully, politely refusing the handkerchief as she runs her fingers through her hair. She takes a deep cleansing breath to try to calm herself down as she wrinkles her nose for a bit. "I guess I can wait..for another four years or so.." she says, still sounding despondent.

Jack nods, just listening, keeping his steady gaze on her. "How many tickets were you wanting to buy?" He asks, nonchalantly, glancing over at the man at the counter. He repockets the handkerchief, and shifts his weight on to his other foot, trying to contain his nervous energy.

"Well, I was just hoping for one. It's not like I was going with anyone anyway. I just wanted to go, you know, for fun and all..been a while since I've taken a few days off.." Reverie says matter of factly while she takes a deep breath, seeming to have calmed down about the whole thing.

Jack nods, something flickering in his eyes. "I see." He smiles. "Well, Healer… Um, I didn't catch your name. I'm Jack. Jack Noble." The Nobles are a pure-blood Scot / Irish family known for their neutrality (for the most part). A smile breaks across his face, widening as he plots for a moment.

"Reverie, Reverie St. Croix.." she says introducing herself as she extends her hand out towards him, smiling warmly, decidnig to just make the best of the situation. Besides, he's dreamy. "Pleasure to meet you.."

Broland enters quietly, a hand set in his wand pocket.

"Ohh, no, Reverie. The pleasure is /all/ mine." He accepts her hand, kissing the back of it lightly. "I was wondering, though, because I seem to have a bit of a problem, myself." He frowns, though it's a faux-frown. "I seem to have two of these tickets, and only one of me." He tilts his head slightly, as though it were a huge problem he needs help with. And only she can help. Reverie and Jack are standing in front of the Quiditch ticket stand. Jack has just grabbed her hand and kissed it in a greeting. "See, I thought maybe our two problems could … be resolved together?"

There's a bit of surprise on her part there. She blinks blankly as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red at the rather forward approach, but hey, he has tickets and that's what she wants. "I..well..um.." and she looks around, glancing around furtively to see if this might be a trick or something like that. When she's satisfied that it isnt, Reverie relaxes a little and smiles, "Well I think I can help you with it then.."

Broland walks in uncannily quiet, tightly grasping a small ticket, trying hard to surpress his excitement. It seems he won that big lotto going on in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Broland drops An orange, white-striped cat..

An orange, white-striped cat. keeps up with Broland easily and just as quiet.

"That's great!" Jack smiles brightly. "I am so glad. Quidditch is /so/ much more fun when it's shared, isn't it?" He spots the other man coming into the department, and frowns. "They've run out already, if you haven't pre-ordered yet." He spots the cat. "Hello, little cat." Jack greets the little thing with a smile. "I miss Ten. I need to go get him." To forestall any confusion, he gestures to the cat. "I've got a Kneazle. Mum's keeping him for me."

"Oh hello.." she chirps brightly, looking over towards the orange cat, seeming to be in a much better mood. There's a pseudo-date and Quidditch, what more can a girl ask for. "Oh, I have a white snow owl back at home. She's out hunting right now, so I just let her be for the most part.." Reverie says matter of factly.

Broland looks at Jack and Reverie then back to Leo, the cat. Before interuptting politely, "I don't suppose you know where I can turn this in, eh?

An orange, white-striped cat. meows intelligently and cocks his head as if to say, "Who me?"

"Turn what in? The cat?" Jack grins. "No… Oh." He sees what the man has and nods, "I think this is the place." He nods toward the counter and the man behind it. "Lucky bloke, that." This last is offered sotto voce to Reverie. "Yeah. I could use an owl, but there's usually plenty around. There's four of 'em at our house alone, for Circe's sake."

"Oh, I guess you would redeem that here.." and with that said, Reverie steps to the side, not really needing to beg for a ticket since she was fortunate to get one from Jack. She chuckles softly and ahhhs, running her fingers through her hair as she nods. "Sounds like a lot of cleanup, I know Florence is enough on her own.."

Broland uncomfortably steps between the two, his small cat gracefully leaping onto the counter, snatching the ticket from Broland's grasp and offering it to the man.

"Florence?" Jack nods. "That sounds like an interesting name for an owl. I call mine Ten because he was the tenth in the row at the shop. I know. Real original. But my brother was bothering me at the time, and …" His voice trails off, and his eyes grow cold for a moment, then his grin returns, and he's back to himself, brushing off the feeling. "Yeah, anyway…" He watches Leo's antics. "I wish Ten were like that. He's smart, but he's a troublemaker." Just like Jack.

"Well, troublemakers tend to lead interesting lives, and at least make things more amusing for those around them.." Reverie quips with a soft chuckle of amusement at the cat seeming to run things. She steps over to the side to where she and Jack arent separated by Broland anymore, as it would make talking easier and all. "Soooo.." she says, peering towards the auror. "How'd you manage to win that?"

Broland ponders for a moment, "Troublemakers, I would say." turning back to his cat and then adds, "A lotto, the more troublemakes you catch the more tickets you get to put into the pot."

An orange, white-striped cat. flicks his tail quietly at the word 'Troublemaker' and extends his sharp claws.

Jack chuckles. "Well, I'd better stay out of the Auror department for a while, then, hadn't I?" He winks at Reverie. "I'm rather known for causing trouble myself." He steps back to the chairs where he had been talking to the old man earlier, but the old man has vacated. "Come, sit?" He gestures to the unoccupied chair. "Wouldn't mind knowing a little more about the lady I'll be assisting with her problem while she assists me with mine." He grins. "And, the reverse is probably true, too." He grins up at Broland. "And you can join us too, if you like…"

"Hrmm, as long as this incentive for the lotto doesnt mean you give even minor troublemakers trouble..that would be abusing the system.." Reverie says with a sage nod before following Jack until she eases on down in the chair that theold man vacated. She turns her attention to Jack and hrmms for a few moments, crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. "Well, what would you like to know?"

Broland gives a simple shake of the head, "It's a bit more serious that what you think, in these times trouble could mean letting fly one of those fanged frisbees or something a bit more…" his face grows grim "Dire." He says after a brief few seconds go by.

Sensing Broland's uneasiness, his small cat leans over the edge of the counter and rubs his face against his robes, purring softly.

"Fanged frisbee?" Jack is amazed at the Auror's words. He's not too overly impressed overall with the MLE, part of the reason he didn't go that way as a career track. Heshakes his head, and watches the cat move back to his person. "Whatever you want to tell me. What's your favorite color? Flavor of Bertie Botts. What do you do on a quiet evening? Who's your favorite Quidditch player? What House in school? Anything."

"That's something that aurors deal with now a days? I thought a different department handled those things.." Reverie replies, looking a bit confused before shrugging her shoulders once more. She crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable, while letting out a soft chuckle under her breath asshe peers towards Jack.

"My favorite color is..well, I know this is going to sound silly, but pink. It always has been and always will be. And I'm quite partial to popcorn flavor of the Bertie's beans, and I was a Hufflepuff.." she explains, taking a bit of a breath before she continues to answer the barrage of questions. "And when I do have an evening to myself, I just prefer to curl up with a good book and read, or occasionally watch some Muggle telly if anything good is on.."

Broland ponders Jack for a moment and tries not to interrupt to rudely, "Yes a Fanged Frisbee, with the right charm or two it could take off your head in a quick pass. Making a pleasant day at the Quidditch pitch into a bloody massacre, there's been one or two instances, i'm sure she can testify." Broland nods politely to the lady in the labcoat.

Jack raises an eyebrow. "Muggle Telly? Is that those moving picture boxes? I've seen one of those." He grins, and then answers the questions he posed. Reciprocation is good. "My favorite color is black, I like the pumpkin juice beans, though they're really rare, I was a Gryffindor, and on a quiet night, I'm usually going to sleep early, or catching up on paperwork." The mention of dreaded paperwork makes him roll his eyes, but there it is. Broland's words get some serious consideration for a moment. "This is true, but if you lived your life like that, you wouldn't leave your house and end up completely alone." He shrugs. "It's all a matter of calculated risk."

"We've had other cases, though I cant say I've dealt with many fanged frisbee accidents as of late.." she tells Broland before hrmming a few moments, deciding to check the files later on. Her attention goes back to Jack and nods, letting out a happy little squeal. "Yup, those are the moving picture boxes. I got one not too long ago and it's quite entertaining..I dont get why it's called a Boob Tube as of yet, as there's no birds or nothing tubular about it..it's just a box.." she says, sounding a little disappointed. "But bah at paperwork, I try to leave my work at work."

Broland gives a simple shrug, turning to collect his tickets and thanking the man behind the counter, he makes a small gesture to the cat and turns back to Jack, "Nothing can be calculated anymore, taking risks now is life and death."

The small cat leaps from the counter and rests next to Broland's feet, looking up at him curiously.

Jack hears Broland's words, and takes them in, combining them with what he's heard elsewhere. "Maybe the risk becomes worth it. Some things are more important than life and death." He treads on thin ice here, and he knows it. Instinctively. He smiles at her comments about the television, and then comments on the paperwork. "Well, being independent, it's hard to have somewhere to leave the bloomin' paperwork. S'gotta come home with me." He turns to Broland. "So, what about you? What do you like to do in your spare time? And what house were you in? And…?" What were the other questions? Those are the ones he wants answered.

"Do all aurors become so serious with time?" Reverie asks, her brows raising as she sighs and shakes her head. "I'm glad I went the Healer route then, I considered going into Magical Law Enforcement, but I went for this calling instead.." she admits ruefully, sighing as she chews on her bottom lip.

Broland keeps his usual calm face and snorts comically, "Spare time? I'm too caught up in training and fetching those fools that think they can oppose the wizarding community." Looking calmly into Jack's eyes. "As for my house, I was proud to be of Ravenclaw."

"Serious? Unfortunately yes." Broland states, then adds, "Well except for Tonks, she's a bit of relief in a career like this, wish she had gotten assigned to me to be honest."

The small cat purrs and meows loudly communicating that he's all he's all the help Broland needs.

"I did too. I think every little witch or wizard thinks about becoming an auror at some point." Jack muses, listening to Reverie's words. He shifts in his seat. When the auror speaks, Jack nods, and takes his words in. There's something in them that he doesn't like, but he doesn't know exaclty what. He's more on edge, which results in more shifting in his seat, leaning forward, mostly listening now.

"You're not the only one who says things like this.." Reverie finally decides to speak nup about the situation as she hrmms for a few moments. "There's dark magics going on, it's almost..well..I wont say anything.." she says, not wanting to believe what Lupin was saying or even hinting at. And she leans back in her chair crossing her arms across her chest looking a bit more serious once more.

"Almost like before." Broland says, just loud enough to hear, his hand instinctively moving down to the pocket on his waist. Then turns to Jack, "Uncomfortable? I would suppose so, they put a minor hex on the furniture, an experiment to motivate people to leave instead of wanting to see the Minister about disappearings, murders and the other what not." Then looks down at Jack's forearm before quickly looking down to smile gently at his cat.

Jack waves a hand. "I'm hearing that all over. I'm hearing rumors and whispers. Nothing I can hand in, mind." Now he glances at the other man. "Nothing substantial, but there's /something/…" He too hesitates to talk to people about it, but his blue eyes blaze intensely with feeling. "And /all/ over. Not just Britain." He catches Broland's glance, and spreads his arms wide, exposing both forearms to the air. Empty. Clean.

"The cases we've been getting at St. Mungo's are starting to be more drastic, but be quiet..this could all be misconstrued as sedition.." Reverie warns, putting a finger over her lips as she eases onup and doesnt seem too comfortable with the tension in the room. It's so thick it's almost chokingher..

Jack, Reverie and Broland are sitting against the wall in the Games and Sports Department chatting quietly. There's a subtle tension to their discussion. Also, Leo the cat is present, and making his opinions known from time to time.

Broland nods quietly, "I should be trusting our detectors more, but things seem to be oddly broken unfortunately, but I should warn you for future reference, if you happen to come across an auror about a head taller than myself i'd reframe from showing him your arms, people that anxious to prove themselves innocent will find that they will be spending a couple of hours here in the Ministry.

"I dont think that's the first thing I do anyway.." she says with a shrug of her shoulders looking back towards theothers for a few moments. "I..this is a bit too much. I really just wanted to get a ticket to the All Star Cup.." Reverie admits ruefully.

"Who's showing arms? I'm just sitting here having a discussion about the times." Jack loves plausible deniability. He draws back, for the lady's sake. "I'm sorry, m'dear. It was impolite of me to start such things with such a beautiful lady around." He leans back in his seat. "We're all going to the game. Who's favored?" He knows who he's heard, but wants to compare notes.

Broland shows the first bit of emotion for the first time, curiousity, Broland takes a look down at the ticket in his han-

The small cat looks at Broland furiously, the small ticket between it's teeth. Meowing inteligently and angrily to say, "Change your voice or the ticket…well the ticket will be incapacitated."
Broland whispers to An orange, white-striped cat..

Reverie looks back towards Jack with a warm smile, heading on over as she pats him gently on the arm as she continues standing, though next to him this time. She takes a deep breath, and for once, remains quiet.

Stepping off the lift into the Department of Magical Games and Sports, there is an unusual sight. William Millingstone, an Unspeakable, has entered the department. Though not too strange, since he works for the Ministry, most of the time Unspeakables keep to level 9. In his hand he holds a paper that looks as if it was once a paper airplane, so it was probably a memo or message from someone up on this level. The man lets his blue eyes moves gently across the room. Which way does he go again? He hasn't been here in a while.

Jack watches around him for awhile, the situation making him more on edge. He takes in the situation, and holds out a hand to the lady, to offer her quiet support. "Perhaps we should return to talking about favorite colors and such." His tone is light, almost joking. He notes the newcomer. "Hello. Need some help?" He knows his way around here.

Broland inclines his head to Jack and Reverie, "Perhaps discussing a lighter subject will do more good than we think." Turning on his heels and walking towards the lift in his uncannily quiet way, passing calmy by the Unspeakable, "Good day."

"That would be good.." she speaks up finally, having calmed herself down as she lets her fingers entwine with Jack's giving his hand a gentle squeeze in the end. She looks down towards him and smiles while taking a deep breath as she peers curiously towards the unspeakable. "Um, are you okay?"

An orange, white-striped cat. is hot on Broland's heels, passing by the unspeakable and mimicing Broland with a simple meow, "Good day."

William looks over to Jack, eyes looking over at the man curiously. "Oh, a friend just sent me a quick note asking me a few things…thought I'd answer in person. Though, I admit that it has been a while since I've been up here to this Department." He smiles softly and kindly. He gives Broland a small nod. Good day, sir." Looking towards Reverie, he says, "Couldn't be better lass. Just a bit of confusion of location it seems…well, more confusion of where to go is more like it." Giving the cat a nod as well, as it passes, he says, "Good day, good kitty."

"Is there someone you're looking for in particular, sir?" Ever helpful, he squeezes Reverie's hand, scooting his chair over to be nearer to her. "If you'd like to take a seat for awhile, I'm sure we could make room. We were just talking about the upcoming all-star match." He grins. "Where do you usually go, then?" If not this department. "Oh! I should take you somewhere beforehand…" And Jack's mind is spinning. "Do you have a particularly favorite type of food? Or a particularly un-favorite?" He directs his questions to the lady.

Reverie eases on down as she wrinkles her nose and sits next to him. She chuckles softly while running her fingers through her hair. She grins wryly and smiles warmly towards Jack, "Well, I am quite partial to shepherd's pie. But blood sausage is not good at all.." she says, sticks her tongue out towards him before turning her attention towards the unspeakable. "What department are you usually in?" she asks curiously.

William smiles every so slightly at the couple. Ah, young love. Such a wonderful thing! "I'm looking for Trenton Ralfston. He works in the Quidditch Broom Control section…I suspect he just wants to talk about the all-star match, actually. But he has to make the memo sound official in order to get me up here." He says with a sly grin and a little wink. "I can usually be seen frequenting level nine, the Department of Mysteries. But sshhh." He holds a finger up to his lips. "That's to be kept between the three of us." He says with a light chuckle and another tiny wink.

"Ahh. Just between us." Jack returns the conspiratorial wink. "So are you going to the game as well?" It's the topic of discussion. Reverie gets a nod. "Well, then somewhere like the Leaky'd be alright, wouldn't it? Or would you prefer more posh?" He's not sure where the match will be, but the portkeys are included, so that's not a worry.

"Definitely just between the three of us.." she says with a sigh while she hrmms and smiles warmly, seeming to be more at ease. "Actually, I'm kinda hungry now, you guys up for some food?" she asks curiously.

William looks down to his note for a moment before back up at Jack. "Oh…yes. My daughter and I are going together. Thought it would make a nice little father-daughter trip, you know?" He grins. "Food? Don't you know food is the way to a man's heart?" He jests with Reverie. "I wouldn't want to impose, however."

Jack grins. "I'd be up for it." He brushes off William's worries. "It wouldn't be an impositon, would it?" He wants to check with the lady. "How old's your son?" Kids are cool. Unless they're siblings, and then, only Siobhan counts.

"I believe he said he had a daughter, Jack.." Reverie decides to correct him, snickering softly the entire time as she wrinkles her nose and doesnt seem to mind. "I dont mind at all. Let's go!"

William smiles softly. "I did indeed say that she was my daughter. Don't worry, though. Happens to the best of us, it does." He chuckles softly. "She's Eighteen. She'll always be my little girl, though." He laughs. "She'd probably hate to hear me say that again for the millionth time." He nods. "Well, where to for food?"

Jack hops up. "Oh, right. Sorry. I'm Jack Noble, by the way, and the lady is Reverie St. Croix. Can you tell us your name, or do you have to Obliviate us if you do?" He teases the unspeakable, knowing the man probably gets a lot of that. "Hmm." He considers, scratching his chin. "Depends how far you want to go, what kind of food you want, and whether you want a Wizard or Muggle place…" Jack's dressed for either, but that's Jack.

"I think daughters will always be their little girls to their fathers.." Reverie replies with an almost dreamy look on her features before she manages to snap out of it. She bows her head as she's introduced and shrugs her shoulders once more. "I'm for any place, though probably someplace wizard would be easier, so I dont have to change out of my uniform.."

"William Millingstone. And I think I can let you off this time with a warning…but if I've found out you've spread my name far and wide, I might have to make you forget all about me." William says in a joking tone. "It is a pleasure to meet you both." He thinks for a moment. "Well…" he looks at his clothing. He's in a suit, so he'd appear presentable to muggles. "I'd prefer a wizarding establishment. I don't exactly have muggle currency. And I don't know of any muggle eateries."

"And they'll always be little sisters to their big brothers." Jack keeps telling Siobhan that, but she doesn't seem to listen very well. "Then, wizarding it is." He grins. "I was just at the Leaky with Rosie the other day, if you'd like to head there, or I'm open to suggestions." He shrugs. "And, indeed, it is a pleasure to meet you." Always good to have a friend in high (or low, in this case) places.

"Works out perfectly. Leaky Cauldron then!" she chirps brightly, letting her arm hook with Jack's in the end as she motions for him to lead the way. Hey, she can flirt backafterall, and her day has become much more pleasant afterall.

William grins. "And that's what my older brother would have my sister and I believe." He confirms with Jack. "The Leaky Cauldron works for me. Back to that old haunt. Can't say that I've actually been there in a few years, but it'll be good to be there again. I doubt it's changed." He nods to the two. "Well, I'm right behind the two of you."

Jack isn't afraid to lead the way. Former lion here. He grins over at Reverie. "Floo, then?" He heads toward the lift. "Food, here we come."

//Leaky Cauldron

It is very dary and shabby inside this tiny pub, the air full of the smell of pipe smoke. A few old women sit in a shadowy corner, drinking tiny glasses of sherry. A little man in a top hat is talking to the old bartender, who is quite bald and looks like a toothless walnut. A low buzz of chatter fills the room continuously, sometimes augmented by the sounds of laughter or a scraping chair as somebody rises. Down past the end of the bar, a door leads into the small back storeroom. In the opposite direction, a small parlor branches off from the common room, and from there a handsome wooden staircase leads upwards to a hallway of rooms for rent, each bearing a brass number.//

Jack finds a seat easily, and sprawls down into it. "Ahh." He grins, grabbing the paper with the specials on it. "Oooh. You're in luck, Reverie. They've got shepherd's pie today." He hands her the parchment. "Think I'll get a burger and chips."

"If they didnt have it, I would've been quite surprised.." Reverie quips, snickering softly the entire time as she follows along and eases on down in a seat next to Jack. She crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable while looking around for any other familiar faces.

William takes a look over the menu as he takes a seat across from Reverie and Jack. "Well. If I remember correctly…the last I was here, they had some good rabbit soup." He smiles. "I believe that is what I'm going to have." He says with a firm nod.

Jack nods, just listening, looking around the room for a bit. "Hey, did either of you hear about the explosion on the Alley the other day? One of the Aurors… the one who's known for stuff like that, I guess…got a building blown up and nobody hurt. Or at least that my sister knew of." He rolls his eyes. "She was in here when it happened."

"Waittaminute..what? Explosion? I didnt hear about that, but I guess it's because no one got seriously hurt.." Reverie says matter of factly as she crosses her legs and orders her shepherd's pie when a waitress comes on over. "Do tell.." she says, hoping Jack has more details.

William tilts his head slightly, but making his order as the waitress comes by as well. "You'd have to be more specific, I'm afraid." He pauses as he considers for a moment. "About the auror who is known for exploding things, that is. There are a couple out there…I should know, I used to be one of them." He says slyly, smiling softly as he remembers his past. "But now, I can't say I heard about it. Though if it was major, I'm sure that it would have gotten around."

"I never heard his name. Maybe Rosie knows it, but she didn't share." Jack smiles at the waitress, and orders his burger and chips. "I don't know much about it, but I wouldn't mind meeting the guy." He frowns. "Why'd you switch departments, William? We were just mentioning earlier that every little witch or wizard seems to want to be an auror." He shrugs. "Figured once you got in, it'd be something to stick to." He smiles again, and orders a drink, as well.

"You have a daughter right? I bet you switched departments when she was born, huh.." she says matter of factly, grinning wryly as she looks back over to Jack and hrmms for a few moments. Reverie takes a deep breath and hrmms and makes a mental note to do some investigating.

William shakes his head, at both Jack and Reverie. "Well, not quite something I stuck too, though it was a rewarding job." He smiles at Reverie. "Well, you're partly correct, Miss. Only, I didn't switch departments until a couple years after she was born." He furrows his brow, giving a frown that is totally uncommon on his face to those who know him. "It was something that happened during the Wizarding War. I'll say that much." He smiles widely again. "Though I didn't actually start off as an Auror either."

Jack nods. "I just wondered." He leans back in his chair. "So, we were discussing earlier about some of our favorite things. I also like a good stiff drink." And as if on cue, the waitress returns with the drinks, and Jack grabs it, and tosses a little back. "I'm a curse-breaker, by the way. Independent. I found it suits my tastes just fine." He realizes that he never did tell the lady what he did for a living.

"A curse breaker, how did you manage to get into that field? I'm still a healer in training actually. Passed all my NEWTS but decided to try to see if the life is really cut out for me, which is why I'm a mediwitch right now.." she admits ruefully before raising her brows over to William. "Well arent you the Jack of All Trades? What did you start off as?" she asks curiously.

William listens with curious intent, a look of pure interest on his face. "Curse breaker, you say? Well, there's an interesting field. Dragons and heirlooms and nasty spells that burn the bottom of your feet every thirteen hours and thirteen minutes and all that like." He chuckles. "Wouldn't have minded that one for my job none." He says cheerfully. His gaze turns, then, immediately to Reverie again. "I worked for the Department of Magical Transportation at first. Portkey and Floo Network divisions."

"Honestly? It was one of the only ones that sounded good by the time I got to OWLs. You know how they always give you those lovely pamphlets with all the careers in them? None of them sounded remotely interesting until I found the cursebreaking one. Then, I was hooked." Jack's smile sparkles, and he takes another drink. "Floo and portkey. Whoo. Talk about your paperwork." He's hung around the ministry enough that he knows some jobs have more paperwork than others. "I worked at a firm for a while, and then, got tired of that. So, I struck out on my own. Had more luck that way."

"How did you go from that division to becoming an auror to ending up where you are now? That's definitely a horizontal career path if I've ever heard of one.." Reverie replies, now quite intrigued as she didnt know one could hop from division to division, so this might bear fruit if thoroughly investigated.

William laughs at Jack. "Oh yeah, plenty of paperwork. Not to mention the ceaseless owls and memos telling me that a portkey went to the wrong spot or that the floo network isn't connected properly to the right fireplace. It was hard work that." He says in a light tone. "Well, you see, I didn't feel I was doing enough to help during the Wizarding War, so I took the tests and passed to become an Auror. I trained and in under a year I was full fledged. And back then, they needed all they help they could get in fighting the war, the Ministry could. But then some hard times befell my family, and I was forced into another career in the Ministry, and the Department of Mysteries came my way. Though they seemed to choose me. Funny how that worked out…"

"I've heard it happens that way." Jack says, to the story of how the Unspeakables chose /him/, not the other way around. "Not much is known, as you know, so people make up all sorts of stuff." He grins. "I've heard some doozies." Their meals arrive, and he sighs with relief, covering his chips with salt. "So, how'd you get into healing, Reverie?" he asks, more than just for the fairness. He takes a bite of a chip, and chews slowly, paying attention to his new friends. "Ugh. That had to be so tedious." This to the floo and portkey days. "Some people are good at stuff like that, though. Got a brother like that." In a family like Jack's, though, there's bound to be one.

"I had a knack for the pre-requisites. My best friend wanted to be an auror and I wanted to help out, but I was never one for dueling. It's not that I couldnt do it, I just didnt like violence.." she admits ruefully, starting to dig into her shepherd's pie. "So going into healing was the next best thing.."

William nods a little to Jack. "So it would seem. Yes." He responds, though says little else on the matter. As their meals arrive, he gratefully takes a sip of the soup. "Mmm, delicious!" He says with a grin. He listens intently to the conversation as he eats more of the soup. "Don't like violence…so you help people repair from it, occasionally." He smiles. "That's a good thing to do. It is people like yourself who have helped me out on many occasion and to whom I'm indebted." He chuckles. He nods, once more, to Jack. "It was very tedious. But someone has to do it, eh?"

Jack nods. "Exactly. And that's a very good reason to become a Healer. To help without causing violence. I like it." He winks, and lifts his drink up in a toast. "It's the truth." William gets a grin, as well. "So, you like the ninth floor better than the first, then?" He pretty much said so, but Jack is not always the best at the small talk, especially when he's a little preoccupied.

"Pshaw, you're just saying that. I could've said I liked seeing people naked and you would've liked that too.." Reverie quips, winking towards Jack before snickering softly as she continues to dig into her pie. She then looks over towards William and hrmms for a few moments, "If it doesnt cause me to get obliviated, what is it do you do up there?"

William gives a chuckle to Jack. "Well, let's just say…it provides moments of intrigue that I would not have gotten otherwise." He smiles wryly before shaking his head at Reverie. "To be honest? There's nothing really that I can say. If I were to tell you anything, I'd have to obliviate you right away, and that's something I'd prefer not to do, you quite understand." He shrugs.

Jack chuckles. "Well, I would agree with you on that point. On the seeing people naked. But you're right. You've caught me out." Another saucy wink, and he takes a couple more bites of his meal before continuing. "I'm not sure I could do that. I can keep a secret, but I don't really like it. Eats at me. And I'm probably not /intellectual/ enough. More of a hands-on kind of guy." He grins widely, and leans back. "No thanks." He'll avoid the obliviation. "I get enough of those from clients who get over-paranoid."

"I'll be fine with not knowing then. In the end I wouldn't remember anyway.." she says with a soft chuckle under her breath while finishing off her shepherd's pie. She winks towards Jack, "You are incorrigible, but somehow I dont mind.." Reverie quips.

"There's a reason that we're known around the Ministry as 'Unspeakables'. We're not allowed to talk about any of our work. In fact, there are very few outside the Department who actually know anything about what happens behind those closed doors." William smiles. "But it makes for interesting work." He eats more of his soup in silence before saying, "What's the most interesting case both of you have had?" He asks, trying to probe more about their work rather then them ask of his.

"Why, of course, you don't." Jack waggles his eyebrows a little, and takes another bite of his burger, chewing, leaning back in his seat as he thinks about his most interesting case. "There've been a lot of them. But I think the one that I remember the most was this one in Mail…" He looks beyond them, remembering the situation. "Kid had gotten himself stuck in a cursed house. No one knew why it was like that. I happened to be there on another assignment, so they just grabbed me. It took us about a day and a half to figure out some of the strange curses on the place, but when we finished, that little boy was so happy to be out in the sunshine again…" He sighs. "S'times like that that I'm glad of the work I do."

"The house was cursed so it wouldnt let the boy out? How unfortunate!" she says with a bit of horror on her features as she covers her lips and shakes her head. "That's awful.." Reverie replies, hrmming for a few moments as she thinks about the cases that she is able to talk about. "Most interesting case as of late?" That'd be the werewolf, but she keeps it mum for now. "Someone put a rat hair in polyjuice potion and ended up turning into a sort of half rat half human..it was..well, it was definitely a reason for why polyjuice is typically banned.." she replies with a wry grin.

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