1994-09-22: Quibbler of Friendship?


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Scene Title Quibbler of Friendship?
Synopsis Luna offers Elizabeth a copy of the Quibbler to make friends, while Liz only confuses everyone.
Location Hogwarts, Ravenclaw Common Room
Date September 22, 1994
Watch For Nargles!
Logger Elizabeth

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw Common Room

The common room of Ravenclaw house is circular, naturally due to it being in one of Hogwart's many towers. Two sets of winding staircases lead upwards to the dormitories. The girls' are on the right, while the boys' are to the left. Both staircases wind upwards to a landing at the first level where the first years' dorms are located. This landing overlooks the whole of the common room. The heavy banners and tapestries that decorate the room depict the Ravenclaw eagle in the house colors of bronze and blue. Squashy armchairs and cushy sofas are interspersed around the room for students to sit upon. A few tables are strategically placed close to the chairs and sofas. A fireplace rests in a large alcove within the stone wall. Roughly a dozen students could stand inside the fireplace. Logs are kept piled high in the center with a mesh gate surrounding the fire. Within the fireplace there are stone benches carved within the alcove containing cushions should anyone wish to sit closer to the fire. Stained glass windows look out onto the grounds below.

It was a reasonably quiet day, between classes at Hogwarts. Outside, it was a bit chilly, so scarves and hats were in order for those who didn't like the cold. The indoors was much more crowded because of this, particularly in here, around the fire in the fireplace. Sitting in one of the squashy armchairs was one Luna Lovegood. Holding the current issue of the Quibbler upside down, she sits very still, reading the pages in peace.

Climbing the steps of the Ravenclaw tower, Elizabeth releases a light sigh, feeling the coming cool wind of winter fast approaching as it somehow manages to get through her robes. She pulls the hem slightly tighter around herself as she finally approaches the landing of the Ravenclaw commons room, only slightly more crowded than usual from the weather outside, though most have slipped off to supper in the great hall by now. Choosing one of the empty, cushioned armchairs, she slips her knapsack off of her shoulder to rest on the floor next to it, lowering herself into the chair with something of a plop. And leaning forward, she pulls the bag to her a bit more, loosening the strands to pull out a well worn copy of a book, resting it in her lap as she leans back into the chair, warming up in front of the fire.

Indeed, most were at supper. Either Luna got an early one, or the mostly-eaten bowl of pudding she had at the armside of the chair was meant to be her dinner. Regardless, as the other girl moves to sit in the chair, the Quibbler lowers, the bright blue eyes of Luna looking over it to glance in her direction. And perhaps, they look just a bit too long, as Luna stares in Elizabeth's direction. A bit owlishly, all told, especially when she puts a little cant to her head.

Becoming a bit more comfortable in her seat, Elizabeth leans back in her cushioned chair a bit further, opening the worn, weathered book in her lap as she releases a slow breath. A slender hand reaches up to her small nose, fingertip pushing her round-rimmed glasses up further as her sky blue eyes focus through them. And as her hand returns back to the parchment pages, her eyes narrow slightly, focusing on the first pages as the fingertips turn the pages to where a navy blue ribbon bookmarked her place. She slides it to the side, dismissing the ribbon from its duty for now as the raven haired girl returns to the place in her book that she had left off from. If she has noted Luna's curious attention upon herself, it is hard to tell.

Lowering the Quibbler further, Luna lets it drift shut without a bookmark to hold her place. Uncrossing her legs where she sat, the girl rises gracefully up to her feet. A pause, and she turns herself to orient herself towards the seat that Elizabeth sits in, the girl taking a few timid steps in that direction. Timid in only the manner of walking - her expression was what the generous called serene, and the less generous called 'off on cloud nine'. A few more steps to inch her closer, and she leans forward, her necklace - what appeared to be a Sneakoscope dangled on the end of a string, along with a few Butterbeer corks, hanging before her with that motion. Still, she continues to stare a bit. "Hello." she mentions, her voice sounding as faraway as her expression suggests.

At the casual greetings, Elizabeth's sky blue eyes look up through her round-rimmed glasses, glancing to Luna as she stares right back at her, seeming perfectly at ease. Her eyes flicker to her necklace, noting its contents though her passive expression never changes as she returns her eyes back to Luna's. "Good afternoon." she returns, though the moment the greetings is uttered her gaze returns back to the worn book in her lap, a thumb lightly brushing against the slightly yellowed parchment page.

This was reminding Luna rather uncomfortably of her first year at Hogwarts. Smile threatening to waver some, the girl then straightens, folding her copy of the Quibbler closed a bit, before extending it forward in an offer. "I would like you to have this." Luna says, her eyes pointed towards Elizabeth - but it was hard to tell if she were /looking/ at the other girl. "Daddy gave me plenty of extra copies in his last letter, you see. It has a lovely article on the Nargles that I think everyone ought to read."

Without moving her head, Elizabeth glances up to the other girl again, watching Luna as she offers her the copy of the Quibbler. She arches a brow at it for a long moment before extending her hand, her slender fingers taking the copy of Quibbler before folding it, giving the headline a brief glance before setting it under her book. "Thank you, I think." she murmurs, though she sounds slightly unsure of the unusual gift. Reaching up to push up her glasses again, her hand rests on her book once more, those sky blue eyes behind the circular glasses returning to the book in her lap. "You must be Luna Lovegood then. Daughter of the publisher of the Quibbler. At least it is a plausible speculation, to say the least."

The uncertainty in the other girl's tone seemingly didn't phase Luna one bit. Straightening back up with a brief brightening of her smile, Luna rather looked more pleased than anything else. But the expression fades soon enough back to her look of day dreaminess. "Oh, you're very welcome. Daddy is always happy to hear that new people are looking for the real truth behind the news." she pauses a moment, then leans forward again, voice lowering as if sharing a secret. "Especially students. I think he wants me to make more friends." she says, crinkling her nose briefly in a 'cute' look. The headline of the Quibbler was an article about a vicious troll slaying, suggesting that the troll was perhaps, a bit more than people suspected.

Traipsing down from the girls' dormitory, Ophelia can barely stifle a yawn. She's managed to hit that evening lag, that point where she just needs to make it a little further before she hits her second wind. OF course, this is also the point where she wonders if she can just nap during dinner so she'll be awake for the later evening. Oh well. She doesn't look surprised at all that there's people about, as it /is/ the common room. She instead just picks a chair that would be polite enough distance for either ignoring or joining in whatever conversation might interest her. "Evenin'," she greets as she digs into her satchel, withdrawing a small hand held mirror and something that looks like a pencil.

Elizabeth arches a brow at Luna, though she quietly listens to the other girl, even as she leans forward again and lowers her voice to her. "Ah. So your father sends you extra copies as a way of introducing yourself to other students as means of possibly earning friendship. Curious I suppose." her sky blue eyes behind those circular glasses lower again, looking back to the worn copy of Advanced Rune Translation in her lap. "Though truth is speculative, depending on the degree of witnesses to said events and evidence that supports the aforementioned events." She answers easily enough.

Luna blinks, slowly, as Elizabeth answers. Her eyes take on a bit stronger of a faraway quality as she questions the validity of the Quibbler. However, Ophelia manages to save the day by coming in like that. Finding more familiar territory, Luna turns, to send a smile Ophelia's way. "Good evening." she says. And there is a pause, "…I think I will go see if I can get some more pudding, before the kitchens close." she says, moving back to the chair she started out in, to fetch her half-eaten bowl of pudding. With a final smile for both girls, she turns to the door, and starts the long walk down to the kitchens.

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