1996-03-04B: Que Sera, Sera


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Scene Title Que Sera, Sera
Synopsis Maura and Jack have a nice lunch at the Broomsticks and discuss the Easter trip.
Location Hogsmeade: The Three Broomsticks
Date Mar 04, 1996
Watch For Amulet involvement and sappy people. Also shepherd's pie.
Logger Jack

In an act of sheer defiance, Maura is totally wearing girly clothing today. Lacey, feminine, and not slutty. Sorry Rikath. He's also been making her pay for that the whooooole morning. So as soon as she sits down, there is definitely an alcoholic beverage being ordered. Of some kind. Probably the rum. All while she waits for her lunch date, keeping an eye on the door. Of course, with the crowd and the smoke she's got to squint to see it. But surely that will be enough.

Back to work, Jack's back to wearing his normal clothes. However, today, he's wearing the greatcoat that Siobhan got for him. The air is a little chilly and he loves that coat, so he wears it. Besides, it looks good. He steps in, grinning at Rosmerta and giving a little wave to the proprietress. He makes his way over to the table and leans down to kiss Maura on the cheek. "Hello, gorgeous," he greets her, pulling out a chair beside her. "Everything alright?" He points to the drink.

"Hello, handsome." It's really rather become their standard greeting now. "Nice jacket." Maura tugs on the coat sleeve playfully and leans into the kiss before picking up the drink that he points at. "Just my good buddy giving me a hard time all morning. A few hours of peace would be grand." But hey, life at Hogwarts! It makes her smirk regardless. "You looking forward to the upcoming holiday?"

"Thank you." Jack motions Rosmerta over for them to order. "What do you want, Maura?" He grins at her mention of the jacket, and shrugs. "Rosie got it for me." He orders his own food and then pretends to consider her question. "Of course I'm looking forward to the holiday. Are you?" When she mentions the spirit bothering her, he frowns. "It's not too much, is it?" Because if it is, maybe he can do something with the amulet. Or at least talk to the spirit somehow? He's not sure, but he's willing to try if she needs him to.

Maura has probably been here before, since she rattles off something familiar from the menu without even thinking about it. Something that will probably make her blink later, and ponder. For now though, her attention is on the conversation. Rosie, for one. "She punches anyone else that calls her that, doesn't she." Okay, that's a little rhetorical. "I am, yes. Siobhan told me she wants me to go with you all to Italy. I just… wanted to make sure that wasn't going to bother you any. Really." And plucking the amulet away from her neck a moment to stare at it, her expression turns thoughtful. "It'd be better if I could get any sleep without having to wear it, so I'd have a break. But we'll just have to learn to get along."

"Anyone but me, yeah." Jack is proud of that fact. He and Sio have been close for many years and it shows. "Really? That's an interesting choice." He grins and copies her order. "That does sound really good." If she realizes what she's ordered, she may blink now. Her words about the trip give him pause, and he reaches out to touch her hands — not where she's holding the amulet — and looks directly at her. "Maura, I know we haven't known each other long, but I know I would really love to have you along on this trip. I know that getting used to my family may take a bit, and it may take a bit for them to get used to me bringing someone along, but …" He frowns, trying to consider how to phrase his words. "I think it'll be a really good thing. I do have to warn you, though. I … kind of have a reputation." One hand slides back to rub at his neck nervously. "I…uh, I've kind of had a lot of … lovers, and my family knows it. It may take them a while to get used to you still being around." He's not known for the long-term thing.

Indeed, Maura's brow furrows a bit and she's like 'wait a second what did I just order?'.. and she almost, almost calls Rosmerta back. But, the trip. She actually lets the amulet fall bck against her skin, intent on returning the gaze directed at her and twining one of her hands with his. "I.. yes, I got that rather distinct impression when I told your sister what was going on. People tend to act as if I'm your flavor of the week." she murmurs, a bit rueful there. "So I just didn't want to be pushing my luck. But if you want me to be there, then I will." she assures, not seemingly bothered by his past or reputation. Just uncomfortably aware of it.

"Thing is," Jack says, sipping at the strong tea Rosmerta's brought him, "we moved pretty fast, which is fairly normal for me, but," he leans in, sliding their entwined fingers close together and squeezing hers gently, "I don't want to let you go. I want to take you to Italy even if it costs me some 'quality family discussion.'" He holds up the fingers of his free hand in quotation marks. "Or more. I want to show you all the interesting places I've been. Take you to Egypt when I go for a project." He falls silent while his mind keeps working, thinking of other things he'd like to do, other places he'd like to take her. He grins and takes another gulp of the tea. "But let's just start with Italy." His smile widens.

"I wish I could say whether it's normal for me or not." But rather then give herself time to dwell on that, she leans in right along with Jack, her entirely composed expression melting away in much the same manner it does when he uses 'the accent'. "But, I know that I don't want to let you go either. So I guess we're even. Sort of. Since I suspect I've already prompted one quality family discussion for you with your sister." Which causes a slightly embarrassed expression to appear. "I'd go anywhere with you, Jack. But yes, let's start with Italy. And maybe trying to tame whatever is in this amulet, so I don't make any of your family members have a stroke or something, yeah? That would be a little awkward."

Jack chuckles, running a finger along her cheek. "Some of them, I wouldn't mind seeing their expressions when the guy says something. But, yeah, let's avoid offending Mum, hey?" He rolls his eyes. "At least for the 'first impressions' bit." He snorts, and leans back again to make room for Rosmerta to set down their shepherd's pie. "I'm not sure how you'd 'tame' him," Jack muses aloud. "Unless — I dunno — you make a deal with him and tell him he can say whatever he likes to me, Rosie and Snape … or whoever else … if he treats Mum properly." That might work, or, it might backfire spectacularly.

Maura appears almost shy for a moment, a flash of affection in her gaze. But the idea of offending his mother? That just horrifies her. "I might have to just suck it up and meet her without the amulet on. Or I'll think of something. There's got to be some bribe I can use. One that doesn't involve a strip club and paper money, cause that just isn't happening. Sorry pal." Pause. "That was… I mean, yeah. Him. I was talking to him." Which fortunately Rosmerta didn't hear. Or at least she pretends not to! "Sweetie, he already knows he can say whatever he wants around you. Recall our first meeting. Sio on the other hand, I'm pretty sure she wanted to throttle me.. him.. whatever, before we headed to the club the other day. So maybe I can use that. Or just promise to give him free reign for a whole week - except with students - when we all get back. That could be fun. Maybe we can record all of the offended expressions!"

"A whole week." Jack's eyes seem to gloss over, considering all the things someone could say in a week. "That'd be … pretty amazing. Some of your coworkers will be difficult to offend, but some of them would sputter pretty badly." He chuckles again, and shakes his head. Her comments about what the spirit suggests make him grin. "Why? That sounded … interesting to me. Well, maybe not a public strip club." He winks, taking a bite of his food. "If you want to meet her sans amulet, we could do that. Either way. It's your choice." He's seen her a few times without the amulet, and to him, though he appreciates the mobility it gives her, she is still the same person without it.

"It could make an epic documentary. 'How to offend all of your co-workers in seven days or less.'." Maura suggests brightly, pretending that she absolutely adores the idea. When really, it makes her want to groan and hide somewhere. "Huh, I'm just so surprised by that. You've shocked me right to the core." is deadpanned, pretending for about half a second that she is going to fling a forkful of food at him for his comments about the strip club. Alas, she's too hungry to waste it. "We'll see. Maybe I'll make it a surprise choice. Sio had voted for with the amulet, but then she also planned on using you and Snape to pay defense and keep your mum distracted from any of the untoward things I will undoubtedly say. But, that may prove awkward. Maybe I can throw one of the MSEC guys in there somewhere. See if we can get O'Neill to flirt with her a little and keep her off balance. Convince that American fiance of hers to pay the man extra. What do you think?"

"I think Danny would have more of a chance of succeeding," Jack says, grinning widely at the interplay of emotions on her face. It's part of what he really likes about her. He takes another bite of his food and sighs. "I know. I'm such a surprising personality." He grins a little-boy grin, teasing her. "As I say, mo cridhe, I am okay with either way." He uses the Scots Gaelic endearment almost without thinking, then blinks at his own words. "That's okay, isn't it? It means 'my heart.'" She might have heard Siobhan say it to Severus from time to time, too. "Oh, if Snape's coming too, this really will be an interesting holiday." He laughs, continuing to eat in relative silence for a few moments. "Mum's gonna have a cow, isn't she?" He's probably talking about his sister and Snape. Probably.

"But you bring such a smile to my face. I wouldn't have it any other way." Maura quips, matching his grin. "I know you're alright either way. And that means a lot, actually. You've been very understanding; moreso, I imagine, then I've much right to expect." Whatever she quite means by that is well overshadowed by the endearment that rings in her ears. Not when he says it, but when he explains it. "Well, of course it's alright. It's a… a… lovely thing to say." is stuttered, her smile warming, then turning to laughter at his reaction to Snape tagging along on family fun time too. Forget eating in silence, she is a -chatterbox- and how she manages to eat anything at all is probably a surprise. "do you mean Siobhan and Snape. Or, Siobhan and Jake. Or, you bringing someone along. Maybe it's the combination of all three that will make her have a cow." Good times ahead, everyone! Bring the Polaroid!

"All of the above, I think." Jack runs two fingers along his temple. "It will definitely be an interesting trip." On the plus side, "Mum may be pretty glad I brought someone along. She may … take the opposite view of the rest of the family." She might assume more than the two of them are at the moment. "I have no way of knowing." He snorts and drains his tea, signalling Rosmerta for another one. "You need more to drink? Or something different?" Something non-alcoholic? Maura's comments about her smile cause him to reach out and lay his hand on hers again. "I like your smile. So, the fact that I can do something to make it appear more often … " He pauses to thank Rosmerta for the tea and quirk his brow for Maura's drink order. "It's a really good thing."

"I think we may as well just not worry about it, then. What will happen will happen. And I'll just try not to hyperventilate when it does." Maura decides, trying to keep both of their spirits up at a possible daunting prospect. "Tea for me, please." she adds for Rosmerta, when the woman approaches. And then waits until she drops off her own drink before commenting again, rather just enjoying having her hand held a moment. "You're very sweet to me. Thank you for that." But with lunch nearly done and the afternoon looming ahead, she is also compelled to add, "Why don't you stop by the school when you're done for the day?"

"Que sera sera, huh?" Jack can go with that. "I like that idea." He squeezes her hand lightly and grins. "Well, you're pretty good to me, too, so it goes both ways." He eats for a little longer, thinking through his day. "I think I could do that. Might be shortly after dinner. Does that sound good to you?" He sips at his tea, and watches Rosmerta come back with another for her. "I look forward to seeing you tonight."

"Que sera sera, yes. Some out of necessity, I think. But I have to be honest - some of it's because I just can't manage to think of anything worse then I've already been through. Anything else, in comparison, seems like a cakewalk." Yes, despite the happy and almost bubbly demeanor, Maura just can't muster the energy to be too upset about some things. "Don't get me wrong. I want your sister to be happy. And, I'd like us to be happy. But, the opinions of others when it comes to eother of those things are… maybe.. obstacles, in a way. But they don't change how I feel. So it's better to just roll with it." Frown. "Did that make sense, or is this … thing, making me say weird things again?" She then thanks Rosmerta with ingrained politeness, and blows on the cup of tea before drinking any of it. "I look forward to seeing you too. Always."

"No." Jack finishes the last bite of his meal, listening intently to Maura's words. "No, that makes perfect sense. You're alive, the rest is … gravy." To coin a phrase. "I understand that." It's kind of the Gryffindor credo. "Obstacles can be overcome, it just takes time," effort, or brute force. "Good. Then I'll meet you up there." He casts a tempus, looking at the time floating in the air. "Damn. I'm a little later than I intended to be. I need to meet a client soon." He fishes out the money for the meal, and sets it down. "Thank you for coming down here for lunch. I appreciate it."

"Whooops, sorry. Go, go. Don't be late!" Maura shoos Jack, but not before giving him a kiss on the cheek. "You don't have to thank me for that. I enjoy getting out of the school for a bit. No go on with you; I'll see you later." is assured. She'll just finish up her tea and then leave shortly after him.

Jack returns the kiss and grins. "Alright. I'm off. I'll see ya later at the school." He chuckles, tips an imaginary hat to Rosmerta, and strides out of the pub with a smile on his face and a whistle.

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