1994-10-06: Putting On The Red Light


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Scene Title Putting on the Red Light
Synopsis An Auror, A Cursebreaker and an Escort with Muggle-disturbing glamours walk into a really weird situation.
Location Trader Vic's, Park Lane and Tiana's Flat.
Date Oct 06 1994
Watch For Things of a Suggestive Nature (tm), Two pros at flirting and Tonks' Hot Pink Teddy.
Logger Don't call her Nymphadora.

London in the evening is a fantastic place. Of course, if you happen to be Tiana Moldavia, London at any time is pretty fantastic. Striding down the pavement in a black and grey outfit meant to catch the eye, this beautiful foreigner seems to garner many stares and a wide berth. Once in a while a random Muggle may try and approach her, but most seem put off by her air of /absolute/ perfection. No human being is meant to be that…flawless, and it unnerves people, even if they don't consciously realize it. Cradled against her jaw is a slim, black phone, into which she speaks a Slavic language very fast. For a few moments she disappears into the BMW dealership, but is soon back out again and on her way back in the direction she came from. The phone call is abruptly ended outside of Trader Vic's, the scent of which catches her attention. After a moment's hesitation, she steps inside.

Now, what would an Auror be doing hanging out in Muggle London? Well, judging from the filled-to-the-brim bags she's toting around, it appears she's trying to spice up her Muggle Wardrobe. Her father still keeps tabs on 'the other side' and gave her a few catalogues and there were SOME THINGS she just HAD TO HAVE. Complete in capslock even. So, that's why she's here. She's just been following one of the streets diligently after that, ducking into whatever shop snagged her attention, before ducking back out again. But now..as she nears the very prominent restaurant, Tonks realizes—she's hungry! And so, she makes haste to get to this place! Who cares what food's in there-it's food!

Being the time of night most suitable for dinner-esque sustainance, the restaurant itself is densely packed. Rather than stand around and wait for a table, Tiana opts to take a seat at the bar. She can eat there just as well as at a table, anyway. The patrons near her quicken their pace, eating and then leaving; simultaneously drawn to and repulsed by her. It's an interesting phenomenon, but one that she is quite used to by now. A raspberry vodka is ordered in a sensual soprano voice, heavily accented with a Romanian lilt. One slim leg lifts and settles across the other, her posture elegant and poised - though decidedly uncomfortable seeming - even for such a mundane task as ordering from a menu. Deciding on a tangy dish of duck, she hands the menu over to the bartender and turns her attention on her little black book.

…Great, crowded. Oh well. Tonks does ask the maitre'd about the wait time, but when it's told back to her, she wrinkles her nose. To wait or..Oh hay, bar! Tonks just waves off putting her name on the list. Her and her offensively pink hair and shopping bags will go over there, 'kay thanks. As she nears the bar, she does notice the odd phenomenon occurring. She can sense it herself, but being used to magic, she's not as off put as the muggles are. Before seating herself, she tries to figure out which one might be the culprit—and it's purely by chance that she picks the seat close to the woman who actually /is/ causing the problem. "Mind if I use this for the bags?" she asks the lady, indicating to the chair she kept empty between them.

With a supercilious handwave obviously meant to signal that Tonks could do as she liked, Tiana continues to make notations in her book, right up until her vodka is delivered, in fact. Figuring that this arrival means she is now officially Not Working, she stows the book in her handbag and takes her first sip of the clear drink. Savoring it on her tongue, the inky-haired woman turns to watch the people around her - a favorite pastime - but her attention is drawn invariably to the woman next to her; the one with alarmingly pink hair. "That's quite a bold choice," she offers conversationally, her voice accented, but not unpleasant to listen to. Hey, if the girl is unaffected enough to sit so close willingly, she must be something special; perhaps even a new client to add to Tia's ever growing London List.

Bold? "Why thank you," Tonks offers, clearly taking it as a compliment. She loves it when her hair's picked out, for good or ill. She even runs her fingers through the upright standing locks, as if to try to make sure they keep their at-attention status. "I love pink. Especially when it's the louder shade, not the pastel." Pastels are for PANSIES. If Tonks had a muggle car, it would be bright electric pink. You know it would be. The accent is noted, but she isn't so rude as to immediately pop off with 'you're not around here are you?'

Another sip of her vodka and Tiana leans forward, resting chin on hand and elbow on bar. "How is it you can get the color so…so /vibrant/? I've never seen dye take so well to hair." She smiles then, but it is an artful smile - far too perfect to be real. "At first glance, I was sure it had to be a wig, but now I see it is your true hair." Her English is a little too proper and stilted to be a natural language, but the eastern accent makes it nice to listen to. "I have to agree with you. I love the brighter, louder shades of color as well. Why be soft when you can be bright, no?"

Tonks has to choose her words carefully. Even though she suspects magic from this woman, she can't be sure. And blabbing about it in a muggle place is completely out of the question. Tonks takes a moment to browse the menu, which gives her time to formulate an answer. She orders something sandwichy, and decides on a strong, but fruity muggle cocktail to drink. "A lot of practice," Is her eventual answer. "The trick is is to keep the hair conditioned while you're bleaching the bloody hell out of it." She is so glad she pays attention to the other side of her family, oi. Her reflex is to just show off her abilities, but again—not something to do in a muggle place. She does nod enthusiastically at the comment about being loud. though, mad-Eye will surely disagree, hah.

"Ah, I see. And the bleach opens up the, um…the pores of the hair, yes? So it can absorb more color?" Another flick of her wrist and Tiana's vodka is gone. A wave of pristinely manicured fingers and the bartender brings a second glass. With a precisely graceful gesture that is meant to look thoughtless, she motions towards Tonks' beverage. "What is that you're drinking?" She inhales deeply through her nose - an almost predatory action. "Smells…very sweet." Another deep sniff and she shakes herself, just a little. "Forgive me, it appears my manners are terrible. My name is Tatiana Moldavia. It is a pleasure to meet you, miss…?" Natalya might be known outside of Romania, but Tia seriously doubts anyone in London would recognize her old name. It feels a bit odd to introduce herself that way again, but she came here to cut ties and so that is what she'll do.

"Something like that," Tonks says. She looks at her drink though when it's pointed out. She takes a sip, smacks her lips and she shrugs. "Something called a Hurricane. Has a lot of rum in it." For someone who tends to take her poison in the form of either mead or firewhisky, such a cocktail is just weird. "Figured I'd try something girly." She wrinkles her nose in a definite cute manner.
On the topic of Manners, though, Tonks just waves her hand. She's had worse, and she did just sit down and conversation happened, so… The name is immediately mulled over, but for someone of her age, it doesn't strike anything out of the ordinary, outside of it being merely 'foreign'. "Tonks," She says, "Nymphadora Tonks." Just then the tender had passed and he actually just stares at the young witch. She just replies, "My mum was big in the hippie movement." That gets the man off of her case, easily enough, so Tonks says, "I prefer my surname—you can see why."

"Tonks… Tonks." Tiana rolls the name around in her mouth, tasting it. "It sounds like what our geese say when they are startled; Tonks." She chuckles softly at her own joke, the sound melodious and artfully placed pitchwise to draw in those who hear it. "I could understand wishing to shorten such a long name, but Nymphadora is lovely. Rolls right from the tongue." A pouty sort of frown changes the shape of her features, but even this expression is designed to be attractive. "Hippie? This is a word I am unfamiliar with, I am afraid. What is a hippie?"

She had just taken a drink when that was said. OWOW Rum up the nose! Tonks grabs a napkin and tries to deal with her now runny nose. She had totally not expected such a … blunt… comment on her name. "I'll be sure to tell my dad that one," he'd get a really good laugh. Sirius too, probably. However, at the comment about her first name, she barely manages to repress the urge to roll her eyes. She hates her name. She really does. "I guess," she simply says with a grumble. AS for the hippie? "Y'know that whole thing in the sixties? Peace and love and a lot of marijuana?"

Her face a perfectly sculpted mask of concern, Tiana reaches out to offer Tonks another napkin. "I apologize. It was very rude of me to speak while you were drinking." Her head is tilted slightly to one side, causing her black curls to slip away and reveal the creamy skin of one side of her neck. "I was only a child then. What I remember from that time is a lot of love, not so much peace and I am assuming - because I do not know this word - a complete lack of marijuana." The name of the drug is rolled elegantly off her tongue, as if it were the title of some exotic wine. "Your dad… Your father?" For a moment, there is a hint of un-scripted, imperfect pain in her eyes, but blink and it's gone. "Tell me about him? What is he like?"

A Jolly Muggle, is her first comment. But Tonks is again aware of where she is. She does need to get this woman away from Muggle ears, to tell her to tone down the magic. If anything, she needs to do her law enforcing duty and remind her aobut the statute of secrecy in place and all that jazz. But Ugh, MUGGLE RESTARAUNT. "Oh he's pretty down to earth," Tonks just leaves the topic of inhaled substances alone. Only reason she knows about it is because of her Dad. "Practical…kind of spacey.." She waves her fingers at her head to try to get the point across.

Really, it's just the glamours and a bit of REALLY STRICT discipline. Oh, and did we mention the hint of predatory grace? That might be contributing just a bit, but hey, no one's perfect. Except for Tiana. Apparently. "Down to earth…" she repeats slowly, then sees Tonks' gesture. "Oh! I'm so sorry to hear that." Sympathy, or rather, what someone thinks the embodiment of sympathy should look like, crosses her face. "That must be very difficult for you." Finally, her food arrives and she settles her napkin over her lap. With a quick motion born of habit, she crosses herself - as she has done since childhood - before beginning her meal with an eeries precision.

And there goes Tonks. "nono, He's not crazy he's just. Kind of…" It's seriously hard to describe Ted Tonks. "Flighty?" That might be a good way to put it. "Simple. He's smart, but he likes the simple things." House, wife, kids…the simple life. Sometimes this concept is hard to describe without sounding crazy. However, one thing she did not get schooled in was muggle religions. REligion in the wizarding world is weird, so the sign that Tatiana makes just earns an odd curious look from Tonks, but Tonks tries not to be obvious about it.

The odd look from Tonks has the woman ducking her head in a practiced demonstration of Slight Embarrassment. "It is not even something I truly believe anymore," she offers, sounding a bit like she's quoting something. "But old habits die hard, that is your saying, yes?" Her smile fades then as attention is returned to her meal. "Flighty?" Tiana's puzzled expression only deepens. "Like a goose?" Sorry Tonks, you're probably stuck with that joke, now. Oddly enough, despite the lady-like bites and the elegant movements, the food seems to disappear rather quickly from Tia's plate.

Ther'es an 'ah and she simply nods. Her own sandwich shows up and tonks has the eating habits of a starved boy it seems like. She really doesn't talk much until she actually gets her foot completely gone, and she's none too neat about it. There's a rather hearty belch afterwards, and she does excuse herself. "Sure, like a goose," she says with a smirk. Tonks doesn't seem to care about the goose thing, really. Again, her dad'd probably find it funny.

If Tiana is disturbed by the distinct lack of table manners displayed by her companion, she has the good breeding - or enough training - not to show it. At all. Instead she flags the barkeep down and quietly requests her check and Tonks'. "Tell me, Tonks. Where are the best places to dance here in your London?"

Tonks thinks for a moment and then she hrms. "I can point them out really quick. The names always escape me. If you don't mind stepping outside with me? I think there's a couple I can point out from here." Don't mind her, she's got Ulterior Motive written all over that, but again, Tonks tries to be a good actress so she just keeps her tone light and friendly.

Signing off both checks with a flash of plastic to the barman, Tiana flashes him a wicked smile and then turns to her pink-haired companion. Tonks gets a long, hard look. Something about this seems…off, or it could be that years of living in Bucharest - where such an invitation could easily mean death - and the years before that of her career have made her a little paranoid. "I could, yes." A smaller smile, then. "I have the whole night off after all. It is such a rare thing, I hardly know what to do with myself." With her credit card returned, she slips it into the chest of her shirt and stands. "After you?"

Tonks grins and she nods. "Sure." She slides out of her booth and grabs her bags. She uses the motion to wiggle her wand out of it's holder in her sleeve and into her hand, though still concealed by the long sleeves of her muggle sweater. She toddles out of the restaurant, and then waits just outside but to the side of the door. She waits for the other woman to come out. when it seems like she's ready for conversation, Tonks will wave her wand arm down the street, "There's this place that place pretty decent techno about a few blocks that way," And then there's something else on the end of that statement, something vaguely latinish. A quick charm to sit there and muffle their words from eavesdropping. Convenient that, "And a bit of advice, I'd turn down the magic around the muggles before the Ministry picks up on it and gets you on breaking the statute of secrecy." Despite the charm she's still speaking quietly on that. "There's also something abit more… retro that way. You know, the stuff with the big hair and overly piled on make up?" Okay, it's the early 90's it's not THAT retro, but then again, it is Nirvana's musical revolution happening—at least in the states, so who knows what's going on over here in England.

That vaguely latinish words strike a chord straight into memory, but Tiana hasn't made it this far for nothing. Her body tenses - the fight-or-flight adrenaline rushing through her system like a Japanese bullet train - but her face remains impassive, nodding once to the initial mention of a club, then crumpling into a picture perfect image of confusion. "I am sorry, Tonks… I am afraid I do not understand. What is a…moggle?" She slaughters the word, but that's all the better, isn't it? One hand runs down the side of her long top. "Is what I am wearing against a code of dress here?" she asks innocently, as if her abundant sex appeal is the only type of 'magic' she can imagine Tonks could be talking about.

Tonks holds up her hand, her expression gentle. See? No trouble here. Just trying to be helpful. It's probably good that Tiana had stumbled across Tonks instead of someone overly zealous like, say, Dawlish or someone. Well, Dawlish would just screw things up-anyway! "You've magic about you. The muggles," She points a finger randomly, "are reacting to it in a very obvious way. Picked it up the moment I stepped in the place, took a few moments to realize it was you." Thank heavens that charm's still going. Still, she keeps the hand up. "But I can understand if you want to feign ignorance. Not my concern. I just didn't want you getting snagged for magic effects in front of muggles. The Ministry here can be right pisses about things, especially right now, so I'd thought I'd try to help out." She gives the woman a smile. "So, keep it in mind, 'kay?"

Stepping closer, Tiana reaches up to grab Tonks' upraised hand with one of her own and place the other on the witch's forehead. "Are you feeling alright, Tonks?" She turns her hand over to touch her knuckles lightly to the skin on her face and cheek. "You feel warm and you are not making any sense. Come, let me get you to hospital please." Turning slightly, she moves one hand to the small of the girl's back and starts to lead her gently away.

There's an eying when the touch is given. She moves her arm in a way that would suggest another flick, thought he wand remains secured in her sleeve, tucked under curled fingers to keep it in place. The bags are picked in that flicked motion, the charm is gone, and things that might be said are now clearer to the people passing. She doesn't resist, but she does step out of the touch. She's curious to see where the witch'll take her, and of course, she can take care of herself—hopefully without involving the muggle populace.

"There now, we will have you right as hail soon enough." Okay, so she screwed up a cliche. It happens. Walking at an easy pace towards Mercy General, she slips into her natural tongue, the rolling syllables flowing over the ears like a calming brook or stream. Even in her native language, the words sound artful, precise and controlled, all while seeming to be carefree and natural. It's a disturbing dichotomy, but one that few tend to pick up on.

Tonks immediate thought is a confudus. Again that hand flicks, casting what she hopes would be a hopeful counter, and she does so silently. She doesn't watn to spook the woman, as again, she was trying to help and she has no reason to think she's on the other side of the tracks as it were, but Tonks is /also/ not keen on having her memory modified. "Please don't do something youd regret, Miss. I really meant no harm."

Seeming to remember herself, Tiana shakes her head. "I apologize, Tonks. Sometimes I forget myself and speak in my own tongue." A few paces more and she stops for traffic, turning to her companion with a perfect imitation of what confusion should look like plastered on her face. "Why would I regret getting you to see a doctor, Tonks? And please, you must call me Tiana."

Because Tonks is perfectly healthy as far as she knows. But she doesn't argue the point. "Tiana then," Don't call her Nymphadora, sorry. Maybe, if the woman doesn't do something stupid, she might get the priviledge of getting her Daddy's nickname for her, but not right now. Not even Sirius has been given that liberty…Mad Eye'd probably be screaming at her right now, to not be doing this, but Tonks wants to make sure this sees an end. Perhaps a good one, though who knows. Maybe the creepily pretty wizard's a death eater in disguise. "So what is that language, anyway? If you don't mind."

"It is the Slavic dialect from the place where I grew up. It is almost a dead language now." She smiles softly, the gesture a little less artful than the rest. Just then, a very pingy sequence of MIDI music sounds from inside her handbag. As they cross the street, Tiana fishes from within the bag a sleek - for the day - black cellular phone. Cradling it against her shoulder, she talks fast and in a language slightly different from the one she used earlier. Dratted dialects! After a few frustrated moments of conversation, she presses the END button a little harder than intended, actually crushing parts of the plastic around it. Oops. "It seems that I have had a change in schedule tonight. I am to go out and meet a client in three hours time." Which would put the meeting very late indeed. "You are more than welcome to come with me and lie down at my flat, perhaps that will clear your head. Or I can get you a taxi home. Which would you prefer?"

Since his last job was a longer one, and since the pay was nice, Jack's decided to pick up a few things at some of the clothing stores. He saunters down the street, at ease in the muggle world. He walks slowly, enjoying the night air. He's whistling softly.

Tonks is meandering about muggle London with a very visiually pleasing witch, we're talking enchantingly beautiful. Too beautiful if you ask Tonks, which is why she's in this predicament! Well, actually it was Tonks noticing something and /trying/ to do something nice, mentioned said something and to just be careful because the Ministry's currently got their knickers in a wad. The invitation causes her to pause. Part of her wants to say, Sure! Let's go to your flat and we can talk freely and you can tell me up front what you really are and accept that I'm right! The other part of her, the part of her that has solidified into a gnarled old paranoid man, is telling her, in no certain terms… 'No.'. So what does she do… "Jack! Hi!" She had caught the cursebreaker out of the corner of her eye, and is now using him to help her in this situation. Her voice carries, and she waves one of her clothing bags-something Frilly and Obviously Unmentionable seems to end up nearly falling completely out in the process, it is also the same shade as her /hair/, can't miss it-to try to help get his attention. "You'd like my friend Jack," she tells Tiana.

Turning as Tonks does, Tiana wastes no time in sizing up the new arrival. In a movement no doubt designed to appear subconscious, her tongue darts out to lick her lips appealingly. No doubt about it; Tonks has an /excellent/ taste in male friends. What a treat he'd be! And if he's as charming as he is gorgeous - and open minded to boot - Tiana may have just found the final missing piece to her…business arrangements. Tonks' display of Frilly Unmentionables doesn't cause even a blink. She might even have that set back home, may even have worn it out in public. But after seven years at her job, who can keep track? "A pleasure to meet you, Jack." She extends one manicured hand out to his, palm down in the old fashion. "I am Tatiana Moldavia." There are very few people who could put as much…raw desire into such mundane words, but they do say practice makes perfect…

Jack is confronted with not one, but two women. And one of them is… wow. He inhales to prevent his jaw from dropping and grabs the proffered hand, kissing it softly. "Milady." He looks up at her, smiling serenely. "Tonks. Good to see you again…" He spots the clothing poking out from the bag. "You're about to lose something, there, ma'am." He waggles his eyebrows, gesturing to the bag, readying to catch the garment should it fall. "What are two lovely ladies like you doing out in the big wide world tonight?" Charm, check.

Tonks watches /that/ display with an odd sort of look. The kind of look that shows she seems to disbelief that such…/camp/…still exists. It's kind of embarrassing to watch, but intriguing at the same time. Every girl fancies a gentleman that'd do that! They just don't anymore! "Wotcher, Jack—eh?" Oh no! Tonks' is so embarrassed by Jack noting Said Frilly thing that her face turns red and her hair seems to falter slightly. She hides this quickly by sticking the bag to her face (the hair that was shifting was in the front thankfully), "Don't make me blush, Jack!" It only takes her a couple of seconds to make sure the hair sticks to it's shade before she just sort of glowers at jack from over the edge of the bag and gives him a grumble.

Watching his ease with her and his effect on Tonks, Tiana can't help a rather predatory smile. Seems she's found her man, now all that's left is to get him to agree… "A true gentleman. This is something quite rare, I believe." Her Slavic accent wraps around her soft soprano voice, adding just enough flavor to race across the eardrums and leave them panting for more. Metaphorically speaking, of course. "I was just on my way back to my flat to prepare for a meeting with one of my clients. I had invited Tonks to come along and rest, I am afraid she has been making precious little sense and is a little warm. You are more than welcome to join us sir, if that is your pleasure." It could just be that her instruction in English was that formal, but it's more probable that Tia just wanted the excuse to draw her voice over the word pleasure like steam over water. Oh yes, she is quite good at her job.

Jack's eyebrows quirk at Tiana's words. "Indeed." He dips his head, considering her offer. "And what would 'coming along' entail, madam?" He pauses. "Do forgive me. I am Jack Noble." He grins over at Tonks. "Why not, Tonks? It's rather adorable. After all, it's repayment for the stunt you pulled in Hogsmeade the other day." He winks at her and returns his attention to Tatiana. "What a lovely accent. I haven't heard one like that since I visited …" He shrugs. "I've traveled quite a bit for my work." He plays down that part, intentionally.

Lowering the bag, Tonks makes a mocking face at the whole 'stunt you pulled', going so far as to mock repeating it. Still, she eyes Tiana when she mentions again going to her flat. If Jack agreed, then Tonks wouldn't be alone in going to a location where talking might be done more freely. She'd make a mention of it to jack, but she 1) Can't risk wand waving, not when they're out in the street, unlike just stepping out of a restaurant and adjusting bags. and 2) can't think of anything she could say that would be an anvil sized hint that wouldn't cause people to look at them weirdly—well, more weirdly. She just shrugs about the whole thing. To be honest, she's finding it amusing watching teh two play off each other. Some things you just don't learn under Mad-Eye's tutelage.

"How long ago were you last in Romania, Mr. Noble?" Tiana fairly purrs. She turns to face the apartment complex across the street and smiles wickedly. "Nothing more or less than you desire, dear sir." A soft, artfully musical giggle escapes her then. "Mostly company for Tonks. I am afraid I become less entertaining when I must prepare for a client. It is not far at all, but I really must hurry." She nods to the complex across the way. "I am just at the top, there." She doesn't mention her desire to discuss business with Jack just yet. This is a woman who knows how to play her cards.

"It's been a couple years, ma'am. I was still working with a team and we were there to untangle a nasty mess." Jack still doesn't clarify what kind of mess. He smiles. "Well, perhaps I can come along for a while." If for no other reason than to keep the Auror company. He lifts his brows in a question to Tonks. Does she want him along? How does she feel about this? He draws his hand back, leaning back just a little to watch the interplay between women. He too plays his cards somewhat close.

Tonks gives a wry smile. "Well, is the tea good," she asks of Tiana, after all that's important. But it does sound that she's finally agreeing to go with the foreign woman now that there's somewhat trusted company along. She turns a smile to Jack, a small one. Just to hopefully assure the man that she's alright. It's a curiosity that she wants to investigate, considering things, so…

A couple of years, hmm… "Did your business take you anywhere near Bucharest?" Tiana inquires sweetly. With the go ahead from both parties, she takes off at a brisk walk, adding a little extra swing to her hips - just for the audience she knows is following. At the entrance, she flashes the doorman a brilliant smile - seemingly ignorant of the wide space and adoring stare he gives her; love and fear, what an odd combination - and heads right on through to the elevators. Best not to let the guests see her tackle the stairs at full speed in stilettos. Some things just can't /be/ explained away. "It is too far to take the stairs in these heels," she offers to her companions; the art of being clever. Still, it's not a lie, just a slight misdirection is all. Really.

"It was a small town the next province over. We didn't get the chance to go into Bucharest. At least I didn't." Jack watches the woman walk, appreciating the swing, and also noting that she moves skillfully. He's caught, somewhat, knowing what he's getting into. "Oh, I'm sure you're a pro at it, though." It's a subtle hint that maybe he guesses some, at least subconsciously. He noticed the doorman, but he ignored him. Much as a man in his station is wont to do. He does look over at Tonks from time to time, keeping his attention on both women, just in case.
GAME: Save complete.

Tonks walks behind Tiana. Initially it was just because she wanted to make sure the woman didn't get the drop on her. But then… her attention gets drawn to /how/ Tiana's walking. 'How does she…' is mouthed and Tonks gives a quizzical sort of expression. She's not paying attention initially, definitely when seh tries to imitate that seductive sashay. Her Widened-By-Too-Many-Frogs hips don't seem to be up to the task, especially when combined with Tonks' notoriously bad balance and she stumbles a couple times in the effort. They're both given a 'I'm fine' should Jack say something. The second failure means Tonks gives up and she just looks kind of sulky afterwards. It's not until they get in and Tonks notices the doorman's odd expression that she looks to Jack and nods that way to sort of go 'Look, see? WEIRD'. AS for the heels? "I wouldn't know. I'd probably break my ankle wearing them."

"Ah, such a shame. Still, it is a beautiful place, my Romania, is it not?" If she notices Tonks' rather brilliant failure to mimic her gait, she makes no mention, seemingly a bit focused on actually getting /to/ her flat. As the elevator doors 'ding' open, she tosses a practiced smile over her shoulder at Jack's saucy comment. He plays his game well, then. An excellent choice. Once inside, the trio climb eight floors before slowing to a stop. "I am down at the end of the hall, there," she points out helpfully before leading the way. Three keys are brought out, each for a separate lock. The process seems a little extreme, but it's done with such quick efficiency that it's hard to dwell on it. Once inside she hangs up her handbag and steps further into the rather opulent apartment. "Would either of you care for a glass of brandy?"

"It really is." Jack enjoyed his time in Romania. He likes the differences he sees everywhere. Tonks gets an unconscious wince as she wobbles. He tries to ignore it, but watches her a little more closely. As they walk down the hall, Jack takes notice of the little details of the place. He whistles softly upon entering. "Nice place you have here, Miss Tatiana." He smiles. "I would, indeed. Just a small one. Tonks?" He intentionally includes her in the conversation.

Tonks doesn't immediately enter. The doorway is eyeballed for a moment, the arm that has her wand stashed moves as she touches fingers here and there. She glances upwards, down. She leans back to make sure nothing seems out of the ordinary, before she risks taking a couple steps in. Pay no mind that Jack walked in without any problem, she's going to be careful. Aurors, go figure. "Mm, sure," she says about the brandy. Rest assured she'll be watching the woman pour it. She's still glancing around, noting things here and there, and filing anything that might trigger a suspicion. "It's cozy," she finally comments.

"Certainly, but only if you will call me Tiana. Please, make yourselves at home." Tiana gestures towards the stylishly set living room before disappearing into the kitchen. A moment later she returns with a pretty cut-glass bottle and two sifters. A small amount is poured in each, then offered to each guest in turn. That done, she excuses herself quietly to her room, presumably to prepare for her next client. In actuality, she shuts her door and shucks her boots before crawling into the over-stuffed papazzan chair in her corner. Here, for a few moments at least, she can drop her glamours and rest most of her overly-disciplined mind and body; a brief window of respite before the rush to meet the client.

Jack quirks an eyebrow at her quick departure. However, he looks down at the brandy, sniffs it, and takes a sip. He does live dangerously. "Tastes like brandy to me." He chuckles. "Really, what're you doing wandering around London this late at night? Just out to get that?" He nods toward the bag again. He's been a little more worried lately about the safety of the world both inside and outside the walls of wizarding society. "Everything okay?" He relaxes his posture, letting his own guards down a little more.

"It wasn't night when I started," Tonks says in a huff. When Jack drinks, she waits, then she tosses it back herself. "Mad-Eye'll kill me for half the things I've done tonight. Don't tell him I've been sharing a brain with a bludger, okay?" As for everything? She glances at the door Tiana had disappeared into. "She's a witch," she states quietly. "I don't doubt she's foreign, but she's using enough Appearance charms or something that it's kind of obvious. We were talking over dinner, I got her outside, got a muffling charm up and advised her to be careful with spooking the muggles, especially with the Ministry the way it is. She's feigned ignorance of course." She shrugs. "Half tempted to barge in… but that just seems rude and she hasn't really /given/ a reason, y'know?" Besides, Tonks doesn't want to see what the woman looks like without the glamours, and she's afraid she might catch said unglamoured woman in her knickers!

Jack nods, and glances around the room, his interest caught by some of the things there. "Yeah. It would kind of violate the whole 'hospitality' thing." He rolls his eyes, and continues to peruse the room, gaze roving slowly. "Hmmm." He stops, looking at a vase. "That looks familiar." He steps closer. "Damn." It looks really familiar. He moves to the next shelf, and looks down at another small nick-nack. He glances over at Tonks. "Something's a bit fishy here." He says softly, taking another swig of his drink, and thinking.

Tonks, who's expertise happens to be Very Bad Wizards, doesn't really get the familiarity of the place. "What's familiar about it?" She asks. She pulls up her sleeve where her wand was attached to the underside of her arm, though it appears to have dropped to be more held by her hand, and she glances around. Things are moved with a care that the normally clumsy Tonks doesn't display. "She is a big fishy…but my instincts seem to say she might not be /bad/ just…not entirely straight either." She's not going through things, at least not yet. Training dictates probably cause and like Jack said, violates that whole hospitality thing.

"She reminds me of someone. Someone I should know." Jack starts to pace, squinting his eyes, letting a haze of memory color what he sees. "Damn. It's been too long." He sighs, rubbing his chin again with his palm. "Romania, Bucharest, lady of the …" He pauses, snapping his fingers. "That's it. That's who she reminds me of." He lifts his eyebrow, and tilts his head in admiration. "I heard about her when I was in Romania. I can't believe she's here." Or that she's a witch. Bit of a surprise.

Tonks' pink eyebrows raise, and she waves her hand in a motion that seems to be trying to encourage Jack to 'spill it'. "I'm not good at mind reading, mate. You have to fill in the blanks. And don't worry about sparing me the details because I'm either young, or a girl, or both." She winks here, "I got my big girl knickers on, I can handle it."

There's a quiet snicker, and Jack shakes his head. "You sounded like Rosie for a moment, there." He grins. "When I was over there, a couple years ago, we heard rumors about this famous whore named Natalya. She was considered a queen among her equals. There were some pretty wild stories. I was never sure which were true and which were…" He lifts his eyebrows for a moment again. "… advertising." He shakes his head. "I never went in to Bucharest, as I said. But several of the other guys did, and they ran into some ladies who claimed to be her. They compared notes, but I'd wager none of them was actually her. I bet they were using her fame to draw in the gold." He drains his glass, setting it gently down on the table. "I'd forgotten all about it." He scans the room again.

Like she said, she's a big girl and talks of whores and such doesn't seem to bother her. Tonks still seems to be on the look out for something dark and dastardly to jump out at her. "Any other things that might've come with this Natalya? Any ideas on how to get her to come clean? At least with us. I don't want to be pushy, but I don't want her getting arrested for being too pretty, either. Who knows what Toady's going to try to pass next." Tonks, still pissed about her getting written up. "Maybe she's just here to get away from things… I don't know. But I'm not seeing any obvious evidence of anything… Though man, times like these I wish I had Mad-Eye's eye."

Jack shrugs. "I don't think she actually did anything except — practice her trade. Not that I'm aware of, anyway." If she did anything more, it was beyond what young Jack knew about. "I could ask the guys I used to work with, you know, do the old, 'You remember…' crap?" He's sure they do that in the Auror stuff, too. "Maybe they remember more. Especially the two who actually recieved said services." Whether it was the real woman or not. "But yeah, she probably did. Sad that she came now when things aren't quite as idyllic as they have been." He sighs, stuffing his hands into his trouser pockets.

Even those few moments of rest do wonders for Tiana's energy levels. Nice thing about being her own boss? She can sleep in tomorrow. Changed out of her tights and top and slipped into a little red dress, she leans out her door. "Mr. Noble? Could you come here a moment?" Those darn zippers!

Those brows arch upwards as Tiana comes in before Tonks can reply to Jack. She just gives him a look, which is somewhat amused, before she turns to make sure her bags are in order.

Jack is a little more on his guard, knowing a little more, or at least suspecting a little more about Tiana. "Is there something I can help you with?" Jack asks, as he steps toward the door. He smiles at Tonks, winking, letting her know he's aware of the situation, at least somewhat.

With a grin that is the epitome of sheepishness, Tiana turns around so that her back is to him. "I cannot seem to get this…fastened. Would you be so kind…?" She'll wait until he comes closer and then continues, her voice much lower. "I have a business proposition for you, sir. You seem to be an…what is your phrase? An open-minded man, and - if I do not miss my guess - an experienced one as well. The pay is upwards of 600 pounds per job, split an even fifty-fifty." Turning to look at him over her shoulder, then, she offers him a sultry smile. "Nothing illegal I promise you. And no one gets hurt…unless of course, they /want/ to be."

Lalala don't mind Tonks, she's looking at knick knacks. And /maybe/ helping herslef fo a little more brandy. And having a few hexes on hand in case Jack gets into trouble.

Jack pauses in the act of zipping up her dress to listen to her words. "Honey, it's a highly tempting offer, but I'm getting all the excitement I can handle. And I'm pretty well set for funds." He chuckles. "I'm highly flattered though." He finishes zipping the dress, whistling softly at the picture she makes in it. "I will remember your offer, though, should I need the excitement it provides." He waggles his eyebrows to her, knowing she'll understand what he's saying.

Turning around quickly, she for a moment looks…almost normal. The glamours are still in place, but her expression isn't one of the painted-on, tightly controlled looks she usually displays. It isn't perfect and somehow that makes it lovelier in a weird, backwards way. "Come by tomorrow afternoon? No clients just…to talk." She closes her eyes a moment and the mask is firmly back in place. "Well," she teases with picture-perfect allure. "How do I look?"

"Hey Jack, you gonna be much longer? I should probably, y'know, get home, and it'll be good on my mum's mind if she saw I was actually with someone instead of galavanting by myself," Tonks tosses to the back. She's decided she doesn't want to traipse on Tiana's hospitality much longer, but she doesn't want to leave Jack to the wolves either. so yeah. TAKE HER HOME. …that sounds wrong.

"Pretty enough to — " Jack grins, not finishing the sentence. "Gorgeous, hon." He nods to her reqest. "I certainly will." Jack glances out at Tonks. "Yeah, I need to get home as well." He grabs Tiana's hand and kisses it lightly again. "Til tomorrow." And then, he steps out, offers Tonks his arm, and heads to the door. "Shall we?" He'll wait til they're at least in the elevator to apparate.

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