1994-07-06: Psychedelics


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Scene Title Psychedelics
Synopsis Morpheus bugs cause some trouble!
Date Jul 06, 1994
Watch For Cho high on drugs
Chronology More trouble in Diagon Alley
Logger Cho

Diagon alley

We all know what this looks like

Cullen is lurking around the Alley today, the youth having taken a seat at one end of the Alley, parked himself on small stoop and put chin between his hands. He's watching something at the moment, head lolling back and forth along with the noise that emits from things close by.

The things he examines are people. Two, seated in front of small stall, both holding instrument and clustered about large jug in-between them. The one of the right is male, draped in loose red robes, strumming on wide looking mandolin. The other female, blue, same sort of dress and wielding a pair of drums. The jar between them, though, is the interesting thing. It's glass, about half the size of a man, capped by wooden lid. Inside is a storm of color, psychedelic whorls that turn and shift along with the music that drifts from the pair.

Melissa steps out of the ice cream shop licking a cone, soon noticing the musicians. She moves closer to listen, interested in what they're doing.

Mmm. Books. Lots of books. With her private lessons soon to begin, Cho spent almost half the day in Flurish and Blott's reading and perusing the store as if it was a library. It's only now, several hours later does she step out with a book in her hand and a few in her bag. She raises her brows, hearing the music and soon she ooooohs peering towards the mandolin while she listens. The psychedelic whirls of color catch her attention, and almost as if hypnotized by it, she takes a few steps closer..

Cullen seems, at the moment, content. He watches, eyes following the whirlpool of colors, reds, greens, blues, all sorts. Familiar things are only caught out of the corner of his eyes, the youth raising one hand when he spots Cho and her stack of books, the motion made again when the younger girl appears. The display, though, seems to be drawing him in.

Melissa gives Cho a brief wave as she nears, but doesn't say anything, not wanting to interrupt the players. She looks back at the curious jug…

The whirl of colors is mirrored in her own eyes and soon she catches Melissa and Cullen at the edge of her peripheral vision. She snaps out of it and blinks blankly for a few moments, looking stupefied before she takes a deep breath and smiles towards the two. "It's alomst hypnotic, isnt it.." she says to no one in particular.

Melissa looks at Cho and nods. "Yeah… I've never seen it before… is it some sort of potion, or what?"

Well, if anyone can answer that question, most likely it shall be William Millingstone. The Unspeakable has the day off work and is spending some time in Diagon Alley. He pauses as he passes by the musicians, smiling. Quite the amazing jar that they have.

Cullen makes nod toward Cho, fingers wagging at the girl once before he rises from his seat. A few other shoppers have gathered by this time, formed a small crowd. Closer inspection of the glass case will reveal that the colors aren't exactly a whole. Rather, they're many small parts, things that blend and churn together to match the rhythm. They're speeding now, striking up quicker pace when the two musicians do the same.

"No…I dont know of any potions that do this, but then again it could be. I'm not going to rule out that possibility." Cho replies idly as she smiles towards Cullen and lets out an impish giggle before she motions for nhim to come on over. She takes a look around towards the crowd and beams at William. "Oh, hello, Mr. Millingstone! You wouldnt happen to know what this is, do you?"

William can't help but enjoy the music. It's quite enjoyable, even danceable. But before he even gets the chance to dance (which is probably for the best), he is interrupted by Cho, who greets him. "Hello, Miss Chang. How are you this fine day?" He asks happily. "What this is?" He asks, pointing towards the large jar of swirling colours. "Well, if I were to make any guess? It looks like either enchanted fire or the gas from a morpheus bug. Either are strong possibilities." He says with a nod. "And then they would enchant it further to respond to auditory vibrations thus moving and changing to the effects that sounds around it are making, both speed and mood."

Still faster the colors move. Both musicians seem pleased with the work, fingers banging upon their instruments, sending pleasant yet speedy noise across the alleyway. Neither notice that the jar is doing something different now. Colors are still there, but the integrity of the glass container seems to be degrading. Tiny cracks are forming across the surface like spiderwebs, starting at one point and quickly arcing outward.

"I think I would lean towards the morpheus bug myself. It would explain the almost hypnotic effect it seems to be having on people..I mean I was drawn to it..though perhaps it could be some sort of will-o-wisp? Or something to simulate that. They often draw others to themselves, right?" Oh, now it's geek talk, and that's something she excels at. "And I'm doing quite well, Mr. Millingstone.." she beams, now that she's getting into the geekery.

With a nod, William nods. "That could certainly explain it. The morpheus bug's gas does draw towards it it's prey. That's what draws humans to them, as well, however. So that is certainly a strong possibility." He agrees. "That along with a Will-o-whisp would be an instant draw for everyone." He says, thinking for a few moments. Even though he was a Gryffindor, he always excelled in the geek department too. The Sorting Hat had the same problem with him as it did with Hermione Granger. But, as with her, it decided that he was slightly better suited for Gryffindor than Ravenclaw.

Once Cullen is up from his seat he begins to move toward Cho and the adult she stands with, hands tucking into pockets as he makes approach. He's forced to stop, though, before he can get there. A little gasp ripples through the crowd, musicians coming to an abrupt stop after just a second. The crack of glass signals the pause, the flash of color after. William was correct. Bugs. They take their chance at freedom, swarming through the glass and into the air, puffing outward. It comes more apparent now that there are many, rather than just one, buzzing overhead like angry psychedelic rain clouds as crowd scatters.

"Morpheus bugs!" she chirps, not having seen them in person before as she looks over towards the display of the colorful gases. She lets out a soft chuckle and coughs a little, inhaling some of the gas before she gets all woozy, getting all wobbly in her feet. "Must've.." she coughs, "Too much.."

William immediately covers his mouth and nose as the music stops abruptly. He's heard that the effects can be dangerous. Despite this, though, he starts feeling a little light headed as well. He reaches out to help steady Cho, though. "Cho…Miss Chang. Stay with me." He mutters. "Let's get you to a chair." He looks up, pointing his wand at the bugs and casting a spell to blow a strong wind towards them, hopefully getting the bugs away from them, before starting to guide the girl to the closest seat he can find.

The bugs are dive bombers, swooping down and low, dropping payloads of gas over the crowd. Those fierce little creatures, though, can only do so much against the wind. The gust that William conjures up sends them all sailing away in a puff of neon blue, the two musicians scrambling around on the ground and attempting to catch them in makeshift nets of cloth before they get away. It's not very effective. Cullen himself is covering mouth with hand, ducking down and scrambling toward the other two. "Bugs!" Obvious, but he notes it anyway.

"P…petrifi… petrificus… totalus.. that would help.." replies Cho with alittle giggle snort. "And that is such a funny sounding spell. Ha. Totalus! Petrificus! Funny words… and Ooooh, pretty colors.." she quips in a dazed fashion, the effects of the gas acting as a sort of mild intoxicant on the poor girl, and she did inhale quite a bit. Her cheeks flush red as she flops down onto a nearby curb and starts grabbing at things in the air. "Pretty.."

William has to duck a few times as the bugs try to spray him with they gas. He waves them off. Luckily, though, his spell worked in getting them away. "Yes, yes. A funny spell, that. Petrificus Totalus. Plenty of funny sounding spells out there." Poor girl, feeling the effects. He nods to Cullen. "Yes. Morpheus bugs. Their gasses, though beautiful, can have…interesting side effects. He closes his hands over Cho's as she starts grabbing the air. "Yes, very pretty. But just for looking at. Not for holding, okay?"

Cullen drops to sit next to Cho, eyes flickering over the girl once before he glances back up toward William. "Learn something new every day, right?" A dim smile is offered up, mention of, "Cullen. Friends with this girl here." Motion is made toward Cho, wary look cast after. The bugs are floating away in the distance, across the alleyway and higher up into the air.

Friends? That's how she's introduced. If she was in a better frame of mine, she might chew him out or get offended, but fortunately, she isnt. "Oh, come now..you know there's more Cullen. Culleny Cullen.." she says with another giggle snort before letting out a girlish tee-hee as she pokes him in the arm.

William nods firmly. "Yes. You do. Though Morpheus bugs aren't exactly on the regular curriculum." He says, speaking softly. "It is good to meet you Cullun. I'm William Millingstone. I work with Cho's mother at the Ministry." He explains. "Is this young man here special to you, Cho?" He asks carefully. "We should inform your parents, Cho. They'll wish to know and surely one shall be around to pick you up."

Cullen raises one hand, clapping it once to Cho's shoulder with small nod toward William. "Girlfriend, actually." He makes a small correction, adding after, "S'a good idea. She doesn't seem too normal." Cullen himself seems relatively grounded, though the boy had kept a good distance before the bugs started their antics.

"Uh huh.." Cho replies, beaming toothily at the question as she wrinkles her nose and starts laughing. The gas's effects should fade within the hour, but for now, she's definitely in loopy land. "Baba's at work I think.. mom's in Hong Kong.." she says with a sage nod before she passes out. There's a reason they're called morpheus bugs afterall. Kerthunk.

William nods a little, in understanding. "Ah, yes. Right. Abra is in Hong Kong. I forgot about that. But we can still get Li-Hao over here." He pauses and looks at Cullen. "Morpheus bugs can cause a sleep on anyone who inhales enough of their gasses, as well as have an effect akin to inebriation prior to that." And as if on cue, Cho falls into a fast sleep. He sighs softly. "And there we have it."

"Oh." Cullen's words are faint, the effect already demonstrated so well. He nudges at Cho's shoulder a second, head turning up toward William after. "Well, I guess I'll hang around with her, until someone gets here." Flash of teeth is offered up, the youth mentioning, "I'm on the case. Don't worry."

William shakes his head. "I'm not worried, dear boy, but I feel as though I should stay until someone comes to pick her up. I work with her mother, after all. I would feel terrible leaving her. You may assure me that all is well, but I should still stay. Regardless, if the bugs come back, I'll need to be here to keep them away." He says softly with a small little grin.

Cullen gives small nod of head, mentioning, "Just letting you know." Fingers reach to scratch at forehead, the youth asking, "Where do you work? I don't think I asked her much about her parents." Hands tuck away after, folding neatly into pockets.

"Her parents and I work for the Ministry of Magic. Her father, I believe, for the Department of International Magical Cooperation and her mother and I for the Department of Mysteries." William explains. He tucks his wand back into his pocket.

Another nod from Cullen, mention of, "I see. I don't know much about it, aside from school. Grandpa used to work there, a long time ago, but I'll tell you I can't pay attention to half the things he says when he starts off about it." The boy rises after, streatches out hands and makes fleeting glance back toward Cho. "I'm going to run across the street quick, I'll be back. Maybe I can find something that'll help."

William smiles at Cullen slightly. "Oh, you won't have to worry about stuff like this for at least another couple years yet." He says with an understanding nod. "And working for the Ministry isn't for everyone. Remember that as well, young man."

"I'm not sure what's for me," Cullen admits, "I'll just see as we go. Don't think I'd do too good in a job that has any sort of rule a regulation." There's a grin before the boy makes quick wag of hand, chime of, "I'll be back in a moment!" Then he's scurrying off, wandering to fetch something or other before he'll hop back.

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