1994-07-07: Protego Or Protaygoh


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Scene Title Protego or proTAYgoh
Synopsis Lupin tutors Cho in the defense against the dark arts. Training montage!
Date Jul 07, 1994
Watch For Patronuses!
Chronology None
Logger Cho

Chang Residence

It's a house. Word.

True to his word, Remus Lupin has no hesitation in tutoring Cho. He has no idea of the incident that occured in Diagon Alley with the Morpheus Bugs, though if he did, he'd probably decide to start his lesson off with 'Don't stand so close to morpheus bugs'. Most likely, however, she has learned that lesson all too well already. Now, with a pop, Lupin apparates a few yards away from the Chang residence. With a slow, but steady, gait he approaches the home and raps on the door a few times, announcing his presence to whoever might be in the household to hear.

With Abra off in Hon Kong, and Li-Hao at work, Cho is the one who answers the door. She's old enough to be alone in the house afterall. A bright smile curls onto her lips as she spies her tutor and beams, "Professor Lupin!" she chirps happily. "Baba is at work, and mom's off doing something, but um..can I get you a drink or something to eat?"

Lupin does not know where Cho's parents are, in all honesty. Though he assumes both are probably working. He smiles at Cho. "Ah, Cho. Good to see you. How are you this fine day?" He says, entering the house, taking off his hat. "Haven't had any other run ins with Death Eaters in Diagon Alley, I trust?" He figures from her pleasant demeanour…and the fact that nothing of the like has been in the news. He shakes his head. "Oh, no. Nothing to eat, thank you. But a glass of water would be wonderful. Or possibly juice. Have you got any pumpkin juice?"

"No Death eaters, just morpheus bugs.." Cho admits ruefully, wrinkling her nose as she nods at the mention of pumpkin juice. "We have some! Please come in!" she chirps brightly as she meanders over towards the kitchen before grabbing the juice from the fridge. "So what's on the agenda for today, sir?"

"Morpheus bugs?" Comes the curious reply from Lupin. "Nasty little creatures, aren't they? I'd much rather avoid them all together. Though they're better than some other creatures I can think of." He says with a soft smile. "Well, I figured I'd start with basics today. Basic defence charms, starting off with trying silent spells. Stuff of that nature. Though if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to pitch them at any moment."

"Yeah, they are awful. Makes you get all dizzy then you get knocked off.." and she's speaking from personal experience as well. "Well then, should we go outside then? That might be better.." she says before offering Lupin his cup of juice.

Lupin smiles softly and nods. "Well. Remind me not to bring some here to practice with." He says lightly. "Well, it depends on what you wish to do first? Do you have any questions to start off with that I might be able to address right away or during the lesson?" He takes the drink and smiles, offering a little nod and a 'Thank you' in response.

"Perhaps we should get started with the lesson. I'm better at thinking up questions when I see something I dont understand.." she explains matter of factly before stepping out towards the yard. The Chang residence is in the outskirt of Tutshill, and they have a decent amount of land. There's even a makeshift quidditch pitch fifty yards away or so.

Lupin takes a sip of the juice as he follows Cho outside and into the yard. He glances towards the quidditch pitch for a moment. Makes perfect sense, really. Cho has to practice sometime. "Alright. You said you were in the duelling club, correct? Perhaps if you tell me what you learned there, I can take it from there. Were there any spells during practice in the club that you had trouble with?"

"The shield charm always gave me trouble. At least using it in time.." she admits ruefully much to her chagrin. "It wasnt much fun getting sent in the air, but I figure that would be a good thing to master.."

Lupin smiles and nods. "Protego is the simplest and easiest one to do, but it does take practice. Once you've got that one down, I'll teach you 'Protego Horribilis' which is extremely powerful against dark magic, even more so than just 'Protego' all by itself. Does that sound good?" He smiles softly. "And just think of how surprised the testers will be when they see you know it."

Ooooooh. That does sound good. Cho's eyes widen as she beams happily and nods as she grins wryly. "That sounds good! I think it's just hard to get my timing right..I'm either a split second too slow or something like that.." she admits ruefully.

Lupin nods firmly. "Alright then. Repeat after me: Protego." He figures that if she has the pronunciation down even better, it will be easier. The better you know the word of the spell, the less difficult it is to say it quickly.

"Pro-TAY-go" she says firmly, trying to emulate the tone and the accent at just the right place. Cho looks up towards him before raising her brows. "Like that?"

Lupin smiles. "Very good. You're getting it. Again though, more emphasis on the 'oh'. Pro-TAY-goh!" He says. "The 'oh', though emphasized, has to be soft at the same time."

"Pro-TAY-goh.." she says with her brows raised still, wrinkling her nose before taking a deep breath and saying it with more conviction.

Lupin smiles and nods. "Good. Good. Now, let's try with our wands, alright?" He pulls his own wand out of his pocket. "Now, to perform it, it's a simple swish." He shows her for a moment and waits for her to try.

"Protego!" she says, her tone filled with a renewed confidence as she does the simple swish. Does anything happen? Does the shield charm actually show anything when it works?

There's a flicker of the shield. "Ah, very good. Very good. That's a start. Now, I'm going to cast a spell and send it your way. What I want you to do is deflect it with the spell. Don't worry, it's light spell. Won't hurt really if it isn't deflected. Well…not too much. But don't you worry. Are you ready?"

"Mmhmm, I'm ready…" she says, taking a few steps back to give them dueling room distance. At least that's what she's use to anyway, though she seems nervous. He's an experienced auror and she's just…Cho.

Lupin pointing his wand in the direction of Cho, he says one of the more common charms. "Stupefy." He says, making sure it's not as powerful as he could make it, so as not to completely knock out Cho. A red light erupts from Lupin's wand and heads in the direction of his student.

At least she heard him say the spell. That's always a good thing right. She lets out a high pitched squeak, but still with the right pronunciation. "Protego!" she shouts whipping the wand in the right manner. She closes her eyes,not quite sure if it'll hit or not.

Unfortunately, Cho is hit, but it isn't too hard, so she's only mildly shocked for a moment or two. Lupin patiently waits. "How are you feeling, Cho? I've got some chocolate that may help if you need it. Just let me know." He's got something for everything, really.

Cho stumbles back a bit, but she remains standing. Her cheeks are flushed at her rather pathetic attempt at defending herself. But then again, this is why she asked for help in the first place. "I..I'm fine, Professor Lupin…let's do it again.." she says after dusting herself off.

Lupin smiles softly and nods. "Just take a few more deep breaths and we'll try again." He waits until he believes she is ready once more before raising his wand. "Stupefy!" He says aloud. Hopefully this time she's able to block it.

"Yes, sir.." she says bowing her head. She takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself down as she looks over towards him. Her knuckles go white as she clenches onto her wand tightly. As the spell starts whizzing towards her, she raises it up and says with more conviction. "PROTEGO!"

Success! The spell is deflected and heads off to the side somewhere before finally dying. "Very good, Cho! Very good. You see. Sometimes it takes more than a dualing club, eh?" Lupin grins. "Though they do help. We'll try a few more times before moving on, alright?"

There's a fistpump in the air and a happy little chirp at the success. Cho beams brightly and nods, hoping it wasnt a fluke as she wrinkles her nose before she stands taller, a bit more confident after her first success. "Okay Professor! Let's do it!"

Lupin probably wants to practice some more just to make sure that it was not, in fact, a fluke. Besides, practice makes perfect after all. "After a while, we'll practice with me shooting a few spells in your direction and having you deflect all of them." He smiles. "Get ready, now." He gets in stance and points his wand, once more, towards Cho, repeating the spell once over.

The first wasnt a fluke. The second spell is deflected, but she winces a little and stumbles, just being a split second too late on the latter. She has to work on this timing thing afterall, but the most part, she deflects most of his spells. Say around..70%. Not too bad! That's passing, right?

Lupin smiles. "Are you alright, Cho?" He asks as she stumble. On the assumption that she is, he says, "Once more and then we'll move on, coming back to this later, alright?" He raises his wand, casting the spell once more when she's ready.

"I'm fine, sir!" Cho calls out as she deflects the spell once more, getting better with practice, of course. She has a determined mind, and it's going to take more than a few weak stupefies to knock her out. It'll take a full strength stupefy to do that!

Lupin smiles and nods firmly. "Good! I'm glad to hear it. And, as I say, we'll get back to this. I'd like to try something a bit more difficult with you, if I may? I recall you saying something about the Patronus charm. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to get you started on it."

"Oooh! That was a lovely spell! That would be quite interesting.." she says happily, definitely excited on starting such an advanced spell afterall. And she bounces on over towards him, ready for instruction.

Lupin smiles softly and says, "Okay. The charm is difficult. It is one that even some adults have trouble with some times. The incantation is as follows: Expecto Patronum."

"Expecto Patronum.." she repeats, though her accenting is slightly off and she hrmms, before trying to repeat the incantation just as he said it. "Ex-pek-toh pa-TROH-num." Still not perfect, but closer.

Lupin smiles softly, nodding. "And again: ecks-PEK-toh pah-TRO-num." He repeats.

"ecks-PEK-toh pah-TRO-num.." she says once more, wrinkling her nose as she doesnt seem too sure of herself, but she looks up to see if that was closer.

Lupin smiles at Cho. "Very good. Now, wand at the ready. Before you perform this spell, search through your memories. Find your happiest moment. It cannot just be any happy moment. It has to be the happiest! Tell me once you've found it."

Hrmm. That's a bit difficult. Cho wrinkles her nose as she starts thinking about her happiest moments. Quidditch, too cliche. Hogwarts, too cliche. Ahhh, there, she's found it. A dopey little grin curls onto her lips and she nods. "Found it.."

Lupin smiles and nods. "Good, good. Now, follow my lead and repeat the spell as I did." And he performs it himself: "Expecto Patronum!"

Cho watches as the silvery wolf appears once more. Her eyes widen a bit as she stares at it and she takes a deep breath and concentrate. She wrinkles her nose while trying to remember her happiest memory. A dopey little grin curls onto her lips and she whips the wand properly before repeating the spell with conviction: "Expecto Patronum!"

What comes out? A little silvery wisp..and as soon as she frowns upon her lack of a patronus, it disappears. Sadness.

Lupin smiles softly as Cho's wisp of a patronus slithers from her wand. "Don't look so disappointed, Miss Chang. That's actually very good for a first attempt. But…" He considers it for a moment. "What, if I could ask, were you thinking of as your happiest memory?"

At the question, her glance goes all shiftyeyed and her cheeks burn a bright tinge of red. She coughs a little into her free hand before wrinkling her nose. "Um..my first kiss.." she admits ruefully, shuffling some dirt around with her foot. Obviously, it's not enough for the charm.

"Ah…the first kiss." Lupin smiles. "That's a good memory, yes. But not nearly good enough, my good lass! The memory has to be stronger! More prominent! Something that you know will fill you up with happiness, even when you are in your darkest of moods."

Her happiest memory. Cho hrmms for a few moment as she goes through her experiences once again, thinking of what could be one of the most pivotal points in her life thus far. Her letter to Hogwarts? Newp..over done. Quidditch? Nah, that's too cliche. She wracks her brain for a bit as she seems to find it, and she grins wryly seeming to find it. "I think I have one, Professor Lupin.." An even bigger grin is on her features this time.

Lupin smiles kindly at Cho. "Good. Good. Now, once again, after me." He points his wand out word, saying the words, yet again, for her to hear. "Expecto Patronum!"

A wolf erupts from the wand, quickly running forward before it disappears in wisps of a smoky substance.

Cho takes a deep breath, keeping it in her head. The vision of the memory is as clear as day. She looks over and listens intently once more before she whips her wand and says firmly and resolutely: "Expecto Patronum!"

For a faint few moments, the silvery wisp erupts from her wand. However, unlike the pathetic showing earlier, there's form to it. A graceful swan takes flight before it disappears into the silver smoke once more..

Lupin smiles and claps. "Oh, bravo! Very good, Miss Chang. Very good!" He says happily. "With practice, you'll be able to keep that around longer. The difficulty, however, comes when you are, in fact, fighting off Dementors. It's hard to lock onto that happy thought. But with more practice, I know you can do it!"

Cho stands there dumbfounded. She did it. It was a swan. It was pretty! She beams brightly and looks over to Lupin before hopping up to wrap her arms around him in a happy hug. "Oh, thank you! I'll definitely practice, at least during the hour per day that the ministry says I can.." she beams brightly, giggling the entire time. "I'll practice a lot..and to make sure I dont slack, I'll make sure to end my DADA OWLS results to you.."

Lupin smiles softly at Cho. "That is very kind of you, Cho." He nods firmly, thinking for a moment. "Now…questions. I'll answer a couple questions for you today."

"When we were practicing earlier with the shield charm. Do you have any suggestions on how I can time things better? You were saying stupefy, but..if someone doesnt say it. What should I look for in their wand movements before I cast the charm? What is the best way to do it?" Okay, so that's more than a couple, but they are important questions, atleast from her stand point anyway.

They may be more than a couple questions, but they are ones that Lupin is more than happy to answer. "For shielding against a spell like stupefy…well, honestly it good to start off with one standard shielding spell. Though in fights, you'll have to think on your feet, if you use one shield, you can at least gauge what spells they are using against you. When it looks as though they are about to perform a spell, verbal or non-verbal, get your wand ready with the shield. If it is seemingly too strong, you'll want to step it up. But my suggestion…don't even think about it. Just perform the shielding spell. So, for example, when I test again with stupefy, and when I've got more spells that I'll send your way, I'll start doing them non-verbally so you can get practice using it, and not thinking about using it." He pauses. "It may seem confusing now, but you'll get it in time."

"…" This takes some time to process. Even her player had to read it more than once. "So what you're saying is just use it. Use it in a manner that you'll know you'll get it right one hundred percent of the time.." she says with raised brows, as for her, that means in verbal form. She wrinkles her nose and scratches the back of her head, not sure if she really comprehended the rest. Combat is confusing.

Lupin smiles softly. "Pretty much. Most of fighting is very confusing. Don't worry if you don't get it right away. Most of it is learned along the way." He says encouragingly. "It took me a while before I learned it all, after all."

"I dont know if I have the luxury to learn this through experience though.." Cho says seriously, chewing on her bottom lip as she sighs and shakes her head. "Something wicked this way comes, Professor Lupin..I think we both know that. It's only a matter of time before it arrives.."

Lupin gives a soft sigh. "I don't know where you get such ideas, Miss Chang. Certainly there are those, like myself, grant it, who don't believe Voldemort is completely gone. But that means nothing." He smiles softly. "It could just be the ramblings of those of us who fear the past too much."

There's a bit of a yelp when a certain person's name is said. "It's..just logical though isnt it? There were Death Eaters in Diagon Alley. They have to have a leader. If not him, then someone else. Either way, he..or she is still wicked."

Lupin shakes his head at the statements. "They could just have been people looking out to scare the public. Or those who were loyal to Him during the War who thought that the ways that Voldemort upheld should still be upheld. It is likely that they do not have the support of the others, however." He tells the girl softly.

"I hope so. But even if they were people looking to just scare the public, the still came. And they used unforgiveable curses. Wicked people in the end.." Cho says matter of factly, though she shudders and quiets her little yelp when his name is mentioned once more.

"I will not pretend that I liked it any more than you did." Lupin says with a shake of his head. "And I understand, after that, that you wish to know how to defend yourself. Very admirable. And very wise. But remember, that does not mean that…" Here comes that name again! "Voldemort is returning."

And there's another shudder. Considering how many times the name is said in such a short period of time, it's almost like she's doing some weird little dance. But alas, this is not a narm, and it is meant to be serious. "I..I dont want to think that it is him. Harry got rid of him.." she says, her tone filled with conviction and belief in the boy who survived. "But still..nature abhors a vacuum, and his disappearance created one."

Lupin smiles softly. "Now, listen to me clearly, Cho, if anything were to happen, you have to trust that there are going to be people, like myself, who are going to be working to help stop it and to help fight it. I realize that you want to learn, and I'm willing to teach. But I do not want you to worry, alright?"

"I…I know.." Cho says with a warm smile, takinga deep breath as whatever tenseness was in her muscles clearly disappears at this point. "I..I just want to be able to protect myself and those I care about. You andpeople like yourself cant be everywhere at once.."

Lupin nods. "Of course. And that is very admirable. And you're doing great. I don't think you've got to worry." He smiles warmly. "By the end of the summer, I'm sure you'll be doing past NEWT level spells."

A wide smile from ear to ear curls onto her lips, as the statement is definitely encouraging. "I hope so! I've never really considered being an auror before, but I think you're opening up possibilities for me, Professor Lupin!" she says happily. "So we're going to get into more offensive spells as well, right?"

"Well, it seemed your father was certainly open to the possibility, wasn't he?" Comes Lupin's response. "But of course, that is what I'm here for. To teach and to open up possibilities to those such as yourself."

"He just wants me to fulfill my potential I think. And to him that means Os in everything.." Cho quips, snickering softly as she grins the whole time and runs her fingers through her hair. "But I do like opening possibilities. That means I have more choices, and in the end I think I'd prefer that."

Lupin nods firmly. "Of course. Of course. Having possibilities is a marvellous thing." He responds quite happily. "Well, I do believe that is all for today. Unless, of course, you have one more question you are itching to ask?"

"When's the next lesson?" Cho asks, raising her brows with a cheeky grin.

Lupin chuckles. "We'll be in contact about that, Miss Chang. But rest assured, most likely it shall be soon."

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