1995-01-24: Progress Made


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Scene Title
Synopsis More yelling, but Remus finally starts coming around.
Location #12, Grimmauld Place
Date Jan 24, 1995
Watch For Mama Black
Logger Rin Tin Tin

As per usual, Remus is sitting around his room. He's grumpy. He's angry. And he's bottling it all up. Why? Because he's Lupin. Not a good enough answer? Well, he's always more cool and collected. It's what he does!

Enough's enough, now really. Sirius is supportive of Remus, but it's been about a week now. Okay, so his gentle and mild mannered friend was locked into a situation that he's tried fervently to avoid and now he's bitten someone. Time's just not much of a luxury to sit and wallow. Something will have to be done and soon before the Ministry does another song and dance distraction. With Mo brushing past the animagus, Sirius approaches Remus's door and knocks.

Oivey, She thought there was progress made! After all he had come out, once or twice. Tonks, having had her fill of it, and having a good row with that Hufflepuff tenacity, has had her fill of it. She'd make a scary mother because she's stomping up those stairs, up behind Sirius and she actually yanks the man to the side. "Scuse me." Door's tested, and with a curse, the wand's out and an 'Alohomora's thrown at. "Better be decent," is called to the door and yes; she'll open it up iwthout so much as a by your leave. She does have the presence to let /Sirius/ walk in first—in ase he really /isn't/ decent.

Lupin grunts quietly. He's doing alright, it would seem. At least he doesn't stop them from opening the door, despite the fact that he could have. He mutters, as they enter, "'Course I'm decent. Not gonna tromp 'round the room in my undergarments." He snorts slightly. That would be the day.

"Dora!" Sirius barks out as he's pushed aside so as Tonks can unlock and open up the door. No surprise really, they swim in the same gene pool. "He's got a fair point," he says over Tonks's shoulder. "He never would run about starkers in the dorms, not even on a triple krup dare. Although, there was the one time James ran about in his.. nevermind." Hardly the time for /that/ memory. A little louder than necessary, he announces behind Tonks, "I'm making dinner tonight, thought we'd all eat together for a change down in the kitchen."

She can't help it. "It'd be a fair sight to see," is said without skipping a beat. Remus in his knickers. Back to the point. "At least I didn't blow up the door." Tonks and doors seem to part ways in very explosive ways lately. She moves to just stand on the inside of the door, leaning against the wall, arms crossed lazily. Maybe she /should/ take care of the door — just in case! "Smells pretty good, too," she says about dinner. Sirius is getting so domesticated! Isn't it sweet?

No, no taking the door. He'd just produce another one and they'd be back to where they were before. Lupin is just a grump and a half and there's no denying it! Lupin looks over his shoulder. "Look, no offence to either of you, but if I don't leave the room, it most likely means I don't want company." He states quite simply.

So help him, if Tonks says he's getting house trained, Sirius is gonna hex her a new one. "I had to start before Kreacher did. Knowing him today, he'll poison us all, then shut his head in the oven a few times." He stands there in the door behind his cousin, leaning against the doorfame, all casual, even looking a bit bored. Sirius feigns a yawn as he looks at Lupin, "No offense mate, but we had to check and make sure you were still breathing in here."

You know what Tonks really wants to do? Make a crack about lycanhtropy and pms right about now. But she wisely keeps it to herself. Of course, that's a lot of willpower that's being diverted so she doesn't really have anytbhing clever, or witty or convincing at the moment to help Lupin get out of the room.

Lupin chortles. "Still breathing? Well, I'm glad you thought of that. You could've sent Kreacher in to dispose of my body. I'm sure he would have loved that. Getting rid of the filthy half-breed, would have appeased his 'Mistress'." He sighs deeply and frowns. "Look, I know, I know. I shouldn't be playing hide and seek. But I've got every right to! If either of you were in my place you'd be doing the same!"

"Moony.. enough of that. I assure, were you to expire under my roof, your body would be given the utmost respect," Sirius says in a rather bored and sarcastic tone. He frowns slightly as Remus speaks, then sighs, "Maybe, maybe not Remus. I understand how you feel, but this hiding? It's not doing anyone any favors, not even yourself. You can't hide the rest of your life away."

Okay, Tonks has to think about that, but while she doens't comment about Remus saying she'd be doing the same thing, she does shake her head. Nope, she wouldn't hide. She'd mope and brood right out for everyone to see! "And if our roles were reverse, what do you think would be happening? Whoever wasn't in here, would be out there, trying to get us to be out there too. You'd probably be one of them, just… a lot nicer about it, I reckon." Like, barging in wouldn't be an issue.

Lupin looks up at the two cousins. "Your darn right I'd probably be nicer about it…I'd give whoever it was a chance to come out before unlocking the door and storming in!" No, he doesn't say he wouldn't do that. He probably would, but regardless… he's the grumpy one this time. "I don't really want to do myself any favours right now. And I don't plan to hide forever! But I can't get any sort of resolution, not that I believe, until I can speak with Holly! One way or another, however it goes, I need to talk to her." That's the favour he'd do for himself, and her, if he'd get the chance.

"Remus, you don't have to carry this burden, this anger, all by yourself. Let us help you shoulder it. Don't you think that we aren't just as angry and sad?" Sirius stares evenly across at Remus even as he folds his arms across his chest. "You'll get to talk to Holly. We need to stand up, /together/, and make this known first. That way you won't be arrested on sight when you go to her. It won't be too much longer now." Because Sirius is having a hard time sitting around and twiddling his thumbs, and just doing nothing. Rather, he's been cleaning his miserable house, arguing with his house-elf, watching his best friend beat himself up. It's been fun times all around.

"She should be released soon. It's a bit complicated becaused last anyone's heard, she was a wanted fugitive, and everything." So the hospital staff are trying to figure out what to do and who to release the woman to. Andromeda's not keen on releasing her 'into custody'. "We're just worried about you, Remus. You'd probably do better talkiing to her if you weren't a walking time bomb of pent up frustration."

Lupin shakes his head. "Look, this isn't a burden for any of you to carry! This is mine to carry and mine to worry of. Neither of you are the werewolf, neither of you infected someone with the lycanthropy! It doesn't matter if this was by design or not! I know that you guys are angry and so is practically everyone else. Obviously I am too! And that's fine. But I make my own decisions in this matter!" He frowns. "And I'm a 'walking time bomb of pent up frsutration', Dora, for deeper reasons than I'm sure you can comprehend! And I'm sure that Holly is in the same situation!"

"In the temper department? You're giving me a run for my galleons, mate." Sirius points this out ever so helpfully in a bland and dry tone. Speaking of temper, Sirius's brows knit and he shoulders past Tonks, "The hell it isn't! You're practically my brother!" Downstairs, Walburga has just fallen over in her portrait and died all over again. "Why do you think James and I worked so hard to become animagi? Not just for the fun and breaking the law! We didn't want you to be alone and that holds true today!" He stops just past his cousin, then his temper gets the best of him, it was a matter of time really. "Come on Tonks. Remus clearly wants to wallow. It's a bit selfish really. He's got friends who worry about him and want to help him through this, but he wants none of it." Knowing full well he shouldn't have said that, he about faces and heads back out of the room.

YAY! Yelling! Soon, Aunt Wally'll get in on it! If she didn't just croak at Sirius' admission. And there goes Sirius, throwing his arms up and walking away. "I ougtta do what he should've and just hit you," she tells Remus. Her voice isn't really angry, or for that matter really all that condescending or what not. It's kind of sad. "Because the best way /to/ get through these things is together. With friends. What happened hasn't changed what anyone is, in that regards." Unless Holly /honestly/ decides to hold it against him. Tonks pushes off the wall, intending to follow Sirius just to make sure he doesn't do anything like, get into an argument with the portrait or attempt to play Kreacher-ball down the hallway. "More than I can comprehend?" She pauses and then offers, "Here's something. I wasn't there for Holly. I mean, yeah, I was there to help. She's good people, a friend, really. and she's got my eternal gratitude for helping Sirius. But she wasn't the one I was worried about." As she leaves the room, "I was there for you. Make sure you come down before your plate gets cold."

Lupin stands up quickly and just glares at Sirius. "You know how much you mean to me, Padfoot. You know! You and Prongs, rest his soul, have meant the world to me! And I'd do anything for you!" He goes all out and uses the nicknames they came up with. "I've stayed cool and collected all the times you've chosen to give in to your anger and stood by you all the same, and now that I get angry and just like you, you decide to walk out? Oh sure, that's the best decision. Always walk away when you're angry at someone you'd rather not hit." He looks over to Tonks for a few moments. He takes a few deep breaths. "Please…don't leave. I…" He closes his eyes. "I appreciate you wanting to help me, and being there for me." He pulls out his wand and whips it quickly through the air quickly. Fiery print appears and states, in no uncertainty, 'Master Moony, a purveyor of magical-mischief, is not too proud to present his apologies to Master Padfoot and Miss Tonks'. It is, as Sirius may recognize, an adaptation of their introduction to the Marauder's Map. A loose adaptation, at that.

Sirius doesn't make it too far before he hears Remus's response. Oh, he's still mad enough to stalk off and delve into his depressive bouts, he just can't bring himself to doing so. A few minutes pass before he appears back in the doorframe, looking just /slightly/ abashed. He looks at Remus, then the fiery print hanging in the air. "Don't be daft Moony, you don't need to apologize. Just come on down to dinner with us… before Tonks trusses you up and carts you downstairs."

Or trips over the damn Umbrella stand again. Does that work? Don't mind her, guys, Tonks'll be a minute.

Lupin smiles softly at the Sirius and Tonks. "I do need to. You've all been patient and I've been rude and irate. Thank you for being there. Honestly." He nods slightly. "Of course. I'll come down for dinner."

Sirius reaches out to clasp an arm around Remus, "You DO know I'm never letting you forget this? Right?" The teasing is back in his tone as he works on guiding his friend down to the kitchens.

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