1995-03-20: Pride and Prejudice and Wizards


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Scene Title Pride and Prejudice and Wizards
Synopsis While studying in the library, Ron and Hermione… well, they do their usual.
Location Library, Hogwarts
Date March 20, 1995
Watch For A frightened first year!
Logger Ron

Even though exams aren't set for a couple months now, that doesn't mean you can't study for them! Well, it does mean that, and that's exactly why Ron can't figure out why he's in the library studying with Hermione. Roped into it, no doubt, by her feminine wiles. That, or maybe he needed help on an essay. But that essay is said and done, which is Ron goes on trying to get Hermione to give up the studying. "Honestly, Hermione, exams are so far away," he says in a whisper, voice kept low so he doesn't disturb the other students in the library or, Merlin forbid, Madam Pince. "It's a great day outside, why should we stay cooped up in here?"

"If it's such a great day outside, you go out and do what you want." Hermione replies back in a soft voice. As this place is basically like her second home, she wouldn't want to get on Madam Pince's bad student list. Which is, basically, the entire student body, but Hermione has dreams of making it onto her good side. "But don't come back to me when you haven't done your essays for class and want me to do them for you. Or when it's exam time and you haven't done anything but not pay attention in class."

"That's not fair," Ron says, glancing up from one of the library books to look at Hermione. "I pay attention in class. Sometimes I.. just… forget," he continues, unable to help the shifty look he gets as he looks back down to his book. "Besides, Harry is off doing something, and there's no one to be out there with. Which is why I'm stuck up here with you."

At Ron's mention of that being not fair, Hermione just rolls her head over slightly to give him a look of utter disbelief. "Well, don't let me keep you from whatever important things you have to do with or without Harry." Turning back to her parchment, she grabs a quill, obviously back to being annoyed. "I'm glad I rank somewhere between Harry and no one."

Rolling his eyes, Ron scratches out a sentence on his parchment, and then begins to write under it. "That's not what I meant," he says as he works, pausing for a moment to go back over what he just wrote down, "you're one of my best friends. Come on, Hermione. We could go down by the lake and play some Exploding Snap or chess. Or Hagrid's. We could play Quidditch— well, I guess that one wouldn't really work…"

However, Hermione isn't about to let the statement go. He said it so he must have meant it somehow. "I'm sure. But if Harry's busy, you're stuck with me. I have /work/ to do, Ron. I'm sorry if you don't care if you get sent Howler's by your mum for bad grades, but I do care about Arithmancy."

Muttering something that sounds like 'definitely stuck with you' that segues into something about 'stuck on Danny' when /then/ moves onto something about Harry probably being stuck to Ginny right now (which would be why he's not here!), Ron lets out a snort. Jabbing his quill onto his parchment, he hastily scratches something down, then pushes it to the side. "We could at least study outside, couldn't we?"

What with the two of them being pretty close together, Hermione can hear most of what he's muttering. Or at least the part of stuck and Danny. With another frown, she frowns and narrows her eyes at him. "No, we can't study outside, the books are in here. And what does this have to do with Danny?" she hisses.

"We can take the books with us— this is a library, after all, they let you check things out." Shaking his head slightly, he looks back to his work, pulling a fresh piece of parchment towards him and opening up a new book. "Nothing," he says in response to Danny, but he's unable to help himself for whatever he says next, even if it's barely more than a whisper. "I bet you would go outside if he asked, though."

"Yes, but we don't know which books we may need later," Hermione advices with another scribble on her parchment. Though they're both whispering, she flips her hair away from her at the annoyed snark that Ron just delivered. "What? No, he wouldn't ask to go outside if he knew I was trying to study. And I don't see how he has anything to do with studying!" Her angry whisper is just a bit louder, but she manages to lower the volume again by the end.

"It's not like we can't— oh, whatever," Ron says, giving up. Apparently Hermione isn't going to go outside. "Oh yeah, that's Danny, the perfect boyfriend," Ron snaps, just barely able to keep his voice to a whisper. The library isn't exactly the best place to be yelling.

Since they're in the library, their voices have to be kept low. If Ron managed to somehow ban her from this sacred spot, she would never forgive him. It would be worse than after their fight before the Yule Ball. And after the Yule Ball. "Yes, maybe he is, what does it matter to you? Shouldn't you be happy for me?" That's what best friends are supposed to do. Her voice has reached an angry hiss, a sound much like one might imagine a pissed off snake would make.

"Oh, I'm sure he is," responds Ron. He fails to pay attention to what he's doing, so he notices the large inkblot appearing on his parchment as he keeps his quill pressed against it. The next part, however, sends him for a loop, and he gapes at Hermione. "What does it matter to me?" he says, voice rising a bit as his temper gets the best of him. "What does it— ! You know, for being the brightest witch— ! You really don't— !" He seems at a loss for words, and he slams his book shut, saying that word that always works in arguments. Or, well, not. "Whatever."

While Ron may not notice the large inkblot that he's making on his parchment, Hermione certainly does. "Ron" she starts, "You're ruining" Her own words are cut off by Ron's. It seems like neither of them can get a sentence in edgewise between the two of them. "Whatever? What is wrong with you?" For once, Ron is right. Though she is quite bright and perceptive to other people, when it comes down to her own life, she's a bit less observant.

Following Hermione's eyes and looking down at his parchment, Ron tosses it to the side. "I don't care about the bloody parchment!" he says, tossing it to the side. He pulls another one towards him, even though he has no intent to use it. "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you!?"

"Me? Nothing is wrong with me!" Hermione glares and stoops over to pick up the discarded parchment. It fell the floor and the last thing they want to do is be caught littering as well as fighting in the library. "You're the one who's yelling at me in a library for no reason!"

"I'm not yelling at your for no reason!" Ron says, voice keeps getting higher and higher, and it seems it won't be long before they're all out yelling at each other, as they tend to do. And he's right. He's not yelling at her for no reason— well, he was at first, but now he has a good reason. In that he can't believe Hermione hasn't figured out why he doesn't like Danny. Despite the fact he asked her to the ball, practically admitted he liked her in the greenhouses, and various other things. Girls. "Besides, you'll yelling back!"

But none of those things mattered, really. Because he didn't do anything about it. Just because he's jealous doesn't mean he's jealous for /her/ sake. He may just be jealous because he wants a girlfriend of his own. "I'm yelling because you're yelling!" Hermione's own voice raises a bit. Finally, she snatches her books up again and says, quite loudly. "You are impossible Ron Weasley!" With a spin, she stomps out.

"Yeah well I'm yelling because you're yelling!" Ron retorts, standing up from the table, prepared to take this fight to the Next Level. Whatever he had built up, however, deflates as Hermione slams her books shut and storms out. "I'm impossible?" he repeats to himself, shaking his head. "… you're impossible," he finishes with a sigh, collecting up his own books— spotting a first year staring at him. "What are you looking at?!" he snaps, slamming another one of his books shut. "Do your homework!" As the first year gives a frightened squeak and goes back to her homework, Ron haphazardly throws his things into his bags, and storms out of the library.

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