1995-02-12: Pride and Prejudice


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Scene Title Pride and Prejudice
Synopsis Holly confronts one of the people who kidnapped her.
Location Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade
Date Feb 12, 1995
Watch For Crazy Holly is Crazy. Crazy Eva is Crazy. Hooch is also crazy!
Logger Holly

It's still a couple days before the full moon, but Holly's starting to feel the beginnings of the sickness that comes with being a werewolf. She's had a bit of a stomach ache all day, and the headache that's starting to gnaw at her temples is getting irritating enough that she actually went out to get a headache remedy. Now, she's restless. Can't stay put, can't sit still for five minutes, and certainly can't remain cooped up in her house!

So she's at the Three Broomsticks, sitting at a table back in a corner with her hands wrapped around a mug of cold water. Not the usual fare for the tavern, but it helps the headache.


She might have been looking for the woman, she might not have. Eva wanders into the little pub with her hands tucked in the pockets of her jacket and a somewhat dejected look on her face. Being something of a regular, the barmaid starts to pour some absinthe for the girl, only to have Eva raise her hand. "On duty Kitty?" comes the question from the barmaid, to which Eva just slowly shakes her head. "Off. Been for a while." Her words are somewhat hollow, sad sounding. "Just a cherry phosphate if you please." Smiling very weakly long enough to not draw much attention or prying questions, she then turns and slinks down on a barstool and just tries not to look to conspicious."


Holly notices things now. It's kind of weird how her eyes pick up motion that they never would have considered important before. She recognises the witch who comes into the Broomsticks as the one who was there when she and Lupin were taken.

The rage she feels is… horrible. She's never quite felt this way before, with the exception of those feelings she had for the men who killed her father. This woman is directly responsible for Holly's disease.

Brown eyes bore into Evangeline's skull. It's hard to remember that her sharpest sword is her words, and not the fingernails she used to scratch permanent marks into a poor student's leg. No, she's not going to fight. Not anymore. Before she even stands, she draws a tight rein around the urge to rip out Evangeline's throat.

Said thought is disturbing in and of itself. She doesn't feel sorry for it, though.

Standing, leaving her water at the table, she heads over to the bar and sits right next to the other witch. "Just a butterbeer," she says to the bartender.


Evangeline slowly peers at her phosphate, toying with the rim of it with a single finger before sighing. "You know…" she says idly, pursing her lips. She could be talking aloud, or just to the person who sat down. "There's nothing I can say to make things better. I can't just turn around and say I'm sorry, since that really won't solve anything." Picking the glass up she sips it, idly pulling a small (somewhat threadbare) medal and ribbon out, placing it on the bar. Lovingly stroking it, she sighs "I think the hard thing is knowing I failed. I swore to protect, and I failed. I broke the chain of custody and now I can't go back and fix it."


Evangeline's apology really does mean very little. And the image of her bleeding from the throat is still a very appealing image in Holly's currently addled mind. Her jaw clenches, short fingernails digging into the wood on the bar. Calm thoughts. She'll never make it through this if she can't at least have this, a personal victory over her emotions. "I've always been fair," she says flatly. "I've always prided myself on hearing every side of every story, before I come to any conclusions, but you…" She pauses when the butterbeer is set before her. "I don't care what your excuse is. You ruined the life I had. I have to pick up the pieces and try to make a new one - and I can do that."

Pulling the butterbeer close, she sips at it. The pleasant fizz actually helps her headache a little, but it might not be so good for the sour stomach. "You can't fix this, though. You have to live with it for the rest of your life, and the only thing I can do to you without being imprisoned like an animal, is hope that you never forget what you did." The last words are almost spit, her voice lowered, quavering with the rage she's successfully holding in.

"I don't know you. But I'll say this. You failed when you took the job. You failed when you saw werewolves as anything other than dark creatures. You failed when you forgot that they have lives and families and dreams that were taken away from them on the one night that a werewolf is actually dangerous. Percentage-wise, you know what that is? There are three hundred and sixty five days in a year. Twelve of those days, a werewolf is dangerous from sunset to sunrise. On average, ten hours out of a month. Ten hours."


Evangeline smiles weakly, gently touching the medal. Listening to Holly she sighs. "That's just it. I didn't join because you were a dark creature…I didn't take an oath to protect the world from you…" Gently picking up the medal she tucks it back down into her jacket "I took an oath to protect you, from /them/." Pursing her lips she sighs. "It's not going to be easy on you, I know that, but long as you take the potion then it won't be so bad. Still, it is my fault. I trusted Harrison to keep you seperated from Lupin, so he could rant and rave in that cell. We don't use it often, but any lycanth in there is safe. They can do pretty much what they want and not worry about hurting anyone. I…I don't know why he did what he did, but I should have left my chains on him. The one who bit you, I can't promise he wouldn't have, but I know those chains can't be broken…so maybe things would have been better."

Sipping the soda some she sighs. "I made a promise to someone that I'd never let this happen again, and yet…" Sounding much like a little girl, a very sad little girl, Eva toys with the glass "Yet I failed him and did it anyway. I think I'm really too trusting. I really thought that the pink marshmallow from hell would be…honorable I suppose."


"You were an idiot," Holly says bluntly. It's either that, or just give up this facade that she doesn't actually want to tear Evangeline in two. That would earn her a one-way ticket to Azkaban, though. "You're a closed-minded idiot. You listen to anyone who happens to be in any position of authority. You act blindly without regard for anyone, you're a sycophant, a yes-man, and if you keep going down that road, you're gonna have to be prepared to hurt a lot more people. And in the end, you know what's going to happen? All those people you wronged are going to turn on you, and I hope I'm not there when that happens. I wouldn't be able to live with myself afterward."

Her voice is almost civil at this point, even with the edge to it. No one thinks twice about the conversation… They're all too busy talking with each other to care. "You put two human beings in a cage together. One of them had a disease. And then you left them there, blindly ignoring the fact that Umbridge is— " Her voice is rising, so she bites her lip to shut herself up, before she goes on. "You know they used an unforgivable curse on me three times? That was okay, too, though, wasn't it?"

She hunkers down, looking into the butterbeer now. "You can reminisce all you want, but it's not going to change anything. And you're not going to get my pity. This is going to keep happening until you stop thinking of this as an 'us' and 'them' thing and start trying to help people who have a disease."


Evangeline blinks and then looks over. "I didn't put you two in a cage together…" Cocking her head to one side she ahs "I put him in the cell and locked it and you were to be placed in a holding cell in the MLE. They've a handful of them…" Shaking her head she sighs and then purses her lips. "They really put you two in a cage together?" Eva, for once seems shocked. That and pissed. "Oh bloody hell if I get my hands on that…That…pink puffed up piss ant!" Shuddering she just sits back down and groans. "Oh bloody hell."


"How do you think I got bitten?" Holly says quietly, though snappishly. "It's not like he coughed on me. I have … I have scars so bad, they might never stop hurting. It doesn't matter if it was you who closed the cell door. You did nothing to stop it. And here I am telling you what you can do to help people, and all you can think about is getting revenge on the very person you shouldn't have ever listened to in the first place. Jesus. A five-year-old would have known better." What the hell is going on in the world? Seriously, anyone who couldn't see that Umbridge was a manipulative bastard should be removed from the gene pool. Idiots and tools, all of them.


Turning to Holly, Eva has an odd look to her face. Shaking her head she sighs. "I'm just an officer miss. I get handed a…" hmming she pats her pockets and pulls out a rather worn warrant, possibly the one for Lupin. The paper would be slid over "I get a warrant that has a name, a last known location on it, and a seal. That's handed to us by the department head, and we're never told where they come from or who for. Sometimes it's children, first bittens they call them. Sometimes it's a muggle, and sometimes it's a wizard that's gone off their zone. We're never told anything beyond what we need to know." Sighing she finishes the soda and then thinks. "It's stupid, I know, but…" looking to Holly she hmms. "You don't have to answer this, but tell me, do you know much about muggles?"


"So you just blindly act without asking questions." Holly glances over again. Ignorant. Maybe not beyond help, though. "In the U.S., we have checks and balances. The people at the top can make all the decisions they want, but they have to go through other departments before they can be acted on. Look what power in one person's hands does. It just destroys. Destroys, destroys, destroys."

Holly snorts a little when Eva asks if she knows anything about Muggles. "You don't really do your homework, do you? My dad was Muggleborn. I went to a Muggle law school. I know a bit. Why?"


Nodding Eva sighs. "Years ago we were called hunters and were tasked with…"controlling" the population of Lycanths." Shrugging she smiles weakly. "I'm half blood." Looking about some she takes a breath and lets go. Her nicely british accent fades and a good old Irish lass' takes over. "Here's the thing lass, we operate something like what they have in the states. I think the right word for it is…bounty hunter." Sighing she toys with the drink before adding "Not much has changed in years, well beyond not having to kill at least. That probably has something to do with our expected lifespan, but that's not your worry."


"Don't call me 'lass.' I will end you," is Holly's response. She can only hold that temper in check to a finite degree, and she's not about to get all chummy with one of the people responsible for giving her this affliction. "Make no mistake, I don't like you. In fact, I hate you, and if I were a person of — " She rolls her eyes back and thinks for a moment. " …More questionable morals, I would have no problem with acting on this little voice in my head. She says her favourite colour is red. I think I'll call her Suzy." The look she gives Evangeline is somewhere between crazy and pointful. She will paint this tavern with you if you call her 'Lass' again.

Be warned.

Yeah. This whole thing has sent Holly just a little off the deep end.

"And what's this have to do with Muggles?"


Evangeline shrugs. "Just making an analogy. We're kept in the dark like the muggle bounty officers are. Well most of them from what I understand." Sighing she looks to the empty glass "I'd rather you hate me. It worries me when people don't." Snorting at the comment, the woman doesn't even seem phased by Holly's actions. "Though, if you do decide to do something nasty, pick some place quiet. Too bloody many witnesses here. You'll be doing memory charms for a month." Picking the cherry out of the bottom of the glass she pops it into her mouth and chews thoughtfully "Shallow grave out in the middle of no where is best. Though…even then you've got to be careful. Have the hole dug before you get out there…"


"You're touched, aren't you?" Holly asks dryly, taking another pull at her butterbeer. "Awesome. That's just… awesome." Fortunately, she's not like Evangeline. Through the coming years, Holly's going to have a lot of battles with herself over this. The temper, the unpredictability, the stigma attached to werewolves… But she will never ever act on those darker impulses. She's not like this woman, even if she finds herself changed much from what she was before she was captured. Holly still has her pride, and really, when you have that, you can do anything. Even resist the tempation to — Aw, hell with it.

The mug of butterbeer is half-gone now. She puts payment on the counter for it, then tips it over into Evangeline's lap. "That's my revenge. And, lass, you can sleep safe knowing that I will never come after you. I'll never lock you up with me on the night of a full moon, I won't use unforgivable curses on you, I won't hurt you in any way. You might want me to, with this quasi-guilt you're feeling, which, by the way, I wouldn't be surprised if that suddenly evaporated the next time you're handed an order to ruin someone else's life. It was awesome speaking with you." Holly adds as she stands up, "I'm leaving before I change my mind."


Evangeline looks down at her lap and giggles. "Why thank you. My leathers were quite missing a stain, but before you go, let me leave you with something." Smiling faintly she reaches out, not to touch Holly, though at first she seems to consider it. "I think it should make you quite happy, not now, but later."

Looking to the woman, Eva sighs "I'm on personal administrative leave." Hopping up she smiles somewhat weakly at Holly, once and for all proving why she was deemed…unstable by those who interviewed her for the hitwizard and auror positions. Sounding much like a little girl she leans in (not too close mind you) to say "I had a bit of an episode when I found out you had been bitten. Went totally round the bend and back again. I doubt they'll let me come back after this." Grinning she shrugs. "I think the words they used was…totally nutters." Shrugging she sighs "I dunno, maybe they're right; but see, you get what you wanted. I'm without a job, brain addled as the day it was when my brother died…Oh, I forgot to tell you about that!"

It's scary in a way, Eva acting like that. Looking sad, toeing the ground like a child she sighs "Robert was my older brother. He was a hitwizard trainee, and was killed by a werewolf. Killed defending some muggles. They got to watch him be ripped apart and I got left without someone to talk to. I…I'm really sorry what happened to you. Maybe someday I'll figure out a way to fix it. If not fix you, not that you're broken or anything, but fix the system."


Holly's reaction is a quiet "Hn," as she can't quite get all teary over Evangeline having an episode on her account. Of course, the story about her brother being killed by a werewolf does draw her attention, and Holly wants to be callous. Ask if that werewolf knew what it was doing at the time, or if it was just acting as animals do. Instead, she just says "I'm sorry." Because she is. She'll have nightmares for the rest of her life about her own attack. Werewolves aren't exactly cute little puppies.

Holly gives the woman a long look. As a lawyer, she could say any number of scathing things designed to cut a person down where they stand, but she's already voiced what she needed to. There's no reason to attack Evangeline any more, and Holly doesn't want to become that person. She's done enough. She's gotten through this conversation without killing the other witch. She still has her pride. To that extent, she smiles… And without another word, she turns and heads for the door. It's time to go home.


Evangeline looks about, of course drawing glances. Then again she always does. Even so when Holly leaves, Eva gives a playful wave before snapping back normal. Pursing her lips some, she looks down to the package she brought in with her, the one long since forgotten. Hmming she looks up to the barmaid. "See to it that she gets this, and don't you DARE let her know it's from me. Just…tell her a friend sent it." The package, once opened would be revealed as two things. First a book, one supposedly written by a werewolf talking about his life as one and how he came to deal with both sides and yet remain human, and second as replacements for the clothing destroyed in the attack. Looking about she adds "If you tell, so help me…it won't be pretty." Snapping back cute, Eva would quietly step out and vanish into the night.

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