1996-02-25A: Pride And Paperwork


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Scene Title Pride and Paperwork
Synopsis Jethro finds Jake in the library, and asks about the paperwork Sio mentions. He gets a lot more.
Location Hogwarts: Library
Date Feb 25, 1996
Watch For Soldier language and humor
Logger Jethro

Lounging; that's what it looks like Jake is up to. He's in one of the comfortable chairs, ankle propped up on one leg, and a folder of paperwork just waiting on the table beside him. One might even think it's dozing with the way his head rests back against the chair. But no, the slightest sound will have him looking over. He's just waiting. and trying not to look quite as much like the out of place apple pie guy.

Jethro is 'prowling'. He's patrolling, but it's not a specific pathway, nor is it toward any specific destination. He does peek into the library to see if there are any students getting bothered by other students. He's stopped a thing or two before, so it merits a look. "What'cha doin', Morgan?" Jethro calls, noticing the man in the chair. The librarian gives him a loud 'shhhh', and he looks down for a second, slightly sheepish. Instead, he strides over toward the other man, pulling a chair over and sitting in it. "You alright?"

A chuckle erupts when Jethro is shushed by the librarian. "You're about as subtle as a jackhammer sometimes." Just like him! It's no wonder they get along so well. "I've just been looking over papers till my eyes bleed." He points to said eyes, where there is no blood. But, you know, they can pretend. "Glad you found your way here, actually. Siobhan told you yet that the security team here's going to be permanent?" he wonders, not answering Jet's question and in fact skipping right over it.

"Jackhammer's the best thing for breakin' up rocks. Need subtle, got others t' do that." Jethro grins. He notices the omission, but gives the other man a break. That's enough information in and of itself. "Damn paperwork," he agrees. "Sio asked me t' get some paperwork from you. Figured it had t' do with me workin' with ya, but the presence in the school'd need some too." He falls silent for a bit, and then frowns. "Still want me t' work with ya, right?" MBI has an upper age limit because they blend in with the Mundanes, and Jethro's nearing that. It's not a ship-jump as much as a wise plan. "Old man like me." He grins widely.

"Damn paperwork is right. One day… one day, everything'll be on electronics. I think some old witches and wizards might shit their pants when that happens." Jake mutters, obviously far -less- gentlemanly when hes around old military buddies. "Don't be a dumbass, Gardner. Of course I still want to work with you. You'll be field command.. I'm leaving myself in charge of the personal security details for Siobhan, Severus, and Maura. But you'll be on everything else. Grounds surveillance, guard rotations, the works. I pay better, and offer better benefits too." he is sure to point out.

Jethro looks skeptical. "Field command? You're sure?" He looks down at the table. "Can do that. Good for you to have a focus. Too much crap, and you'll be spread too thin. But ya need somethin'." He frowns, looking up and straight into Jake's eyes. "You tell me what you need, Morgan. Can still kick your ass." And he will, even if the man isn't taking care of himself. Jake's comment about the old wizards shitting their pants gets a quiet huff of a laugh. "Hate electronics, but I use the damn things. Sio was sayin' this damn island is so insular it's like … that one town growin' up where you knew everybody was marryin' their cousins." Every rural area has at least one of those towns, neighborhoods, communities, something. "Feels that way, doesn't it?"

"I may be losing the strength, but I ain't losing the mind yet. Yeah I'm sure." Jake retorts, a bit of humor showing up in his smirk when Jethro threatens to kick his ass if he doesn't be a good boy. "When the time comes, Gardner, you'll have a heavy load on your shoulders courtesy of me. You don't need to be taking on any more'n that." he responds - with a grunt, too. "Maybe that's why this damn place feels so familiar sometimes. We've all had to endure a base or training camp in one of those places. So inbred that half the town's the same last name people call each other sister-aunt or some weird shit." he agrees, keeping his voice low. "Quaint, right? 'least Cole will have a big family around him. And you keep an eye on him for me, you hear? Don't let that kid get in the same kind of trouble I did."

There's only one answer to the mind quip. "Ya sure?" Jethro flashes a boyish grin and shrugs. "Take on as much damn responsibility as I need to. You're one-a mine, Morgan. We don't leave a man behind." Morgan may have been a squid, but he's one of Jethro's 'men', now in every way that matters. When he mentions training in a … 'close-knit' society, Jethro laughs."Ooh-rah." He thumps the table lightly, which draws the ire of the librarian again. Jethro rolls his eyes, and nods. "Or workin' cases in a place like that. Everybody covers everybody else's ass, just 'cuz they're all family." He rolls his eyes. "Makes catchin' dirtbags loads of fun." His request for assurances gets him a light slap to the back of the head. Not hard, but enough to shock a bit of awareness into him. "Now who's bein a dumbass?"

"Nope." That's the response to the response to the mind quip. And he returns the boyish grin. And boy does he piss off the librarian when he echoes the 'Ooh-rah' and thumps the table right back. Its -automatic-, don't these people realize when one does it, the other has to as well?? "You sure got that right. Catching the dirtbags making life hell around here is going to feel mighty good, I tell you what. Still can't get some a' those kids we brought back from the chamber of horrors. I wanna get that bastard." Even if it's just by dumping his pile o'cash on the rest of them and letting them do toe rest of the work once he's gone. "Ow." he protests, with the smack on the back of the head. "You weren't my damn boss for so long Jethro I swear I'd return that slap." he mutters. "Now I'm gonna make you look through that paperwork and sign it."

Jethro grins. They make a pair. "Almost more painful," he comments of the paperwork. "Worried about those damn kids. Gonna be nightmares." They're not old enough to process the crap they went through. He gazes through the paperwork. "This right?" He points at the salary. "Sure it's not an error?" It's way more than he's ever been paid before. Not that he minds, it's just … alot.

"I know. Why do you think I'm making you do it now?" Jake retorts, his expression clearly conveying a 'shyeah, sucker'. "They all will. Hell, I would." And probably does, actually - no SEAL retires without a few hairy experiences, surely. Jethro's response to the salary makes him snort with laughter. Really. "Told you I pay better. Of course it's right." He smacks the back of the folder. "Now you're going to have to buy real cologne and not that cheap aqua velva crap."

"What? Nothin' wrong with the way I smell." Jethro shakes his head. "If you're sure." He grabs a pen from his pocket and signs the form. Leaning back in his seat, he gives his 'boss' a long, searching look. "Don't have to put up a front for me, Morgan." If he needs it, Jethro can be a buffer between Jake and the world. "You need someone t' talk to… Been told I listen well." There's a smirk, and he shrugs. "Need anything else? My fingerprints? Retinal scan? Name of my … " He cuts himself off, having gone to make a joke that would not have been funny to anyone. "You got a dress code, or this work?" He gestures down to his outfit of jacket, button down and khakis.

"I'm just tired, Jethro." Jake admits, brushing away his concerns about a dress code. "I'm concerned with performance, not dress code. The personal security details are suit and tie; it goes with the impression they're supposed to give. Surveillance, field ops, command.. that's all personal preference." he explains, grimacing at the almost joke that was made. "I could wipe my ass with hundred dollar bills if I wanted to, and it doesn't count for shit in the end." Pun actually not intended. "I'm gonna have a pretend wife, who's in love with someone else, all so that I can hand off my fortune and my family securely. All I wants a chance to make it count before I go. Nothing else matters. So you keep an eye out with me for that opportunity, we're golden."

"We can do that." Jethro reassures him. "Know it's tough, but you're tougher. I trained you, I know that." He smiles, a small, wry smile that may be more reassuring than the boyish grins. "Do whatever I can to help you do just that." He nods once, then moves on. "Now, since I'm your frontman, I get t' mess with the paperwork with the stuff for the school. You want me t' run it up to the old lady?" His term is a term of respect, though the Headmistress may not see it that way. The Colonel was always the 'old man', and Minerva's just stepped into that role. "Explain it to her if she needs?"

"Goddamn right I'm tougher." Jake agrees, all but snarling at the microscopic menace he's fighting. "That's right, Gardner. Paperwork's all yours." He offers a toothy grin at that, while he nods. "You call her that to her face? Old Lady? Cause I'd just like to note my request for a picture of her expression first time she hears it." See, -he- knows Jet means it as a term of respect. But somehow he doubts the new Headmistress is going to see it in the same light. "We're an open book with the Headmistress until or unless something happens that makes it look like we shouldn't be. She'll need to know, to account for defenses. And with Shadow and whatsisname still out there, yeah. Just make sure it's all clear. We've got magic, and muggle technology. Should count for something, hopefully."

Jethro snorts. "Nossir, I am not an idiot." He would not call the Headmistress that to her face. "Makes sense to me. You got the list of rotations and patrol patterns? Might help if she can see who's gonna be where when." That way, if some of them are where they're not supposed to be, she can take them to task just like her kids. "Think it'll give us a damn good advantage, and I think we all know that." All being the people in their little group, Headmistress, Sio, Snape and Brennan included. And maybe Jane. "Need to catch those ratbastards and end this shit." His lips purse. He has a purpose now: Protect the kids and catch the bad guys. Same as always, just a little different here.

"You bet I do. It'll be waiting for you in the morning." Jake assures. "Yeah, yeah we do. Why don't we head on out to the Hog's Head and drink to that. Catching ratbastards. Makes a fine toast, I think." And he could really use a drink or three. "I'll even buy, despite the fact that you're making a real salary now." he jokes.

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