1995-03-31: Pretty Harmless


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Scene Title Pretty Harmless
Synopsis Rune comes to visit Amber after she's been bitten and her bloody has turned purple. Prophesies and ghosties are spoken about.
Location Hospital Wing: Hogwarts
Date Mar 31, 1995
Watch For Almost fainting, Hand holding
Logger Runester

The hospital wing is a long, rectangular room, antiseptically clean. An aisle proceeds down the center of the spotless floor, with rows of beds to either side, their linen sheets soft and immaculately white. Curtains are attached to the wall in between each one, and can be drawn around for privacy if desired. Each bed also has a small table beside it, topped with a porcelain basin and water jug, though frequently cards and gifts for the ill are put there as well. A row of tall windows on one wall allows both sunlight and moonlight in, depending on the hour, while moving portraits with a healing theme adorn the other walls, including one of a young and pretty nurse tending to a sleeping patient just about above the door leading outside. Another door at the far end of the ward leads to the nurse's office.

The Hufflepuff sits on a bed just inside the doorway, with her arms held in front of her like they're toxic or something. They sure look like it, with bright purple blood drying on them. The scratches are mostly clotted by now, but the one bite is still bloody. Amber's kind of staring at them with a reserved expression. She's not quite as horrified anymore, though she's still a little worried. At least her blood isn't steaming anymore.

What's worse is that she kind of looks like she has a bad case of death. She's sort of a bluish-purple colour, as if she's completely bruised over one-hundred percent of her body. Sighing, rolling her eyes as yet another face peeks in the door to look, Amber leans back on her arms. They're gonna have to change the sheets anyway, so she might as well make as much use out of them as possible.

To his credit he came as soon as he heard, which would explain why the Welsh boy skittering right in looks worse than he should-out of breath and a little bit of a sweat. He came quicker than anything when word made it to the common room-of course it was under the pretense of 'Official Quidditch Business.' A grimace though when he comes into the room and finds her sitting there arms stretched out and already the clumps of purple. If you wanted to see blood flee from someone's face poor Rune's already pale looks have drained to a ridiculous low colour.

A slight cough as Rune takes a step closer to Amber's bed before he's reaching out to touch her shoulder. "You awright?" Asked in that welsh accent of his, trippingly so now as emotion and more or less the slight bit of squeamishness from seeing dried purple blood. "H-h-" Oh no, he s stammering. A swallow and he moves to sit down by her as eyes close. And yes he is counting to five. out loud : 3…4..5..5: And then a look back to her as a small smile is given "H-h-How bad is it?" Who would have thought- a squeamish beater.

Hey, don't talk to Amber about blood at the moment. She's seen quite enough of it to last her awhile. It doesn't even really look like blood at the moment, even if she knows it is. Hair toussled, streaks of violet across her face from where she touched it, she looks like she got in a fight with a can of paint.

At least someone she knows is here! "Hey, Rune," she says grumpily, sitting up on the bed a little. "Dun' worry, I'm aw'right. They're jes' lookin' for sommat that'll make me blood red again. Dunnae think what Trelawney did t'me was any sorta actual spell, though, so I'm kinna scared I'm gonna 'ave ta spend the rest o' me life purple— " She pauses, eying Rune as he counts to five. Wait, is he gonna pass out? IS HE?

This is too awesome. "Oi, lookit this!" Amber holds the still-bleeding bite wound out in front of her, so that Rune can see it. "It's a beaut, aye? Lookit."

They say women are cruel. That is but, an understatement-and usually said in how something might be used in a fight. But, to the show the squeamish boy a still open bite mark? That's down right mean. However, Rune in the attempt to be brave, in the attempt to be there for the girl he likes-Well he just turns as white as the stained sheet he is sitting on. Eyebrows raise up as eyes are forced to focus in on the fresh bite wound. A big swallow-as it seems over he's wanting to just roll his eyes back into his head and let everything fade away so he can promptly pass out.

Rune nods slightly as he looks at the bite "How-"SWALLOW"Who bit you?" Or what. Please say an animal-that might make it somewhat easier for him to handle. "Oh I dunno.." he mutters as he is now looking to focus on her face, that smile turning weaker. "Purple looks good with ye.. An if y' ever need a costume..y' could be a grape. Hah?" And he is rubbing his nose "Wai-Trelawney di' that?"

Another puffing of cheeks and he shakes his head "I thought professors were supposed t' be good at magic.."

If Rune is disgusted, Amber was doubly so earlier. Even triply, if that's a word. She's never been bitten by a classmate before. Well, not this bad. Back in kindergarten, she's sure she was bitten, but it's never bled like this. Bean was pretty wild, and that kind of worries her, because all she did was wrap her arms around him. Hopefully he's okay. He didn't seem hurt or anything, but Amber can't be completely sure. Who does something like this, though, she thinks, looking back down at her arms.

"Well, I'd rather not say," she says. Maybe she'll tell Rune someday. She can't help thinking it'd be bad for the kid though, if everyone knew he liked to bite people. Again, though, what the hell was that about? Damned if she knows. She'll talk to him. "Was a student, though. Kinda weird. I mean, I was jes' playin' with 'im, n' 'e went all wild." Her lip curls a little, obviously a little disgusted, as she lowers her arms back to her sides.

Her skin's not really bright purple. It's more a pale bluish. Dead, kind of corpse-like at the moment, right down to the dark circles around her eyes. "Well, she tried ta heal it. Never met 'er before… Talkin' about shrubs n' my love life n' whatever, n' … I mean, I didnae see any 'arm in lettin' 'er try ta heal me. But then this happened. You shoulda seen it earlier. It was steamin', too."

The slight smile on her face fades. "Been a tough few days, Rune. Affer Sirius Black shows up in our Potions class… I just wanna go kick around the football for awhile and de-stress, n' then this 'appens."

"Bloody hell it was steamin? How does blood, bloody steam?" But, as it seems the student in question just snapped and bit Amber Rune's just blinking-confused? Yes. But, he's shaking his head of whatever wild thought just snaked right in there. A push of it away before he is taking a huge breath and a little more colour is restored to his visage. Slowly he'll begin to look like normal Rune, but it'll take time and not staring right at wounds-he barely kept from fainting right there, if he was to have it shoved in his face again? There is no telling what would happen.

"Tha's fine. I just wanted t' make sure you're ok.." Of course he'll ask or try and find out along the way. But, he does have the common sense to wait before asking again..Or will. A blink there as she mentions her love life and there's an idle brush of his hair "Oh you're love life eh?" A twitch of his lips "What about it?" Wow, way to ask there Romeo, because the look he is giving is as if he's trying not to look as if he cares…But he is failing.

"Well.." quiet for a moment "When y' get outta here an all-we could play some footie y' know out on th' grounds or in the courtyard if y' like.."

"I'unno! 'ow does anythin' in the wizardin' world work?" she returns. Amber's learned not to ask too many questions on the 'how' side of things, since all anyone really needs to know is that magic works.

Thankfully for Rune, one of Pomfrey's nurses returns to Amber's bed. "Well, Pomfrey wanted me to tell you that there's nothing she can do yet about the… colour." The nurse seems amused. "But she's working on it. And she's sure she'll find something in a couple days. I can heal up your arms, though, hold 'em out for me…"

Amber does, and as the witch gets to work, Amber looks back to Rune. "Yeah, just some weird story about how I'm destined to marry 'Arry Potter. Barely even know the guy." There's a slight smile, then, because she can tell what her Housemate's thinking. He's pretty obvious. "Still, what she said made a lot of sense. I mean, I really should consider it, aye? I'm fifteen. I'm gettin' on in age, I best think abou' settlin' down at some point."

Maybe she's serious. Maybe she's not. "Oi, can ya do me a favour? I left me football in the fountain in the rear courtyard. C'n ya get it for me?" It's only freezing cold water. You can do it, Rune.

"I've never seen it steam before, unless it was a curse? Oi were you cursed?" Even on accident they can happen. And so now he is looking right towards Amber's arms and well the zombie looking skin now as if it could tell him what happened. Alas, he doesn't have a knack for healing-or curses really.

There's a smile passed to the nurse and Rune takes time to move out of the way even for a little moment. And then he is stepping back in and looking at Amber for a second, ready to continue with the talk as it where, while the nurse tends to the bite itself. "Wait, you're destined to marry 'Arry Potter? But you don't even talk to him!" Mind you, Rune's not thinking of Marriage at the moment-he's only recently discovered a girl that he likes and she is destined to marry Harry Potter "You got t' be bloody kidding me!" But then he's checking his voice, even if that last has a bit of a bite to it. "Harry Potter.." muttered as one hand idly curls into a fist-then quickly releases. "Oi, you're not gettin into age. My parents didn't marry till they were in their twenties..You're young." a slight squeak there

And Rune furrows his brows for a moment before he's looking back towards her. "Oh, er..Yeah, yeah I could." Aha. Take that Harry-you're not asked to go and fetch balls out of freezing water. " I can go in there and right get it."
Cursed? CURSED? Amber looks to the nurse in a fair panic.

"Well, yes. It's a curse. But not all curses are dangerous." She pats Amber's arm, which is healed rather well now. The only thing left over is the dried blood, which will wash off… And, of course, the fact that she's a pale blue colour. That will hopefully go away soon, too. "You're set to go whenever you feel like it. You can use the sinks over there." Pointing to the basin over on the wall across from the beds, the nurse gives Amber another pat, then heads over to the next student.

Amber hops off the bed, smirking to herself as she heads over toward the indicated sink. She's really starting to like Rune, but it's hard to just come out and admit it. She's hoping for one of those fairy-tale endings where they both just get it at the same time, and come up with the courage to say something. Not when she's purple, though. Amber's not easily embarrassed, and Merlin knows, she'll find a way to ham this up, but there are certain things that just need to be done when you're… Not purple.

Turning on the water, she rinses off her arms. "There, see, all better, aye? Mebbe I should go 'ang out with Perpetua for a couple days. She won't feel so dead."

"Er. I didn't MEAN" But it is too late, the damage is done as now Rune's looking away awkwardly while Amber seeks the solace of the nurse, who basically says what he was trying to say. A sigh and he's scratching the back of his head, before he's looking back towards Amber, nodding a quiet thanks to nurse, and then taking time to scuff the bottom of his shoes along the floor of the Hospital Wing. Still a little fuming over the Harry revelation, he's taking this time to plot the eventual way to tell her. He's a boy and thus has no designs of fairy tale endings. But, he knows what would be cool-as he's seen in movies and read in books. And so he'll wait for a good dramatic moment to say it. Not when she's purple and not when he's almost puked and fainted on her.

There are proper procedures for this.

A look over and he's rising off the bed, and coming over to stand by her, while she is rinsing off her arms, and there he turns hie head so he's facing her, though clearly facing forward at the same time. "I bet she'd like that. She was your friend an all..An I know if I was a ghost, I'd want people t' come and talk to me. Has t' be boring t' be dead.."

Grabbing a towel, Amber dries off her arms, looking them over now that they're clean for any signs of damage that she might have missed. There's not even any scarring. For a while, she does look at her hands, though, which are a definite purple tint, like she's been frozen. Weird. Man, she totally can't wait to play this up in class. She is a zombie, and she will eat your brains, because every cloud - including botched healing charm clouds - has a silver lining. She even giggles a little.

"…So, you wanna, I dunno, walk with me back ta the dorms?" Everyone's gonna stare. That's not so bad for a girl who likes placing herself up on stage.

"Pet's doin' okay with the dead thing. I mean, they're kinna jes' shadows, ya'know? Like copies, with all 'er mamories n'… Stuff. Can't 'elp thinkin' it's like a bit o' 'er soul got left behind, though. N' I feel bad fer that. S'kinna hard ta look at her, knowin' I used to be able t'give 'er a hug if she needed it. Now if she cries, all I c'n do is look at 'er. N' I 'ope that somewhere, the rest of 'er soul's just… happy. I wouldn't wanna be stuck b'tween this world n' the next."

It's a rare serious moment for Amber - something she wouldn't share with just anyone, and certainly not Harry Potter. "N' I feel selfish sometimes for her still bein' 'round ta talk to, instead of in 'eaven."

Rune almost seems at a loss for what to do as he remains back with Amber. She dries off her arms and he toys with the edge of his robes, before looking back to her. A faint grin "Oi-No scar." said as if that was the bright side to all of this. Apparently, he hasn't even thought of the zombie induced fun. Likely he'll thinks its bloody wicked of an idea if voiced. For now he is trying to play off the colour as not a big deal. The hardest thing to do with a girl who is fifteen in most cases.

A perk of eyebrows and there is a slight smile there "Yeah." Rune responds softly, "I'd love ta." He'll even offer her a hand if she so wishes.

"Aye.." A frown there as that was not expected, but still this is her friend, shadow or not-and he knows its not the easiest thing to deal with. Though never having anyone particularly close to him die, makes it a little hard for him to relate. "Well-she's nae in pain. So I think it cannae be all bad. But, I bet there are things she misses, even if its jus' memories an copies aye? I mean she still is Pet.." And he falls silent, but for a minute. "I bet her soul is restin' jus fine.. Jus' this is something that happens sometimes. An is not right that it happened to her..But, I bet she's 'appy. "

Rune clearly is no mastermind with these pep talks, nor is he spewing things that he thinks she would like to hear. But the rest that comes out, an that brings th' flat of his hand t' gently rest on her back. "I Don' think its selfish….because its not what y' ultimately want. She's yer friend..An I know if I lost.." however words do not really come out "Lost a good friend. I'd want t' talk to em. is natural…An I bet.." a clearing of his throat as he stays serious, utterly so in the moment "I bet she wants t' be around t' talk to as well.." There has to be a reason she's a ghost besides a horrible death aye?
She hesitates, then takes Rune's hand. That's kind of the admission right there, isn't it? Small, but present, even if she is purple. Well, she's gone this far, she might as well say it. "Y'don't 'ave anythin' ta worry about from 'Arry Potter," she says, and since she is usually a girl of few words, that's all she says on the matter.

Her thoughts turn back to Perpetua, though. Amber isn't sure what else to say on that subject, except that it's horribly sad. She hopes she doesn't become a ghost when she dies… It just seems like… Well, facing no ending ever must be more frightening than looking at death itself. The ghosts that were here before didn't really bother her that much, because they were always just ghosts. Things. Beings that could talk and think and joke.

"Ya know what I hate th'most? I keep thinkin', 'I could fix this. We could make her alive again.' Then I realise I can't help her. She's just— I can't do anythin' for 'er. It's like the end of a story. N' it's not an 'appy endin'."

He's quiet, but when she takes his hand, he holds it a little tighter, a means to convey without words. A quiet look of astonishment to the admission, even if within the boy's head he is busy doing jumping jacks and cartwheels, imaginary victory dances. "Oh." Rune allows with a slight flush, just as he squeezes her hand again. And he does not elaborate on the matter any more. No, he just smiles rather insanely big, and quite goofily.

"Wassat?" offered quietly. But, that smile does down as she comes back to the subject, after all he wants to help her. help her feel better about it, because it wasn't her fault. But how do you convey that t' a grieving person? One can only say it till they are blue, or purple in the face and even then it might not make a difference. "M' Da always said..Not all stories have a happy endin'…An tha's life..But.." a look back to her "Some stories have really good endins..we jus' don' realize em yet."
Amber's got a little colour in her face now, too, except she's blushing purple.

In any case, she continues holding his hand as they leave the hospital. Hopefully they don't run into any professors on their way down - such a public display of ANY affection would be frowned upon in these halls, even if holding hands is pretty harmless.

"Yeah. Yeah, you're right, there'll be good endings." It's impossible for Amber to stay down for very long. Makes life a little easier when there's bad stuff happening around you. Everything always gets better, things go in waves, and,yes, that's life.

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