1996-03-03A: Press Pause


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Scene Title Press Pause
Synopsis On a quiet Sunday with no other responsibilities, Siobhan and Severus press pause on the rest of the world and relax.
Location London - Noble Flat
Date March 03, 1996
Watch For Movie fun.
Logger Bright One

Sunday morning comes early for Siobhan. Mornings always come early - though given last night's adventure, this one is a bit later than usual. For once, she's the first to wake up, her head on Sev's shoulder and him sprawled out on his back. Like any good serpent, she takes full advantage of the presented opportunity to watch him sleep, a small - thought definitely smug and just a little bit possessive - smile curving her kiss-swollen mouth. Never one to be a passive observer - that's more his strength than hers - Siobhan runs one hand in soothing circles over his chest and stomach, fingertips tracing each of the many scratches and bruises it looks like she left him - including one at his shoulder that looks like it might have bled some. Oh. That explains the copper taste in her mouth. Glancing over her own body, it looks like she picked up a fair few too. And doesn't that just widen that satisfied smile.

Severus wakes up slowly, his mind somehow realizing he's not at Hogwarts, so he can sleep without worrying about children, bosses or other interruptions. He hums slowly at the feel of her touch on his skin. The bruises and scratches feel good in a satisfying kind of way. Feeling her skin against his own is just starting to become something he's used to again. It will take awhile before he stops reaching for her, whether he wakes up or not. He runs his fingers across her skin, mirroring her own movements. His eyes aren't open quite yet, but he is awakening.

They've always been in his rooms before - or, less securely, in the Hospital Wing - and so this is a style of waking up that Sio's not seen before. It's … nice. Shifting closer to give them points of contact along the entire length of, well, her body at least, Siobhan slides the hand on his stomach toward his other side, wrapping that arm securely around his middle and kissing his ear and his jaw softly. "What do you think the chances are," she begins, her voice soft from sleep and hoarse from … well, not sleeping. "What are the chances I could send my sunshine at the coffee maker and have it actually make coffee instead of, y'know, setting the flat on fire?"

Waking up slowly with his lover in his arms makes a man feel pretty damn good. So, when she kisses him and makes a bit of a joke, Severus chuckles, his own voice gravelly, and he rolls over to face her, kissing her in return. "Perhaps a change in intent?" He runs his hand along her body again, touching those places he's marked her. "Or, perhaps our blended magics may make a difference." Even sated, barely awake, Severus uses the bigger words.

The shifting he does to turn from his back to his side jostles the arm under her neck a little. It hurts, in a weird sore-and-bruised way, and Siobhan smothers a wider smile into his shoulder - kissing the mark she'd left on him before turning her head into the kiss he offers. Even then she's laughing softly, full of sated pleasure that borders on the unbelievable. "Considering how magic usually tends to work on anything Muggle, I'd say we're shit outta luck." One more kiss and she rolls away, tumbling out of bed and still landing on the balls of her feet - muscle memory Jethro'd be proud of. Bending over, she grabs the first thing within reach to sling on against the chill. It just so happens to be his robes from the night before, post-spell. It will occurr to her later to ask why Transfiguration has a timelimit. Really. Well, maybe. For now, she simply shrugs into the too-big garment and pads on bare feet down the stairs to the kitchen. It's not long before a soft sound of triumph and a light thump of bare feet on the stairs again signals her success. She does have to pause in the doorway, though, leaning one arm against the frame and uncaring one whit for the modesty she probably ought to feel wearing nothing but his open black robe. Nah, she's too busy staring and smiling at the current occupant of her bed. "It'll be a minute before that's done and the kettle boils." Yes, dear; she remembered.

She stands before him, wearing his marks and his robe… Severus just stares, taking in every inch of her, possesively, almost adoringly. He slides up, sitting up in bed, and smiles at her mention of the kettle. "My thanks." His own shifting makes him aware of more sore spots on his body. However, he likes the feeling. They are reminders of their night together. "I have seen a few muggle things work with magic, but they are usually the less technologically advanced ones." The coffee maker in the Noble Flat's kitchen is a technological wonder. In his visual perusal of her body, he notices the marks he left high on her collarbone, and winces. They will be visible if she dresses as she normally does. "My apologies. I do usually attempt to keep my more intense attentions to the lower portions of your body." Where they won't show. He can't help the smirk though. "However, I cannot find myself too repentant." He really likes the way they look.

"I made Jack swear he'd get me one of those pots that'll work with a charm. I think Mick has to make it though and his workload's been heavy." With Severus staring at her like that, Siobhan isn't able to stay just watching for long. Sliding out of the robe, she lets it pool on the ground where it falls and crawls back up the bed to sit curled into his side - and totally under the coverlet, it's cold on winter mornings. "Why are you sorry? It's the middle of winter. I have plenty of nice, soft, warm turtleneck jumpers I can wear until the high ones fade." Even though she makes a face at hiding them, she does understand the necessity. "And even if I didn't, I'm an eighteen year old girl from an old, wealthy family. Tell me honestly, would anyone believe I'm not getting laid on a regular basis?" She leans in to kiss him lightly, one hand tracing fingertips over the marks on her lower neck. "Besides," she protests - though weakly. "I like them." A longer, more lingering kiss, this time. She likes the belonging that comes with them. "Do you have any pressing business today?"

"Hmmm." Severus listens to her comments about the coffee pot with an amused hum, and watches her slide his robe off and step toward him again. He leans into the kiss, enjoying the soft touches. "I have one small stack of essays I was unable to finish while you were absent from the castle." While he was striding around the place taking points off students for breathing. "However, the class is not until Wednesday, so I am free to complete them within the next couple days." Which is longhand for, 'no, not really.' He leans in to initiate his own kiss, slow and sweet. "I like them as well. Considering my own matching marks will not show to anyone but yourself, perhaps we shall not need to be as particular as I had previously thought." He still worries about her safety, about Morgan's good favor, and about all manner of things. However, he pushes those aside for the moment.

Siobhan melts into that kiss just a little, pulling back just far enough to lay her head on his shoulder. "Okay, look at it this way, then. I'm rich, hot, blonde, 18 and 'engaged'. If I don't have a couple marks like that from time to time, that's when nosy people start picking up a scent." Longhand for 'you be sneaky your way and I'll be sneaky mine'. "Remember what I told you about the noisy snakes?" The ones he compared her to. "Trust me, normal people throw out information about themselves to the whole world every day without any care in the world. People with something to hide? Don't. So, if you don't want to answer awkward questions, make sure no one thinks to ask in the first place." Different kind of sneaky; still effective. His admission to free-time, though, pleases her. "Good." She'll turn her head to kiss the top of his shoulder before settling against it again. "So we can call something in and spend a quiet day here." Without brats or wars or any of it. Just for a few more hours. "Mum had some kind of dish installed with the telly here. Says the thing will let you pick your own movies with the remote." She sounds like she almost doesn't believe it, but thinks it'd be fun to try anyway. "I haven't just vegged out in front of movies for … well, forever, really." She'll twist her head around to try and catch his eye. "Sound okay to you?"

"Once again," Severus admits,"you allow me to see things from a point of view I had previously not seen." It's part of the reason they work together so well. "I have actually seen Legume use that technique as well." He's not sure whether the kid learned it from Sio, or whether he knew it already from growing up the way he had. Either way, it does seem to work. "However, my own means of discretion is effective for myself." Which she already said. "I am amenable. Perhaps we can avoid movies which are … geared toward…" He kisses her again, continuing to touch her skin. When he pulls back, he tries again. "I prefer more intellectually motivated movies than those aimed toward the heart." No chick flicks, please. At least not today.

"Bean's a smart kid." And one of Sio's quiet favorites. She is distracted for a moment by touching and kissing - not the inflammatory kind, but more the satisfying kind. At least, if the bond between her sun and his ocean could be said to emit satisfaction. Nevertheless, the point is driven home and she laughs at him a little. "I'm no Dr Brennan, Sev, but even I worked that one out." And there's the low whistle of a kettle about to be finished. One more slow kiss and she's out of bed again. "If I felt like The Bodyguard or Roman Holiday I'd have called Tonks." And since it looks like she's in the process of grabbing her robe this time - and not clothes - it's pretty safe to say she's not going to call Tonks. "I'll watch just about anything that isn't out and out horror." Because she sees too much of that in her day life, thanks. "So you can browse the list while I figure out food and caffeine and take your pick."

Severus gets up, puts his own robe on, but doesn't fasten it all the way. He stretches and moves, kissing her another time before she leaves to deal with the drinks. He walks into the other room, content to remain comfortable. It takes him a few moments to figure out the electronics, but he does figure them out, and sits looking through the channel list on the screen to see what's available. "Perhaps something with explosions…" He's mostly muttering to himself, though if she's in the room, she'll hear him. A little more loudly, he continues. "It has been so long since I considered anything remotely like the cinema. I have gone, but it has been years. None of this looks familar." He shifts in the seat, making himself a little more comfortable, and sighs. "It appears your mother was correct. Several of these movies can be started at any time." He gestures to the list. "Does that look interesting?" It's an action movie.

Poking her head out from around the corner leading into the kitchen, Siobhan squints at the movie title and then shakes her head rather violently, eyes suddenly wide and trying so very hard not to laugh. "Only if you want to see all - and I do mean all - of Bruce Willis just, you know … dangling out there." Which is a nicer way to say 'not unless you wanna see guy junk flapping in the breeze, love'. A moment later, she returns, padding out to the 'L' shaped sofa with his mug of tea - doctored as usual - and a mug of coffee for herself. "I'm not even sure what time it is," she admits. "The clock over the stove is flashing." Which means it's not been reset after some kind of power outage. Folding herself to sit tailor-stle on the 'chaise' section of the L-couch, she sips at her coffee and watches him browse.

Severus reaches out to take the cup of tea and takes a long sip, humming appreciatively. "Perhaps a different movie would be better." Yeah, no. "What little I have seen of comedic attempts are often banal at best." So, that one's out. And there's the obligatory chick flick. "I believe I recognize this." It's a Bond movie. He takes another sip of his tea, and points the remote at the television to pick the movie. "Would you mind?" It is an honest question.

"Best humor is done by Disney and Monty Python." And don't even bother with the look. She's firm on that score and will not be shaken. "Ooooh, Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean playing out a love story to the backdrop of beautiful cars and gorgeous explosions?" She's kidding. Mostly. "Count me in." Patting the space next to her, she manages to scoot her mostly-clothed arse against the corner of the chaise part. "You know, no one else believes me, but I swear Hagrid's twin is in this film." His shorter, less hairy twin, but hey!

Severus snorts. "The second I shall grant you. The first I haven't much experience with." He moves to sit next to her, sliding an arm around her. Draining the last of his tea, he sets the cup down and chuckles. "I shall have to pay attention to that. I heard a Hufflepuff student once say that every person has a twin in the world somewhere. Someone who looks exactly like them. I put no stock in the theory, but it amused me. Especially as they were discussing it in relation to soul mates." He rolls his eyes, and pushes play.

Siobhan is Shocked. "What? No Disney? I mean, come on, there was Disney for Liam. Hell, there was Disney for my parents." Something in her tone suggests perhaps that this will be remedied at some point in his future. But at least he knows Python - so not totally hopeless. She winces at the Hufflepuff story as the opening credits and traditional 'Bond song' start to roll. "Sev, love, I'm agreeing with a Hufflepuff and you know how painful that is, right?" Again, joking. … Mostly. "Not the whole twins thing. That's creepy and a bit … masturbatory if you think about it. But they're definitely right on the 'someone for everyone' theory." She sips at her coffee and leans into his side, enjoying that arm around her shoulders. "I mean, most of that book was obviously written for people with nothing better to do than stare at their thesaurus all day, but it was pretty clear on the whole 'bond' thing meaning everyone's got at least one complementary opposite somewhere. Although… " She wrinkles her nose. "If this guy is Hagrid's, there is no hope for that family line."

Severus is amused. He understands her point, and mostly agrees with it, but still, really amused. "Inordinately painful, I presume." He runs his fingers along her side in a way that might be slightly ticklish, and gives a slight shrug of one shoulder."I believe Disney existed when I was going to the cinema, we just never went to one." Either they weren't out when they were able to go during summers, or, possibly, he managed to talk Lily out of going to them. "It is still a rather new experience, so perhaps there is merit in the theory, though at the time I was more amused and annoyed than anything." Severus watches the credits, and comments. "I have seen a Bond film before, and they all seem to start similarly."

It is ticklish, thankyouverymuch. Shivering and twitching away from the sensation instinctively, Siobhan hides a smile in her mug of coffee and settles back against him. "I'm telling you, Disney is an important part of childhood. You're missing a huge piece of your life, here, and that just simply cannot stand. Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians - how could you miss a movie stuffed full of Dalmatian puppies?" It's mock outrage as she ticks the movies off the fingers of her free hand. She likes Dalmatians, okay? "All Bond films start like this, yeah. They all have a song written especially for the title, too. Usually by someone pretty famous. This one's Tina Turner, I think." Shifting her mug to the other hand, she lays her right one on his thigh, enjoying the extra point of contact for subtle shiftings of contented magic - content to stay behind the scenes after last night.

Content. Both of them are content. Sated, lazing together in front of the television, watching a movie, laughing about supposed gaps in his cultural education, the two of them sit and cuddle, their magic humming happily between them for the remainder of the afternoon. Tonight, they'll return to the castle and the daily routine, but for right now, the two of them are content to remain in close contact, easing into the moments shared by hearts growing closer to one another and used to each other's company.

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